What Channel Is The CW on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

the cw on spectrum

What Channel Is The CW on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

Key Points

  • The CW came about as a result of the merger between The WB and UPN stations.
  • The CW saw profits for the first time in its life under effective leadership in 2011.
  • Superman and Lois, All American, and Walker are popular shows on The CW.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Penn & Teller: Fool Us are acquired series on The CW.

Are you trying to find The CW on Spectrum? Channels can shift around with your cable provider. Thankfully, you’ll have what you need to catch your favorite programs thanks to this handy guide. The CW is one of the rare terrestrial networks left in opposition to the big three. If you’re looking to catch new episodes of Walker or All American, you’re in luck.

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The CW on Spectrum: Channel Guide

Los Angeles, CA5, 1212
San Diego, CA6, 1212
Tahoe, CA12, 13
Reno, NV12, 695
Corpus Christi, TX23, 1212
San Antonio, TX7, 1212
Austin, TX12, 1212
Dallas, TX9, 1212
Montgomery, AL14, 714
Saint Louis, MO11, 711
Kansas City, MO7
Charlotte, NC11, 1212, 1261
Durham, NC10, 1212
Columbus, OH18
Cincinnati, CT20, 989, 1024
Cleveland, OH6, 1006
New York, NY11, 1212
Albany, NY15, 1212
Lexington, KY5, 117
Louisville, KY7, 914

The CW on Spectrum: A Brief History

the cw
Following its acquisition


The CW has shifted its programming primarily to acquired shows and reality content.

The CW has quite an interesting history on air. It finds its origins in the 1990s, before eventually becoming the channel so many fans enjoy today.


The CW is a merger between The WB and UPN stations. Both of these channels competed with the rising power exerted by the newly created Fox station. While these are good aims for any channel to have, neither The WB nor UPN had a good foothold in the market. The first decade of existence for both of these channels was filled with financial woes, despite the likes of Star Trek Voyager and Seventh Heaven serving as popular viewing.

Channel Debut

The merger between The WB and UPN occurred in 2006 and gave way to The CW. The merger would carry some shows, with big hits like America’s Top Model and WWE Smackdown making the jump. However, like The WB and UPN, The CW would prove to be an unprofitable venture for much of its early life.

As the 2000s wore on, popular shows like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries would be a shot in the arm to help rejuvenate things. However, changes impacted the channel lineup as the licensing agreement with WWE Smackdown lapsed in 2008.

Leadership Changes

A major shift in The CW’s fortunes came in 2011 when more effective leadership was appointed. With network head Mark Pedowitz at the helm, the channel would actually see profits for the first time in its life. The popular DC comics-based show Arrow would be the first sign of things to come.

While The CW had competed well in the 18-34 demographic for women, Arrow had massive crossover appeal. The CW was able to capitalize on this with other DC properties like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Other hit shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would be important in maintaining this momentum.

Current Day

Despite the good fortunes experienced by The CW, there was further turmoil with its parent company. Warner Brothers was reeling off multiple box office bombs and misguided leadership in the late 2010s and early 2020s.

2022 saw Nexstar acquire The CW, and a wide range of changes hit the network. Long-running shows like Riverdale came to an end, and almost all of its scripted broadcast shows would be shunted in exchange for acquired programming and sports content.

The CW on Spectrum Programming Guide

Here are some of the most popular shows you’ll find on The CW on Spectrum.

Superman and Lois

Superman needs no introduction to pop culture. However, Superman and Lois envisions Big Blue as a father, husband, and superhero. The show focuses on Superman and his wife Lois Lane as they settle away from the big city of Metropolis to raise their family.

This is one of the few shows that was picked up for renewal following the acquisition of The CW by Nexstar. Fans of the show can expect an upcoming fourth season in the next year, depending on what sort of impact the writer’s and actor’s strikes have had on production.

All American

All American follows the proud tradition of shows like Friday Night Lights. You’ve got your healthy dose of interpersonal drama along with hard-hitting sports. The show follows Spencer James, a talented football player, and his transfer to Beverly Hills High. You’ve got a bit of catching up to do if you’re new to the show. However, All American will be receiving another season in the post-acquisition environment at The CW.


You won’t be getting a healthy dose of Chuck Norris memes here. However, if you’ve been looking for an action show, Walker has you covered. The show follows a Texas Ranger and is filled with action, thrills, and some of the more standard elements of your favorite police procedurals.

This show serves as a reboot of the popular Chuck Norris; however, Supernatural alumni Jared Padalecki stars as the main character. Like the other shows on this list, it will be getting a new season following The CW’s acquisition.

All American: Homecoming

Homecoming is a spin-off of the popular All American and focuses on similar subjects. However, Homecoming focuses on two protagonists, with their own respective sports in the spotlight. It has proven to be a popular show, thanks in part to protagonists Simone and Damon. While the general premise is the same, the plot lines offer up enough variety to make both All American shows worth watching.

Mysteries Decoded

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? If you’re a fan of high strangeness, cryptids, government conspiracies, and more, Mysteries Decoded might be the show for you. Each episode focuses on a new and decidedly unusual mystery that permeates throughout popular culture.

Host Jennifer Marshall serves as rock solid anchor to help viewers navigate the strange subject matter. It might not carry the same drama as something like All American, but Mysteries Decoded has been a popular show nonetheless.

100 Days to Indy

As part of the focus on sports at The CW, you can expect to see some coverage of motorsports. 100 Days to Indy is a docuseries covering the lead-up to the Indianapolis 500. The series focuses on key figures, and developments while weaving an effectively tense and interesting look at motorsports. You can still catch the last season, but the future of the show is up in the air following Nexstar’s acquisition. However, chances are good that you’ll see this program return to The CW on Spectrum soon enough.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Sometimes you need something with a little more levity. Whose Line Is It Anyway? has been a fixture on American television since its popular debut on ABC. However, The CW acquired the show over a decade ago. The show’s format remains entirely unchanged, but you’ll have regular improvised laughs.

Like the other shows in this list, you can expect Whose Line to return with a new season soon. It was one of the handful of current shows on The CW on Spectrum to get renewed following its recent acquisition by Nexstar.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

A little magic might do anyone well. Penn & Teller, the popular magician duo, serve as the hosts of this reality-based competition show. This serves as a massive departure from your usual competitive reality shows, focusing on illusions and novel magic tricks rather than cooking or design work. This is another of The CW’s acquired series, but it’s a good bit older than recent shows. The show has been a consistent hit and is returning with a new season soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Superman and Lois getting another season?

Yes, it was part of the renewals following the recent acquisition.

Did Supernatural end?

Yes, Supernatural came to an end fairly recently.

Is Nancy Drew still airing?

No, Nancy Drew was canceled following the acquisition by Nexstar.

Is The Flash still on the air?

No, The Flash recently had its own series finale.

Is there a fixed channel for The CW on Spectrum?

No, it will vary depending on your location.

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