The 10 Best RPGs on the Steam Deck

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The 10 Best RPGs on the Steam Deck

There are few genres that have been hit as hard by the oversaturation of digital marketplaces as role-playing games. Once, a rich and expansive world was something that set RPGs apart from other game types. Today, every video game coming out seems to be some flavor of RPG.

In the face of such competition, it can be difficult for any one title to stand out from the pack in the same way that Skyrim or Final Fantasy did when they first came out. But just because so many games have fallen into similar conventions doesn’t mean there aren’t still some really great options available.

Whether you’re looking for something on the lighter side like Neverwinter or something with a more serious tone like Divinity: Original Sin 2, there are fantastic RPGs out there waiting for you to discover them.

To help you find the best RPGs on the Steam Deck, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 RPGs available on Steam right now!

What Is Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is a portable gaming computer developed by Valve Corporation and released on February 25, 2022. The Steam Deck, much like the Nintendo Switch, can be played independently or while connected to a monitor.

Is the Steam Deck Known for RPGs?

Steam is like the de facto platform for PC gaming purchases, so it makes sense that RPG developers would find an audience there. Steam has an extensive library of games, so there’s always something new and exciting to play.

Moreover, Steam is often more affordable than other platforms, so you can buy your favorite RPGs without breaking the bank. So, if you’re looking for great steam deck video games, check out some RPGs first. Now, let’s dive into the best role-playing games for the Steam Deck!

#10: Temtem

Temtem is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by Crema and distributed by Humble Bundle. On January 21, 2020, the game was released in early access on the Steam Deck. The game is a creature-collection video game. It uses the Unity programming engine inspired by Nintendo’s Pokémon series. From May through June of 2018, a portion of the game’s funding came from the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Temtem can be easy to write off as a PC version of Pokémon, but that would be unfair to Crema’s game. The two games have a lot in common, such as focusing on capturing creatures and fighting based on type. However, Temtem changes more than a few things to make it its own game. The combat system in both PvE and PvP is much more complicated and complex than Game Freak’s license.

Temtem is also a massively multiplayer online game, but you mostly play it by yourself. The multiplayer part is mostly limited to the overworld or the endgame, making the RPG last much longer.

#9: Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

ZA/UM studio is responsible for developing the role-playing video game Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. It was made available on Steam Deck on October 15, 2019. Disco Elysium is a work of art and is also very different from most role-playing games on Steam.

This game isn’t about fighting. Instead, it’s about how characters talk to each other and how their personalities grow, directly related to how players choose to use their talents as they level up.

Disco Elysium is a complicated mystery that explores philosophical and moral questions. It is set in a large, crowded, real, and made-up universe. This role-playing game emphasizes the player’s choices and makes it seem like everything they say and do matters.

#8: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

steam deck rpgs
The Witcher 3 was the most awarded game of 2015.

CD Projekt launched the role-playing action game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015. It is the sequel to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, released in 2011, and the third game in the open-world, third-person The Witcher video game series. The games are based on the fantasy novel series The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The game’s action takes place in an invented fantasy world heavily influenced by Slavic folklore. Players take control of Geralt of Rivia, also known as a Witcher, a monster slayer for contract, and seek his adopted daughter, who is running from the otherworldly Wild Hunt. Experience points and money are needed to level up Geralt’s abilities and buy new gear. 

Players do this by fending off the game’s many enemies with weapons and magic, interacting with the game’s non-player characters, and completing missions to collect these two currencies. The game’s tale might conclude in three different ways, depending on the player’s decisions at certain junctures throughout the plot.

#7: Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal is a better version of Persona 5, which is considered one of the best role-playing games of all time. In the video game, high school students, like the main character Joker, develop special skills that lead to the formation of a secret group of vigilantes.

Persona 5 Royal has the typical parts of a role-playing game (RPG), like exploring dungeons and participating in different types of social simulations. Fixed save points were one of the few problems with the first game, but on the Steam Deck, players can stop the action whenever they want, so this feature works great.

This means that people who like to play RPGs in shorter, more frequent sessions can finally try out this game, which is sure to become a classic. Persona 5 Royal is also Deck-verified, which means that even though it just came out, it works perfectly on the Steam Deck.

#6: Tales of Arise 

Tales of Arise is a fantasy JRPG that is Compatible with Steam Deck. The video game story centers around a man and a woman who come from different planets that are in conflict with one another after one of the worlds invades the other and enslaves its population to harvest its natural resources.

While the Tales games have not been as well-known in the West as other Japanese role-playing video games (JRPGs), such as Final Fantasy, Tales of Arise is undeniably one of the most impressive entries in a long-running RPG franchise. 

Much like other Japanese role-playing video games (JRPGs), Tales of Arise has a cast of memorable characters and a gaming system that is engaging, thought-provoking, and strategic. Fans have complimented both the visual and aural quality of the Tales of Arise audio transfer on the Steam Deck. The game’s graphics look fabulous.

#5: Disco Elysium

ZA/UM is the developer and publisher of the 2019-released, role-playing video game Disco Elysium. Disco Elysium has an open world and a lot of dialogue. The player takes on the role of a detective who has lost his memory because of drugs and alcohol. They are working on a murder case. The game is shown from an isometric point of view, and the player controls the character.

The game lacks traditional combat, instead depending on skill checks and conversation trees. In the game, there are four primary abilities: Intellect, Psyche, Physique, and Motorists, with each having six distinct subsidiary skills for a total of 24.

