The 5 Best Solar Companies in California to Save You Money

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The 5 Best Solar Companies in California to Save You Money

Key Points

  • California is a perfect match for solar energy due to its abundant sunshine and leads the nation in solar installations and megawatts produced.
  • Over 1.5 million California households have solar panel installations, meeting 37% of the state’s electric needs.
  • Solar panels covering canals in California could potentially save up to sixty-five billion gallons of water by slowing down evaporation.
  • Sunpower, Palmetto Solar, Elevation, Sunrun, and Solar Optimum are some of the best solar panel companies in California, offering tailored systems, financial benefits, and energy independence.
  • Solar panels help mitigate the rising cost of electricity and contribute to a cleaner, greener California.

It would not be out of line to state that solar energy and California are a perfect match. Abundant sunshine assures that solar panels are saturated with light energy. Only Nevada and Arizona have more sunny days, so tons of sunlight makes California perfect for solar energy generation. California is one of the most ecologically conscious states and leads in solar installations. California also leads the nation in megawatts produced.

Solar Energy in California

Over 1.5 million California households have solar panel installations. This is far more than any other state. Combined with power plants that rely on solar panels, 37% of California’s electric needs are met with solar. California’s economy is also helped as the solar industry employs over 75,000 people. California offers incentives to make solar panels more attractive. One that will make customers very happy is the exclusion of solar installations from property taxes. Solar panels increase the value of the home, often by thousands of dollars. Ordinarily, this would raise property taxes. The exclusion means that there is no increase in taxes after solar panels are installed.

Another interesting solar panel program in California involves covering canals with panels. California did experience heavy rain earlier in 2023, but unfortunately, drought conditions are still in effect. California sends water all over the state through its canal system. A lot of water evaporates during this so precious water is wasted. Solar panels covering canals will slow down evaporation and potentially save up to sixty-five billion gallons of water. Solar is obviously a great choice for both energy production and conservation. Let’s take a look at some of the best solar companies in California.


Investing in a solar panel system for the home is a major life decision. Exclusive of the price of the home and an automobile, solar panels may be one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner makes. This is why a reputable, reliable company is essential. Sunpower is one of the best solar panel companies in the nation. Sunpower has been in business for over 38 years and represents experience, technical know-how, and service. They tailor solar panels to your power needs and budget, plus handle every step of the operation themselves.

A very important aspect of any solar installation is that all the parts work together. Sunpower provides a complete system that runs smoothly and efficiently. The ecological aspects of solar energy are important, but also important are the financial benefits. The last year has seen electricity prices “going through the roof.” Roof panels pay for themselves in several years. Some power companies even buy electricity from solar power users. Because Sunpower offers a 25-year warranty, the homeowner can relax and enjoy a clean, quiet power supply for years.

Palmetto Solar

Clean energy is definitely one of the hot-button issues of our time. Awareness of pollution and other ecological issues has increased interest in clean, efficient energy solutions. Palmetto Solar is a company that can provide answers to any questions about solar energy, plus provide excellent service. The cost of solar energy is lower than ever before. This makes solar energy more accessible to more people. Incentives such as tax breaks also help make solar panels much more attractive and affordable. Loans for solar panel installation are available, often with no money down. A unique feature of most solar loans is re-amortization. Re-amortization pays down the loan quickly, in 18 months. It allows the homeowner to apply tax credits to the loan, often lowering payments.

Palmetto Solar will first consult with the homeowner on their energy needs. These needs reflect home electricity use, latitude, sun exposure, and the position of the house. Palmetto provides a contract after their evaluation. Palmetto gets the licenses for the home’s location and contacts the power company. Installation takes two days at the most, and then it’s all systems go.

Overlooking the landscape in the Columbia River Gorge Hood River Oregon and White Salmon Washington state.
Thanks to incentives such as tax breaks, solar energy is more accessible than ever before.



Investing wisely in a solar energy system is important from a financial, comfort, and green standpoint. Electricity produced at power plants from coal, oil, or natural gas has become much more expensive. This electricity also pollutes the environment. Installation of solar panels in California averages around $16,000. California offers tax breaks and other incentives that lower the cost. Elevation assists in applying for these benefits. In relatively few years, a solar power system will have paid for itself. A solar panel system installed by Elevation assures energy independence.

Elevation features “The Elevated House.” This takes the home to new levels of efficiency. In addition to the warranty that comes with every Elevation installation, Elevation features Curb. Curb allows the homeowner to keep track of energy usage and is part of a Smart Home. It turns appliances on or off to save electricity and identifies “hot spots” that waste electricity. Curb allows for total control of energy use.


