The Best QLED TVs This Year: Reviewed and Ranked

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The Best QLED TVs This Year: Reviewed and Ranked

The evolution of modern TVs has seen many new technologies come to the scene. The new QLED panel technology, which is an evolution of the LED, comes with impressive features and performance. It combines Quantum Dots and LED backlighting to deliver incredible picture qualities and vivid colors. Gamers and movie enthusiasts find this new technology a plus because it provides an immersive viewing experience.

Although the QLED has been traditionally associated with Samsung, many TV brands are now embracing the QLED technology in their TVs, fueling the competition between top TV brands. If you are in the market for a new QLED TV, choosing among the many available brands can be challenging. In this guide, we will explore the best options in the market to help you make an informed choice.

Best Overall: Samsung QN90C

Best Overall
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN90C
  • Gamers will enjoy support for AMD Free-Sync, ALLM, and VRR
  • Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling and120Hz refresh rate
  • Features Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ for an immersive surround sound system
  • Create a home theatre setup by pairing your Samsung soundbar with your TV through Q-Symphony 3.0.
  • Neo Quantum HDR+ for superior brightness, contrast, and color

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03/03/2024 05:14 am GMT

The Samsung QN90C is the latest Neo and QLED screen from Samsung and the best QLED in the market. It has a modern, slim, sleek design with razor-thin bezels that blend well with the environment. The TV has a central metallic stand for support. This TV comes with four HDMI 2.1 and three USB connection ports for connecting multiple devices. Samsung QN90C uses Quantum Matrix Technology and mini-LEDs to deliver incredible pictures, infinite contrast, and lifelike images. Thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling, the content is upgraded to a high resolution for a better viewing experience.

Gamers will appreciate the wide range of gaming-specific features on this screen, including Samsung Gaming Hub for cloud streaming of console games and support for AMD Free-Sync, ALLM, and VRR. The 4K streaming capabilities and high refresh rates of 120Hz are a plus for an immersive viewing experience. The QN90C also supports a wide range of HDR formats, including HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+.

In terms of sound quality, this TV reigns supreme. It has a 4.2.2 speaker set up, delivering up to 60W power output. It also features Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ for an immersive surround system. If your house has Samsung soundbars, you can create a home theater setup by pairing it with the TV through Q-Symphony 3.0. Moreover, the TV is powered by the newest version of Tizen OS, which is intuitive and easy to use.

With the built-in voice assistants, you can integrate the SmartThings app with your smart home devices and control them from a central point. You can access apps and dozens of streaming channels from the TV’s home screen. Lastly, the TV comes in wide size selections, ranging from 43 to 85 inches.

Check out the Samsung QN90C on Amazon.

Best on a Budget: Hisense U6H

Best Budget
Hisense ULED 4K Premium 55U6H Quantum Dot QLED Series 55-Inch Smart Google TV
  • 4K ULED resolution to improve colors, motion, contrast, and brightness
  • Supports Dolby Vision HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound
  • Up to 600 nits peak brightness
  • Built-in Google Assistant and also works with Alexa
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB connectivity
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03/02/2024 01:03 am GMT

The Hisense U6H is the best pick for budget-conscious buyers who want the performance of a QLED. It features Hisense’s proprietary ULED technologies that improve colors, motion, contrast, and brightness for an immersive viewing experience.

Combined with quantum dot, you get a wide color gamut with precise details,  accuracy, and vibrancy compared to a normal LED TV. It also has a higher peak brightness and a full array of local dimming zones to ensure that each scene receives maximum contrast, as dark parts remain darker and bright parts sustain their brightness.

Unlike the Samsung QN90C, this TV supports Dolby Vision, a feature that brings your movie and gaming experiences to life with enhanced depths, more colors, and incredible contrasts. Dolby Atmos enhances the sound, providing a cinema-like experience.

The Hisense U6H has built-in Google Assistant and works with Alexa for smart home integration and control. You can search content, open apps, and regulate connected devices with voice assistants.

Check out the Hisense U6H on Amazon.

