The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review: Is It Any Good?

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The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review: Is It Any Good?

Key Points

  • This headset is not noise canceling and is unsuitable for noisy environments.
  • Its redesigned earpads are breathable and excellent for individuals with sensitive ears.
  • The headset is also especially light, and flexible.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a wired headset that offers gamers a sound and style fitting their needs. You can choose your favorite color: mirror finish silver, black, or red. It’s compatible with PC and PS4 as well as Xbox One.

The Cloud Alpha’s distinguishing feature is that it has an unusual design for the earcups with angled drivers for better sound quality and amplification of audio in all directions.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset was released on September 25, 2017, so it is a fairly new device. It is a headset with ear cups made of memory foam and protein leather and padded over-ear cushions with a soft fabric cover which are perfect for gamers or even for people who wear glasses.

Let’s go over the specs and features of the HyperX Cloud Alpha, where you can buy it, and what to expect.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset: Best Deals Today

The availability of the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset has increased lately, including its range of colors and designs available.

Here are the best prices on Amazon, New Egg, and Best Buy today:

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset - Dual Chamber Drivers - Durable Aluminum Frame - Detachable Microphone - Works with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S (HX-HSCA-RD/AM) (Renewed)
  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Signature Award-Winning HyperX comfort. Impedance: 65 ohms
  • Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband. Sound pressure level : 98dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
  • Detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control
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HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset: Overview

Release Date and Price

The Cloud Alpha was first released on September 25, 2017. It was one of the last model headsets released in 2017 by HyperX and is the successor to the original HyperX Cloud.

The creation of the headset was based on feedback provided by HyperX fans and customers who used the Cloud headset. The Cloud Alpha was designed to improve on the features of the original Cloud headset, the design, and the build quality.

The headset price is set at $42.99, which is low compared to other gaming headsets on the market.

Different Models

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset comes in two versions: The HyperX Cloud Alpha and the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. They are identical in terms of design, but they feature different materials, a balanced armature driver, and an active detachable microphone.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S comes with lightweight, more breathable earcups and a detachable cable. They also come with redesigned earpads that are more breathable, making them better for people with sensitive ears. They have an updated driver, different from that of the standard Cloud Alpha, and a larger woven cloth driver cover. Their sound quality is also slightly more balanced, but their bass is not as deep.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a great choice if you want a neckband-style headset that offers excellent comfort and great sound for gaming and listening to music. They are comfortable, well-built, sturdy, and sound-balanced. They also feature a detachable cable, a better-built mic that is detachable, and a higher-quality Y-adapter. They also have a more solid cable and are more durable than the HyperX Cloud Alpha S.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset comes with a lot of features for a gaming headset price range. They have good construction, a detachable microphone, and great sound. You also get a really long 2-year warranty.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset is made of premium plastic materials, and they have a non-slip design. Overall, they feel solid and well-built. The ear cups are well padded, soft on the ears, and create a good seal around the ears. The adjustable headband extends significantly to cover most users’ heads. They have a small extension for people with long hair as well.

The headset is compatible with the Xbox One, PS4, and PC for gaming. They are also compatible with the Nintendo Switch. They can also be used on your smartphone to listen to music or watch movies and TV shows. The headband is flexible enough to fold in half and store in the included carrying pouch, which is convenient for people that travel a lot. For the price, there are not many gaming headsets that also come with a removable microphone.

In addition to the ear cups, you also get a set of ear pads and two different sizes of boom mics (which are replaceable). The ear pads are soft on your ears, but they do not have a lot of padding.

It has an omnidirectional design which means it picks up speech from all directions around you. It’s also decently sensitive and doesn’t sound too garbled when you are using it for voice chat in noisy areas.

In terms of sound, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is well-balanced, but its treble lacks a bit of detail. They offer a deep, well-rounded bass that is not as punchy as some other headphones with a straight or inverted-cone design. However, their bass is solid and well-integrated into the overall audio range. The soundstage of these headphones is small and average. They are not the best headphones for critical listening but are good enough to cover most gaming needs.

They have a bit of an “audiophile” style signature, so if you aren’t used to that sound, you might find the treble lacking in detail and the mid-range sounding a little too dark compared to other gaming headsets. On the upside, their bass response is very even and well-integrated, and they have an excellent dynamic sound. Their treble lacks a bit of detail, but it’s not as pronounced in headphones like these, so this may not be noticeable to the average gamer.


