The 7 Best Solar Companies in Pennsylvania to Save You Money

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The 7 Best Solar Companies in Pennsylvania to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Solar panels are now a popular method of generating energy in Pennsylvania.
  • There are many companies within the state that offer a wide range of competitive deals.
  • Some companies offer warranties of up to 25 years.
  • Solar panels are worth it in Pennsylvania due to the federal solar tax credit, net metering, and solar alternative energy credits.

Solar installations in Pennsylvania are becoming more popular. If you’re looking to jump on the solar system train, now is the time to start looking into the best solar companies in Pennsylvania and start saving money on your utility costs.

Let’s break down the 7 best solar companies right now in Pennsylvania to help you choose!

Sunrun Solar

Sunrun is a decent-sized company that sells high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels via popular brands such as LONGi. The company also offers two lithium-ion solar battery choices, the Tesla Powerall and LG’s Chem.

All of Sunrun’s solar panels come with a 10-year warranty. Despite being less than the 20 to 25-year industry standard, the guarantee is thorough because it covers system repairs, equipment replacement, and related labor.

Sunrun also provides a distinctive bumper-to-bumper system warranty. For ten years, there is active monitoring, free equipment replacement, and system repairs. The warranty also covers theft and damage insurance, which is rare for most companies.

sunrun solar company
Sunrun Solar offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty to support all your needs post-installation.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar customers can easily customize their systems because the company offers a variety of solar panels. In addition to providing solar battery storage through a partnership with Enphase, the company also offers electric vehicle chargers, inverters, and other solar products.

Momentum installations all come with a 25-year workmanship warranty as well as a 25-year equipment warranty. These warranties provide complete coverage for both goods and labor.

Also, Momentum Solar provides a dynamic mobile app for tracking system performance. This is useful while you become used to your new system and can help with upkeep, potential repairs, and more.

solar panel on rooftop of south german rural village at springtime near city of stuttgart
Momentum Solar comes with a 25-year warranty for equipment and workmanship.

Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar sells and installs high-quality monocrystalline Q Cells solar panels and smart home solar batteries. The company also offers a 25-year equipment and performance warranty from the manufacturer.

Customers can add the Palmetto Protect plan to their bill after their installation for a modest monthly charge. Regular maintenance, panel cleaning, pest control, and active system monitoring are all included in this plan. The plan also covers panel removal or reinstallation if you move.

Palmetto Solar is available in 24 states, including Pennsylvania. Due to their size, they can offer residential consumers solar loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

Solar panel powers the pavilion in Euclid Creek Reservation, part of the Cleveland, Ohio Metroparks system.
Palmetto Solar also offers a 25-year warranty!

Green Home Systems

High-efficiency solar panels from Panasonic and LONGi are available through Green Home System, a great company in Pennsylvania. They also have a special Apollo II solar roofing option. Small monocrystalline solar panels that resemble roof tiles are used in this roofing system, which hides the panels better than conventional solar systems and maintains the aesthetic value of your property.

The company offers a performance guarantee and a 25-year warranty on their products. The equipment they install is also compatible with downloaded monitoring software, despite the fact that they don’t provide their own system monitoring app.

The company offers $0 down financing for qualifying customers, which is great if you need a solar loan. However, some customers have noted that you may have to wait weeks (if not months) to get your system completely installed.

Green Home Systems is known for being an affordable option to Pennsylvanians.


One of the best parts of Yellowlite is that they offer a physical protection warranty for up to 30 years, which is longer than most companies offer.

In addition, Yellowlite is an excellent choice because it provides a nice selection of solar equipment brands with the highest efficiency ratings. However, it’s crucial to note that their workmanship warranty is inadequate.

The company does not offer leasing options, so you’ll want to be able to pay cash or get a loan through a third party.

Single family house with solar system or photovoltaic system
Can you believe Yellowlite offers a 30-year warranty? We can’t either!

Paradise Energy Solutions

Paradise Energy Solutions is a small and local installer that services Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, since the company is so small, only a few cities in Pennsylvania are served by the company. But if you live where they are available, they are worth looking into.

Depending on the high-efficiency solar panels brand you choose, you’ll get up to 30 years of physical protection and a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. Keep in mind that this company does not offer leases or PPAs. So, you’ll only be able to pay in cash or get a solar loan.

solar panels in Ohio
Paradise Energy Solutions isn’t widely available in Pennsylvania, but where the service is available, it is loved!

Solar SME

Since 2014, Solar SME has installed solar panels on homes and businesses. The business installs solar batteries in Pennsylvania and six other states.

Design, permitting, installation, inspection, monitoring, and maintenance are all handled exclusively by Solar SME since the company doesn’t employ any independent contractors.

You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of solar financing plans, including leasing and a power purchase agreement (PPA). No matter what you choose, the installation comes with a 25-year warranty for equipment.

Solar SME is a fantastic solar installation option in Pennsylvania, especially due to its financing options.

