The 6 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Tennessee

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The 6 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Tennessee

Key Points

  • Tennessee is a rising star in the tech world, with a focus on programming, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.
  • The state’s tech industry is fueled by startup incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces, as well as top educational institutions like Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee.
  • The best-paying tech jobs in Tennessee include Security Architect, Product Engineering Manager, Engineering Services Manager, Product Development Manager, Network Operations Manager, and Senior Software QA Engineer.
  • Tennessee offers affordable living, tax benefits, and a wide range of leisure opportunities for residents.

Located in the heart of America, Tennessee is a rising star in the tech world. Yes, that’s right. The tech scene in Tennessee is almost as enticing as its delicious Southern food (we said almost!).

With a focus on areas such as programming, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, Tennessee is pioneering a technological revolution. So, why not consider the Volunteer State for the next step in your tech career? You’ll see that they have plenty of jobs to go around –– and ones that pay well!

Let’s take a look at them below.

The Tech Tempo in Tennessee

In a charming blend of cultural richness and the upbeat pace of the tech industry, Tennessee has the stage set for a unique experience. For example, the cultural hubs of Memphis and Nashville are now being recognized for their thriving tech sectors

With big-name tech companies like Asurion setting up shop here, and the hustle and bustle created by the state’s many startups, Tennessee is one to watch on the tech scene.

The array of startup incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces fuels the fire of the tech industry in Tennessee. That, mixed with stellar educational institutions like Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee, creates a golden opportunity for creativity and innovation in the state’s tech industry.

Additionally, tech enthusiasts in Tennessee can benefit from the many tech events and hackathons that take place across the state. For example, the 3686 festival for entrepreneurs takes place once a year. This year’s event will be held in Nashville in September. Gatherings like this one are perfect for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in the tech world.

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Tennessee

Now, let’s tune into the main event: the best-paying tech jobs in Tennessee. Each role in this lineup is unique and formidable.

These jobs are transforming Tennessee’s tech industry, with high salary, demand, and growth rates. Let’s unveil the most highly sought roles in Tennessee’s tech sector.

Security Architect – $178,000-$297,000

A critical cybersecurity role among the high-paying tech jobs in Tennessee is the Security Architect. Tasked with designing and supervising network and computer security, they act as digital guardians. 

Typically tasked with reviewing, assessing, and improving security measures, Security Architects conduct regular tests and continuous monitoring of company systems. Additionally, they are responsible for planning emergency response and recovery plans from security breaches and cyber-attacks.

This role necessitates a degree in computer science, attention to detail, and an appetite for cybersecurity. In Tennessee, with its flourishing tech scene, Security Architects are essential to shield the burgeoning digital frontier from threats.

Security Architects in Tennessee can earn an average salary of $178,000-$297,000.

bridges in computer networking
Security Architects have become one of the most valuable cybersecurity positions in Tennessee.

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Product Engineering Manager – $151,000-$246,000

Integral to the landscape of tech jobs in Tennessee are Product Engineering Managers, orchestrating all things product creation, from ideation to production. 

Product Engineering Managers lead the conception, execution, and launch of engineering products. Additionally, they are responsible for managing the project schedule, budget, and communication with key stakeholders.

A relevant engineering degree and a knack for strategic planning are prerequisites for this role. In Tennessee, these professionals harmonize with a variety of teams to create tech solutions tailored to local needs.

Product Engineering Managers in Tennessee can earn a salary range of $151,000 to $246,000.

Linear search
Product Engineering Managers lead the development of engineering products.


Engineering Services Manager – $115,000-$190,000

Among the lucrative tech jobs in Tennessee, the Engineering Services Manager stands out.

A company’s Engineering Services Manager will manage the smooth running of engineering projects, as well as write reports and manage budgets. The role requires management skills, an eye for detail, and a degree in a related field. In the thriving Tennessee tech industry, these managers innovate service delivery, paving the way for growth.

An Engineering Services Manager can earn between $115,000 and $190,000 in Tennessee.

Computer Science vs. Software Engineering
Engineering Services Managers are key to managing engineering projects.


Product Development Manager – $107,000-$186,000

Product Development Managers, the catalysts of innovation among tech jobs in Tennessee, lead the creation and improvement of products.

Product Development Managers collaborate with design and engineering teams to create product concepts and prototypes. This necessitates a strong understanding of technical jargon and stellar communication skills. In the thriving Tennessee tech scene, they channel local market understanding into successful product launches. This position typically requires a degree in engineering or business and a spark of creativity. 

Tennessee’s Product Development Managers can command salaries between $107,000 and $186,000.

Network Operations Manager – $106,000-$180,000

Network Operations Managers, the digital pioneers among the tech jobs in Tennessee, ensure the seamless operation of network and computer systems. This managerial role requires an IT-related degree and problem-solving skills. 

They are responsible for managing the daily operations of the organization’s network infrastructure, including hardware, software, security, and services.

In Tennessee, a Network Operations Manager can expect to earn between $106,000 and $180,000 per year.

IT professional information technology
Network Operations Managers can earn between $106,000 and $180,000 in Tennessee.


