The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Dakota

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The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Dakota

Key Points

  • North Dakota is no longer only famous for agriculture, but boasts a wide-range of lucrative jobs.
  • North Dakota’s tech industry offers high-paying jobs such as Systems Administrator, Software Developer, and Director of IT Infrastructure.
  • The average salary for a Systems Administrator in North Dakota ranges from $69,000 to $135,000, while a Software Developer can earn between $80,000 and $129,000.

Looking for high-paying tech jobs in North Dakota, but feeling discouraged by the limited options? Cheer up! We’ve got you covered. Let’s look at the seven best-paying tech jobs in North Dakota that will boost your career and your bank account.

Contrary to popular belief, North Dakota isn’t just a hub for agriculture, it’s also emerging as a hotbed for lucrative tech opportunities. Get ready to challenge the status quo and explore the untapped potential of this Midwestern state. Whether you’re an aspiring tech enthusiast or a seasoned professional seeking a change, this list will provide you with valuable insights into the most lucrative opportunities available in the Peace Garden State.

So, if you’re ready to break stereotypes and embrace the exciting world of tech, keep reading and discover the hidden treasures of North Dakota’s thriving tech industry.

1. Systems Administrator ($69,000 to $135,000)

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The Systems Administrator is responsible for the company’s entire computer system.


As a Systems Administrator in North Dakota, you ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of an organization’s computer systems. Your primary responsibilities involve managing and supporting the hardware, software, and network infrastructure that keeps the business running efficiently.

You are responsible for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting servers, operating systems, and software applications. You monitor system performance, conduct routine maintenance, and implement security measures to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. Additionally, you provide technical support to end-users, assisting them with hardware and software issues and ensuring their systems are functioning optimally.

Average Salary

A Systems Administrator in North Dakota can earn between $69,000 and $135,000, with the average salary being $81,143. Not only, is this position one of the best-paying tech jobs in North Dakota, but also all over the US. This lucrative tech job offers exciting challenges and opportunities for growth in North Dakota’s evolving technology landscape. However, it’s important to note that salaries may vary based on experience, skills, and the specific industry you work in.

Skills and Credentials Needed

To excel as a Systems Administrator in North Dakota’s tech industry, you should possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • You should be proficient in systems administration and have a solid understanding of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, or Unix, and be able to manage and configure them effectively.
  • A firm grasp of networking concepts and protocols, including TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and VPN, is essential for managing and troubleshooting a network infrastructure.
  • Familiarity with security practices and tools is crucial for protecting systems and data from potential threats. In addition, knowledge of firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption protocols is highly desirable.
  • As a Systems Administrator, you must have excellent problem-solving abilities and be able to diagnose and resolve technical issues that may arise quickly.
  • Strong communication skills are essential for effectively interacting with end-users and collaborating with other IT professionals or teams.
  • Earning industry-recognized certifications such as CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), or Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) can enhance your credibility and career prospects.

2. Software Developer ($80,000 to $129,000)

As a software developer, your key roles will involve designing, coding, and testing software applications. You will work closely with the development team to create user-friendly and efficient software solutions that meet client requirements. Additionally, you will be responsible for troubleshooting and debugging software issues to ensure smooth operation.

Average Salary

With an average salary of $86,672, software developers in North Dakota enjoy competitive compensation for their valuable skills. Consequently, this makes software development one of the best-paying tech jobs in the state and nationwide.

Skills and Credentials Needed

To excel as a software developer in North Dakota, the following skills and credentials are essential:

  • A solid grasp of programming languages like Java, Python, C++, or JavaScript, is crucial for software developers. This enables them to write clean and efficient code.
  • Familiarity with popular software development frameworks and tools such as Angular, React, or Node.js can enhance a developer’s productivity and ability to build robust applications.
  • Software developers should possess strong problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset. This enables them to identify and resolve issues efficiently during the development process.
  • Effective communication and collaboration are essential for software developers, as they often work in teams and interact with clients and stakeholders. Clear communication ensures smooth project execution.
  • A good understanding of the software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment, is vital for software developers to deliver high-quality software products.
  • Given the dynamic nature of the tech industry, software developers must be adaptable and willing to learn about new technologies and frameworks continuously in order to stay updated and deliver innovative solutions.

3. Director of IT Infrastructure ($150,790 to $186,390)

As a Director of IT Infrastructure, you oversee the management and maintenance of the organization’s IT infrastructure. You will be responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the company’s hardware, software, and network systems to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, you will lead a team of IT professionals and collaborate with various departments to meet the organization’s technological needs.

Average Salary

The average salary for a Director of IT Infrastructure in North Dakota is $166,490. Thus, it’s one of the best-paying tech jobs in the region.

