The 5 Best Solar Companies in Iowa to Save You Money

Solar panels on the roof

The 5 Best Solar Companies in Iowa to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Switching to solar energy in Iowa can lead to lower electrical utility bills and potential returns by selling energy back to the grid.
  • Iowa residents receive tax exemptions for the first five years of solar installation and solar energy systems are exempt from sales tax, resulting in overall savings of 6%.
  • All Energy Solar, Windfree Solar, CB Solar, Energy Grid Solutions, and Olson Solar Energy are among the best solar companies in Iowa, offering quality installations, financing options, and comprehensive warranties.
  • The average cost of a solar installation in Iowa is around $20,000, but it can lead to significant savings of $1,320 per year and $46,200 over the estimated 35-year lifespan of the system.
  • There are three primary types of solar installations: grid-tied, off-the-grid, and hybrid, each with its own advantages and considerations.

What are the best solar companies in Iowa? If you’re considering the switch to solar energy in the state of Iowa, there are quite a few options. There are plenty of valid reasons why an Iowan resident might want to switch to solar energy.

For starters, you’re using less energy from the local grid, meaning your electrical utility bills are going to be lower. Areas that benefit from large amounts of sunshine can see returns back on their investment, with owners potentially selling energy back to the grid.

Incentives for Solar Energy in Iowa

Iowa formerly ran a program through its Department of Revenue that provided state tax credits for the installation of residential solar panels. However, this program has been sunset.

Business installations still qualify, but there are some restrictions. Businesses will need to complete the installation fully before applying for tax rebates. Said tax rebates are then evaluated by the state’s Department of Revenue to ascertain whether they qualify or not.

Iowa residents do receive some tax exemptions for the first five years of the installation. Solar installations aren’t evaluated as part of the overall property taxes for five years after the installation is completed.

Solar energy systems are also exempted from Iowa’s sales tax, netting a massive 6% in overall savings.

Best Solar Companies in Iowa

1. All Energy Solar

All Energy Solar is a service provider operating out of multiple states with services provided in Iowa. Iowan residents have reviewed the company quite well, with numerous five-star ratings praising the quality of the installation as well as customer service.

All Energy Solar doesn’t provide direct pricing but rather works on a per-quote basis. This essentially means you would contact them with your information and then receive a free estimate on the overall cost of installation.

If you’re looking for a provider with direct financing options, All Energy Solar is a great choice.

2. Windfree Solar

best solar companies in iowa
Windfree provides solar installations in multiple states, including Iowa.


Another multi-state solar provider is Windfree Solar, which offers services to Iowan residents. Much like All Energy Solar, Windfree has been host to rave reviews from Iowan residents.

The quality of installation, the flexibility of financing, and overall customer service make Windfree one of the best solar companies in Iowa. It does operate on a per-quote basis, similar to All Energy Solar. Since solar installations can vary between homes, it is better to get a direct estimate.

3. CB Solar

CB Solar is a local solar provider native to Iowa. It provides installations for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. CB Solar tailors installations depending on the needs of its customers, as such you’ll need to request a quote.

Quotes are free, however, and CB Solar does have direct financing to help alleviate cost concerns. Being a local outfit makes CB Solar one of the best solar companies in Iowa. Each solar installation has a rather comprehensive warranty, covering up to 25 years for power production and ten years for the parts.

4. Energy Grid Solutions

Energy Grid Solutions is local to Council Bluffs, Iowa, but has a number of eco-friendly power installations. Solar energy is just one of the services it provides in addition to wind turbines, solar water heaters, and power inverters.

Energy Grid Solutions may be restricted to one central location in Iowa, but it is among the best solar companies in Iowa. EGS provides solar panels from Sharp and Uni-Solar, so you’ve got options when choosing the best installation for you.

5. Olson Solar Energy

best solar companies in iowa
Olson Solar Energy offers multiple types of solar panels for installation.

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Another local outfit operating out of Iowa is Olson Solar Energy. It services La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Wausau in particular. It provides a trio of solutions for your solar installation, with off-the-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid systems all readily available.

