The Best Smart Mirrors

best smart mirrors

The Best Smart Mirrors

Key Points          

  • BYECOLD is our top option for the best smart mirror due to its connected nature and frameless design.
  • You can find smart mirrors with charging ports and built-in speakers.
  • Most smart mirrors are designed for bathroom use.
  • When searching for a new smart mirror, consider features, build, and installation.

Consumers can find smart products in a variety of categories from appliances to speakers. The best smart mirrors fall into that niche, although it’s a relatively new category compared to other areas. Smart mirrors are also unique because they don’t have to stay connected to the internet to make your life easier. After researching the options, here are our choices for the best smart mirrors:

Best Overall Smart Mirror: BYECOLD Smart Bathroom Mirror

The Best Connected Mirror
BYECOLD Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bathroom Mirror
  • Frameless Design
  • Get weather, time and more through Wi-Fi
  • Anti-fog feature
  • 2-year warranty
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03/02/2024 12:20 am GMT

The smartest mirror on our list comes from a company most consumers have never heard of. BYECOLD produces a variety of heated products including picture frames and towel racks. The BYECOLD Smart Bathroom Mirror stands out because of the features, but also thanks to the design.

This smart mirror is “frameless” so it appears as if it’s floating on a wall when properly installed. Backlighting adds a nice touch but isn’t overwhelming. You can adjust it from 3,000 to 6,000K and fog will be a thing of the past. The company’s defogger ensures that is the case, and it is accessible through a multi-function button.

While this mirror is stylish and easy to use, its brain makes it special. You can connect to a home Wi-Fi network through the Wisemirror app for Android or iOS. This allows the mirror to display the weather, time, and temperature at the bottom left-hand corner. There are no cameras or speakers to deal with, and it’s built for bathrooms with an IP54 waterproof rating.

This is one of the more expensive mirrors on our list, but worthy of the top spot as it’s one of the best smart mirrors for bathroom use. It’s available in vertical or horizontal styles with fives sizes so there’s something for everyone. It also sports a two-year warranty from the company along with a 45-day moneyback guarantee.

It has a frameless design.It’s pricey.
The mirror displays weather, time, date, and temperature.There is no speaker.
It has adjustable backlighting. 
There is an anti-fog feature. 

Check out the BYECOLD Smart Bathroom Mirror on Amazon.

Best on a Budget: Butylux LED Round Backlit Mirror

Best Budget
Butylux 24 Inch LED Round Backlit Mirror
  • 75,000 hour lifespan
  • Stepless lighting
  • 3,000 to 6,000K
  • Multiple sizes
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03/02/2024 12:20 am GMT

Interested in a smart mirror but don’t want to break the bank? That’s where things can become tricky for consumers given the niche and lack of major brands. There are some fantastic options, however, including the Butylux LED Round Backlit Mirror.

At 24 inches round, this mirror is just the right size to tackle your daily routines without overwhelming a space. The mirror isn’t connected to the internet and works with any outlet, homeowners can hardwire it for a more permanent placement. It is IP54 rated for bathrooms, and the anti-fog button helps combat steam before it starts.

The color range on this smart mirror is 3,000 to 6,000K and brightness is adjustable through a step-less system. You can go from 10% to 100% brightness in seconds. It can shut itself off after an hour, which further extends an already impressive lifespan of 75,000 hours. As a bonus, Butylux’s smart mirror will remember a user’s settings.

Butylux’s smart mirror may not be able to give users the weather or charge their phone, but it’s designed for the bathroom and should outlast other mirrors by years. The lifespan is a major selling point in our opinion, and we love the fact the mirror can be hardwired. The company has rectangular backlit models with the same features and a similar price point as well.

It has a 75,000-hour lifespan.It only has dual buttons.
The mirror is dimmable to 10%.The cord length is lacking.
It has an IP54 rating. 
There is a memory function. 

Check out the Butylux LED Round Backlit Mirror on Amazon.

Best Full-Body Mirror: NeuType Full-Length LED Dressing Mirror               

Best Full-Body Smart Mirror
NeuType 65"x22" LED Full Length Dressing Mirror
  • Stepless dimming
  • Multifunction button
  • Plug or hardwired
  • Memory function
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03/02/2024 12:25 am GMT

Many smart mirrors are designed for bathrooms or powder rooms where people get ready for the day. Homeowners interested in a smart mirror for a different room have options, but the NeuType Full-Length LED Dressing Mirror is the best smart mirror for people looking for a full-length mirror.

At 65 inches tall and 22 inches wide, this mirror gives you a full view from head to toe. You can mount it vertically or horizontally, however, and still have easy access to the multi-function button. The capacitive button is how you turn the LED lights on or off, but also allows users to change the color between white, warm white, or yellow.