Skills and Credentials Needed

To qualify for a Director of IT Infrastructure position, the following will be useful:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field will be beneficial.
  • To excel in this role, you will need a combination of technical expertise and leadership skills.
  • You should possess a deep understanding of IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, storage systems, and virtualization technologies.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities are essential in order to identify and resolve complex technical issues.
  • Effective communication and team management skills will be crucial in leading and coordinating the IT department.
  • Relevant industry certifications, such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and PMP (Project Management Professional), can enhance your credentials.
  • Previous experience in IT infrastructure management, preferably in a leadership role, is highly valued.
  • Employers may seek candidates with a demonstrated track record of successful project execution, strategic planning, and budget management.

4. Software Design Engineer ($80,000 to $129,000)

As a software design engineer in North Dakota, your primary role is to design and develop software applications. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, analyze user needs, and create technical designs. Additionally, you will be responsible for testing, debugging, and maintaining software systems to ensure their functionality and reliability.

Average Salary

The average salary for software design engineers in North Dakota is $101,317. This figure represents the median pay scale for this role in the region, which lies between $80,000 and $129,000.

Skills and Credentials Needed

To thrive as a software design engineer in North Dakota, you should have the following skills and qualifications:

  1. A firm command of programming languages such as Java, C++, or Python is essential for software design engineers. This enables them to write efficient and maintainable code.
  2. Software design engineers should be well-versed in the different stages of the software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, and deployment.
  3. Understanding software architecture and design patterns allows software design engineers to create scalable, robust, and flexible software systems.
  4. Familiarity with version control systems like Git enables software design engineers to effectively manage and collaborate on code repositories.
  5. Software design engineers need to possess excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to identify and resolve software issues and optimize performance.
  6. A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field will be useful. Most employers in North Dakota prefer candidates with a formal education in computer science or a related discipline. A degree provides a solid foundation in software engineering principles and concepts.

5. Business Analyst ($63,000 to $98,000)

As a Business Analyst in North Dakota, your primary responsibility is to analyze and evaluate business processes and systems. You will identify areas for improvement, develop strategies, and recommend solutions to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

Collaborating with stakeholders, you will gather and document requirements, conduct thorough data analysis, and provide valuable insights to drive informed decision-making. Business Analysts play a crucial role in bridging the gap between business objectives and technological implementation. They ensure that projects align with organizational goals and deliver measurable results.

Average Salary

The average salary for Business Analysts in North Dakota falls within the range of $63,000 to $98,000. However, various factors, such as experience, industry, and geographic location, can affect your earnings.

Skills and Credentials Needed

The following will give you an advantage as a Business Analyst:

  • Possessing strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively are essential for success in this role.
  • Business Analysts should also be proficient in data analysis tools, possess a solid understanding of business processes, and have the ability to translate user needs into functional requirements.
  • Expertise in project management, problem-solving, and critical thinking are highly valued in this position.
  • To excel as a Business Analyst, certain credentials and qualifications are typically required. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, computer science, or a related field is often preferred. Additionally, professional certifications, such as Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) or Project Management Professional (PMP), can significantly enhance job prospects.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are vital for collaborating with diverse teams and stakeholders.
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools, knowledge of industry-specific software, and familiarity with Agile methodologies are highly desirable.

6. IT Generalist (70,051 to $85,200)

As an IT Generalist, you will play a versatile role in the tech industry. Your responsibilities will span various areas of information technology, including system administration, network management, and technical support. You will troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues, manage IT infrastructure, and provide technical assistance to users. IT Generalists are crucial in ensuring smooth IT operations and supporting the organization’s technological needs.

Average Salary

The average salary for IT Generalists in North Dakota amounts to $77,481. This figure represents the compensation typically offered in the region for this job role. Keep in mind that factors such as experience, industry demand, and specialized skills can influence individual salaries. Considering these factors, the IT Generalist position is undoubtedly one of the best-paying tech jobs in North Dakota.

Skills and Credentials Needed

To excel as an IT Generalist, you should possess the following skills and qualifications:

  1. A strong command of operating systems like Windows and Linux, as well as software applications commonly used in business environments, is essential for an IT Generalist.
  2. Understanding network administration principles and security protocols is crucial to maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure.
  3. As an IT Generalist, you must be adept at diagnosing and resolving technical issues promptly and efficiently.
  4. Being able to adapt to changing technologies and varying user needs is important for an IT Generalist who works with diverse systems and equipment.
  5. Effective communication skills are essential in order to interact with users, provide technical support, and collaborate with other IT professionals.
  6. Earning certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+, or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) can enhance your credibility and job prospects as an IT Generalist.

7. Supervisory IT Specialist ($110,187 to $128,415)

The Supervisory IT Specialist must lead a team of IT professionals within the company.


