The 3 Best PlayStation Emulators Today

Sony PlayStation 1

The 3 Best PlayStation Emulators Today

Emulators provide a great way to experience older games without having to purchase a game console. PlayStation emulators remain some of the most popular and elusive. Unlike older consoles such as Atari 2600 and NES/SNES, PlayStations tend to be difficult to emulate. The biggest limitations are power since the hardware running emulators needs to be a lot more powerful than the original device.

Emulators commonly run on computers, including both PC and Macs, but you can also install them on other devices like the Steam Deck as well. With increasingly powerful phones, many emulators let you play games on the go. Below we will take a lot at the three most popular PSX emulators. Plus, you can also find information about emulators for other PlayStation consoles.

  • RetroArch
  • ePSXe
  • PCSX Reloaded


The PSX (or PS1) refers to the original PlayStation console that was released back in the 90s. Unlike other consoles from the era, such as the Nintendo 64, Sony doesn’t do the best job of making their old games available on newer consoles. This means PSX games are great options for emulators. The nice thing here is that many modern devices, like mobile phones, can run PSX games.

Sony PlayStation 1
Games from the original PlayStation console, shown above, are rarely forward-compatible, so emulators are necessary to play them.


RetroArch is a great choice because it offers much more than just a PSX emulator. You can actually use it to play games for a number of different consoles. You start by installing RetroArch to your device and then install “Cores,” which are what allow it to run games from various consoles. In this case, you would install the Core for PSX games.

Installing RetroArch is super easy despite its wide range of features. Just download the latest version of RetroArch from the link above and click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Once complete, choose to install cores which will bring up a ton of different consoles to choose from. You will then want to connect the folder where all your games are installed so you can easily access all of your games.

There are a few other features that make RetroArch stand apart. Primarily, it can run on a large number of operating systems, including PC and Mac, but it can also run on Android, iOS, and even Raspberry Pi. This makes it a favorite amongst emulation enthusiasts. Plus, it has a really nice interface that is easy to use.


Next up is ePSXe, which is also available on a large number of platforms like Android, Windows, and Linux. However, it’s not quite as versatile as RetroArch. The main difference is that ePSXe is designed as a standalone PSX emulator, so it will only work with PS1 games.

To get the emulator working, you will need to download it from the link above. Once complete, everything will be in a zipped folder that you must open. After it’s unzipped, click on the “ePSXe” application to launch it. From here, you can configure the emulator’s settings. Then, when you’re ready to play a game, click “Run” on the upper menu and locate the game and start playing.

Although it’s not an all-in-one solution, it does an excellent job of emulating PS1 games. The ePSXe emulator has been around for a very long time, released in 2000 when the PlayStation was actually still in production. With over 20 years of development, it has become one of the best and most stable emulators available.

PCSX Reloaded

Finally, we come to PCSX Reloaded, which is another standalone PS1 emulation option. You cannot use it to play other games, although the same team did release other emulators like one for the PS2. However, the team working on the software has changed a number of times since it started development back in 1999.

PCSX Reloaded can be a little harder to find since development has pretty much stalled. But you can find a copy on several emulation websites. Once you get the emulator, you will need to extract it and start it up. You can modify settings if you wish, but it is otherwise ready to go. Lastly, go to “File” and “Run ISO” to locate the game and get it running.

PCSX has some limitations, and it doesn’t have all of the features of ePSXe. However, there are some really good reasons to go with PCSX. Namely, it is very easy to set up and get started playing. The biggest benefit here is that PCSX supports nearly all controllers. You won’t have to try finding one that works, and you can even use a newer PlayStation DualShock controller.

Emulators for Other PlayStation Consoles

The PSX is certainly a great choice to emulate since it requires much less power than other consoles. The newer the console, the more power they require and the more difficult they are to emulate. More importantly, there is a higher chance of having issues. For instance, certain games will struggle to run on the emulator, and you may experience more glitches and bugs. However, there are a few emulators you can try for newer consoles.


PCSX 2 is very similar to PCSX, but it is designed to work with PlayStation 2 titles. The team behind PCSX also designed PCSX2, so it has many of the same features. It also has added features like texture filtering and anti-aliasing, which definitely helps some of the aging games look better. One downside to PCSX2 is that you will need to obtain your own copy of the PS2’s BIOS to run it.

While PCSX2 is designed as a standalone emulator, it can also run some PSX games. The downside to PCSX2 is that it requires a fair amount of power, so you will not be able to run it on lower-end computers or mobile devices. Similarly, it struggles to run some complex games even on higher-end computer hardware.

playstation 2
Over 4,000 game titles were released worldwide for the PlayStation 2.


Emulating PlayStation 3 games is a dream for many since it had such a massive library of epic titles. It is also a relatively new console which makes emulation even more desirable. However, the PlayStation 3 had a very unique architecture that makes emulation very difficult. This is one reason why PlayStation 3 titles rarely get ported to newer ones like the PlayStation 4 and 5.

But RPCS3 has some really good abilities that are worth trying out. Most notable is that you can play select games in 4K. The problem is that you need a fairly powerful computer, as well as copies of the games, which can be difficult to acquire. If you do manage to get the software running, you will likely experience a lot of bugs, which means you’re probably better off picking up a used PlayStation 3.


Moving onto portable console emulation, PPSSPP is the best emulator for the PSP handheld console. It is extremely versatile, supporting numerous operating systems like Android and Raspberry Pi, in addition to Windows, macOS, and others. The PPSSPP emulator was co-created with one of the developers for Dolphin, which is an excellent emulator for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii.

Not only does PPSSPP emulate PSP games on a number of different devices, but it also makes them look a whole lot better. Games originally released on handheld consoles can look really bad when upscaled to a TV, the Nintendo DS being a great example. But PPSSPP does an excellent job of scaling and adding anti-aliasing, in addition to potentially boosting performance with Vulkan API.


We’ve covered nearly every PlayStation game console except for one. The PlayStation Vita goes largely unnoticed, coming at a time when mobile phone gaming was taking off, and the Nintendo 3DS dominated the market. However, Vita3k manages to bring Sony’s final handheld console back to life.

Unfortunately, there is one major problem, and that is it was part of a project that never got finished. Partially due to Vita’s lack of popularity and partly due to the console’s complexity, this emulator cannot play games. However, it does let you navigate through the system, and there are some homebrew games available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are emulators pirating?

No, using an emulator is not pirating. However, downloading games you don’t own is pirating.

Where can you get games?

You need to acquire ISO for the games you want to use with an emulator. There are a number of places you can find them, and it is also possible to get the data from the actual game discs.

Do all games work on emulators?

No, many games have issues when running on an emulator.

Do you need a console to use an emulator?

In most cases, you don’t need the original hardware to use an emulator. However, you will need a computer or other device to run the emulator on.

Can handheld consoles be emulated?

Yes, while you can’t play Vita games on an emulator yet, there are many other handheld consoles like the PSP and Game Boy that have emulators available.

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