The 6 Best Solar Companies in Idaho to Save You Money

Solar Panels in Idaho

The 6 Best Solar Companies in Idaho to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Our choice for #1 Best Overall Solar Company in Idaho is Blue Raven Solar
  • Idaho has installed over 550 MW of solar energy capable of powering 78,000 homes.
  • Idaho deducts approximately $370 yearly for the first four years of a solar system’s operation.
  • Power utility companies do not credit solar customers due to a lack of a renewable portfolio standard (RPS).
  • It costs around $26,000 to install solar energy systems in Idaho.
  • When selecting a solar company in Idaho: look for incentives, know how many panels you need, go for efficiency, and compare different quotes from installers.

Idaho enjoys abundant sunshine, making it ideal for solar power installation. The Solar Energy Industries Association ranks Idaho fourth in solar output in the United States. Idaho solar installers accounted for 54 megawatts installed in 2010. In addition, businesses and homeowners in Idaho enjoy lucrative rebates and incentives for solar installation. For instance, Idaho residents qualify for a 100% income tax deduction on the cost of energy efficiency installations on homes built before 2002. You can tap into these benefits by partnering with the best solar companies in Idaho.

Whether you are in Caldwell, Idaho Falls, Nampa, or Boise City, a solar installation professional is nearby. Their representatives will evaluate your solar needs before providing proposals customized to your requirements. Most of these companies offer free reviews and quotes. We’ve made it easier if you need time to research these companies. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best six solar companies.

History Computer’s Top Picks for the Best Solar Companies in Idaho to Save You Money

1. Best Overall Solar Company In Idaho: Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is our choice for the #1 Best Overall Solar Company in Idaho for its solar financing programs. Besides installing solar in Idaho, the company also operates in 16 other states across the U.S. What impressed us most was its solar financing options. Dubbed BluePower+, the program provides homeowners with non-down payment loans. Further, the package has an 18-month grace period before you start repayment.

Solar panel purchase has three options for homeowners. You can lease, secure a loan, or pay cash. Upfront cash payment benefits you through savings maximization. Additionally, you start enjoying energy bills savings immediately. However, most homeowners prefer to take out loans and enjoy energy savings while they pay off over time.

Blue Raven Solar has an excellent nationwide reputation.The company does not offer solar batteries.
The company offers solar panels at competitive prices. 
Their in-house financing program is feasible for homeowners. 

2. Best For Outstanding Installation Work: RevoluSun Idaho

RevoluSun takes the best for outstanding installation work accolades for professional and brand diversity. Since its establishment in Idaho in 2018, RevoluSun Idaho has grown into one of the best solar companies in Idaho. Despite being a recent entrant in Idaho, the company is familiar with solar technology. It has a presence in Hawaii, where it began operations in 2006. Another location is in Massachusetts, and this was founded in 2009.

Regarding its work in Idaho, RevoluSun Idaho has its base outside Boise. The central location enables it to serve clients in Meridian, Pocatello, and Nampa in southwest Idaho. RevoluSun has installed over 8,000 residential solar systems since 2018. We chose RevoluSun for its professional diversity. It has a team of maintenance professionals, A/C technicians, carpenters, roofers, and rackers.

The company has a broad product spectrum drawn from top manufacturers.It operates within a limited area.
Its owners are local Idaho residents.
RevoluSun provides complete residential energy solutions. 
solar panels in idaho
Residents qualify for a 100% tax deduction on energy efficiency installations on homes built before 2002.

3. Best For Single-Manufacturer Products and Warranty: SunPower

SunPower is our top pick in the best for single-manufacturer products and warranty provider. SunPower has been around since 1985. It is a nationwide solar panel installer headquartered in San Jose, California. The firm installs high-powered solar panels that only need a few hours of sunshine. Their solar panels are among the most efficient. That is a significant advantage considering that Idaho enjoys sunshine for an average of 107 days a year.

How is SunPower among the best solar companies in Idaho? It installs solar systems using products sourced from a single manufacturer and strongly attaches to the brand. It is also capable of recommending improvements based on consumer sentiments. But the most striking aspect is that you get a full product and service warranty for 25 years.

SunPower has one of the best warranty policies, a 25-year warranty.Its products and services are expensive.
Its solar panels are highly-efficient. 
The company works with a single product manufacturer. 

4. Best Customer Service: EGT Solar

EGT Solar scoops the best customer service award thanks to high customer reviews and quality. The solar energy installer has served clients in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Boise, and its surroundings for over a decade. Its clientele are both commercial and residential owners. Among the perks on offer include high-end solar panels, free situational analysis, and excellent customer service.

What struck us most is that the company handles all the work in-house. There are no outsourced contractors. That way, you are confident of reasonable pricing, quality, and work accountability, critical qualities of the best solar companies in Idaho. Unfortunately, the follow-up process is tedious when you have different subcontractors on a project. Besides, some service providers overcharge clients, increasing solar installation costs.

The company has an impressive quality record.It only serves a limited area of Idaho.
It handles every installation task without subcontracting. 
EGT Solar is a residential and commercial installer. 

5. Best For Unique Service: Pell Solar

Pell Solar is the best for unique service with its solar backup solution. It boasts over 15 years of experience serving Southern California and Idaho. The company’s reputation reflects a BBB A rating. Most homeowners that have installed solar power systems seek dependable backup storage. 

