The 5 Best TVs Under $1700 You Can Buy Today

Samsung QN90B QLED vs LG G2

The 5 Best TVs Under $1700 You Can Buy Today

Key Points

  • Our top choice for the Best Overall TV under $1700 is the Samsung 65-Inch QN90B TV. Its superior picture quality leverages Quantum Dot technology and a mini-LED backlight for vibrant colors and deep contrast levels.
  • The top TVs under $1700 provide excellent performance, features, and size. This makes them great choices for movie nights, gaming sessions, or everyday entertainment.
  • To select an affordable TV under $1700, consider screen size, display technology (LED, OLED or QLED), image quality and processor capability, smart TV features, and connectivity options that ensure compatibility with devices and streaming services.
  • Apart from the Samsung 65-Inch QN90B TV, other top contenders in this category also offer impressive specs. These features include 4K resolution, HDR support, and built-in voice assistants to meet individual preferences and needs.

The top TVs under $1700 provide amazing visuals, crisp audio and smart features for an exceptional viewing experience. When searching for such TVs, note their screen size, resolution, and technology features, such as HDR support and seamless streaming capabilities as key considerations when making your purchase. A fantastic 4K resolution TV should have HDR compatibility for smooth streaming capabilities and these should all come standard when purchasing under this budget.

Size matters when selecting the ideal TV for you. Make sure it fits seamlessly into your room before considering smart features or streaming compatibility. We researched and identified five of the best affordable televisions under $1700 available today:

Best Overall: SAMSUNG 65-Inch QN90B TV

SAMSUNG QN90B 65-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K
  • Samsung’s ultra-precise Quantum Mini LEDs
  • Quantum HDR 32X
  • Neo Quantum Processor 4K uses AI-based deep learning to analyze content and optimize it to full 4K
  • Anti-glare
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
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02/24/2024 01:37 pm GMT

The SAMSUNG 65-Inch QN90B TV is the best overall TV under $1700 and offers an incredible mix of high-quality features and performance. Boasting 4K display resolution, Alexa built-in, quantum HDR technology that adjusts color quality based on viewing environment, game mode for personalized gaming experiences, with sound quality using Object Tracking tech for top sound quality, four HDMI ports, as well as multiview support, and other noteworthy features that ensure simultaneous viewing of various media content are all key considerations when purchasing this TV.

The QN90B TV from Samsung showcases its impressive visual and audio technology with features such as anti-glare technology and ultra viewing angles for optimal picture viewing from any seat in the room. Further, multiple voice assistants and multi-view options enable simultaneous media consumption. Also, game mode provides customizable settings so gamers can fine-tune their gaming experience. Finally, its outstanding combination of performance and affordability makes this model ideal for anyone searching for a fantastic television for less than $1700.

The Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs delivers vibrant color and contrast even during daytime viewing conditions.Some users may find the built-in voice assistants unnecessary.
Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ provide immersive, lifelike three-dimensional sound.
Quantum HDR 32X ensures vibrant hues and lifelike details in HDR content, for an immersive viewing experience.
Neo Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling creates an engaging viewing experience by upscaling non-4K content to provide stunning viewing pleasure.

Check out the SAMSUNG 65-Inch QN90B TV on Amazon.

Best Shade: SunBriteTV 43-Inch Outdoor Television For Shade | Veranda

Outdoor TV
SunBrite Veranda 2 Series 43-inch Outdoor TV
  • Television is weatherproof
  • 43-inch 4K screen
  • Includes an All-weather TV remote
  • Built-in speakers included
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02/23/2024 10:25 am GMT

The SunBriteTV 43-Inch Outdoor Television For Shade | Veranda is the ideal solution for shaded outdoor settings. It can withstand full-shade outdoor environments while offering an engaging viewing experience under all types of weather conditions. Offering stunning HDR video streaming at 4K resolution with stunning viewing experiences.

This TV is an ideal addition to outdoor spaces like covered patios or screened gazebos due to its weatherproof construction. Featuring rugged aluminum casing that protects against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust and salt particles. Further, outperforming lightweight plastic indoor TVs by up to 50% brighter images thanks to its direct LED backlight. This TV’s direct LED backlight provides breathtaking 4K HDR picture up to 50% brighter than its indoor counterpart. In addition it includes built-in speakers as well as a media bay for streaming devices. The SunBrightTV also features multiple connectivity options, including 3 HDMI inputs along with HDMI ARC on 1 input as well as both IR and IP control.

This waterproof television makes it suitable for use under all weather conditions.Its connectivity technology is limited.
Upgraded HDR screen provides a vibrant and vivid display.
Built-in speakers and a media bay make streaming content effortless.
Its long-term durability guarantees it won’t get damaged easily.