Senior Software QA Engineer – $103,000-$158,000

Senior Software QA Engineers are highly sought-after in Tennessee to ensure a company’s software quality. The role requires strong coding skills, a keen eye, and a computer science degree. 

Senior Software QA Engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining test scripts and providing valuable QA feedback to developers. Additionally, they are expected to provide technical expertise in quality assurance and quality control, and simultaneously coordinate and execute projects.

A Senior Software QA Engineer makes an average salary of between $103,000 and $158,000 in Tennessee.

Virtualization software digital technology computer PC
Senior Software QA Engineers are required to have coding skills and, typically, a computer science degree.


Tennessee’s Tech Education Scene

To land one of these lucrative tech jobs in Tennessee, having the right skill set is key. With courses available in computer science and engineering from local schools like Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee, there are plenty of opportunities to master the skills you need to score the high-paying role you want.

On the other hand, if university course enrollment would demand too much time of your time or money, there are numerous coding bootcamps that can set you up for success in the tech sector. For example, the Nashville Software School and Tech Elevator provide a number of online courses that can get you qualified for high-paying roles.

Lastly, there are always options like Coursera and Udacity to help you upskill, reskill, and refine your tech knowledge by learning in-demand tech skills online.

The Power of Connection in Tennessee

If you’re familiar with the tech scene in the U.S. you know that it’s all about connections. This is no different in Tennessee!

There are various events held throughout the state where you can mingle with the movers and shakers of the tech industry. For example, DevOpsDays Nashville is a great networking opportunity for tech professionals.

Additionally, local meetups play a huge role in Tennessee’s networking game. You can find niche events on sites like Meetup, for example. From Women in Cybersecurity and Tech to the Franklin Developer Lunch & Learn, you’re sure to find the right group for you.

The Tennessee Experience: Life in the Volunteer State

Working in Tennessee sounds pretty great, right? But hold on! Before you take that leap of faith into a new career, let’s take a look at what life is like in this vibrant state.

Value for Money: Affordable Living

Living in Tennessee is like having a backstage pass to a great lifestyle that won’t cost you a fortune. The cost of living here slides comfortably below the national average, making it an attractive proposition for both recent graduates and seasoned tech veterans.

From housing and healthcare to groceries, Tennessee presents an affordable, comfortable lifestyle that’s hard to resist.

Your Wallet’s Best Friend: Tax Benefits

Rolling out the financial red carpet, Tennessee’s no-income-tax policy is a significant financial bonus for residents. This policy serves as a booster shot for your savings, making the state a financially friendly playground for tech professionals.

Fun All Round: Leisure Opportunities

Whether you’re a nature lover, a food blogger, or a music aficionado, Tennessee has something for everyone. The breathtaking Great Smoky Mountains, the delicious Southern cuisine, and the buzz of the musical streets provide a rich mix of cultural and recreational activities for all. 

Will You Join the Tech Jam in Tennessee?

If you’re looking to make moves in the tech industry, place your bets on Tennessee. With a high-paying tech job in this southern state, you’ll be thriving in mountains, music, and money! These roles can set you up for major success in your tech career.

While you’re living your best life in Tennessee, you’ll also be contributing to the growth of a prosperous industry. So, whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re looking for your next bold move to make, try out Tennessee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tennessee a thriving hub for tech jobs?

Tennessee is home to a growing number of tech companies, startups, and supportive ecosystems like incubators and co-working spaces. The presence of prestigious educational institutions that offer robust computer science and IT programs further fuel the tech industry.

What is the average salary for tech jobs in Tennessee?

While the salary can vary significantly depending on the specific tech role, experience, and skill set, tech jobs in Tennessee often offer competitive salaries. For instance, a Security Architect can earn between $178,000 and $297,000 annually in TN.

Are there networking opportunities for tech professionals in Tennessee?

Absolutely. Tennessee boasts numerous tech communities, networking events, and conferences that provide opportunities for individuals to connect with industry peers, stay updated with trends, and potentially discover job opportunities.

What are some top tech companies in Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to several notable tech companies, including Asurion and SmileDirectClub. There are also many burgeoning startups making their mark in the TN tech scene.

How is the cost of living in Tennessee for tech professionals?

Tennessee has a lower cost of living than the national average, making it an attractive place for tech professionals. This affordability extends to housing, healthcare, and everyday expenses.

What kind of lifestyle can I expect in Tennessee?

Tennessee offers a balanced lifestyle with its picturesque landscapes, historical richness, dynamic culture, and recreational opportunities. You can enjoy everything from hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains to diving into Nashville’s vibrant music scene.

Does Tennessee offer tax advantages?

Yes, one of the key financial advantages of Tennessee is its no-income-tax policy, which can add to the overall financial appeal for tech professionals.

What are the educational opportunities for tech in Tennessee?

Tennessee offers a wealth of educational opportunities. Local universities, colleges, and technical schools offer strong computer science, engineering, and IT programs. Plus, there are prominent online learning platforms and coding bootcamps available in the region.

What is the job market like for tech jobs in Tennessee?

The job market for tech jobs in Tennessee is growing with increased investment in tech and an expanding number of tech companies setting up shop in the state. This growth is creating numerous opportunities across a range of tech roles.

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