The 6 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Carolina

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The 6 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Carolina

Key Points

  • North Carolina has been a tech hub since the 1950s, rivaling California and Texas in the tech industry.
  • The top-paying tech jobs in North Carolina include Cybersecurity Engineer, Mobile Applications Developer, and Database Administrator.
  • Digital Content Marketing Specialists can earn high five-figure salaries without needing a degree.
  • IT Product Managers can earn over $100k a year by understanding customer needs and helping companies meet business objectives.
  • Cloud Solutions Architects can earn almost $200k a year by developing and overseeing a company’s cloud-based computing strategy.

Did you know that the state of North Carolina has been a tech hub since the 1950s? Surprisingly, this small Eastern coast state is one of the United State’s tech hubs and can hold its own against California and Texas. If you’re living in the state, here are the 7 best-paying tech jobs in North Carolina to look into right now.

Cybersecurity Engineer – $137,649 per Year

Looking to protect systems and companies from cyberattacks? Becoming a Cybersecurity Engineer is a great way to do so. Plus it typically pays six figures a year in North Carolina.

In the last several years, there have been millions of cyberattacks. Many of these include stealing people’s private information, stealing money, and more. Companies need to know how to respond to cybercrimes when they occur and prevent them when they can. Cybersecurity Engineers work on identifying risks and vulnerabilities and can create and deploy defenses against attacks.

As a Cybersecurity Engineer, you’ll be responsible for quite a few tasks, including monitoring and managing systems and networks, addressing potential security flaws, and keeping the infrastructure secure. You’ll also test for vulnerabilities and report on your findings.

While certifications are important for a Cybersecurity Engineer, including the Certified Information Systems Security Professional — Architecture (CISSP) Certification, Security 5 Certification, and IT Information Library Foundations Certification (ITIL), you can also get an undergraduate degree in security that includes these certifications.

Current places hiring Cybersecurity Engineers in North Carolina include Cisco Systems, Fidelity Investments, and IBM.

Mobile Applications Developer – $105,331 per Year

With more and more people using their phones and tablets to play, work, and more, companies are looking for Mobile Applications Developers to help create and manage apps. If programming is your thing, you could make over $100k each year.

Mobile Applications Developers help create applications that are optimized for use on mobile devices. They can also develop desktop apps and office software.

As a Mobile Applications Developer, your main duties would include creating new apps, making sure they work on mobiles, troubleshooting any potential problems, and optimizing the apps based on security standards, just to name a few tasks.

A bachelor’s degree is usually required if you want to be a developer. But aside from that, some companies also prefer people who hold certifications, like the ITIL Foundation Certifications. Ready for a job? Current openings include Bank of America, Walmart, and Xylem.

ui vs. ux
Mobile applications developers specialize in creating apps for mobile devices like phones and tablets.


Database Administrator – $97,440 per Year

If you prefer the administration side of technology, you can still have a high-paying job. Database Administrators work with software developers and other IT employees to make sure that databases in a company are operating effectively.

The management, upkeep, and security of these databases is usually supervised by Database Administrators. They also work on the hardware and software of the organization’s database and keep it up to date. Additionally, they’re in charge of controlling user access to the databases, including making sure that users have the proper permissions and access levels to carry out their tasks.

As a Database Administrator, you’ll monitor the performance of a database system, keep it backed up, and recover it when needed. You’ll also manage the security of the database and perform maintenance tasks to make sure it’s functioning. If needed by other employees of the company, you’ll also troubleshoot database issues.

Most jobs that hire Database Administrators require at least a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems or Computer Science, but you may be able to get in as an entry-level employee and work your way up. Just a few jobs you can apply to right now include Fidelity, Wells Fargo, and IBM.

Digital Content Marketing Specialist – Up to $83,000 per Year

While it’s not an automatic six-figure job, being a Digital Content Marketing Specialist can still earn you a high five-figures and it doesn’t require any traditional education or certifications. Simply put, you need to be able to write well and know how to market a product or service online.

As a Digital Content Marketing Specialist, you will be responsible for overseeing marketing strategies to make sure consumers have a positive view of your brand. You may be required to manage a content team, research and determine a target audience, create and publish content (including blog posts, social media posts, and more), and understand and utilize SEO principles. You’ll also need to be able to track the progress of your marketing campaigns, including being able to analyze KPIs and feedback from users.

You do not need a degree to become a Digital Content Marketing Specialist. However, you’ll need marketing know-how, plus understanding SEO and social media apps can be helpful. If you do want to get a degree, a bachelor’s in English, Marketing, Communication, or Business Administration can be great places to start. A few places hiring Digital Content Marketing Specialists include Komet USA and the City of Charlotte.

IT Product Manager – $182,448 per Year

Love helping customers? Becoming a Product Manager in the Information Technology field can earn you over $100k a year while allowing you to give your clients what they want.

Product Managers identify what customers may need or want, and utilize that data to help a company meet certain business objectives, including higher sales or more commissions. Your main tasks would include understanding customers or users, understanding the market and being able to develop a competitive analysis, building the vision for a product, and working with a team of employees to create and market the product.

While it isn’t required for you to have a degree to be a Product Manager, a degree in Marketing, Business Management, Business Administration, or an understanding of sales can be helpful. A few jobs currently hiring in North Carolina include Cisco and Lenovo.

A Product Manager in an IT field works with a team of employees to create and market tech products.

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Cloud Solutions Architect – $196,183 per Year

If you love combining security and programming, becoming a Cloud Solutions Architect can earn you almost $200k a year.

The components of cloud computing include a network, a cloud-based delivery system, back-end platforms, and a front-end platform. Cloud Solutions Architect is in charge of developing and overseeing a company’s cloud-based computing strategy.

As a Cloud Solutions Architect, your main tasks will include working with Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows (or multiple operating systems). You’ll also need to understand networking, like IP addresses and DNS. And even though you’re working with the cloud, you’ll want to understand security measures to keep it safe, since you’ll be responsible for that.

You do not need a degree to be a Cloud Solutions Architect, but certification can be helpful. A few certificates that are offered right now include the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate and the Azure Solutions Architect certificate. If you’re ready to jump in, Microsoft, Kentik, and Accenture are currently hiring.

The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in North Carolina Wrap Up

There are many different types of tech jobs available in the state, from Cybersecurity Engineer to Cloud Solutions Architect. These six best-paying tech jobs in North Carolina pay nearly six figures or more. Many don’t even require a degree! However, for the best possible chance of getting one of the best-paying jobs, a degree in a related field or specialty certifications can give you an edge in a competitive market.

Summary Table

Job TitleAnnual Salary
Cybersecurity Engineer$137,649
Mobile Applications Developer$105,331
Database Administrator$97,440
Digital Content Marketing SpecialistUp to $83,000
IT Product Manager$182,448
Cloud Solutions Architect$196,183

Frequently Asked Questions

What job in North Carolina pays the most?

Some of the best-paying jobs in the tech sector include those we’ve listed above, as well as IT Technicians and Blockchain Developers.

What city has the best tech jobs in North Carolina?

Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC are considered the best cities for tech jobs in the state.

What is a good living salary in NC?

According to the experts, the annual cost of living for a single person in North Carolina is around $38,000. So anything that pays $50,000 is considered a great salary.

What tech field is easiest to get into?

Some of the easiest tech jobs to get started with include data entry, web developing, and UI/UX design.

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