Oil, natural gas, and coal have provided the bulk of California’s electric power for decades. Environmental concerns now cast a shadow on these sources of electricity. The best way to achieve a cleaner world while still enjoying modern life is through solar power. Sunrun has the expertise and technical experience to design a system that fits each customer’s needs. They know that every home is different and requires solar panels based on needs and usage. Sunrun also knows how to install solar systems professionally.

For those who are unable to purchase the system outright, Sunrun offers leasing plans to fit every budget. They guarantee that everything in the system is covered and protected by their warranty. They also recommend a battery system to go with the solar panels. Brightbox batteries from Sunrun help assure continual electric service even when the lines are down. Tesla’s Powerwall battery is also available from Sunrun.

Most solar companies will deal with the licenses and permits required for the installation.


Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum is a local company, it operates only in California, Arizona, and Nevada. They understand the climatic conditions and the needs of residents in California. Blessed with abundant sunshine in California, Solar Optimum helps homeowners, and businesses, find the best solar solutions. Electric costs in California are among the highest in the nation. Customers need a way to cut or eliminate electric bills. Solar energy systems from Solar Optimum provide a way to energy independence. Households have more disposable income to spend as they wish with solar energy. Solar panels cut business costs to make the concern more profitable and efficient. With all the free sunlight available in California, it only makes sense to install solar panels. Solar Optimum specializes in roof installations of solar panels. Established in 2008, Solar Optimum combines technical experience, expertise, and professionalism in every project.

Installing solar panels is a big step for most people, but the technicians guide customers through the entire process. A free estimate gives those considering solar energy a clear picture of the scope of the job. As sunny as California is, the sun doesn’t shine every day, and there is certainly no sun at night. California has experienced brownouts and outages over the last few years. To assure continuous electric power, the company suggests installing storage batteries. The company installs top-of-the-line storage batteries, including Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ. Many businesses are totally dependent on an uninterrupted electric supply. This company carries Tesla Powerwall and LG storage batteries. It would be hard to go wrong with Solar Optimum.


There are several very good reasons to go solar. The first reason is that the price of electricity is constantly going up and solar panels help to mitigate this. All of the companies detailed above are solid, reliable firms dedicated to helping their clients achieve their energy goals. Deciding which company to use depends on price, wait time until the project begins, or simply personal preferences. Upgrading a home or business to solar is a path to energy independence and a cleaner California.

Accordingly, solar panels provide clean energy for California. Concern over air quality and other environmental issues make solar energy a good choice. Households that install solar panels for some or all of their energy needs do their part for a greener, healthier world.

Summary Table

SunpowerOne of the best solar panel companies in the nation with over 38 years of experience. They provide a complete system that runs smoothly and efficiently and offer a 25-year warranty.
Palmetto SolarA company that provides answers to any questions about solar energy, plus provide excellent service. They offer loans for solar panel installation, often with no money down.
ElevationAssists in applying for benefits and offers a solar panel system that assures energy independence. They feature “The Elevated House” for new levels of efficiency and Curb for total control of energy use.
SunrunOffers expertise and technical experience to design a system that fits each customer’s needs. They offer leasing plans to fit every budget and recommend a battery system to go with the solar panels.
Solar OptimumA local company that operates only in California, Arizona, and Nevada. They understand the climatic conditions and the needs of residents in California. They specialize in roof installations of solar panels and suggest installing storage batteries for continuous electric power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How complicated is the solar installation process?

There will be permits and licenses required, but the solar company handles all that. There will always be some site preparation, and afterward, the panel assembly must be connected to the home and the local power company grid.

How complicated is the solar installation process?

There are programs such as grants, tax breaks, and loans that will enable a wider number of people to access solar panels. Tax breaks are often applied to the loan in order to reduce the principal.

What about leasing? Is that possible?

Most of the companies above provide the opportunity to lease the panels. This helps especially with lower income households.

Are storage batteries a good idea?

Storage batteries are an excellent idea both for residential and commercial installations. Storms, brownouts, blackouts, and other events can interrupt normal electric power. Storage batteries are a great way to keep the juice flowing under any circumstances.

Are EV chargers available?

Yes, most of the companies that install solar panels will also provide EV chargers. As electric vehicle use in California increases, vehicle owners will want to be able to charge their car or pickup truck at home. An EV will take about 8 hours to charge at a home charging station. It’s easy to plug the vehicle in in the evening, and have it ready to roll by morning.

Are solar panels delicate?

Yes, they are delicate and can be damaged quite easily. This is why a competent, experienced solar power company is so important. Care must be taken during transport and installation. The glass used for the panels is quite strong and the surrounding frame also provides protection.

Can solar panels stand up to bad weather?

Solar panels are under greatest threat while being transported, once they are installed they are quite safe from the elements. Solar panels won’t be damaged by hail unless it’s over the size of a ping pong ball.

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