The Dodge Ram Revolution: Everything Stellantis Revealed About Its Electric Pickup

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The Dodge Ram Revolution: Everything Stellantis Revealed About Its Electric Pickup

Key Points

  • Ram unveiled its first EV truck, the Ram Revolution, at CES 2023.
  • The Ram Revolution will compete with Ford’s Lightning pickup and the upcoming Silverado EV.
  • The Revolution features a range of 500 miles, a maximum payload of 2,700 lbs, and a maximum towing capacity of 14,000 lbs.
  • The Revolution can be preordered through Ram’s website with a $100 deposit, and demand is expected to be high upon release.
  • The concept model of the Revolution showcased at CES differs significantly from the actual production model.
  • Ram plans to release a second-generation Revolution with more futuristic features.
  • The initial public response to the Revolution was positive, but there were complaints about preordering a concept model.

Ram is well-known for its heavy-duty trucks that deliver plenty of power for even the toughest jobs. But with rapid changes in the industry, the company is staying competitive by working on its first EV truck. Stellantis officially unveiled the Ram Revolution at CES 2023 to an enamored crowd that loved the new design.

Before the unveiling, Stellantis was very tight-lipped about the project, beyond confirming that they were working on an electric truck. While the Ram Revolution isn’t available just yet, it is going to compete with Ford’s already-launched Lightning pickup and the upcoming Silverado EV. In the meantime, there are a few details about the Revolution that you should know about, so let’s take an in-depth look.

Quick Facts

Original price
$60,000 (Estimated)

5 Facts About the Dodge Ram Revolution  

  • The Ram Revolution is built from the ground up as an EV, but still retains many styling cues from the iconic gas-powered pickup truck.
  • The truck will feature a “Frunk” where the engine compartment is typically located to store cargo.
  • A new trim line called Tungsten will debut in the new Ram Revolution.
  • Ram is also working on a plug-in hybrid model of the Ram Revolution that will debut in the future.
  • Ram unveiled two versions of the Revolution just months apart, with the first being a concept model.

Dodge Ram Revolution Specs 

MSRP~$60,000 Estimated
Battery Size168 kWh (229 kWh with larger battery)
Range500 Miles (800 with larger battery)
Maximum Payload2,700 lbs
Maximum Towing Capacity14,000 lbs
Charging PortCombined Charging System
DC Fast-Charging Time350 kWh
Drive TypeAll-Wheel Drive

Dodge Ram Revolution: Where to buy

Like all Ram trucks, the only place you can purchase the Revolution is at a dealership. Local Ram dealers will eventually have the Revolution on their lots. However, the only way to guarantee a spot is to preorder through Ram’s website. Preordering online does require a $100 deposit that is fully refundable if you change your mind later on.

After preordering, you will get an estimated completion date. Once your order is almost ready, Ram will contact you to handle the necessary paperwork and get the truck sent to the nearest dealership. The local dealer will take care of financing and get the truck ready for you. Like Ford’s Lightning launch, demand will be very high when the Ram Revolution releases, so consider reserving one.

The History of Dodge Ram Revolution: What to know

Stellantis gave a brief overview of their future plans for the Dodge brand and electric vehicles back in 2021. While details were scarce, they did announce the intention to have a vehicle ready for 2024. Fast-forward to January 2023, and Stellantis finally revealed the new fully-electric Ram pickup truck at CES.

Convention-goers were stunned by the unique “Saloon Doors” and expanded interior that provided a staggering amount of space. However, in the following months, Ram started to provide more information about the truck that consumers could actually buy, and it came as a shock. The real Ram Revolution that will hit dealerships in 2024 looks very similar to Ram’s existing line of trucks.

While the concept vehicle at CES made news headlines, interested buyers were quickly disappointed to learn it wasn’t the truck they could actually buy. It is very common for manufacturers to release concept vehicles, but not this close to an official release. Nonetheless, the 2025 Ram Revolution is still set to make a serious dent in the truck EV market when it comes out next year.