Some powers are affected both positively and negatively by the attire worn by the player character. For example, a character with a high Drama score may be able to detect and manufacture lies competently but may also be prone to frenzy and paranoia.

The “Thought Cabinet” is another method of storage in Disco Elysium. Dialogue with other characters and internal monologue are the keys to understanding a character’s thinking. After a given amount of game hours, the player can “internalize” a notion. This may be beneficial or detrimental to the player’s character in the long run.

The 24 skills help the player character have an internal conversation with one part of their mind or body. The skills are also a part of the dialogue trees. The non-playable characters in the game would respond well to the player’s actions and lines of dialogue if they were inspired by the thoughts and ideas shared in these internal conversations.

#4: Triangle Strategy

The political conflict that sets the scene for Triangle Strategy occurs on the fictitious continent Norzelia. The player assumes the position of Serenoa Wolfforth, a prince of one of the three fictional countries at the center of the video game’s conflict. 

It is a tactical role-playing game with turn-based combat that emphasizes strategy, and the entire gameplay resembles Fire Emblem. On the other hand, Triangle Strategy was only recently made available via Steam, whilst Fire Emblem titles are only playable on Nintendo platforms.

Similar to Fire Emblem, this game plays well on portable apps. The game may also be played beautifully on a Steam Deck for individuals who do not have access to a Switch.

#3: Yakuza: Like a Dragon

As confirmed by Deck, this new installment in the iconic Yakuza series tells the story of a low-level yakuza grunt that his former boss betrays. People who have never previously watched any of the drama series will find it an excellent place to start with the show.

Much like its predecessors, this entry in the Yakuza series offers a plethora of fun supplementary content, such as a kart racing minigame, that will keep you returning for more. The gameplay of the early Yakuza games was focused on action and was done in a beat ’em-up style.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, on the other hand, utilizes basic JRPG components that have a much more natural feel when played on mobile platforms like the Steam Deck. Conversely, the gameplay is a break from the standard in that it takes place in real-time and allows players to use the environment while engaged in a fight.

#2: Sable

Open-world adventure video game Sable was created by Shed Works and released by Raw Fury, and it can be played on the Steam Deck. Sable is a video game with an open universe in which players can go on adventures in whatever sequence they choose.

The tale is conveyed through the talks of NPCs and clues in the environment, such as the relics of an ancient civilization, rather than through fights or a predetermined plot. It focuses on solving simple puzzles and discovering objects as you traverse dunes and ruined structures. A stamina meter controls the platforming, allowing you to sprint, climb, and glide through the air.

Some aspects of the game are modifiable, including Sable’s hoverbike, attire, and even the story-critical masks. You can obtain both hoverbike parts and apparel by exploring the game area or performing objectives assigned by various individuals.

Most of these tasks require collecting little items, such as insects or fruit. Except for a few masks, clothing is purely aesthetic. Hoverbike parts, on the other hand, alter how the player navigates the Midden universe. Various components provide varying degrees of maneuverability, acceleration, and top speed.

#1: Divinity: Original Sin II 

Larian Studios is the company in charge of the creation and publishing of the role-playing video game Divinity: Original Sin II. The game can be played on the Steam Deck without any issues. Similar to Divinity: Original Sin, players can play alone or in groups of up to three.

The player can choose from a variety of pre-made characters with established histories. In addition to creating their own character at the beginning of the game, players can also select their stats, race, gender, and backstory. In contrast to the original game, players can now create a dead character from one of the various races. 

There are mods available in the Steam Workshop that can expand the number of party members they can bring with them. All companions are completely playable and may interact differently with the environment and NPCs than the player character. Each member of the player’s party can be controlled independently, allowing for complicated battle strategies and role-playing options. 

The game has both competitive and cooperative online and local multiplayer modes. A mechanism for “skill construction” enables players to mix and modify their abilities. The game also features a competitive multiplayer mode in which players are divided into two teams and engage in arena-based combat.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, if you want a classic RPG game that will keep you busy and entertained for many hours, these ten are the cream of the crop among Steam titles. And, who knows? Maybe your personal favorite needs to be listed here. In that case, let us know in the comments section so we can check it out too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is role play in a game?

A Role Play Game (RPG) is a game genre where the player assumes the role of a character throughout the play. It is possible to assume more than one character and for RPGs to be in different fantasy settings. According to StraitsResearch, RPGs are among the most popular game genres.

Is the Steam Deck durable?

Jerry’s plethora of durability tests show us that the Steam Deck can take quite a beating, and may be able to take on years of hardcore gaming use, with some accidental drops and the occasional rage fit thrown into the mix. The only exception to this is the screen on the anti-glare model.

Can Steam Deck run games offline?

You’ll need to be online to download and play multiplayer games online, just like on a PC. Once a game is installed on a disk, you can play it even if Steam Deck isn’t connected to the internet; unless it requires an internet connection.

Can you install Windows Steam Deck?

If you want Windows only on the Steam Deck, you can install it directly to the SSD. You’ll need to erase all of the data on the SSD to do so, though, including your games, settings, and SteamOS itself. Valve has promised a native dual-booting option with a future SteamOS 3 release, but this hasn’t arrived yet.

Is Steam Deck worth getting?

If you only want to play Steam games on a handheld, the Steam Deck is fantastic. If you’re willing to put in a little work to get your favorite emulators running on a handheld, the Steam Deck is also worth checking out.

How long can you play on Steam Deck?

According to Valve’s official estimates, the Steam Deck gets an unusually wide range of between two to eight hours of game time. However, some users have found that in some situations they get even less than that, with the device dying after less than 90 minutes.

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