Solar installation professionals at Pell Solar know this aspect too well, which is how the company has a solar backup solution. Enphase IQ8 is one of the company’s cutting-edge products. The product, a microinverter, forms a microgrid that powers your home during a power outage. Enphase IQ8 does not rely on solar batteries and functions well with or without backup.

Pell offers outstanding work.Pell has a limited coverage area, the greater Boise.
The company has 15+ years of experience.Its warranty coverage is also limited.
It is a locally-based Idaho company. 

6. Best For Solar Energy, Plumbing, and HVAC: Magic Solar

Magic Solar is our best for solar energy, plumbing, and HVAC choice. The family-owned company specializes in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential solar energy installations. Besides, the company provides AC, heating, and plumbing services. Magic Solar operates in four sectors, unlike the competition that handles two or one.

Magic Solar offers its clients a 10-year guarantee above the product manufacturer’s warranty. It covers all work, including electrical equipment, conduit, and wire installations. Furthermore, the company facilitates the activation of the manufacturer’s warranty in the event of equipment failure. Services offered by this firm include solar panels, batteries, maintenance, and repairs.

The company offers heating and plumbing services and solar installation.None reported so far.
It has a workmanship warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. 

How to Pick the Best Solar Companies in Idaho: Step-By-Step

Solar installation in Idaho is costly but saves you money in the long run. Solar costs $2.60 per watt in Idaho against the national $2.66 per watt. In light of the enormous initial investment, finding the best solar companies in Idaho is critical. The tips below are most helpful:

  • Incentives
  • Panels needed
  • Efficiency
  • Installation quotes


Solar system installation incentives are helpful, and you can recoup some investment from the savings. One is the Federal Solar Tax Credit at 30% of your system cost. It applies to your income tax when you switch on solar power for the first time.

Low-Interest State Energy Loans, another incentive, caps interest on solar loans at 4% and finances up to $15,000 for residential and $100,000 for commercial solar installations. These loans have a five-year term. Also, indulge your utility company in establishing whether you qualify for other rebates.

Solar Panels Needed

The price of a solar panel depends on the wattage. Therefore, install a smaller panel if you want to save. For example, a 7Kw panel system costs $18,200 and $12,740 after factoring in the federal tax credit

Your utility bills are a quick way of figuring out the size of panels needed. Assuming that the monthly consumption per resident is 961 kilowatt hours. Such a home requires a 10 Kw system, i.e., 961 divided by 100 and rounded off to the nearest decimal place.


High-efficiency panels are costly compared to less efficient ones. So instead of having an extensive system, shoot for high-efficiency units. You only need a few of these to achieve the desired energy output. The most efficient panels have an output range of 350 to 400 watts.

Installation Quotes

We cannot emphasize this enough. It is always wise to compare prices from different solar panel energy installers. Obtain quotes from two or three best solar companies in Idaho. These reputable firms understand the technology and are current on incentives and policy.

Obtain quotes from several companies to ensure you’re gettin


the best deal before signing a contract.

What to Know Before Buying Solar Panels in Idaho

Solar installation is expensive, but that means shelling out only some of your hard-earned money. Here’s what you need to know.


Because there’s less sunshine in Idaho, you need the best brands that money can buy. So always ask to see the product catalog and check the brands available. At the same time, review the prices alongside that of installation equipment.


A solar panel system has a life expectancy of 25 years. So if you find a company with an equivalent product warranty, cling to it. Also, inquire about other warranties for work done, roof penetration, etc.

Financing Options

Cash and loan are two ways to finance a solar energy system. Cash may be painful initially, but you start enjoying power-saving benefits immediately. Taking out a loan may be a wiser move for your budget, and solar companies in Idaho have financing options that would befit you.  

Using Solar Panels: What It’s Like

Solar panels save you money on electric bills. Installing one helps reduce the demand for electricity leading to cost reduction. Considering that electricity costs 10.22 cents per kWh, you can see how much you save.

Moreover, by going solar, you help reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike other power sources, solar is emission-free. As a result, you contribute towards reduced reliance on fossil fuels such as coal and oil. At the same time, installing solar energy panels increases your home’s value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is investing in Idaho's solar energy systems a good idea?

Idaho peaks at 4.92 hours of sunlight per day and is among the top 20 states with the highest yearly sunshine hours in the U.S. So, harnessing solar energy is a worthy investment. You save immensely on your electric power bill.

What solar energy rebates and incentives does Idaho have?

Idaho has a Net Metering Rebate Program (NMRP) for residential customers with projects valued at up to $4,000. In addition, the Federal Solar Tax Credit also allows a 30% deduction on installation costs.

What are the top solar panel brands in Idaho?

SunPower has the best solar energy system panels. Besides, the company does not outsource installation work. Even more satisfying is that the brand comes with a 25-year warranty and the lifespan of solar panels.

What is Idaho’s solar energy consumption?

Statistics gathered in 2022 indicate that Idaho generated 75% of the total energy consumption from renewable energy. The output also includes small-scale panels such as those in residential homes. That makes Idaho the fourth largest solar energy generator in the United States.

Which State is the leading consumer of solar energy?

While this is a broad ask, we shall narrow it down to solar-powered homes. California leads in that category. It has the highest solar photovoltaic (PV) installation of any state in the United States.

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