This step-less system lets you adjust the light from 300 to 5,000 and has a brightness memory. It will remember the last setting used and has an anti-fog feature for steamy bathrooms. You can use it in the bathroom if you have enough space although the waterproof rating isn’t as good as you’ll find with other models at IP44.  

While the NeuType smart mirror would look great in large bathrooms, we feel it’s the best option for bedrooms and living areas due to its size. It has an attractive price tag considering how large it is, and we like the fact it can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Just keep the dimensions in mind along with the weight as it’s a 30pound mirror.

The mirror is a great price.It only has a 20,000-hour lifespan.
It has step-less dimming.The rating is only IP44.
There is a memory function. 
The mirror mounts vertically or horizontally. 

Check out the NeuType Full-Length LED Dressing Mirror on Amazon.

Best Rechargeable Mirror: Funtouch Rechargeable Makeup Mirror               

Best Rechargeable Mirror
Rechargeable Makeup Mirror with Lights
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Detachable stand
  • Rechargeable
  • 10x magnifying mirror
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03/02/2024 02:45 am GMT

Not every smart mirror is designed to hang on a wall, and the Funtouch Rechargeable Makeup Mirror is a great example of that. It’s a makeup mirror with built-in LED lighting and some unique features that set it apart from comparable devices.

This smart mirror doesn’t mount on a wall but comes on a stand with 360° rotation. You can always find the perfect angle and a 10x magnifying mirror allows users to focus in on the finer details. 96 LED lights surround the border of this mirror. They are bright, but only adjustable with three settings at 25, 50, or 100% power.

At the base of this smart mirror is a phone holder. That’s ideal for makeup tutorials or if you simply want to talk while getting ready. As a bonus, the mirror has a built-in 2,000mAh battery. You could detach the stand and take it on the go, but the battery makes it easy to use this cordless mirror anywhere in your home.

Funtouch’s smart mirror is a little larger than an iPad, so it’s portable and it’s hard to argue with the price tag. It would make a great gift as it’s smarter than a regular mirror, but incredibly easy to use. The built-in battery pack is a bonus and the only real drawback is the fact the mirror isn’t as adjustable as larger models.

The mirror rotates 360°.There are only three brightness settings.
It has a rechargeable 2,000mAh battery.It has a lengthy charging time.
There is an integrated phone holder. 
The mirror is portable. 

Check out the Funtouch Rechargeable Makeup Mirror on Amazon.

Best Musical Mirror: Fenchilin Smart Vanity Mirror

A Musical Mirror
FENCHILIN Smart Vanity Mirror
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • 15 bulbs
  • Dimmable
  • USB charging
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03/02/2024 12:31 am GMT

One thing most smart mirrors have in common is the design, which leans towards minimalistic and modern. If you prefer something with a classic vibe and big bulbs, you’ll want to consider the Fenchilin Smart Vanity Mirror.

This mirror is available in three sizes, but all have round LED light bulbs around the edges. Those lights are adjustable with three tone settings through a touch-sensitive button on the screen. It works like most of the best smart mirrors and even has a detachable base and mini magnifying mirror. The difference is the extras.

You can charge up a smartphone or other USB devices through a port on this side of this mirror. That’s handy for obvious reasons, but so are the Bluetooth speakers. You can sync a phone or any device capable of playing music to the mirror and listen to podcasts, music, and more. The speakers sound respectable and the mirror has a detachable base for wall installations.

You won’t mistake the sound quality of this mirror for speakers from Bose, but it’s a great feature to have along with the charging port. The lighting is adjustable from 3,000K to 7,500K, and there are two additional sizes along with a premium USB-C model with speakers and selfie control.

Adjustable from 3,000 to 7,500KNo multifunction button
Bluetooth speakersCan’t replace the bulbs
USB charging port 
Dual mounting options 

Check out the Fenchilin Smart Vanity Mirror on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Smart Mirror: Step by Step

The list of smart mirror manufacturers is relatively small. That means you’re going to notice more similarities than differences with an intelligent mirror, and all fall into a handful of categories. There are vanity mirrors designed for bathrooms, larger mirrors, and full-body mirrors. Consider these areas when looking for a new smart mirror.

  • Features
  • Build Quality
  • Installation


What makes a mirror smart? That’s a question you’ll ask yourself after a Google search for smart mirrors. You may think all “smart” mirrors allow users to connect to the internet or Bluetooth, but that isn’t the case at all.

Most smart mirrors combine lighting into a mirror along with other features. An anti-fog function is the most common, and something you’ll be thankful for if you take steamy showers. We also found controls as a major selling point. There is a big difference between touch-sensitive controls and a multi-function button, however.

