The 9 Best Reasons to Avoid a Nvidia GTX 1050

Nvidia GeForce GTX

The 9 Best Reasons to Avoid a Nvidia GTX 1050

Key Points

  • The Nvidia GTX 1050 has low VRAM capacity, making it unsuitable for handling demanding games in 2023
  • The GTX 1050 doesn’t support the latest gaming and graphics technology, making it less future-proof
  • The card’s older Pascal architecture is eclipsed by more recent architectures like Turing and Ampere
  • The GTX 1050 uses older GDDR5 memory, which is inferior to the more recent GDDR6 memory
  • The card’s low memory bus width can lead to performance issues in demanding games

While we can list plenty of reasons to consider this card, we can also think of a few reasons to avoid an Nvidia GTX 1050. If you’re on the fence about this GPU, we can help steer you in the right direction.

In this article, we will explore why the Nvidia GTX 1050 may not be the most suitable choice for your needs. By the end, you will have a clearer understanding of the limitations of this graphics card, and if it is really worth getting.

ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
  • Good for 1080p gaming
  • Low PSU requirements
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Reason #1: Not Enough VRAM

One of the biggest reasons to avoid an Nvidia GTX 1050 is its low VRAM capacity. This card shipped with either 2GB, 3GBor 4GB, depending on which variant you got and if you had the mobile or desktop versions.

This much VRAM is fine for low-end games and playing on medium settings. However, when it comes to handling the demanding requirements of the top games in 2023, the GTX 1050 falls short.

VRAM, also known as video random access memory, is responsible for storing data related to pictures and graphics. When you are using graphics-intensive games or software, the GPU needs to access this data quickly in order to display images and animations on the screen.

For instance, when playing a game with high-resolution textures, the graphics card might need more space in its little VRAM to hold all the required graphical data. This may result from performance problems, including lag, crashes, and stuttering.

If you can find a 4GB version of the GTX 1050, this problem is a little less of an issue. Better yet, look for the “Ti” variant of the card if possible. Our biggest piece of advice is to avoid the 2GB and 3GB models at all costs, especially since the price differences are not drastic.

Reason #2: Doesn’t Support the Latest Technology

Without a doubt, gaming and graphics technology are always developing and growing. Unfortunately, the GTX 1050 falls short in this regard due to older technology compared to more modern graphics cards. 

One of the primary issues with the GTX 1050’s outdated technology is that it must be compatible with the newest graphics, gaming capabilities, and advancements. Its inability to handle newer versions of DirectX or OpenGL, which are necessary for contemporary games and apps, might illustrate this.

It still supports DirectX 12, which is recent enough for most games. But it falls short of DirectX 12 Ultimate, which will make it less future-proof than some newer cards.

Ryzen 3600 vs 5600x
The older GPU architecture is a significant limiting factor in this card.

Reason #3: Older Graphics Architecture

The GTX 1050‘s older architecture should also be taken into account. This card was brought to life with Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, which debuted in 2016. Even though Pascal was a substantial improvement over earlier architectures, more recent ones like Turing and Ampere have now eclipsed it. 

Compared to Pascal, these modern architectures provide several advantages, including improved performance, increased energy efficiency, and more complex capabilities like ray tracing.

The effect of outmoded graphics architecture on the GTX 1050 ultimately depends on what you’re using your GPU for. For example, if you like playing simpler games, then you might still find the GTX 1050 a good choice.

Even still, the GTX 1050 could still fall short for passionate gamers or graphic artists who want the newest features and technology. If you can swing the GTX 1050-Ti variant, you’ll be a little better off than just getting the standard 1050.

Reason #4: Older Memory Type

Remember how we said one of the biggest reasons to avoid an Nvidia GTA 1050 is because it doesn’t have enough VRAM? Well, the VRAM situation is worse than we initially thought.

The GTX 1050 is something you should stay away from if using an older memory type concerns you. The GDDR5 memory in the GTX 1050 is inferior to the more recent GDDR6 memory used in most of today’s mid-range and high-end GPUs.

Greater bandwidth and quicker speeds are some of the benefits you get with GDDR6. This results in higher performance and a more problem-free game experience overall. The RTX 3060 and RX 6700 XT offer considerably greater gaming performance than 1050 when using GDDR6 RAM.

Do you remember the last time you saw a DDR2 or DDR3 graphics card? It’s probably been a while. Just like these antiques, the GTX 1050 will soon become an ancient relic as gaming technology develops. That being said, you should consider different GPUs that offer newer memory technology if you want a card that will last you.

Reason #5: Low Memory Bus Width

Coupled with the low capacity, older VRAM, you also have a lower memory bus width to deal with. This is a problem for a few reasons, especially if you use your card for gaming.

Lower bus width ultimately translates to bandwidth. Less bandwidth means the amount of data the card can transfer between its memory and graphics processor is lower than if you had a higher bandwidth. This can lead to some nasty results.

Textures popping in, terrain failing to render in time, graphics glitches and slow loading times are all symptoms of low memory bandwidth. If you’re playing older games with simple graphics, this isn’t a problem at all. But more demanding titles will make the limitations of this card apparent.

Reason #6: Poor Value For Money

You want to get the most bang for your buck when buying a GPU. Who doesn’t? Sadly, the Nvidia GTX 1050 might not be your best choice.

First, compared to more recent graphics cards that provide higher performance and more sophisticated capabilities, its price tag is still surprisingly high.

After so much time on the market, you would think it would be priced a little more competitively. Consequently, you can get a newer card with much greater performance and features for the same cost.

If you happen to find the GTX 1050 for a good price, it might be worth getting. But with an MSRP of $109, there isn’t much room for improvement. The biggest unpleasant surprise is that you can’t even find this card for less than MSRP. In fact, it’s not unheard of to pay almost double the original price, despite its age.

