The Best PC-Building YouTube Channels

PC-building YouTube channels

The Best PC-Building YouTube Channels

Key Facts

  • The best PC-building channels provide clear instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Some of them will also provide helpful tips on building your PC on a budget.
  • Scattervolt hosted by Marc Aranibar is one such example where the gaming enthusiast shows viewers how to build gaming PCs on a  budget.

PC-building has become more prevalent in recent years. Now, anyone can build their own computer and add some components and features. If you’re looking to build your PC, you’ve probably come across videos by PC-building YouTubers. 

It can be tiring sifting through all the different channels and finding the ones that will help you with your component purchases and tutorials. So, that’s why I created this list of the top 10 PC-building YouTube channels to help you narrow down your choices, as well as get tips straight from these experts. It will save you precious time since you don’t have to go through all the available channels on YouTube.

These YouTube channels will make the process easier. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert – these video tutorials are beneficial, and I highly recommend watching them!

1. LinusTechTips

LinusTechTips is one of the best PC-building YouTube channels. It covers everything you need to know, from CPUs and GPUs to smartphones and other technologies and everything in between. When you go to this channel, you’ll get everything Tech related.

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is the guy behind this YouTube channel. He and his team make sure to provide the best tech content on YouTube. You won’t only find valuable content about computer hardware but also learn some tech tips and enjoy experiments.

He has other tech channels besides Linus Tech Tips: Techquicki, Techlinked, and ShortCircut. These are some of the most well-known tech YouTube channels out there. 

To learn more, check out his profile here!

2. Paul’s Hardware

Paul’s hardware is the kind of YouTube channel you never get bored of because of its charismatic host. He provides detailed reviews of the latest technology devices, video tutorials on how to build a PC, and useful content related to PC hardware.

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start building your gaming pc, this YouTube channel is the best place to start. It includes a section designed only for building a gaming PC. Other uploads include PC builds (gaming, workstation, budget, etc.) and also has tech news videos.

This YouTube channel counts about 1.42 Million subscribers. Check this channel here, and hit the subscribe button!

3. Hardware Canuks

Hardware Canuks is one of the best PC-building YouTube channels for in-depth reviews. It provides detailed reviews of graphic cards, notebooks, hard drives, CPUs, and many more. You will also find simple tutorials on how to level up your PC gaming hardware.

Some of his review uploads are related to computer builds, gaming headsets, computer cases, gaming keyboards, and notebooks. You will also find unboxing videos and reviews about smartphones such as Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Apple, Razer, etc.

Get ready to improve your knowledge! Check it out here!

4. Tech Yes City

Tech YES City is focused on budget PC-building videos. It provides detailed reviews about GPUs, CPUs, and comparisons between gadgets to help your decision process.

Some of this channel’s uploads are related to PC ultra clean builds, used PC parts hunting, used gaming PC builds, tutorials, and new gaming PC builds. It also covers videos about scams and how to avoid them. It also features weird tech products, which are very interesting to watch. 

This tech YouTube channel is run by an Australian man selling used PCs. He doesn’t share only reviews and tutorials but also experiences. That’s why this YouTube channel is a must-subscribe, in our opinion.

Hurry up and check it out here!

5. Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology is the ideal tech space to learn and get the most out of your PC. It provides simple, step-by-step tutorials on how to build a PC, upgrade your SSD and RAM, and tech tips or tricks. 

This is the right YouTube channel to subscribe to if you want a quick solution to a problem you might have with your PC. It introduces solutions, tips, or upgrades to you in only five minutes or less. Well, who doesn’t like such videos?!

Some uploads are related to Tech Tips, Encrypted USB Drives, NVMe SSDs, Memory, and Gaming PC build Tips and Tricks. Take a look at its YouTube channel by clicking here!

6. Toasty Bros

If you need some well-done custom PC build videos to fit every budget and need, Toasty Bros is a must-subscribe YouTube channel. It provides detailed PC build guides and PC hardware reviews.

This YouTube channel is an inspiration and a worth-it tech space to learn and build the Ultimate PC gaming setup based on your budget. You will find full gaming PC setup videos starting from $150 and other costing several thousand.