On average, smart mirrors with adjustable lighting have color ranges from 3,000 to 6,000k. Some let you dial in the perfect setting while others only allow you to adjust it in increments like 50%. Want the mirror to remember your preferences? That’s an option, and so are mirrors with built-in speakers or USB charging ports.

While still somewhat rare, there are a handful of mirrors with Wi-Fi connections as well. Bluetooth is more common, but a fully connected mirror can provide some interesting options. That includes the weather or the ability to take personalized lessons if it’s a smart fitness mirror.

Several manufacturers have worked intelligence and fitness equipment into mirrors. They are a unique solution for consumers that want to work out from home, but even more of a niche product that’s in a completely different class. 90% of smart mirrors on the market today are designed for personal use, not workout routines.

Build Quality

When you’re concerned about the build quality of a mirror, it can be easy to become distracted by the materials themselves. You’ll notice a lot of manufacturers mentioning things like copper-free silver or aluminum frames. Those are important, but there are only two areas to focus on with water-resistance and lifespan.  

Having a tempered glass mirror is a plus, but not if the lighting shorts out after a few weeks of steamy showers. If you’re using the smart mirror in other areas of your home that isn’t a concern. Otherwise, consider the IP rating and think about the conditions in your bathroom beforehand. Systems with enclosed lighting troughs are a plus, but that’s information you’ll need to dig for one some models.

Warranties on smart mirrors vary from one to two years, which may seem odd considering most are mirrors with lighting elements built in. That’s due in part to the bulbs, which have a lifespan of 20,000 to 70,000 hours or more depending on the manufacturer.


Mounting a mirror isn’t incredibly difficult as long as you use the right tools. You’ll want to find a stud for anything heavy, but when you add power to the equation, things can get tricky. Smart mirrors require power, which means you’ll need to consider placement.

Nobody wants to trip over a power cord, especially in a bathroom. You’ll need to make sure the cord is long enough to reach an outlet, although that’s not an issue with hardwired units. You may need to call in a professional for that, which raises the overall cost of the mirror. It’s a factor many overlook with smart mirrors, but it’s also an area where sizing comes into play.

A large mirror may look great in your bathroom, but they are heavier and harder to hang. Floorstanding models solve that problem, but there aren’t many full-size smart mirrors on the market. Are the lights replaceable? If so, you may need access to the back compared to smart mirrors that use standard bulbs.

What to Know Before Buying a Smart Mirror 

Curious about smart mirrors but don’t know what to expect? Our guide covers most of the things you need to know, but it’s a good idea to understand the concept of a smart mirror before getting too excited.

The “smartest” mirrors are generally designed for fitness or used in commercial settings or as eye candy for tech shows. Most mirrors currently available in this niche for consumers are from smaller brands based out of China.

The technology is there, it’s just not an area that major brands have been heavily involved in for a variety of reasons. There’s not a huge market for smart mirrors, and the more intelligent they are, the more privacy becomes a concern.

With that in mind, a smart mirror can still be a great addition to your home and they bring some useful features to the table. Just don’t expect to find mirrors with built-in TVs or virtual assistants just yet.

Using a Smart Mirror: What It’s Like?

Using a smart mirror is different from stepping into a room with a traditional mirror. It’s not difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Controls for smart mirrors are typically on the mirror in the form of a small button. If it’s touch-sensitive, you could leave a smudge behind everything you activate a function. It’s a minor inconvenience, especially if the mirror is in a bathroom.

That’s where they shine thanks to anti-fog features and adjustable lighting. Anti-fogging is something you may need to activate before steaming up your bathroom, however.

The Wrap-Up

Smart mirrors might not be as smart now as they will be in the future, but they are a considerable upgrade over traditional mirrors. The ability to add backlighting to a mirror can change the entire look of a room as well. If you’re also looking to add more intelligence to the outside of your home, consider a smart lock or one of the best smart outdoor lighting systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart mirrors easy to install?

It depends on the size and type of mirror along with where your power outlet is. Models you can plug in and hang are simple, but you may need to hire an electrician if you want the mirror hardwired for a discreet installation.

Who makes the best fitness smart mirror?

At the moment, the Echelon Reflect is considered among the best although reviews are mixed across the board.

Is a smart mirror easier to break than a traditional mirror?

No, some are stronger than traditional mirrors which could be made from cheap glass.

Can you replace the lights on a smart mirror?

You’ll need to check with the manufacturer, but we found that most mirrors with lighting are designed to be replaced when the lighting gives out.

Will a smart mirror spy on you?

If it has a webcam or microphone there is a possibility for hackers to compromise your system. For smart mirrors that aren’t connected, no.

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