The 75 Best Tech Jokes on the Internet

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The 75 Best Tech Jokes on the Internet

Key Points

  • Tech jokes are plentiful and available for just about any topic you can imagine.
  • The article provides a list of the 75 best tech jokes on the internet today.
  • Wi-Fi jokes are particularly popular and easy to draw a laugh from.
  • Technical support calls have provided plenty of material for jokes.
  • There is no shortage of workplace jokes to alleviate the stressful environment.

If there is one simple truth, it’s that tech jokes are plentiful and available for just about any topic you can imagine. Some of the best tech jokes are timeless and many are good for both adults and children alike.

There is no doubt you have already heard some of the best tech jokes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a few others on this list worth remembering for your next office party. 

Keep reading for a list of the 75 best tech jokes you can find on the internet today!

Video Game Jokes

Rest assured that any time a video game fan needs a good laugh, there are plenty of video game jokes both new and old. 

  1. Why doesn’t Mario like to use the internet? He’s afraid of Browsers! 
  2. Yesterday I got a PS5 for my sister….it was the best trade ever! 
  3. What’s the difference between a Nickelback album and a PlayStation Vita? You can actually play the Nickelback album! 
  4. So, a friend just bought a PlayStation 5 and started a new game by EA…please pay $9.99 to unlock the rest of this joke! 
  5. What do the Sacramento Kings do after winning the NBA Championship? They turn off the Xbox! 
  6. What sound does a Nintendo ambulance make? Wii U, Wii U, Wii U, Wii U. 
  7. How do you know when a party is for a gamer? There are a ton of streamers!
  8. I once asked a Nintendo fan to help me change a light bulb. Unfortunately, they were not very helpful…they just kept playing with the switch. 
  9. Why can’t PC gamers use Uber? Too many incompatible drivers!
  10. I tried to go left when I was playing Super Mario. It was wrong on every level. 
  11. I absolutely love the new update on Minecraft. It’s groundbreaking!
  12. Why doesn’t Mike Tyson like to play the PlayStation? Because he’s an ex-boxer!
  13. Why did the video game go to the bank? To get some extra lives. 
  14. My girlfriend told me our relationship was over because I was spending too much time playing games. I think it may have been my Destiny 2 breakup with her. 
  15. I wanted to make a Nintendo joke, but it was Wii too hard for Mii to think of one. 

Wi-Fi Jokes

When it comes to the best tech jokes, Wi-Fi is one of the most deserving categories. As much as everyone relies on Wi-Fi, it’s become one of the easiest topics to quickly draw a laugh. 

  1. I changed my password to 244466666 so when someone asks, I can tell them my password is 123456. 
  2. It wasn’t hard to crack Forrest Gump’s Wi-Fi password. It was 1forrest1. 
  3. Two days ago, I named my Wi-Fi “Hack it if you can.” I just looked again and now the Wi-Fi is named “Challenge accepted.” 
  4. Two Wi-Fi antennas got married last Thursday. The reception was fantastic! 
  5. Every date I’ve ever had has been like my Wi-Fi signal. No connection. 
  6. So, my Wi-Fi stopped working for 3 hours today… apparently, my wife isn’t so bad after all. 
  7. Set your Wi-Fi password to “itsonthefridge” so when people ask for it, they go to the fridge and look for it but find nothing. 
  8. It was very easy to escape from prison. The Wi-Fi was so bad, there were zero bars on my cell. 
  9. Asked the librarian rather loudly for the Wi-Fi password. She responded, “Shhhhhhhhh!” I asked her back, “Is that all lowercase?” 
  10. Kept trying “DangerZone” as the Wi-Fi password, but apparently, I’ve had too many Loggins attempts. 

Tech Support Jokes 

While tech has improved your life in countless ways, it doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. The good news is that technical support calls have provided plenty of material for a countless number of jokes. 