Best for Gaming: TCL 6-Series (R655)

Best Overall for Gaming
TCL 75″ Class 6-Series 4K Mini-LED TV
  • 4K Ultra HD with 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Mini-LED backlight technology
  • Support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG
  • Comes in three screen sizes: 55, 65, and 75 inches
  • Four HDMI inputs and support for 144 Hz VRR
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Gaming requires TVs with high refresh rates, HDR performance, low input lag, and high resolutions. The TCL 6-Series (R655) excels at these features, providing the best experience for gamers seeking to optimize their gaming experiences. The superior 4K Ultra HD delivers high picture quality and contrast for high gaming performance. It also supports Dolby Vision HDR for enhanced contrast and improved colors for a more lifelike experience.

The mini-LED technology enhances the TV’s brightness, deepens the blacks, and increases contrast making it fit to watch in any environment, whether bright or dark. Combined with the quantum dot technology, you get high accuracy and over a billion colors and sheds for lifelike picture performance. The TV runs on Roku TV OS with intuitive interfaces and accesses multiple streaming channels, including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Disney+. It supports various HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG.

R655 comes with four HDMI inputs, allowing a resolution of 120Hz refresh rate, and supports VRR for the ultimate gaming experience. It also comes in three screen sizes, 55, 65, and 75 inches. The best thing about this TV is that it delivers all these fantastic gaming features at a considerably affordable price that would cost you an arm and a leg if you go for higher-end brands like Samsung.

Check out the TCL 6-Series (R655) on Amazon.

Best 8K: Samsung QN900A QLED 8K

Best 8K TV
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Neo QLED 8K QN900A Series UHD Quantum HDR 64x, Infinity Screen, Anti-Glare, Object Tracking Sound Pro, Smart TV with Alexa Built-In (QN65QN900AFXZA, 2021 Model)
  • Neo Quantum Processor 8K converts your content to 8K
  • Gaming is 4K at120HZ
  • Features 4 HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant built-in
  • Edge-to-edge Infinity Screen
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03/02/2024 09:19 pm GMT

Although they are not popular yet, 8K TVs are going to be the next big thing in TV technology. They provide four times the resolution of 4K screens but at a cost. The Samsung QN900A QLED 8K is among the best 8K QLED TVs. It is considered a next-generation TV because 8K content is not widely available, so if you are looking for a TV that is future-proof, then this is it. Like the other Samsung QLEDs, this screen combines mini-LED and Quantum Matrix Pro to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites. The 8K upscaling is unbelievable! Neo Quantum Processor 8K will convert all the content to an 8K resolution, making it more stunning.

With its barely noticeable bezels, you will enjoy an infinity screen with a near edge-to-edge display for an immersive viewing experience. Quantum HDR 64x allows you to experience extreme color brilliance and HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping across a broad spectrum of colors.

The sound quality is impressive, with features like the Object Tracking Sound Pro adding detail, accuracy, and a realistic feel for a cinema experience. With three voice assistants built in, you can change channels, open apps, and control the integrated smart home devices without leaving your couch. You can also access over 150 subscription-free channels to enjoy an hour of entertainment.

Check out the Samsung QN900A QLED 8K on Amazon.

Best Design: Samsung Frame

Best Design
SAMSUNG 55-Inch The Frame
  • Warranty: 1 year (extended)
  • Can be hung flush against the wall
  • Thin bezels ensure that you can see more of the screen
  • Very little light reflection in both day and night
  • Art Mode
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03/01/2024 04:20 pm GMT

If aesthetics is your priority, you can never go wrong with the Samsung Frame TV. When mounted on the wall, you can mistake it for a wall frame, providing an excellent addition to your home décor. It comes with all of Samsung’s typical QLED features, including Quantum dot technology with 100% color volume for immersive viewing. The rich colors and deep contrast make pictures appear lifelike in all scenes. 

It also has an Art mode to display a collection of art when not watching the TV. Thanks to the Art store, you can access a massive library of timeless art pieces from various artists. You can customize the bezel to blend into your home décor. The anti-glare glass technology helps deflect ambient and directional light, giving a better viewing experience in rooms drenched in sunlight.

