The 5 Best Text Editors for Mac

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The 5 Best Text Editors for Mac

Are you looking for the best text editor for Mac? Whether a beginner or an established programmer, these platforms make it easier for you to write and edit code. They come with different configurations, especially concerning features and functionality, so it’s important to remember what’s most important to you in a text editor.

Let’s break down everything you need to know to make the best choice for your use case. Follow along as we explore different text editor options for Mac!

Key Points

  • The best text editors for Mac have improved functionality when it comes to writing and editing code.
  • A typical text editor for Mac provides standout functionality, including automatic code completion and debugger tools.
  • When selecting a text editor, consider its functionality, the number of languages it supports, and ease of use.

History-Computer’s Top Picks for the Best Text Editors for Mac

#1 Best Overall: CodeLobster

CodeLobster is our pick for the best overall text editor for Mac thanks to its out-of-class efficiency and reliability.

It supports popular coding languages so you can code in your favorite language, as well as an advanced autocomplete feature, eliminating incomplete semicolons, parentheses, and brackets. Besides supporting JavaScript, CSS, PHO, and HTML on the free plan, the text editor has a fully-fledged Python IDE. Therefore, you’ll have little or no issues working with Python. Finally, a debugger also automatically validates your code using Python, JavaScript, or PHP.

The CodeLobster free plan is available forever to coders working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. If you want additional tools, pay the $59.95 one-time fee and $19.95 annually for access to advanced plugins and tools for many CMS platforms. Of course, one of its biggest disadvantages is the recurrent payments, but the $19.95 annual fee is a relatively fair price for a reliable code editor.

With CodeLobster, you can use the most popular coding languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS, and PHO.Besides the initial $59.95 fee, CodeLobster has a recurrent $19.95 annual fee which is required to get software updates.
It has an automatic debugger, which validates code written in Python, JavaScript, or PHP on the spot.Although the free plan is forever, it may lack some critical features that could make your work easier.

Best Markdown Editor: Typora

If you only want a minimalist editor for Mac, Typora is your go-to option — its user interface is clean, and the tools are plentiful.

Instead of clogging up your space with many features, it makes focusing on your text and content easier. It offers an outline panel, focus mode, and an auto-pairing function for brackets and markdown. You can easily add tables, diagrams, lists, headers, and images to your project using easy building blocks. With the SmartyPants feature, you automate text replacements such as smart dashes, curly quotes, and more. Plus, Typora has no proprietary file format so you can save any format.

The Typora free plan is available for 15 days, after which you must make a $14.99 one-time payment. Its paid plan supports a maximum of three devices. However, it is challenging to use, especially if you know nothing about markdown language. Additionally, you might find it too simple, especially if you only know how to use full-blown integrated development environments (IDEs).

The Typora user interface is simple, allowing you to focus on your work.It could be problematic using Typora, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Markdown.
It’s available for a $14.99 one-time payment for a maximum of three devices.Although it has a free plan, it’s only available for 15 days, after which you must pay.

Best for Collaboration Features: Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere got its name for a reason — you can use the platform virtually anywhere and it’s available on the cloud.

Once you’ve finished a quick setup, you’ll access solid features for live collaboration. You can invite other users to collaborate on your projects in real-time using live terminal sessions or pair programming. As you add to the code, your partners stay updated.

Codeanywhere supports C/C++, Java, Ruby, Go, Python, PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript, and all major programming languages. You don’t have to start coding from scratch, either — you can use a prebuilt development environment with many tools at your disposal.

With this text editor, you can use the free plan for seven days before selecting any of the three paid plans. The basic plan starts at $6 per month and supports single-project coders. For $15 per month, you can sign up for the Standard plan, which supports teams of coders. The Premium plan is the highest tier, which costs $40 monthly for remote coding teams.

The presence of Codeanywhere on the cloud makes it available anywhere you go.Many past users of Codeanywhere have complained about an unresponsive customer support team.
Codeanywhere supports C/C++, Java, Ruby, Go, Python, PHP, TypeScript, and JavaScript.Its free plan is available for a few days, after which you must pay a monthly fee, depending on your plan.

Best for Fast Code Editing: JetBrains Fleet

JetBrains Fleet is bound to be one of the best IDEs ever built, thanks to its simple and easy user interface.

Although meant to help you edit code fast, JetBrains can also be a fully-functional IDE. Enable Smart Mode and the built-in text editor becomes fully operational. It can be the best text editor for collaboration. Besides, it’s possible to install JetBrains on another machine remotely. Remote teams of programmers can work effectively in a shared workspace.

The platforms also allow you to forward ports to a remote machine when writing code for web apps that require opening in the browser. It also has an integrated Git version control within the editor. The function is accessible without necessarily opening the terminal app. For now, JetBrains is available for free. The payment plans will be available as soon as the creators enable them.

JetBrains Fleet includes many tools like a built-in debugger and Git integration, which can help you to speed up coding.The platform is not yet fully operational.
You can use the tool to collaborate with other programmers remotely.JetBrains doesn’t support third-party plugins, even though that could change with time.

Best for Beginners: Sublime Text

If you’re a first-time coder using macOS, Sublime Text is the best text editor for you.

Users can use its intuitive interface, multiple panes, syntax coloring, and multiple selections. Plus, you can simultaneously view several files using the multiple-pane view feature. With its auto code completion functionality, you can avoid manually typing all your work. Plus, there’s a side-by-side mode for checking the definitions of keywords in programming. The distraction-free mode makes it possible to write code in a single window. Finally, you can code using multiple lines and carry out simultaneous edits.

