The 7 Best Solar Companies in Oregon to Save You Money

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The 7 Best Solar Companies in Oregon to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Oregon is one of the best states for solar due to its incentive programs.
  • Blue Raven Solar offers a 25-year warranty and a bonus for recommending clients.
  • Purelight Power is a new company with NABCEP-certified installers and focuses on major areas in Oregon.
  • SunPower has been in the solar industry for almost 40 years and offers highly efficient panels with a long warranty.

Oregon is one of the best states to have solar, even with the state’s many rainy and cloudy days. This is because they have many different incentive programs. If you’re looking for the best solar companies in Oregon, here are some great options for installation.


Tesla offers two main solar panel alternatives for customers: conventional solar panels and the Tesla Solar Roof. If you’re looking for something similar to what other installers use, you should go with the conventional solar panels made by Tesla.

The Tesla Solar Roof is the company’s priciest choice, yet it features a more sleek and modern design. With the Solar Roof, Tesla will replace your roof with solar-powered shingles. Not only does this help with protecting the solar panels, but it also doesn’t look as “slapped on” as solar panels tend to look on larger homes. Keep in mind that whatever option you choose, you will only be able to pay via cash or a loan, since the company doesn’t offer PPAs.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar can only set up solar panels and solar batteries, but a 25-year warranty covers all of its equipment. So if that’s all you need, that’s a great deal.

Another benefit for customers? For the first two clients you recommend to Blue Raven, the company will give you a $1,000 bonus, and for each subsequent client, you’ll get $1,500. Additionally, Blue Raven has its BluePower Plus+ program. With a low APR and no payments necessary for 18 months, this allows you to finance 100% of your solar panels, which is great if you get a fairly large quote.

Although Blue Raven is a fairly large company, their installation is all in-house. In addition to Canadian Solar, Enphase, Solar Edge, and more, they install a number of other tier-one solar manufacturers.

Purelight Power

Despite the fact that they’re a relatively new company, Purelight Power has an installation crew of all NABCEP-certified installers, and the business is BBB-accredited. They also offer a 20-year equipment warranty, a 25-year performance and production guarantee, and a 10-year warranty on labor.

They carry quite a bit of equipment from popular brands like SunPower and Tesla. However, they also have cheaper, but just as good, options like Hyundai and Canadian Solar. The company handles all of its own installations, so you’ll always work with a team member and not a sub-contractor.

The business doesn’t cover the entirety of Oregon. They really only focus on major areas, including Bend, Portland, and Salem. However, they may grow into smaller cities in the future.


SunPower produces some of the most effective panels for home solar consumers. For example, their X-Series panels have an efficiency rating of 22.7%, which is fantastic in states like Oregon who have rainy seasons that don’t see a lot of sun. They also include a 25-year all-inclusive warranty that covers equipment protection, workmanship, and damage protection.

With almost 40 years of experience in the solar industry, SunPower is the only known solar company to have been around since the 1980s. They are one of the very few companies that have outlasted their warranty too.

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SunPower has a 25-year warranty that covers equipment, workmanship, and damage.

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Sunlight Solar

Sunlight Solar serves the states of Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Along with solar choices for charging EVs, and battery storage, they provide solar panels and boxes for residential and commercial customers.

A Sunlight Solar designer will work with you to design a solar system that will work best with your home via their virtual or in-person site evaluation. Sunlight Solar offers both upfront and financing options for solar panel purchases, but they don’t offer PPAs. With a 10-year quality-of-work warranty, a five-year manufacturing guarantee, and 25-year product guarantees, the company’s warranty conditions are solid.

Power Northwest

Power Northwest operates only in Oregon’s northwest area. However, they collaborate with the Portland Clean Energy Fund, which supports solar options for families and homeowners who need financial assistance. Additionally, many of the installers have their NABCEP accreditation, and the business is BBB-accredited.

All of the equipment is covered by a 25-year warranty, but their installation services are only covered for 10 years. Power Northwest manages each installation independently. At no point will any of the work be outsourced to another company or subcontractor. Additionally, the company has a wide range of brands to choose from, including QCells, Tesla, LG, and more.

Sunbridge Solar

Sunbridge Solar is a small, local company serving the states of Oregon and Washington. The installers are all NABCEP qualified, and the company is reportedly affordable. They mention that the average cost of the systems they install in Oregon, before incentives, is roughly $12,000. Despite the reduced prices, Sunbridge still offers a 10-year workmanship warranty and equipment warranty for a 25-year period.

