The 7 Best Solar Companies in Utah To Save You Money

the 4 best solar companies to save you money in South Dakota.

The 7 Best Solar Companies in Utah To Save You Money

Key Points

  • Utah is ranked 12th in total installed solar capacity and is in the Top Ten Sunniest States in the country.
  • SunPower offers a 40-year warranty on their Maxeon line of panels, 10 years longer than most other solar system warranties.
  • ADT Solar offers a price protection guarantee, a 25-year warranty, and a reimbursement guarantee if solar panels do not generate the promised power level.
  • Smart Wave Solar offers specialty services including backup power and lightweight emergency power products.
  • Blue Raven Solar offers specialized financing options and an 18-month free solar energy benefit with their BluePower Plus+ plan.

Should you consider going solar if you live in Utah? Solar panels can harness free sunshine to help you save money, but is there that much sun in the Beehive State? 

You bet there is! Utah is in the Top Ten Sunniest States in the country. Unsurprisingly, Utah is ranked 12th by the Solar Energy Industries Association in total installed solar capacity. 

Utah residents are jumping on the solar energy bandwagon to take advantage of the savings, especially since low electricity rates are now steadily climbing

Here are the best seven solar companies in Utah to save you money. 

#1: SunPower 

Solar panels on pitched metal roof. Home Renewable Energy Systems. Solar Rooftop System. Photovoltaic Roofing
SunPower Solar is the number one rated solar company in the United States.


SunPower was founded in California in 1985 and has quickly grown into one of the largest and best solar companies. Their leading products feature a 25-year warranty package that covers the panels, the panel production, and the workmanship. 

Most notably, SunPower’s Maxeon line of panels has an astounding 40-year warranty, 10 years longer than most other solar system warranties. Larger companies can sometimes have customer service issues, but SunPower reviews consistently mention excellent customer experiences. 

SunPower is a leading provider of residential solar, backup battery, and EV charger installations in Utah. As an added convenience, SunPower’s customers can monitor their systems at a glance using the MySunPower app.  

#2: ADT Solar

Modern houses with solar panels on the roof for alternative energy.
ADT Solar uses high-quality L.G. Solar panels for exceptional power generation.


ADT Solar stands out from other companies by combining unique benefits like high-quality L.G. Solar panels, several purchase and financing options, and additional services that even include roof repair. They also offer generous referral rewards to help defray costs. 

ADT Solar offers a price protection guarantee and an impressive 25-year warranty covering quality components and installation. Customers can also enjoy 24/7 solar monitoring that detects potential problems with your home solar system so it can be corrected quickly to maintain consistent power generation. 

In addition, ADT Solar has a reimbursement guarantee if your solar panels do not generate the promised power level. 

#3: Smart Wave Solar 

A man holding a stylized electric bolt.
Smart Wave Solar offers a free backup battery when you provide four new customer referrals.


Smart Wave Solar is a Utah-based solar installation company that offers specialty services that ensure your home enjoys power in every situation. Every installation includes their Emergency Ready System for backup power, and customers providing four referrals receive a backup emergency battery free, a significant benefit. It’s no surprise that about one-third of their business comes through referrals. 

Smart Wave Solar is known for impressive portable and lightweight emergency power products that offer power when traveling, even off the grid. Customers can enjoy reliable power assurance and a 25-year warranty covering everything from equipment to power production levels. 

#4: Blue Raven Solar 

Solar Energy Panels
Blue Raven Solar’s BluePower Plus+ Plan allows no payments for 18 months after installation.


Blue Raven Solar differs from other Utah-based solar companies by offering specialized financing options to make it easier for homeowners to enjoy solar power. Their focus on customer benefits is attractive, most notably the BluePower Plus+ plan that offers an 18-month free solar energy benefit. Customers can pay no money for 18 months while enjoying the benefits of a top-quality solar installation. 

Other notable benefits include a fixed monthly payment, a two-year power production guarantee, high-quality monocrystalline solar panels, and reliable services that include design and system monitoring with their unique mobile app. 

#5: E.S. Solar

Modern house with solar panels. Night view of a beautiful white house with solar panels.
E.S. Solar has over 20 years of experience in the Utah solar installation market.


Over 20 years of Utah solar installations give E.S. Solar a unique level of experience in the local market, so they know how to tailor their services to meet needs and demands. Many positive customer reviews attest to their level of service, expertise, and high-quality products. 

They also offer a 25-year manufacturer warranty on equipment they install and a lifetime guarantee on their workmanship. Such a warranty speaks volumes to their confidence and expertise. 

#6: Mynt Solar 

This is an image of a solar panel array on a residential home
Get a 50-year roof warranty when Mynt Solar replaces your roof for a solar installation.

©Photo Hedge/Shutterstock.com

Although this company has only served Utah customers for around five years, they have already built a strong reputation for customer service and prompt response to claims. They only install top brands of solar equipment and service what they sell with a 25-year manufacturer warranty on all equipment. 

