The 6 Best Paying Tech Jobs In South Carolina

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The 6 Best Paying Tech Jobs In South Carolina

Key Points

  • South Carolina has one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in the country, worth $89 billion and growing at a rate higher than the national average.
  • The state’s investment in technical education and presence of large tech companies have contributed to the growth of the tech industry.
  • The highest-paying tech jobs in South Carolina include Software Development Manager, Data Scientist, Technology Manager, Database Engineer, Network Engineer, and IT Technical Consultant.

High-paying tech jobs may not be the first thing you think of when you hear South Carolina. You may think of all the historical sites there are to visit. The peaceful golf courses and Atlantic coast beaches that entice visitors year-round might be what comes to mind. You may even crave the seafood, barbecue, and delicious southern cooking the state boasts.

South Carolina, though, has one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in the country. According to a recent study, the tech industry in the state is worth $89 billion and is growing at a rate higher than the national average.

The state is also home to many strong technical education programs and large tech companies. Both factors have helped draw more tech companies in. This only adds to the growing market of tech jobs in South Carolina.

If you’re interested in working in a growing tech field in a scenic and historic state, you’re in the right place. Let’s look at some of the highest-paying tech roles available in South Carolina.  

South Carolina’s Tech Sector

South Carolina has seen its tech sector grow steadily over the past 20 years. This growth has come from serious, sustained efforts by the state.

From quality programs in technical education and investment in the industry to a healthy showing of tech giants and startups alike, South Carolina is a fine-tuned machine, attracting even more companies to its tech sector every year.

Technical Education

In 1962, Greenville County, South Carolina, was the first area of the state to establish a technical education center. Since then, dozens more have been built around the state, ensuring that 95% of the state’s population is within 25 miles of a center.

In the 2000s, it is estimated that around 58% of South Carolinian undergraduates attended one of the state’s technical education centers. With such a qualified workforce, South Carolina attracts many large tech companies to set up shop within its borders.


Many areas around South Carolina have invested in building up a thriving tech sector. Charleston often appears on many lists of the “next Silicon Valleys.”

The Charleston Tech Center, a result of this investment, hosts over 400 big tech companies and startups. Locally grown businesses like Blackbaud, Phish Labs, and Benefitfocus have grown alongside the burgeoning tech sector. Satellite operations of international corporations like Google and Infosys also call the Charleston Tech Center their home. There are plenty of big tech companies that offer some of the best-paying tech jobs in South Carolina.

All this has led to growth in the tech industry that outstrips the national average. Between 2015 and 2020, employment in the tech sector grew by 23.8% compared to just 8.9% nationwide.

The 6 Best Paying Tech Jobs in South Carolina

With impressive growth, expanding job opportunities, and an attractive quality of life, it’ll be hard to pass up these high-paying tech jobs in South Carolina.

Software Development Manager ($126,000-$307,000 p.a.)

Software developers are in high demand in South Carolina’s tech sector. For those looking to lead teams of developers, your pay will be even higher.

As a software development manager, you will lead a team that designs, develops, implements, and maintains software programs and applications. Your work will develop short- and long-term strategies for developing scalable software products that address and solve practical issues that businesses face.

As the manager, your focus will be more on the duties of leadership. You will collaborate with stakeholders, coordinate team members, allocate resources, streamline processes, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. But with a salary range of $127,000-$206,000 p.a., your efforts will be well-compensated. In a tech sector as fast-growing as South Carolina’s, you will find many opportunities to show off your software-developing skills.

Electronics Development Engineer Working on Computer, Talks with Project Manager, Another Specialist Joins Discussion. Team of Professionals Use CAD Software for Modern Industrial Engineering Design.
Software development managers lead teams that create software solutions for businesses


Data Scientist ($101,000-$257,000 p.a.)

A data scientist is a big-picture thinker who recognizes trends in data and uses data-focused solutions to help optimize business practices. These professionals help guide a company’s strategies by determining the questions they should ask and using data to help answer them.

The day-to-day work of a data scientist involves many factors. They find data trends to uncover insights, create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes, and use machine learning to improve data or product quality. Since they work in an ever-changing field, they often collaborate with other data professionals to ensure data quality and accuracy and to stay up-to-date with development.

Data scientist’s work is valuable to businesses in competitive fields. At a salary range of $101,000-$257,000 p.a., the pay makes this one of the state’s best-paying tech jobs.

Analyst Working With Spreadsheet Business Data On Computer
Data scientists track data trends to ask and answer the right questions for businesses


Technology Manager ($82,000-$226,000 p.a.)

As the name implies, this role involves leadership and oversight. As a technology manager, you handle the information systems of an organization. This involves overseeing computer hardware, software, databases, internet servers, and telecommunication services and ensuring they run correctly and at an optimal speed.

Technology managers often collaborate with management to match information technology solutions with the business’ needs. You will also hire, train, and fire your team. With a pay range of $86,000-$226,000 p.a., the salary matches the high level of responsibility.

Project Manager and Computer Science Engineer Talking while Using A Digital Tablet Computer. Telecommunications Company System Control and Monitoring Office Room with Working Specialists.
Technology managers are responsible for the entire information system of an organization


Database Engineer ($81,000-$192,000 p.a.)