There are flexible financing terms, depending on your preferences. While cash is king, you can also opt for long-term and short-term loans from local institutions. Solar-specific financing is also available with options like Greenpenny, Supreme Lending, and LightStream all making installations affordable.

It is a real shame Olson Solar Energy isn’t available throughout the whole state, as it is among the best solar companies in Iowa.

Is It Cost-Effective to Go Solar in Iowa?

The average cost of a solar installation in a 1,600-square-foot Iowan home is around $20,000. This provides 7 kilowatts of power, which greatly minimizes the cost of electricity if pulling power from the grid.

You’ll need roughly 9,000 watts, or 9 kilowatts, a month to completely offset the average cost of electricity in Iowa. The initial investments are steep, with prices in the tens of thousands of dollars. But if you’ve got a suitable income, it should allow for a great deal of savings once the debt is settled.

The average electrical bill in Iowa for the year 2023 is around $110. Once the solar installation is paid off, you’re looking at savings of $1,320 a year. Over the 35-year estimated lifespan of a solar installation, you could see savings of $46,200.

This of course isn’t accounting for the rising cost of electricity and inflation, but does show it is a worthwhile investment provided you get a robust enough system.

What Are the Differences in Solar Installations?

There are three primary solar installations most residential users will choose. The most common is grid-tied, where solar power augments the power you’re drawing from your local electrical grid. This has numerous benefits as you won’t lose power when solar energy is less available.

However, if the local grid goes out, you’re out of power as well. There are some trade-offs with this selection, but it does give you the option of selling surplus energy back to your electrical provider.

Off-the-grid uses on-site batteries for electrical storage. You aren’t tied into the main grid for your local area, so outages won’t affect you. However, if there is something to compromise the integrity of your system, you will be out of power.

The final solution is hybrid, which combines aspects of grid-tied and off-the-grid. You aren’t fully tied into the power grid, but you have the option of utilizing energy in the event of systems failure. As with grid-tied energy, you can also sell surplus electricity to the local power company.

Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

There are a few vital considerations to keep in mind before opting for a solar energy installation. Solar panels typically are installed on the roof of residences. You’ll want to check the integrity and stability of your roof before getting a quote.

Roof shape can also play a vital role in solar installations. The angle and pitch of your roof can greatly affect the potential return on investment you’ll see with a solar installation.

Another consideration is just how much general sun coverage you’ll get on solar panels. While Iowa does provide protections to prevent shade from blocking solar energy collection, even direct sunshine isn’t a guarantee for optimal power.

There is a lot of research and homework you need to do for your own home before considering a solar installation. The companies listed in this guide should be able to provide an assessment and estimate before you go ahead with purchasing an installation, however.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re an Iowa resident, you’re hopefully armed with information to aid in purchasing a solar installation. Solar energy is a great eco-friendly way to power your home. However, it might not be the best fit for everyone.

Before opting for an installation, make sure to call at least one of these providers to see what sort of solutions are best for you.

Summary Table

All Energy SolarA service provider operating out of multiple states with services provided in Iowa. Known for quality installation and customer service. Works on a per-quote basis.
Windfree SolarA multi-state solar provider offering services to Iowan residents. Known for quality installation, flexibility of financing, and overall customer service. Operates on a per-quote basis.
CB SolarA local solar provider native to Iowa. Provides installations for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. Offers direct financing and comprehensive warranty.
Energy Grid SolutionsLocal to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Provides solar panels from Sharp and Uni-Solar. Offers a number of eco-friendly power installations.
Olson Solar EnergyLocal outfit operating out of Iowa. Provides a trio of solutions for solar installation, with off-the-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid systems all readily available. Offers flexible financing terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a solar installation viable for power?

Absolutely, you’ll just have to tailor the system to fit your needs.

Is solar power used for agriculture?

Yes, and businesses as well. Solar power has many applications.

Are there solar water heaters?

Yes, and you can also power traditional water heaters with solar panels as well.

Is solar energy affordable?

Aside from installing the panels, it can be extremely affordable.

Is solar power cleaner than power from the grid?

Yes, it certainly can be. Your area might have more eco-friendly power generation, but solar power is cleaner than coal or diesel.

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