Dodge Ram Revolution Versions: Each Model

When discussing the Ram Revolution, it is important to distinguish between the concept shown in January 2023 and the actual Ram 1500 Revolution that was presented months later. Although the two trucks share the same name, there is a staggering difference between them as one is already in production, while the other is a dream that will likely never see a dealership.

Concept Model

Stellantis really pushed the concept truck at CES 2023 as the next breakthrough in the automotive industry. They even ran a Super Bowl ad showing off the Revolution. The body of the Ram Revolution concept truck looks sleek and stylish yet dramatically different than the current gas-powered trucks. Like many EVs, the Revolution concept truck features large LCD displays with a beautiful interior.

Unfortunately, few details were given about the Revolution’s powertrain. Beyond electrification, the truck also has a number of new features, such as an expanded RamBox system. Additionally, the seats are on rails to facilitate a wider range of positions. Of course, the biggest eye-catcher is the “Saloon Doors.” Because the Ram Revolution is only a concept truck, it will likely never see a full release.

First Generation

Dodge Ram Revolution
The Dodge Ram Revolution will look very similar to the Dodge Ram Laramie.

©By Kevauto – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=89195364 – License

The electric Ram 1500 Revolution available to the public looks much tamer. Unlike the impressive interior, body lines, and features of the concept vehicle, this truck looks pretty standard. It is built from the ground up as an EV, but at first glance, it looks very similar to the gas-powered Ram 1500. The Ram Revolution may look like the conventional 1500, but it is actually more aerodynamic.

Ram put in a lot of effort to make the Revolution as aerodynamic as possible to get maximum range. Like its electric truck competitors, the Revolution is all-wheel drive with a four-door cab. Additionally, there are numerous classic features like the RamBox, while also adding a lot more technology, such as the large LCD displays. A new premium trim line called Tungsten is also exclusive to the Revolution.

Second Generation

Surprisingly, Ram announced plans for a third iteration of the Revolution back in April. It will technically be the second generation that consumers can purchase. The plan is for the second generation Ram Revolution to implement many of the futuristic features of the concept model. The first generation will be similar to the current Ram 1500 trucks, and future models will serve as stepping stones.

Stellantis’s executives have not provided exact details on what consumers can expect from the second generation. However, they did say that many of the features from the concept vehicle will make their way to the next iteration. They also mentioned that some features may come as future enhancements to the first-generation Ram Revolution.

The Public Response

The initial public response to the Ram Revolution unveiled at CES in January was one of absolute awe. Convention attendees were blown away by what they saw. Perhaps the greatest moment of the Revolution was a Super Bowl ad that featured the concept truck. The ad notoriously enticed viewers to preorder a truck that was merely a concept model.

Ram’s attempt to build a lot of buzz with the concept truck was very disingenuous. The fact that they advertised the concept truck and started taking preorders before revealing what consumers were actually going to get led to a lot of complaints. We will have to wait and see whether that move pays off when the Revolution comes out next year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Ram 1500 Revolution so much different than the concept?

Concept vehicles are early designs that include a lot of bold ideas. Oftentimes there are practical limitations such as safety and cost. The problem with the Revolution is that Ram hyped up the extravagant concept with a final product ready for display.

Is the Ram Revolution identical to the 1500?

No, while the Ram Revolution shares many styling cues with the gas-powered 1500, it was designed from the ground up as an EV. It features several distinctions, such as a “Frunk,” and is slightly longer.

Can you tow a trailer with the Ram Revolution?

Yes, the Ram Revolution will be capable of towing trailers as it will perform as any other truck. However, the range will go down depending on the weight.

Will Ram release a hybrid truck?

Yes, Ram announced plans back in January to also release a plug-in hybrid. These models will come out later and feature a gas motor alongside electric motors and batteries.

How much will the Ram Revolution cost?

There is no official word on the price of the Ram Revolution. However, many automotive experts predict it will be in line with Ford’s F-150 Lightning, which starts at just under $60,000.

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