The 11 Best Paying Tech Jobs In New York

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The 11 Best Paying Tech Jobs In New York

If you consider yourself pretty tech-savvy and love New York, you’ll want to check out the best-paying jobs in the state. There’s no question that starting a career in technology anywhere in the U.S. can pay off big time. The tech industry has consistently been a fast-growing field with the opportunity to make a decent living. And working in tech in New York is a prestigious opportunity worth exploring.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tech jobs in New York.       

Why New York Is a Great State to Work in Tech 

New York, particularly New York City, has proven to be a top contender in the tech community. It’s especially notable for its consistent job growth and salary increases over the past few years. New York State ranked #3 as having the largest tech sector in the nation in a study done in 2021. That same study also showed a 14.3% increase over a 5-year period, leading up to the 2021 ranking. 

11 Best Paying Tech Jobs in New York 

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Tech jobs in New York are in high demand and rapidly growing.

The emerging cloud of technology fills our society and economy with rapid growth. It also brings in a greater demand for more high-quality talent in this industry. New York is a hub for many industries, especially technology.  Here are a few high-paying tech jobs you’ll find in New York. 

1. Cloud Architect or Engineer – $211K per year

Number one on our list of best tech jobs in New York is a cloud architect or cloud engineer. These days, everything is stored in the cloud. If companies want to keep their data safe and organized, they need a cloud architect to set those systems In place. A cloud engineer designs the infrastructure for cloud-based technologies in a company, including the adoption and use of this tech. 

Glassdoor reports that a cloud architect in New York can expect to make anywhere between $165k and $275k. The most common salary is about $211k–not bad!  

2. Enterprise Architect – $182K per year

The enterprise architect in a company is responsible for developing the “architecture” of a business’s technology. They work with the company’s main strategies to develop an IT system that aligns well with the goals of the business. 

It can be tricky to figure out a balance between business and tech, so enterprise architects are paid well for their efforts. The median salary for a New York enterprise architect appears to be $182k per year. The pay ranges from $147k to $222k, according to Salary.com.  

3. Computer Network Architect – $163K per year

Many computer network architects are knowledgeable in business administration as well as in technology. They work to understand the needs of the organization or business they’re working for so they can better design computer networks and systems. It’s all in the name of assisting the organization’s flow of communication and stored data.  

In this role, you can expect the median annual income to be $162,830, according to Indeed. The average annual salary scale is $117,767 to $225,137. 

4. Information Systems Security Manager – $132K per year

With cyber security threats on the rise from scammers all over the world, there’s a high demand for detail-oriented individuals who thrive under high-pressure situations. An information systems security manager works to protect all of the computer systems, network, data, and cyber activity from outside threats.  

Security threats have become more common and more advanced in the tech community. They’ve generated a need for tech-savvy individuals to keep a watchful eye on an organization’s information systems. Ziprecruitor.com states that the median information systems security manager in New York makes $131,647 per year. It also reports the annual salary ranges nationally from $58,500 to $182,000.

5. Software Engineering – $127K per year

Software engineering offers many diverse opportunities to develop systems and applications, from hospitals to gaming to aviation and any other organization you can think of. This job is the kingpin of organization and communication for almost every entity out there.  

Most employers will require you to have a bachelor’s degree or higher to work for them. However, the payout is pretty good once you’ve completed a higher level of training with a median salary of $127,260, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

6. Data Scientist – $127K per year

Data influences many of the decisions a company makes day-to-day. However, there’s an incomprehensible volume of data in any given industry, so businesses need a data scientist to sort through it and make sense of what it’s saying. They’ll find patterns and trends, create algorithms to mine future data, utilize machine learning, integrate data tools, and stay on top of current data scientific innovations. 

The complexity of the data we collect requires a very specific skillset, so data scientists definitely earn their keep. In New York, a data scientist can expect to make an average of $127k, according to Indeed. The salary ranges from $107k to $146k. 

7. Mobile App Developer – $125k per year

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Mobile app development means offering functional design in a user-friendly app.

Developing mobile apps has become increasingly popular among many companies. It makes them better able to reach their clients and customers through the use of apps on smartphones and devices. As a mobile app developer, you’ll need to have good communication skills, creativity, coding skills, and the knowledge of how to create mobile apps that are useful for your employer or clients.  

Mobile apps have become a staple for many businesses and enterprises globally, so it’s clear this should be on our list of best tech jobs in New York. And in this part of the tech world, Indeed says you can expect to earn a median income of $124,820. The annual salary for a mobile app developer goes from $83,637 to $186,280.

8. Artificial Intelligence Architect – $125K per year

An artificial intelligence architect works with a variety of tech scientists and engineers to develop the best possible AI product to meet the needs of an organization or client. They’ll look at different sources from machine learning to databases and create automated software that’s both efficient and functional.  

Artificial intelligence can speed up the flow of information within a business or organization and streamline its processes. The median annual income in New York is $124,663, according to Salary.com, with an average annual salary range of $110,777 to $136,063.

9. Development Operations Engineer – $123K per year

A good DevOps engineer should possess a combination of high-tech IT skills and business skills. They need to work with the current people and infrastructure of the company in order to implement the software systems a company needs to thrive. They know coding, system architecture, and typical developer skills, but they also need to understand business operations to marry the two divisions. 

A DevOps engineer making the median salary in New York can expect around $123K according to PayScale.com, with $82k being the low end and $171k at the high end.  

10. Tech Product Manager – $114K per year

A tech product manager will beta test and analyze tech products to ensure they’re delivering what the client needs. They’ll check for bug fixes and ensure the end product is efficient and user-friendly. They need knowledge of the latest tech products and best practices to produce a high-end product for the client.

Salary.com shows that the median annual salary for a tech product manager in New York is $114,00. A wider salary range is $90,660 to $145,549, depending on education and experience. 

11. Database Manager – $105K per year

As a database manager, you’ll be creating and implementing the best way possible to store and retrieve all of an organization’s data. This role requires good communication and the ability to develop a database for an organization that’s accessible to the individuals who’ll be accessing it. 

Most companies or organizations rely heavily on the use of databases to store all their information securely. The average pay for a database manager in New York is $105,000 annually. The range for a database manager is $84,000 to $132,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Technology Careers Pay the Most? 

Tech architects and engineers tend to make a little more in the tech career world as they require a little more finesse and a higher skillset to create and maintain advanced networking systems. A cloud architect or engineer came in as our highest-paying tech career followed closely by an enterprise architect.

What Tech Jobs Make 6 Figures? 

Most tech jobs have the potential to make a 6-figure income, which is why it’s such an attractive field to be in at the moment. With the right experience, you could be making a 6-figure salary with most tech jobs on our list.

Some jobs even have a starting rate above the $100K mark, including data scientists, cloud architects/engineers, AI architects, and computer network architects.

Which Tech Company Pays the Highest Salary? 

The highest-paying company in tech depends on what you do there. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google all have reputations for competitive compensation and good work environments. They’re willing to pay top dollar for the top talent in the tech industry.

Why Does Tech Pay So Well? 

Tech-intelligent people are in high demand due to the sheer volume of tech use in today’s society. The technology of our modern world has taken off over the past few decades and is interwoven into the fabric of our society.

It also tends to be a little more complex and requires a unique skill set. Due to its high demand, tech companies are willing to pay competitively for the top talent in the industry.

Is New York the Highest Paying State for Tech? 

New York ranks number 2 as the highest-paying state for tech, trailing just slightly behind California. It also beats out the state of Virginia in 3rd place. It’s definitely a top contender as far as pay goes, and its higher wages are an attractant for tech developers, engineers, and architects alike.

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