The 8 Best Safari Extensions

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The 8 Best Safari Extensions

Key Points

  • StopTheMadness is a must-have Safari extension that allows for continued system functionality and curtails bad webpage practices.
  • Polyglot is a great Safari extension for translating content with a simple highlight, but it can be cumbersome for multilingual users.
  • Honey is one of the best Safari extensions for saving money while online shopping and searching for the best deals.
  • Turn Off the Lights is a useful Safari extension for focusing on web videos by dimming the rest of the page.
  • PiPifier is a great Safari extension for watching videos in picture-in-picture mode while working or browsing.

What are the best Safari extensions? Extensions are a great way to extend the functionality and comfort of using your web browser. While Apple’s Safari might not have the wealth of extensions seen with the likes of Firefox and Chrome, it still has quite a few to use.

The extensions covered in this guide are intended for macOS; there are certainly numerous extensions for Safari on iPhone and iPad alike. However, the installation method is different, and they often have their own costs to get basic functions.

Best for Maintaining Control of the Browser: StopTheMadness

best safari extensions
StopTheMadness lets you use all your favorite Mac shortcuts on sites that might not allow it.

StopTheMadness is a must-have and one of the best Safari extensions available today. Some websites have the ability to override simple system functions, like copy, paste, or even just highlighting text. If you’d like to retain the actual function of your browser, then StopTheMadness is the extension for you.

This extension allows for continued system functionality, regardless of what a site might be trying to pull. There is also great additional functionality, like doing away with pesky pop-up windows that might not be malicious in nature.

If you use Safari as your daily browser, you need this extension.

This extension makes sure you can use all your shortcuts and system functions.It isn’t a free extension, with a price tag of $9.99.
StopTheMadness curtails bad webpage practices by allowing you to use your browser as intended.Purchasing this extension doesn’t grant a universal license for iOS and iPad devices.

Best for Translating Content: Polyglot

Do you do a lot of international reading? If so, you will likely come across content you can’t easily read. If this is a major hindrance to you, then Polyglot is one of the best Safari extensions to install. It’s simple to operate, and you’ll barely notice it once installed.

If you’re having trouble reading a phrase, all you have to do is highlight the text. From there, Polyglot will show you a translation in a box directly below the content. You can also get synonyms, literal translations, and more. All you need to do to get rolling is use the settings to set your native language.

Polyglot readily translates content with a simple highlight.It can be cumbersome to switch between multiple languages if you’re multilingual.
You’ve got access to advanced options like synonyms and transliteration.The developer can be a bit slow to provide updates to ensure system compatibility for newer macOS versions.

Best for Online Shopping: Honey

best safari extensions
Honey helps you save money on your online retail purchases.

Honey is one of the best Safari extensions for saving a little extra while conducting your online shopping. Online retail is a simple fact of life these days, and Honey is one great way to apply coupons and more to products you might find online.

If that wasn’t enough, Honey also takes the time to check other common retailers to double-check that you’re getting the absolute best deal. You might be savvy when it comes to the likes of online shopping, but this streamlines the process tremendously. Honey also allows you to earn cashback.

Honey is great for saving a little extra money on the purchases you make online.It isn’t a super useful extension if you forego online shopping.
This extension actively combs other retailers to make sure you’re getting the best deal.Honey can occasionally spend time applying expired coupon codes.

Best for Watching Videos Without Distractions: Turn Off the Lights

If you’re a YouTube addict, you likely know how annoying it can be to focus on a video while having the other elements of the page present. Turn Off the Lights might be one of the best Safari extensions for you.

It dims the rest of the page aside from the video window. Best of all, it works on more than just YouTube, so you’ve got a lot of flexibility if you just want to focus on a video. This extension has quite a few options for adjusting its settings, as well, so you can tailor the experience to your needs.

Turn Off the Lights allows you to focus on your web videos and not the other page elements.Doesn’t beat just viewing the video in full-screen mode.
This extension works on most common video sites.YouTube has a native dark mode and theater mode that serves roughly the same function.

Best for Watching Videos While Working: PiPifier

There are a few browsers on the market these days that allow for picture-in-picture viewing. Safari doesn’t support it natively, but PiPifier can help. What makes this one of the best Safari extensions is the fact that you can use it with any native HTML5 video.

PiPifier is easy to use and features controls for interacting with the video while you’re watching. All you need to do to activate it is interact with the video just once, and after that, you’re ready to pop it out for viewing while you work.

PiPifier allows you to pop videos out and view them while continuing your usual browsing.The system audio can override the video audio in newer versions.
This is a great extension for single monitor users.The setup process can be fickle.

Best for Web Searches: xSearch for Safari

best safari extensions
xSearch can easily switch between search engines with simple shortcuts.

Most web browsers only allow you to use a single search engine at a time. xSearch is one of the best Safari extensions for simply allowing quick switches with a shortcut. You’ve got access to multiple active engines and can map your own personal shortcuts for using them.