  1. USER: “I can’t get on the Internet.” SUPPORT: “Are you sure you are using the right password?” USER: “Yes, I’m sure. I saw my coworker enter the password.” SUPPORT: “Can you tell me what the password was?” USER: “Yes, it was 5 dots.” 
  2. TECH SUPPORT: “I need you to right-click on the desktop.” CUSTOMER: “Okay.” TECH SUPPORT: “Did you get a pop-up menu?” CUSTOMER: “No.” TECH SUPPORT: “Okay, right-click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?” CUSTOMER: “No.” TECH SUPPORT: “Okay, can you tell me what you have done up until this point?” CUSTOMER: “Sure, you told me to write click and I wrote click.” 
  3. TECH SUPPORT: “Okay, in the bottom left of the screen, can you see the OK button displayed?” CUSTOMER: “Wow, how can you see my screen from there?”
  4. TECH SUPPORT: “Have you made backups of your software and data?” CUSTOMER: “I didn’t know my computer had a reverse.” 
  5. CUSTOMER: “How do I change channels on my monitor?” TECH SUPPORT: “Your monitor won’t have channels like a TV.” CUSTOMER: “But I was watching the internet channel the other day and now I just get the Word processing channel.” 

Computer Jokes

Since the dawn of the computer industry, jokes have existed about this popular technology and they cross the spectrum of everything from Windows to programming to general computer humor. 

  1. Have you ever realized how fast Windows 11 runs? Neither did I. 
  2. What is the biggest lie in the entire universe? I have read all of the terms and conditions! 
  3. If Bill Gates had a penny for every time I had to reboot my computer…oh wait, he does. 
  4. I changed the password on my computer to “incorrect.” Now, whenever I forget the password, my computer will say “Your password is incorrect.” 
  5. I told my boss, “Sorry I’m late. I was having computer issues.” So he says, “Hard drive?” and I said “No, the commute was fine. It was my laptop.” 
  6. Three engineers are reading in a car: a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and a computer engineer. The car suddenly stops in the middle of the street and the mechanical engineer says, “I know what’s wrong, it’s a mechanical problem and I can fix it.” The electrical engineer says “No, no, it’s an electrical problem and I can fix it.” Not to be outdone, the computer engineer says “I don’t know what is wrong, but if we all get out of the car and get back in, maybe it will start.” 
  7. Our computers went down at work today, so we had to do all of our work manually. It took me 20 minutes to shuffle the cards for Solitaire. 
  8. My computer says my password is insecure. Well, maybe if it wasn’t forced to have such strict requirements, it would be more confident. 
  9. If you think your computer, laptop, and phone spying on you is scary, you should think again. Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on you for years. 
  10. What kind of computer sings the best? A Dell.
  11. How did Microsoft Office get so popular? It was due to good Word of mouth. 
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These two businessmen have read through every computer joke on this list and had a great laugh.

Workplace Jokes

When it comes to workplace humor, there is absolutely no shortage of jokes that can help alleviate the stressful environment. 

  1. What’s the best thing about teamwork? You have someone else to blame!
  2. I went for an interview today and they told me I’d start at $5,000 a month and then after 6 months, I’d get $6,000 a month. I told them I would start in 6 months. 
  3. Lately, all of my coworkers have been writing names on the food in the office fridge. I guess I’m eating a bowl of pasta named Paul. 
  4. My memory has gotten so bad lately that it has actually caused me to lose my job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still employed, I just can’t remember where. 
  5. I got a job in a paperless office. Everything was going great until I needed to use the bathroom. 
  6. I was called into my manager’s office today because of my dress code. He told me “You can’t wear pajamas to work.” I told them “Everyone else wears them.” His response was “That’s because they’re patients.” 
  7. My boss asked me, “Do you think you can come into the office on Saturday this week? I know you love your weekend time but we can really use you here.” So, I replied back, “Yeah, no problem. I’ll probably be late though as the public transport around here is bad on weekends.” He asked me, “Okay, when do you think you’ll get here?” I responded back to him, “Monday.” 
  8. A new employee was standing in front of a shredder and looking confused, so a supervisor walked over to help. “Are you okay?” asked the supervisor. “How do I get this thing to work?” asked the employee. So, the supervisor takes a few of the papers the new employee was holding and feeds them through. The new employee responds, “Great, but where do the copies come out?” 
  9. An employee asks his boss, “Can I have two weeks off for Christmas?” His boss replied, “It’s May…” The employee responded, “Oh, sorry. May I have two weeks off for Christmas?” 
  10. “Where do you want this big roll of bubble wrap?” I asked my boss. “Just pop it in the corner,” he said. It took me 3 hours. 
  11. My boss said to me, “You’re the worst train driver ever. How many have you derailed this year?” I said, “I’m not sure, it’s hard to keep track.” 