The GTX 1050 may have been a wise pick in the past, but given its current lackluster pricing, there are plenty of better choices for today’s graphics and gaming needs. A more sophisticated card that offers higher performance, efficiency, and features may be more cost-effective in the long term.

Reason #7: Too Weak For 4K Gaming

Another one of the biggest reasons to avoid an Nvidia GTX 1050 is that it isn’t cut out for 4K gaming. It is a budget graphics card that lacks the features and capabilities required to keep up with the demands of the newest games. The card can still play games at 1080p or 1440p resolutions. But good luck going any higher.

Due to the card’s low VRAM and outdated architecture, running games at 4K can be challenging. The GTX 1050’s 2GB of VRAM is insufficient to match the VRAM needs of contemporary games. 

Furthermore, the GTX 1050 may not provide the necessary computing power to run games at 4K resolution. The card lacks innovative features in more recent graphics cards, such as ray tracing and DLSS, which are necessary for a fluid 4K gaming experience. 

Ray tracing is a rendering method that produces more realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections, whereas DLSS uses artificial intelligence to enhance game performance and visual quality. You won’t find either on this old dinosaur.

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You might not get to enjoy 4K gaming, but the GTX 1050 will give you a reasonable 1080p performance.

Reason #8: Low Frame Rates

The poor frame rates of GTX 1050 are another cause to stay away from it entirely. It is a mid-range GPU that performs admirably in most games. However, it falls short of competitors like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 and AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT. 

Maintaining consistent frame rates is a problem for this graphics card, especially if you crank up the settings. In most contemporary games, it can provide an average frame rate of 60 to 70, but the RX 5600 XT and the RTX 2060 can produce an average frame rate above 100.

It has fewer CUDA cores and less memory bandwidth than the RX 5600 XT and the RTX 2060, which accounts for the disparity in frame rates. The 1050 is still a respectable GPU for playing older games, especially the Ti variant. But it struggles to keep up with higher resolutions and more demanding games.

Reason #9: Too Much Noise And Heat

The NVIDIA GTX 1050, although popular amongst gamers and professionals, can generate significant noise and heat, particularly when running resource-intensive programs. Its tendency to become excessively loud under heavy load can become not just a nuisance, but also a distraction. 

Moreover, the card has the potential to become noticeably hot, which could result in thermal throttling. The dreaded thermal throttling is what your GPU does to compensate when things get a little too toasty. Your clock speed will decrease to prevent thermal damage to the card, and the noticeable result is decreased performance when gaming.

These issues can be aggravated when the graphics card is subjected to high-stress scenarios, such as playing demanding games or being overclocked. 

If you let your GPU gather dust, the issue becomes significantly worse. So, the best thing you can do if you have this card is to keep your PC as clean as possible. If you can improve your airflow with better fans, this will also help.

Still, the best course of action is to get a newer graphics card altogether.

Graphic Cards and Gaming
The GTX 1050 tends to get noisy under load. Keeping the cooling fans clean is the best thing you can do.

Wrapping Up: Reasons to Avoid an Nvidia GTX 1050

Choosing the right graphics card is essential for a seamless gaming and graphics experience, and there are so many better options than the Nvidia GTX 1050. 

For passionate gamers or designers who demand the newest features and technology, the GTX 1050 has a few flaws that might give you a sour opinion of it.

The GTX 1050 should be avoided for the following reasons: insufficient memory, obsolete technology, subpar performance, and poor value for money. Because the GTX 1050 only has 2GB, 3GB, or 4GB (if you’re lucky) of VRAM, handling more recent and demanding games is a bit of a challenge.

The GTX 1050’s ancient architecture makes it unimpressive amongst more recent gaming and graphics developments. You might have to think about other solutions that offer better long-term value if you desire a graphics card with more VRAM, newer architecture, higher bandwidth, and more advanced technology.

A wiser choice might be an Nvidia GTX 1660, a newer card with much better specs for a similar price. If you fancy AMD, a good alternative is the RX 580.

Either way, save your money and pick something better than the GTX 1050, or at least buy the Ti variant if you can find a good deal on it.

ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
  • Good for 1080p gaming
  • Low PSU requirements
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Summary Table

#1Not Enough VRAM
#2Doesn’t Support the Latest Technology
#3Older Graphics Architecture
#4Older Memory Type
#5Low Memory Bus Width
#6Poor Value For Money
#7Too Weak For 4K Gaming
#8Low Frame Rates
#9Too Much Noise And Heat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GTX 1050 still good?

As of now, the GTX 1050 is still a good card if you are seeking a budget-friendly solution for light gaming and other non-demanding tasks. However, its price-to-performance ratio makes it low on the list of cards we would recommend.

How good is the GTX 1050 for gaming?

The GTX 1050 is capable of running many games at acceptable frame rates, particularly at 1080p. However, even at this resolution, it will struggle with the latest AAA games on high settings.1440p and 4K gaming are mostly out of the question.

How old is the GTX 1050?

The GTX 1050 was released by Nvidia on October 25, 2016, making it nearly seven years old as of now.

Can the GTX 1050 run GTA V?

Yes, the GTX 1050 can run GTA V. However, for optimal performance, you’ll need to turn the graphics settings to low or medium.

Does the GTX 1050 require any additional power connector?

No, the GTX 1050 does not require any additional power connector. Its maximum power draw is rated at 75 W.

What is the MSRP of the GTX 1050?

The GTX 1050 was priced at $109 at its launch.

What display connectors are on the GTX 1050?

The GTX 1050 includes 1x DVI, 1x HDMI 2.0, and 1x DisplayPort 1.4a as display output options.

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