Release Date2017
Size9.2 x 8.25 x 4.65 inches
Weight0.66 lbs
Charging Time3.6 hours
Warranty2 years
Battery life300 hours
Driver50mm with neodymium magnets, custom dynamic
Ear CushionsPremium leatherette, memory foam
Frame TypeAluminum
Form FactorOver-ear, closed back, circumaural
Frequency Response13Hz–27kHz
ElementElectret condenser microphone
Sensitivity-43dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
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HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset: Review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset has a good, well-balanced audio reproduction with deep bass, an even mid-range, and good treble response. The soundstage is also perfect for gaming, but they have slightly inconsistent bass delivery, depending on your ear position. They are also well-built with an excellent design and comfortable earpads. They include a detachable mic and can be used on your daily commute.

Unfortunately, they are not noise canceling, so they won’t be the best choice for noisy environments and commuters. However, their audio performance makes up for this and is a great choice for everyday use.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a sleek and modern-looking headset with a very functional design. The metallic accents give them a premium look but don’t stick out too much. Even so, they don’t look like cheap knockoffs either and have some nice finishes. They have a decent build quality with hinges made from aluminum that aren’t too stiff but not flimsy, either. The headband is also very well-padded and flexible, which will make it comfortable for long-term use.

On the other hand, the ear cushions are less well-built and feel somewhat thin. They are comfortable for a couple of hours but may start to bother you after that. They also don’t offer much noise isolation thanks to the open design, but they do seal around your ears well enough to block some, if not all, lower-frequency sounds.

The Cloud Alpha is a very comfortable headphone with some caveats. It is very lightweight and flexible, weighing about 7.4 ounces and the earpads are fairly large, which means that they might be a little tight for some users. Thankfully, the headband is very flexible and well-padded, which helps reduce pressure on your head.

The earcups are also padded enough and feel soft, but their leather covering isn’t as good as some of the other more premium gaming headphones. Still, they are comfortable, even over prolonged periods of use, and won’t cause any major discomfort.

The Cloud Alpha comes with a 1.3 m detachable cable with a nice rubberized coating. The cable is angled at the end and features two buttons to control your music, with one of them being used for pausing or answering calls.

The cable also includes an inline volume control that works perfectly on both mobile devices as well as on your PC or console; however, it is quite close to the mic, so if you are using it for gaming and accidentally adjust the volume, you might end up picking up some of the ambient noise in your surroundings.

The cable also features a microphone, which is good since it will allow you to take hands-free calls or talk to teammates over VOIP without a dedicated mic. Unfortunately, there is no mic mute, so you’ll have to unplug the audio cable to mute your microphone.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha can only be wired and come with a 1/8” TRS cable with inline volume control and works well on PCs and consoles. They also come with an adapter for use on a PC with separate audio and microphone jacks for later upgrades if necessary. The cable is detachable and easily replaceable, which is great in the case of any disaster or breakage.

The Cloud Alpha will also be compatible with your mobile devices thanks to the inline control, but you will need an adapter to fit a TRRS connection. You’ll also be able to use them on your Xbox One or PS4 controller as well if you want a more convenient setup.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset: Pros and Cons

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset has some advantages over other headsets. The most prominent feature of this headset is the style and color selection. There are three options for choosing a color: silver, black, and red. This helps users to decide for themselves which one will suit their needs the best.

Here are some pros and cons of this headset:


  • Good design
  • Good sound quality
  • Detachable cables


  • Not as feature-packed as other gaming headsets, but still good enough for most gamers

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset: is it a Buy?

Buy it if…

If you are looking for a good-sounding wired gaming headset with a more casual design and a mic that can be detached, then the HyperX Cloud Alpha might be right for you. It is a perfect sound headset and is built to last, so it’s well worth the price.

You can also buy it if you are looking for a more casual gaming headset that you can use outside. It has good sound quality, can be used on a PC via both the adapter and the proprietary connection, and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Don’t Buy it if…

Suppose you prefer a wireless headset and you are a very critical listener who needs precision in the sound, and you want one with a more improved soundstage. In that case, the Cloud Alpha is not the best pick since it will not offer true wireless connectivity.

If you are looking for a headset with noise-canceling features and more active software, then this headset will not be a better choice too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a fairly decent headset as it offers you great sound quality. Its microphone is also pretty good which is important for gamers, plus it’s very affordable.

How many audio jacks does this model have?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with two audio jacks and one microphone jack. One of the ear cups has a volume control wheel so you’ll be able to control the volume of your device while you’re gaming.

Is HyperX Cloud Alpha's good for gaming?

Yes, this is a great headset for gaming because it has a very good sound quality. You can use it with your PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

How long will I be able to use the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset?

You can use the Cloud Alpha headset for a pretty long time as its material is very tough.

Is the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset wireless?

No, the Cloud Alpha is not a wireless headset.

Is the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset noise canceling?

No, it does not have a noise-canceling technology feature but it does help reduce the amount of noise.

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