Samsung The Frame has many innovative features, such as voice assistants allowing you to control your smart home devices, search apps, and change channels. Overall, this TV is a stunning masterpiece with unique features and design.

Check out the Samsung Frame TV on Amazon.

How To Pick The Best QLED TVs This Year: Step-By-Step

With many brands upscaling their QLED offerings, it can be difficult to pick the best. You need to consider the following key features to ensure you are investing in the best QLED available:


Backlighting plays a critical role in picture quality. It adds the contrast that separates images from the background. Different QLEDs have different backlighting technology, something you would need to consider before settling on any QLED in the market. Mini-LED QLED has a better contrast ratio, improving picture quality and delivering a bright, vivid, and lifelike picture.

Smart Features

Smart TV features have become standard in modern TVs. Look for a QLED with an advanced operating system that is easy to use and allows access to wide content applications. In the age of Smart devices, you need a TV that can integrate and control your smart home devices using voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ports and Connectivity

If gaming is your priority, look for TVs with HDMI 2.1 ports that support higher resolutions and refresh rates. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities are also important for wireless devices such as speakers, gaming devices, and headphone connections.

HDR Support

HDR formats such as Dolby Vision improve the picture quality of your screen, while HDR10 and HDR10+ add accuracy in brightness adjustment. HLG is suitable for broadcasting, and Dolby Atmos provides immersive surround sound. Be sure to check the formats supported depending on your needs. Some TVs lack some key formats. For instance, most newer Samsung Neo QLED TVs do not support Dolby Vision.


Different brands offer different TV sizes ranging from smaller 43 inches to bigger 75+ inches. If you want a large screen for a home entertainment setup, go for brands with bigger screen sizes. You should also consider the space available in your living room before choosing.


The prices vary significantly depending on sizes, features, and brands. Ensure you pick a TV within your budget while considering the key features and performance.

What to Know Before Buying the Best QLED TVs This Year

A QLED TV is an excellent addition to your home entertainment setup. QLEDs have an advantage over traditional LEDs because they add the Quantum dot technology, improving color accuracy, brightness, and contrast. When choosing a QLED TV, ensure it delivers all the important features for your viewing experience. Some brands have additional features to boost sound, integrate with smart home devices, synchronize with existing sound systems, and improve the overall visual elements. You must also consider the provided accessories, such as cables and wall mounts.

Using the Best QLED TVs: What It’s Like

QLED TVs enhance your viewing experience by providing rich colors, high brightness, and deep contrasts. QLEDs, with the best gaming features, help gamers enjoy their games at high refresh rates and resolutions without stuttering or lag. With the Dolby Atmos feature in most of these offerings, you will enjoy an immersive surround sound experience with sound that appears to be coming from all directions. Whatever QLED you choose, you will surely enjoy stunning picture qualities with lifelike performances thanks to quantum dot technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about QLED TVs?

QLEDs have an advantage over traditional LEDs because they add the Quantum dot technology, improving color accuracy, brightness, and contrast.

Do Samsung QLED TVs have burn-in issues?

QLED comes out on top on paper, delivering a higher brightness, longer life span, lower price tags, and no risk of burn-in.

How good is QLED technology?

QLED TV has better color displays, accuracy, and contrast than regular LCD panels. The blacks are deep and whites brighter thanks to the Quantum dot technology, which brings out over a billion color shades for a better viewing experience.

Which Samsung QLED TV is the best?

Samsung QN90C is the best QLED TV overall. It uses Quantum Matrix Technology and the mi-LED to deliver incredible pictures, infinite contrast, and lifelike images. Thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling, the content is upgraded to a high resolution for a better viewing experience.

Can you tell the difference between OLED and QLED?

The biggest difference between an OLED TV and a QLED TV is how deep the black level can be. While a QLED TV can replicate dark blacks and a QLED with Mini-LED can make that black even darker, an OLED has the power to just shut off its pixel. The display will be as dark as if you pulled the plug and turned it off.

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