Senior Jokes

When it comes to senior jokes, they are absolutely hilarious and keep you laughing for years. Better yet, if your memory isn’t as good as it used to be, these jokes are just as funny the second time around. 

  1. Aging is like owning a classic car. In order to keep looking beautiful, you’ll need more than a few tune-ups and a fresh coat of paint. 
  2. You know you’re a senior when finding your glasses becomes an all-day task. 
  3. What do newborns and seniors have in common? They’ll both nap anywhere. 
  4. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind getting older, then it really doesn’t matter. 
  5. An old woman is sitting at a bar when an older gentleman sits down beside her. “So, he says, do I come here often?” 
  6. Apparently saying, “Oh, this old thing?” isn’t an appropriate way to introduce your spouse. 
  7. What do you call someone who enjoys Mondays? Retired. 
  8. Money isn’t everything, but it sure keeps you in touch with your children. 
  9. One benefit of old age is that your secrets are always safe with your friends… because they can’t remember them! 
  10. I’ve decided whatever age I am is the new 30! 
  11. Be kind to your kids. They choose your nursing home. 
  12. Three seniors are out for a walk. One of them remarks, “It’s windy.” Another replies, “No way. It’s Thursday.” The last one says, “Me too. Let’s have a soda.” 
  13. There is a new site for senior citizen dating. It’s called, “I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up.” 

Car Jokes

If there is one thing the world has learned over the last 100-plus years of automobile availability, it’s that they are great for transportation, but even better for jokes. 

  1. Husband: “Honey, the neighbor is washing the car with his son again!” Wife: “Poor kid! Go over there and tell him to use a sponge instead.” 
  2. I just got a 9 out of 10 on my driver’s test. The last guy was able to get out of the way. 
  3. I couldn’t work out how to fasten my seatbelt. Then it clicked. 
  4. Two Cadillac drivers got into a fender-bender, got out of their cars, and then started yelling at each other. Within a few seconds, they were in a fistfight. I guess you can say things Escaladed quickly. 
  5. A guy walks into a bar and demands to know “Who’s the strongest in here?” The toughest guy looks at him and says “I am the strongest around here!” The other guy politely asks, “Can you help me push my car to the gas station?” 
  6. I was reversing my car in the garage and asked my son to help and let me know when I hit the wall. I heard a bang. “1:45 PM,” he said. 
  7. New Teslas don’t come with a new car smell. They come with an Elon Musk
  8. My boss showed up this morning in a new Porsche. I said, “What an amazing car!” He replied, “Yeah, if you work really hard, put lots of hours in, and strive for excellence at all times, I should be able to get another one next year.” 
  9. What’s the difference between a Ferrari and 5 garbage bags full of recyclable bottles? I don’t have a Ferrari in my garage. 
  10. What has 10 letters and starts with G-A-S? Automobile. 

Wrapping Up

If you have made it this far, hopefully, these 75 best tech jokes have put a smile on your face as it’s absolutely true that laughter can be the best medicine. Whether you are having a bad day or just need a good reason to laugh, jokes can be an instant way to turn that frown upside down.

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