Check out the SunBriteTV 43-Inch Outdoor Television For Shade | Veranda on Amazon.

Best Entertainment: Sony 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series

Best Entertainment
Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series - 2022
  • Sony's X1 processor combines with a 4K HDR screen
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Sony's Triluminos Pro shows more than 1 billion colors
  • Various streaming services available (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV, amongst others)
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The Sony 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series stands out as one of the premier entertainment TV options under $1700. It offers an exceptional combination of features, making this the ideal TV for both movie buffs and gamers.

In addition to these impressive features, Sony’s KD75X85K also supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to offer immersive cinematic content and exclusive features for the PlayStation 5, improving gaming picture quality. Thus making this 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series the perfect entertainment choice suitable for a wide range of users. Furthermore, Motionflow XR technology guarantees blur-free image quality even in fast-moving scenes, thanks to a native 120Hz refresh rate.

TRILUMINOS Pro reproduces over a billion accurate colors for a natural and precise picture.The product dimensions of 16.25-inch D x 66-inch W x 41-inch H may be large for smaller spaces.
Google TV with Google Assistant and compatibility with Alexa offers a premium smart TV experience.
Motionflow XR technology ensures blur-free picture quality in fast-moving scenes with a native 120Hz refresh rate.
The 4K HDR Processor X1 delivers a smooth and clear picture with rich colors and detailed contrast.

Check out the Sony 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series on Amazon.

Best Display: SAMSUNG QN55S90CAFXZA 55 Inch 4K OLED Smart TV

  • 55" Quantum HDR OLED TV with Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling
  • Pantone Validated
  • Product includes television, Austere 3S-4KHD2-2.5M III Series 4K HDMI 2.5m Cable (2021)
  • Features include Filmmaker Mode, Universal Guide, Ambient Mode+, and more
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02/24/2024 03:22 pm GMT

The SAMSUNG QN55S90CAFXZA 55 Inch 4K OLED Smart TV is the best display television in the under $1700 category. This TV boasts OLED display technology for exceptional picture quality, while a variable refresh rate guarantees a smooth viewing experience. In addition, feature-packed and designed for convenience, it is an ideal addition to your home entertainment system.

The SAMSUNG QN55S90CAFXZA 55 Inch 4K OLED Smart TV provides plenty of viewing real estate for immersive movie nights and gaming sessions. Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity options make the TV compatible with a range of devices. Its stylish design and slim profile also make it suitable for any living space.

A variable refresh rate guarantees smooth looking motion, making it perfect for watching fast-paced action and sports.The TV’s thin design may require extra care when handling and mounting.
Features include Filmmaker Mode, Ambient Mode+, Multiple Voice Assistants, Auto Game Mode, and more.
Dolby Atmos and virtual top speakers
The dramatic hues and vivid color palettes are validated by Pantone for fantastic detail.

Check out the SAMSUNG QN55S90CAFXZA 55 Inch 4K OLED Smart TV on Amazon.

Best Value: TCL 75S425 75 Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV (2019)

Best Budget-Friendly
TCL 75S425 75-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV (2019)
  • 4K UHD screen resolution
  • Streaming supported for Skype, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video with Roku TV
  • Various ports available including USB, HDMI, and RF Input amongst others
  • 120Hz Refresh rate
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02/23/2024 01:35 pm GMT

The TCL 75S425 75 Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV (2019) is unrivaled in value while costing less than $1700. Boasting unrivaled features, performance, and affordability, it is an outstanding purchase choice.

This TV features High Dynamic Range technology for an engaging viewing experience, offering accurate colors and bright illumination for an unparalleled cinematic journey. Also, it is equipped with three HDMI inputs for quick connectivity between devices, and compatible with Google and Alexa Assistants for voice control for hands-free operation.

With 4K Ultra HD resolution and stunningly detailed images, this TV provides vivid images with sharp clarity. But what really sets it apart from others in its category is its built-in Roku streaming, giving you access to over 500,000 TV episodes and movies as well as other entertainment options like news, sports, music and more!

Unfortunately, although the TCL 75S425 boasts many strengths, gaming enthusiasts may find the TV lacking the features they require. But for those searching for an affordable feature-packed television that delivers exceptional performance at an incredible value price point, this TCL model provides unrivaled value.

4K Ultra HD resolution for stunning picture quality
Not ideal for gaming
Built-in Roku streaming for endless entertainment options
Compatible with Google and Alexa Assistant for voice control
High Dynamic Range technology for lifelike visuals

Check out the TCL 75S425 75 Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV (2019) on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best TV Under $1700: Step-by-Step

Choosing the best TV under $1700 can be a breeze if you follow these simple steps. Below are some key considerations that could influence your purchase decision.