This is great as every search engine can yield vastly different results, especially when factoring in the likes of personalization. xSearch also extends its usage beyond just the default Safari windows; you can use it with Safari and Apple’s Spotlight function.

xSearch allows you to use multiple search engines with simple shortcuts.It isn’t a free extension.
The functionality extends to Apple’s Spotlight search.The extension does have a bit of a learning curve.

Best for Privacy: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo has been synonymous with web-based privacy measures for a number of years. If you’d like to carry that very sort of mindset to your own personal browsing, then DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials is one of the best Safari extensions for you.

Privacy Essentials blocks trackers on websites and helps promote user privacy no matter where you end up browsing. The extension also takes the time to grade websites, with an A denoting great respect for your privacy and an F indicating it follows terrible tracking practices.

It allows you to disable trackers on sites where it might not even be an option.Privacy Essentials doesn’t have provisions for ad blocking.
Can force sites to encrypt connections through HTTPS automatically.The search results on DuckDuckGo aren’t as accurate as Google’s.

Best for Writing: Grammarly

best safari extensions
Grammarly is a must-have if you do a lot of writing in your web browser.

If you do quite a bit of writing, you’re likely very familiar with Grammarly. This extension is a must-have for any professional or individual who needs a little extra help with their writing. What makes this one of the best Safari extensions is how flexible the free version can be.

Grammarly runs in the background of your usual browsing experience and shows context-specific underlines for any errors you might have. If you opt for the premium subscription, it can refine your writing even further. Grammarly can be prone to some occasional errors but works quite well otherwise.

Grammarly helps to keep your writing refined and accurate.Getting more robust functionality requires a monthly subscription.
The extension is extremely easy to get running and shows quick fixes to your writing.Can sometimes be prone to odd errors, so an additional utility might be needed.

What to Know About Picking the Best Safari Extensions

So, why should you add any extensions to your Safari? Simply put, they can greatly aid in making your browser experience suit your needs. Now, not every user is going to benefit from some of these extensions. With that in mind, there are a few considerations before installing an extension.


Before you install an extension, it is best to think of how its use applies to your needs. If you don’t do a lot of online shopping, something like Honey might be wasted. Before you take the time to browse extensions, it helps to understand what you want to get out of your browser experience.

Every extension has its own intended use, and some benefit users while it might prove to be an annoyance for others.

Managing Your Extensions

Managing your extensions in Safari is relatively simple. You can access them readily from any window in Safari, which generally will have your settings for each extension. If you find an extension to be too unreliable, you can disable and uninstall it from this menu, as well.

It is a great idea to keep an eye on the performance of your browser while using multiple extensions. If you find the speed is being compromised, disabling or uninstalling an extension helps.

System Compatibility

With the advent of the Apple silicon line of processors, there is a gulf with the Mac line. Some browsers might be intended to run on Intel-based processors, just as an example.

You can generally check compatibility with an extension by viewing its product description. In the worst-case scenario, an extension might simply choose not to run.

Using the Best Safari Extensions: What It’s Like

What is it like using a browser with extensions? Generally speaking, extensions can readily enhance the functionality of your browser experience. Safari is plenty fast on its own but doesn’t really come with advanced functionality built-in. As such, you can get a great browser experience with minimal effort by selecting a few key extensions.

Summary Table

ExtensionBest ForProsCons
StopTheMadnessMaintaining Control of the BrowserEnsures system functionality, curtails bad webpage practicesNot free, doesn’t grant universal license for iOS and iPad devices
PolyglotTranslating ContentEasy to use, provides synonyms and literal translationsDifficult to switch between multiple languages, slow updates
HoneyOnline ShoppingSaves money, checks for best deals, offers cashbackNot useful if you don’t shop online, can apply expired coupons
Turn Off the LightsWatching Videos Without DistractionsFocuses on video, works on most video sitesNot better than full screen mode, YouTube has similar native features
PiPifierWatching Videos While WorkingAllows picture-in-picture viewing, easy to useSystem audio can override video audio, setup can be difficult
xSearch for SafariWeb SearchesAllows use of multiple search engines, extends to Apple’s Spotlight searchNot free, has a learning curve
DuckDuckGo Privacy EssentialsPrivacyBlocks trackers, promotes user privacy, forces HTTPS connectionsNo adblocking, search results not as accurate as Google
GrammarlyWritingRefines writing, easy to use, shows quick fixesRequires subscription for more functionality, can have errors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use extensions to enjoy Safari?

Not necessarily, but it is nice to extend your browser’s functionality.

Does Safari have support for ad blockers?

Yes, there are multiple ad blockers available for Safari.

Can Safari extensions slow down my browser?

It is entirely possible for your browser to run sluggishly with a bunch of extensions. Make sure you pick and choose extensions that suit your needs rather than just going off reviews.

Are Safari extensions compatible across all Apple devices?

No, some are intended for Apple laptops and desktops only.

Are all extensions free?

No, some do have a paid subscription or purchase price you’ll need to pay before using them.

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