As a Supervisory IT Specialist, you hold a pivotal role in North Dakota’s tech industry. Your primary responsibility is to oversee and manage IT operations within an organization. This involves supervising a team of IT professionals, ensuring the smooth functioning of IT systems, and implementing effective technology strategies. You play a critical role in identifying and addressing IT-related challenges, while also providing technical guidance and support to your team.

Average Salary

The average salary for Supervisory IT Specialists in North Dakota is $113,820. However, it’s important to note that various factors influence salaries, such as experience, qualifications, and the complexity of the organization’s IT infrastructure. Therefore, to excel in this role, you must possess a diverse skill set that encompasses both technical and leadership abilities.

Skills and Credentials Needed

To thrive as a Supervisory IT Specialist, the following skills and credentials are essential:

  1. A deep understanding of IT systems, networks, and infrastructure is crucial in order to manage and oversee IT operations effectively.
  2. As a supervisor, you should possess excellent leadership abilities to guide and motivate your team. Clear communication is also essential for collaborating with stakeholders across the organization.
  3. The ability to analyze complex IT issues, make sound decisions, and implement effective solutions is vital in this role.
  4. Proficiency in project management methodologies and practices enables you to handle IT projects efficiently, ensuring they are completed within budget and on time.
  5. Understanding cybersecurity principles and best practices is crucial to protect the organization’s data and infrastructure from potential threats.
  6. Being aware of relevant IT regulations and compliance requirements helps ensure that the organization operates within legal and industry standards.
  7. The tech industry evolves rapidly, so a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and trends is essential for long-term success as a Supervisory IT Specialist.

As one of the best-paying tech jobs in North Dakota, the role of a Supervisory IT Specialist offers not only a competitive salary but also the opportunity to lead and shape the technological landscape within organizations.

How to Land One of the Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Dakota

Are you looking to secure a high-paying tech job in North Dakota? With the ever-growing demand for skilled professionals in the tech industry, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you in the Peace Garden State. To increase your chances of landing one of the best-paying tech jobs, here are some valuable tips to consider.

Acquire In-Demand Skills

Stay ahead of the curve by mastering sought-after tech skills.

Build a Strong Professional Network

Connect with industry professionals and attend networking events regularly.

Tailor Your Resume to Highlight Relevant Experience

Craft a compelling resume showcasing your tech expertise and accomplishments.

Leverage Online Job Platforms

Utilize online platforms to find tech job opportunities in North Dakota.

Prepare for Interviews

Research the company, practice common tech interview questions, and polish your communication skills.

Show Your Passion and Drive

Demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the tech field.

Consider Relocating or Remote Work

Explore opportunities beyond your current location or embrace remote work possibilities.

By following these steps, you can position yourself as a strong candidate for the best-paying tech jobs in North Dakota. Remember, perseverance and dedication are key to achieving your career goals. So, start working towards your dream tech job today and unlock a world of exciting opportunities in North Dakota’s thriving tech industry.

Final Words

North Dakota offers a plethora of high-paying tech opportunities. Subsequently, these lucrative jobs present a fantastic chance to thrive in the tech industry. Moreover, the state’s growing tech sector, alongside its robust economy, ensures a promising future for tech professionals. Additionally, the abundance of resources and supportive communities create an ideal environment for career growth. Overall, North Dakota’s top-paying tech jobs open doors to success, making it an attractive destination for tech enthusiasts seeking lucrative prospects.

The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Dakota FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What's the highest paying tech job in North Dakota?

The highest-paying tech job in North Dakota is the Director of IT Infrastructure, with an average salary ranging from $150,790 to $186,390. On average, these professionals earn around $166,490 annually. This position involves overseeing the planning, implementation, and maintenance of an organization’s IT infrastructure, ensuring its smooth operation and security.

Is North Dakota cheap to live in?

Yes, North Dakota is considered a relatively affordable state to live in. In fact, it has been ranked as the overall cheapest state due to its low costs in areas such as housing, groceries, gas, and utilities. The cost of living in North Dakota is typically lower than many other states.

Why do people move to North Dakota?

There are several reasons why people choose to move to North Dakota. Firstly, residents of North Dakota enjoy the highest quality of life in the nation. The state offers affordable living costs, making it easier to save money and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Additionally, North Dakota’s natural beauty and varied landscapes, including all four distinct seasons, appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, the state is known for its friendly and welcoming community, and the term “North Dakota Nice” truly reflects the genuine warmth and hospitality of its people.

How many hours can you work in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, there are no state-imposed limitations on the number of hours an employee can work in a day or week. Federal labor laws govern this aspect, allowing employees aged 16 and older to work as many hours as they see fit. However, it is essential for employers to adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when it comes to overtime pay. 

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