The company also carries a variety of solar equipment brands, including Canadian Solar, Enphase, LG, and Solaria. Sunbridge Solar does not provide solar leases or PPAs. Instead, they only accept cash payments and solar loans from other lenders.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Company

An important factor in saving money on your solar system is comparing companies. Get quotes from multiple installers before making a decision. What else do you need to know about a solar company before hiring them? Here’s what to keep in mind.


At the very least, you want to choose a company that has their license and company insurance. However, we recommend choosing one that has NABCEP Certified (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) technicians as well.


The majority of solar providers in the industry offer some sort of warranty on workmanship, tools, and performance. However, the terms and circumstances of those warranties can vary. So be sure that you understand a warranty’s terms before you sign any contracts.

Years in Business

You also want to make sure that the company you choose has experience in the industry and they will be able to keep up with their warranties. This means you should choose an installation company that has been in business for at least three years. However, the longer, the better.

Customer Satisfaction

The top people you should think of before hiring a company are friends and family. Were they happy with the company they used? Do they love their system? Did they have issues? Referrals from people you trust can save you money in the long run.


It should not be a surprise that installing a solar system can be expensive. We advise automatically excluding businesses with installation fees that are significantly more expensive than you had anticipated, as the materials themselves can also be pricey. Also, ensure you are getting the best value by researching the services included in the company’s quote.

save money on solar panels in georgia
Make sure you understand the terms of any warranties the company offers before signing a contract.


Are Solar Panels Worth It in Oregon?

Now that we’ve talked about the best solar companies in Oregon, let’s talk about why it’s worth it to install solar panels in the state. Luckily, the state of Oregon has a ton of different incentives for installing a solar system. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of each one that you can, and ask the company you work with if they can help with the process. Continue reading below to learn more about specific incentives available in Oregon.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

Plan on installing solar energy equipment in your house at any point between now and the end of 2032? If so, the federal solar tax credit grants a nonrefundable credit on your federal income taxes. This credit is equivalent to 30% of the cost of your solar system.

Energy Trust Incentives

Solar system customers can choose between two different incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon. The first is a $500 to $600 credit for customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power toward the price of solar panel installation.

Net Metering

As with most states, Oregon offers net metering. Residents of Oregon can sell their excess solar energy back to the grid in exchange for what are called credits. This then lowers their bill overall.

New Homes Incentive Program

For the installation of energy-efficient technologies (like solar panels) in newly constructed residences, Energy Trust offers financial incentives. But keep in mind that the incentive varies depending on the energy efficiency of your home.

Property Tax Exemption

The value of a house rises when you install solar panels, but Oregon residents are excused from paying higher property taxes.

Salem Electric Rebate Program

If you’re a Salem Electric customer, you can get a rebate of up to $300 per kW of your system, with a rebate total of up to $1,500.

Solar Electric Incentive Program

If you’re a Pacific General Electric or Pacific Power, you can get up to $800 as a rebate when you install solar panel installations.

Oregon Solar Plus Storage Rebate Program

The Oregon Department of Energy offers rebates that can reduce the price of qualified solar systems by up to $5,000. And if you have a low or middle income, you may be able to get a bigger rebate.

The Best Solar Companies in Oregon to Save You Money Wrap Up

Oregon is one of the best states in the United States to have a solar system. The best solar companies in Oregon offer some of the most affordable and high-quality options available!

Summary Table

Solar CompanyKey Features
TeslaOffers conventional solar panels and the Tesla Solar Roof. No PPAs offered.
Blue Raven SolarOffers solar panels and solar batteries with a 25-year warranty. Has a referral bonus program.
Purelight PowerNew company with NABCEP-certified installers. Offers warranties on equipment, performance, and labor.
SunPowerOffers a 25-year all-inclusive warranty. Has almost 40 years of experience.
Sunlight SolarProvides a 10-year quality-of-work warranty, a five-year manufacturing guarantee, and 25-year product guarantees.
Power NorthwestCollaborates with the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Offers a 25-year warranty on equipment and a 10-year warranty on installation services.
Sunbridge SolarSmall, local company serving Oregon and Washington. Offers a 10-year workmanship warranty and equipment warranty for a 25-year period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to get solar panels in Oregon?

Absolutely! First, Oregon has many different state rebate and incentive programs. Also, the state has many different renewable energy goals to ensure every homeowner can access solar energy.

What is the typical cost of solar panels in Oregon?

Most solar systems can be installed in Oregon homes for around $22,000, or even less based on rebates.

How long do solar panels last in Oregon?

The average lifespan of solar panels is around 25-30 years.

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