Other uploads include custom PC builds and review videos on different gadgets and laptops.  Can’t wait to watch one of Toasty Bros’ videos? Check it out here!

7. Jayz Two Cents

JayzTwoCents is one of the best tech educational YouTube channels. It aims to inform and help people wisely build their PC. 

This channel provides in-depth tutorials, PC myths, and discussions about the most frequently asked questions in the PC world. Other video uploads include custom PC builds, educational tech videos, and water-cooling system reviews.

Jason Langevin is the founder of this tech YouTube channel that counts about 3.75 million subscribers worldwide.

Become a subscriber by hitting the button here and watching the videos at your pace! It is never too late to have the PC setup of your dreams.

8. Zach’s Tech Turg

Zach’s Tech Turf is one of the best tech YouYube channels to teach you how to build a PC or upgrade a used computer to achieve better performance. It provides easy how-to-content, PC build guides, and hardware benchmarks reviews. 

You will find essential and basic information to help you build your full gaming PC setup. This YouTube channel also has a second channel which includes short reviews, twitch clips, and live streams. All of which deal with different PC-building aspects.

Get ready to learn how to build the best PC without spending too much money. Want to know more? Check it out here.

9. Think Computers

Think Computers is a tech space dedicated only to computers. It provides detailed PC hardware reviews, including graphics cards, motherboards, cases, etc. You can also find how-to videos and get in touch with the latest tech news.

This YouTube channel features a weekly tech podcast so you can stay up-to-date with every product launch and review. Other video uploads include guides, unboxing, installation, testing, and many more.

Get ready to ”think computers”! Hit the subscription button by clicking here!

10. Scatter Volt

Scatter Volt is one of the best YouYube channels that helps you go into PC gaming for cheap. It mainly focuses on gaming by providing tutorials, PC build guides, and peripherical gaming device reviews.

The founder of this YouTube channel is Marc Aranibar, a young, intelligent gaming enthusiast. He aims to teach people of all backgrounds how to get into PC gaming on a budget by following his gaming PC build guide videos. 

Are you interested in learning more? Well, getting the ideal PC gaming setup at a low cost couldn’t be easier with his help. Don’t waste any minute, and check it out here!

Our Final Thoughts

The best PC-building YouTube channels focus on teaching viewers simple, easy-to-follow tutorials for building computers. Some offer helpful tips to save money and pick the best components for your budget. 

And all the channels went above and beyond regarding content quality; the content was clear and concise. In other words, if you’re looking to build your PC, these YouTube channels should be at the top of your list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best PC builder on YouTube?

Linus Sebastian, the founder of the LinusTechTips youtube channel, is the best tech guy that covers every aspect of computers and provides many detailed PC build guides. You will find a ton of helpful videos for any part of the PC build process.

What are the best sites for building a PC?

Some of the best custom sites for building a PC are: build my PC (for compatibility checking), BLD by NZXT (best for gaming hardware), CyberPowerPC (Best for the fastest build PCs), and Xidax (best for on-budget custom PCs).

Why should I build a PC?

The two main reasons you should build a PC are:

  1. Longer lifespan PC: The components you will use to build your PC are expensive, and building a PC costs more than buying a PC. However, the components you buy individually are often better quality than those of the pre-built computers. Better quality means a longer lifespan and no need to change it often.
  2. Better performance quality: You can pick the component you want in your machine and have the performance you wish for. So, you have complete control over your PC’s parts, and the built computer will have better quality than a pre-built one.

What are the cons of building a gaming PC?

Building a Gaming PC can be a good choice, but it also has cons. This process might take a long time, some components might not be compatible with others, and the not proper installation can cause issues to the computer. Also, parts for a Gaming PC tend to be pricier than that of a regular computer.

How difficult is building a PC?

Nowadays, building a PC is not a difficult task. You don’t have to be a tech specialist, but a good researcher. You can successfully build your PC by watching tutorials, tips, and tricks on building YouTube channels and tech websites to get the proper, essential knowledge you need to proceed.

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