If you are a fan of data and enjoy the big picture of designing large-scale systems, the role of database engineer is for you. These tech professionals work with software developers and data analysts to develop and maintain complex databases and ensure their full operation, security, and stability.

Database engineers help companies organize and secure their data and develop new systems based on corporate needs, storage requirements, and the number of users. Since you are the mastermind of the structure that holds all a company’s data, you are also responsible for training the employees on how to best use it. In an industry that’s changing every day, you will also need to stay on top of the latest developments in database management, build it into the system, and bring other employees up to speed.

The job comes with many responsibilities and an entire company’s information depending on your work. But it can provide fulfilling work for those with the proper education and background. Plus, the pay range of $81,000-$192,000 p.a. puts this role among the ranks of best-paying tech jobs.

Portrait of Smiling IT Specialist Using Tablet Computer in Data Center. Big Server Farm Cloud Computing Facility with Male Maintenance Administrator Working. Cyber Security, e-Business.
Database engineers create systems to store companies’ data efficiently and securely.

Network Engineer ($64,000-$155,000 p.a.)

As a network engineer, you will also get to deal with the big picture of a company’s operations. People in this role design, build, and maintain the entire network of computers that a company uses. This work determines how smoothly organizations in various industries—from healthcare, education, and research to government and military—run.

Responsibilities of this job start from the design and planning of a network and extend through to ensuring smooth company operations with any action that requires a computer. It is not wonder that this crucial role brings in a salary range of $64,000-$155,000 p.a..  

Side view portrait of young black man as network engineer working with servers in data center and holding laptop
Network engineers develop computer systems that ensure smooth business operations.

IT Technical Consultant ($53,000-$129,000 p.a.)

As an IT technical consultant, you get the double joy of applying technology solutions to real-world problems and being your own boss. As a consultant, you choose the companies you want to work with and provide your expert advice. Your work will help them identify the best strategy to solve problems or achieve business goals using information technology systems and infrastructures.

The creativity and critical thinking needed to assess a client’s needs and identify the best strategy to solve their problems will satisfy any Sherlock Holmes of the tech world. Plus, the $53,000-$129,000 p.a. salary range isn’t bad either.

In Technology Research Facility: Female Project Manager Talks With Chief Engineer, they Consult Tablet Computer. Team of Industrial Engineers, Developers Work on Engine Design Using Computers
IT Technical Consultants provide their expertise to businesses in need of information technology solutions.

Navigating South Carolina’s Tech Jobs

Looking to get a foothold in South Carolina’s fast-growing tech sector? Let’s examine how, from getting qualified to finding a job to moving up the professional ladder.


South Carolina has long invested in technical education. The state has an expansive network of technical training schools that can give you the jump-start you need. After two years, you will be on your way to earning a bachelor’s degree in any tech field you choose. From there, you can tackle an entry-level job in South Carolina’s array of local and international tech companies.

If you’re looking to work in high-paying roles, though—managers, consultants, and specialized engineering roles—a master’s degree will do you good.

There are also numerous certification programs and boot camp courses that can help give your professional knowledge the extra boost it needs to stand out.

Job Hunting

Since there are many areas around South Carolina investing in their tech sector and attracting big-name companies, you will find many lucrative opportunities for work. Don’t let that lull you into laziness, though. The best companies only consider the best candidates.

To put yourself among that number, take advantage of any opportunity you have to set yourself apart. Connect with professionals and recruiters in your industry on sites like LinkedIn, craft a unique and impressive resume that won’t get lost in the pile, and show that you’re a quick and willing learner.

Professional Advancement

Once you land that job, your hard work doesn’t stop. For one thing, the tech industry is always changing and developing new technologies and better systems that can leave those unwilling to learn and adapt behind.

As you start in junior positions, find people in your company willing to take you under their wing. Accordingly bootcamps, courses, and certification seminars are great because they show your commitment to learning and professional development. They’re a visible way to show you’re on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry.

Wrapping Up: South Carolina’s Growing Tech Promise

South Carolina has proven itself as a worthy place to hang your tech hat, both to companies and to professionals. As can be seen, they have worked hard and invested big to do so.

Seeking your tech fortunes in South Carolina can give you a chance to grow your career in a tech sector that will grow along with you. You just have to put in the work, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tech field has the highest salary?

The salary depends on the company and location in the U.S. The highest-paying fields include:

  • IT Management (CEO, CIO, CTO, VP, Director)
  • Cloud Architect/Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Systems Architect

Roles in these jobs can earn anywhere between $80,000 to $300,000.

What state has the highest paying tech jobs?

Washington and California often have the highest salaries for tech jobs. The tech sectors in those states are robust and rich with jobs because of companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple setting up their headquarters there.

What is considered a high salary in South Carolina?

According to ZipRecruiter, top earners in South Carolina earn over $75,000. Earners in the 75th percentile bring in over $60,000.

What is the easiest and highest paying tech job?

Many software developing jobs don’t require experience and come with high salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for this field in 2021 was $110,140.

Why are tech salaries so high in the US?

Salaries for tech jobs are consistently high nationwide due to the value companies place on qualified individuals in the field. Companies are often competing to attract the people with the right mix of skills and experience.

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