Sublime Text comes with two pricing plans. The Individual Plan attracts a $99 one-time use fee over three years. If you opt for the Business Plan, you’ll pay at least $65 per year. The more expensive plans come with additional features. However, it compares less favorably with its competitors concerning the number of plugins and functionalities. So, you can only access full functionality after upgrading to the platform’s full version.

Sublime Text is easy to use and doesn’t require installing multiple plugins.The platform has fewer features compared to its competitors.
It comes with an auto-complete function that reduces the time you would take typing.Its payment plans are a little more expensive than its competitors.
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Text editors make it a lot easier to write and edit code, no matter the programming language.


How to Pick the Best Text Editor for Mac: Step-by-Step

Before purchasing a text editor for Mac, you must consider your budget and the key features you can’t go without. Let’s break it down in detail below to give you the full picture.


Pricing is critical when looking for an affordable text editor for your projects. Most of these platforms have a free plan lasting a few days. If you’re looking for free unbridled use for a lifetime, CodeLobster is the best. It makes it possible to code via JavaScript, HTML, and other popular languages free of charge. Most of these platforms have recurring annual payments from as low as $14.99 for the paid plans. Others require one-time payments that allow you to use them for at least three years.

Supported Coding Languages

What coding languages do the best text editor support? A good text editor should support most, if not all, of the popular programming languages. For example, CodeLobster supports PHO, HTML, JavaScript, Python, and CSS. Other platforms may support more languages than that, so you should carefully choose a suitable text editor.

Ability to Use Plugins

Most programmers on CMS platforms prefer plugins to improve the functionality of their mobile and web applications. Some text editors support plugins, while others don’t. If you need full support with JavaScript plugins, choose CodeLobster. However, you can opt for a text editor without plugins like Sublime Text. The latter is usually faster and easier to use.

Additional Tools and Features

If you collaborate with other coders on a team, you may look for a text editor allowing remote access. Sublime Text, JetBrains Fleet, and Codeanywhere make it easier for teams of coders to collaborate on critical projects. You don’t have to be in a particular location to complete your project. Other key features of a good text editor include IDE support, auto code completion, and a built-in debugger.

Ease of Use

Beginner programmers fear getting bogged down by platforms whose functionality they cannot quickly grasp. The best text editor is one that both beginners and experienced coders can use without issues. JetBrains Fleet is one such platform. It’s effortless to use for beginners as it has an intuitive user interface and enables automatic code completion.

What to Know Before Buying a Text Editor for Mac

Text Editors for Mac come with multiple features you must know before buying any of them. These features come in different combinations, defining the functionality of the text editor.

Always look out for the following features before buying a text editor.

  • Code Completion: The code completion function automatically suggests what to add to your code, and you continue typing. It’s usually contextually accurate and helps reduce your time to write the code.
  • Multiple Cursors: You can edit multiple document sections simultaneously with multiple cursors. The multiple cursors help you to select multiple sections of the text.
  • Code Folding: With code folding, users can expand or collapse code blocks and easily navigate and edit large files.
  • Search and Replace: With this feature, you can search for a specific text string, highlight, and replace it with a different string.
  • Syntax Highlighting: The syntax highlighting feature displays different text colors depending on the section, programming language, or file type. It’s one of the easiest ways to identify and correct syntax errors.
  • Plugins & Extensions: Most text editors allow the installation of additional plugins and extensions to improve functionality.
  • Customizable Interface: You can customize the interface of your text editor to create a fresh and appealing appearance. Customizable features include the interface layout, color scheme, and font.
  • Version Control Integration: With this feature, users can track changes made to a file and return to an earlier version. The version control system on many of these platforms is called Git.

Using a Text Editor for Mac: What It’s Like

Text editors for Mac allow you to create and edit plain text files. These lightweight platforms are usually easy to use. You can use them to edit simple test files. For programmers, text editors help write code and create and edit scripts, configuration files, and other text-based documents. These text editors are web-based and allow teams of programmers to collaborate on different projects remotely. They can use an autocorrect function that completes code and reduces the time spent developing it.

When choosing a text editor, you should pay attention to the pricing, supported programming languages, ease of use, ability to use plugins, and any additional tools and functionality. That means taking time to find the best possible text editor for your project.

Summary Table

RankText EditorKey FeaturesPrice
#1 Best OverallCodeLobsterSupports popular coding languages, advanced autocomplete feature, fully-fledged Python IDE, automatic debuggerFree plan available forever, $59.95 one-time fee and $19.95 annually for advanced plugins and tools
Best Markdown EditorTyporaFocus mode, auto-pairing function for brackets and markdown, SmartyPants feature for automated text replacementsFree plan available for 15 days, $14.99 one-time payment
Best for Collaboration FeaturesCodeanywhereLive collaboration, supports all major programming languages, prebuilt development environmentFree plan for seven days, basic plan starts at $6 per month
Best for Fast Code EditingJetBrains FleetSmart Mode for full functionality, remote installation, integrated Git version controlCurrently free, payment plans to be enabled soon
Best for BeginnersSublime TextIntuitive interface, multiple panes, syntax coloring, multiple selections, auto code completionIndividual Plan for $99 one-time use over three years, Business Plan for at least $65 per year

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