  • Image quality
  • Screen size
  • Display technology
  • Smart TV capabilities
  • Available connectivity options
  • Quality of sound
  • Processor

Image Quality

Image quality is of utmost importance when selecting a TV, ensuring an engaging viewing experience. Aim for high resolution (4K or 8K), as well as high contrast ratio. A television that supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology may also deliver more vibrant colors and deeper blacks for an enhanced contrast ratio.

Consider also your TV’s refresh rate. 120Hz or above should provide smoother visuals and reduce motion blur; essential when watching action-packed movies or sports events.

Screen Size

Your television’s screen size can enormously affect your viewing experience. Typically, larger screens provide an immersive viewing experience, while smaller displays only dominate a little of the room’s available space. Therefore, when selecting an ideal screen size for you, consider the space available in your room and the distance from seating areas to ensure the ideal experience.

Display Technology

When looking for a television under $1700, OLED and LED are two main display technologies to consider when making your decision. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

OLED TVs boast superior contrast ratios and colors, but can be more costly. On the other hand, LED televisions are typically more affordable, with longer lifespans that offer bright displays; perfect for well-lit environments.

Smart TV Features

Modern Smart TVs boast advanced streaming apps, voice assistants and other useful features designed to enhance the viewing experience. When selecting a television that costs less than $1700, ensure it features a user-friendly interface as well as support for popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. In addition, consider whether your TV is compatible with smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa for seamless integration and voice-controlled voice access.

Connectivity Options

An HD TV with multiple connectivity options ensures you can connect all your devices, such as soundbars, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. Aim for one with plenty of HDMI ports, USB ports and other connections, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Further, ensure your TV supports HDMI 2.1 for use when gaming or connecting next-gen consoles, as this offers enhanced features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

Quality of Sound

While images are paramount, don’t neglect sound quality either. Built-in speakers may vary significantly in performance, so consider investing in an immersive experience by choosing a TV with excellent audio performance or investing in a separate system like a soundbar for enhanced listening pleasure. Dolby Atmos support can provide a more engaging audio experience when used with compatible sound systems, offering greater immersion.


Your TV’s processor is essential to its overall performance, affecting aspects like app loading times, menu navigation and image processing. Also, a TV with a strong processor should provide the optimal experience to users.

What to Know Before Buying a TV Under $1700

First, review its features. Some TVs under $1700 offers excellent options. Size matters too – make an educated decision, as bigger isn’t necessarily better. You should also carefully consider resolution (4K is best). Regarding refresh rates, 60Hz or above would be ideal and the TV should always support HDR for enhanced colors. Further, smart features are key, so pay attention to them. Additionally, notice connectivity options like HDMI, USB and Wi-Fi. Curved or flat is up to you as both deliver great results, but viewing angles may differ significantly.

Always do your homework when purchasing electronics. Compare models, read reviews and stay within budget to ensure device satisfaction. A TV under $1700 may exceed your expectations! Happy Shopping!

Using a TV Under $1700: What It’s Like

TVs under $1700 can be both entertaining and satisfying. First off, these models provide a range of features, such as exceptional image quality with vivid colors and sharp details as well as smart capabilities that allow access to streaming services and apps. Second, most TVs in this price range provide a generous screen for movie nights or binge watching sessions, and their sound quality often stands out with its crisp audio delivery. Third, when using an under $1700 TV, you can easily navigate its menus and settings thanks to intuitive user interfaces, with some models even supporting voice control for additional convenience. Finally, it’s worth highlighting design. Most TVs in this price category feature sleek and modern aesthetics that seamlessly fit into any living space.

Therefore, investing in a TV that costs less than $1700 provides an incredible viewing experience without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What screen sizes are offered by TVs under $1700?

Although screen sizes can vary between 50 and 75 inches, most of the best televisions under this budget offer sizes between these numbers.

Do these TVs support 4K resolution?

Yes, each of the top five TVs under $1700 come equipped with 4K resolution for high-quality and detailed images.

Are any of these TVs equipped with smart features?

Yes! All of the best televisions under $1700 include smart features like streaming apps, voice control and other useful options.

What types of display technologies are featured on these TVs?

For TVs under $1700, LED, QLED, or OLED technology is utilized, each offering its own set of advantages.

Do the TVs in this list support HDR (High Dynamic Range)?

Yes, each of the top 5 TVs under $1700 supports HDR technology that enhances color and contrast for an authentic viewing experience.

Can I connect external devices like soundbars or gaming consoles to these TVs?

Absolutely! The best TVs under $1700 feature multiple HDMI and USB ports that allow you to connect multiple external devices easily.

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