They specialize in local solar solutions with great experience and proficiency. Services include designing and installing solar solutions and even providing roof repairs to prepare your home for a solar installation. If Mynt Solar replaces your roof, you receive a 50-year roof warranty, a significant added benefit. 

#7: Tesla 

A technician installing solar panels on a roof
More than electric cars, Tesla is a leading provider of residential solar systems in Utah.

©Chatchawal Phumkaew/Shutterstock.com

Tesla makes electric cars, but they also sell solar panels, inverters, and Powerwall batteries. Their best solar offering is low-profile panels that blend in with your roof and are hardly visible. Panels are warranted for ten years, but Tesla offers a 25-year performance guarantee. 

Customers can get instant quotes online to better plan for a solar installation, and the Tesla app allows you to monitor your system output, adjust your system for better efficiency, and more. 

Another feature is their price-matching guarantee; find a better deal than their online quote, and they will match it with a similar system. 

Tesla’s Powerwall energy storage system is so popular that many other companies use it with their systems. Powerwall allows you to store the power you produce at your home for use at any other time.

How to Save Money When Hiring a Utah Solar Company

Everyone likes to save money, and a solar installation can be costly upfront. Follow these recommendations to save money with a Utah solar company. 

Research Tax Incentives and Rebates

Going green with solar energy has become popular as more people across the United States become more environmentally conscious. Researching the available tax incentives and rebates can save you considerably. And the best Utah solar companies will gladly help you find the best savings. 

Compare Leading Companies

Comparing the leading companies in your area of Utah is a wise investment of your time. Always obtain between three to five estimates and complete information about each company’s warranties, scheduling, and credentials. Companies offering considerably lower prices than their competitors may warrant a closer examination. For example, why are they cheaper? Is the warranty less substantial, or are the components of less quality? 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Discount

Everyone wants to save money, so don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. Some companies offer special discounts for financing, paying in cash, or even offering referrals. 

What to Consider Before Hiring a Utah Solar Company

Choosing the best Utah solar company to install your system is vital. Take time to get to know each potential company and review their credentials, reputation, available options, and reviews from previous customers. 


Experience is always key when considering a professional to perform services on your home. Experienced solar installers use the proper installation methods and techniques. A professional with years of experience will also know the best tools and equipment. Ask the installer about their history and provide you with some local references of satisfied customers. 

Certifications & Licensing 

Research Utah’s licensing requirements to know how potential solar installers must be licensed, insured, and certified. Many certification requirements require continuing education and recertifications every few years, so companies maintain a high level of expertise. Ask potential companies about their training, last certification, and what organizations they have received certification.  


Leading Utah solar installation companies are always pleased to share their guarantee. Any warranties should cover both equipment and workmanship. Ask for a specific list of warranty provisions and compare them with the warranties of other potential companies. Some conditions may differ between companies, so read each carefully to see the best. 

Online Reviews

Our modern society shares everything online, including reviews of our experiences with service providers. Visit the company’s website and look for personal reviews. Search Google, Bing, and other review sites to read the comments from the company’s customers. You can gain valuable information about their craftsmanship, warranty, customer service, installation timeframe, etc. 

Payment & Financing Options

Paying for a custom solar installation for your home can often be challenging. Many of the best solar companies in Utah offer financing to help you install your system, so you can begin enjoying your savings sooner. Others may offer a cash discount if you can pay for the entire installation in advance. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the procedure is figuring out how to pay for their system. The best solar contractors will be glad to share information and help you apply for tax credits and incentives to reduce your costs further.

Is It Worth It to Go Solar in Utah? 

After all the hoopla and buzz around solar energy, is it worth installing solar panels on your home in Utah? It can be if you take advantage of these opportunities. 

Federal Tax Credits 

If you install new solar panels on your home in Utah, you can deduct 30% of the cost of a solar system from your federal income taxes. Systems installed between 2022 and 2032 are eligible for the Residential Clean Energy Credit — but it currently expires in 2035.

Take advantage of this credit by filing IRS Form 5695 after your installation. You will receive a tax savings in the year after your paperwork is complete. 

Customer Power Generation Credits

Net Metering allows you to sell the extra power you generate from your solar panels back to your local utility company. You are granted Power Generation Credits that subtract some from your monthly energy bill. 

Utah Solar Tax Credit

Utah’s Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit is still available until 2024. It covers up to 25% of the purchase and installation costs for residential solar PV projects but is capped at $400 through the end of 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels increase my Utah property value?

Yes. Zillow estimates your home could increase up to 4.1% in value.  

How much does a solar system cost in Utah?

The average solar system in Utah costs between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on the equipment you choose, your home size, and other factors. 

Does Utah allow net metering?

Yes, but this depends on your local power company. Some participate in net metering, and some do not. Check with your local power company for more information. 

Do solar panels generate energy when the sun isn’t shining?

Available sunlight is a factor in generating usable electricity from your solar panels. However, modern systems can produce power even on cloudy days. Because Utah receives abundant sunshine, you will have few problems with this concern. 

How do I know if my roof is suitable for solar panels?

The best solar companies in Utah will inspect your roof and property to determine the best solar system for your needs and preferences. 

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