How to Save Money When Hiring a Solar Company in Pennsylvania

There are different ways to save money on your solar installation, no matter which company you choose. Here’s how.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

While the state of Pennsylvania doesn’t have many state rebates or incentives, there are still a few programs you can utilize. The best solar companies will point you in the right direction to help you take advantage of these incentives.

Compare Companies

Another way to save money is to compare companies. We suggest getting at least three estimates from different companies. Also, be sure to research why certain companies are cheaper — as an example, would it mean a smaller system and shorter warranty?

Ask for a Discount

It never hurts to ask for a discount from the company you choose. Be sure to ask nicely, or see if there are any ways to get a discount on your system (like a referral or loan).

What to Consider Before Hiring a Company

What should you think about before hiring a company for solar installation? We recommend these questions.

Years in Service

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that the solar contractor you choose should have completed numerous installations and refined their skills. Experienced solar installers use the proper installation methods and techniques.

A professional with years of experience will also be knowledgeable about the best installation tools and equipment. We recommend a minimum of three years, but the longer the better.


Selecting the ideal solar contractor is not always simple. Examining the contractor’s credentials and qualifications is among the most crucial things to do. Requesting to see their license and credentials is a good idea. Be sure to also research your state’s licensing requirements.

Even though they are not required, certifications are a terrific way to feel secure as a consumer. The contractor needs to be certified by the Electronics Technicians Association, Roof Integrated Solar Energy, or the North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Contractors must have at least a year of experience installing solar panels in order to obtain these certificates. In order to keep current, they also must re-certify every three years after that.


Reputable businesses will always guarantee the quality of their job. Because of that, they should provide a warranty on the equipment they utilize as well as their workmanship. The specifics of those warranties, however, will differ from one contractor to the next.

Make sure you understand the terms of any warranties offered by the company on the equipment it will be installing and ask about them.


Trustworthy companies will have reviews and references from previous customers. Check the company’s reputation online and see what people have said about the company’s services to get an idea of quality, timeframe of installation, warranty, customer support, and workmanship.

Payment Options

One of the most challenging aspects of the procedure for the majority of homeowners is figuring out how to pay for their installation.

However, many businesses provide financing to spread out the expense over a number of years. This makes it easier for you to install panels and enables you to benefit from energy savings without breaking the bank. Reputable contractors will also go over existing tax breaks and incentives to further reduce the cost of your installation.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Pennsylvania?

With everything we’ve talked about, are solar panels worth it in Pennsylvania? Because of the following incentives, we’d say yes! Here’s what you need to know.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

You can deduct 30% of the cost of a solar system from your federal income taxes thanks to the Clean Energy Credit. Systems installed between 2022 and 2032 are eligible for the 30% Clean Energy Credit. The credit expires in 2035.

To claim the Clean Energy Credit, you’ll need to fill out form 5695 (PDF) and send it to the IRS. When you file your federal tax return for the year after your paperwork has been approved, you will be given a credit for your solar savings.

Net Metering

Once you have your solar system, you can sell extra solar generation to your utility company. In Pennsylvania, utilities are prohibited from charging net-metered consumers any costs that they wouldn’t charge a non-net-metered client and are required to offer net metering at non-discriminatory prices.

Solar Alternative Energy Credits

In the state of Pennsylvania, solar owners can receive one solar alternative energy credit (SAEC) for every megawatt-hour of power their system produces. Keep in mind that SAEC values change every day as a result of supply and demand, but you can use yours for three consecutive years.

Wrapping Up

Solar energy can save you money and eventually pay for itself, even though the initial cost is an investment. But where utility costs are high, like in the state of Pennsylvania, we’d say solar is worth the cost. And if you’re still looking for some of the best solar companies in Pennsylvania, you can look more into those we’ve listed!

Summary Table

CompanyKey Features
Sunrun SolarOffers high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels and two lithium-ion solar battery choices. Provides a 10-year warranty that covers system repairs, equipment replacement, and related labor.
Momentum SolarProvides a 25-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year equipment warranty. Has a mobile app for tracking system performance.
Palmetto SolarOffers a 25-year equipment and performance warranty. Provides the Palmetto Protect plan for regular maintenance and active system monitoring.
Green Home SystemsProvides a performance guarantee and a 25-year warranty on their products. Offers $0 down financing for qualifying customers.
YellowliteOffers a physical protection warranty for up to 30 years. Provides a nice selection of solar equipment brands with the highest efficiency ratings.
Paradise Energy SolutionsA small and local installer that services Pennsylvania. Offers up to 30 years of physical protection and a 10-year craftsmanship warranty depending on the solar panels brand chosen.
Solar SMEOffers a 25-year warranty on equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a solar system cost in PA?

On average, a solar system in Pennsylvania will cost around $20,000. Of course, it will depend on your home, personal needs, and the incentives you qualify for.

Does PA have a solar tax credit?

No, the state does not have a solar tax credit at this time.

Can you sell electricity back to the grid in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can, using the state’s net metering rule.

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