The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Montana

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The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Montana

With the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park, Montana is known for its natural beauty and natural beauty. However, did you know that the “Treasure State” also has a great tech force in its bigger cities like Bozeman and Missoula? In fact, almost one in five people in these cities work in a tech field of some sort. If you’re looking to live in the state, here are the best-paying tech jobs in Montana that you should look into.

What Are the Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Montana?

Unfortunately, Montana is an expensive state to live in, but the median earnings for most workers is only around $50,000. However, with a tech job, you could make a living and still have something left over at the end of the month. Here are some jobs to keep in mind.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer – $116,818 per Year

If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, becoming an AI engineer can earn you almost $120k a year. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer to simulate the intelligence displayed by humans. Machines that have artificial intelligence (AI) can learn from previous data and behaviors, whether good or bad. With this new knowledge, the machine can change itself to avoid repeating mistakes and to make any modifications required to handle new inputs.

As an AI engineer, you’ll construct AI models utilizing deep-learning neural networks and machine-learning algorithms. You’ll do this to generate business insights that have an impact on an entire organization. You’ll need to be well-versed in data science, software engineering, and programming. This is due to the fact that you’ll utilize a variety of tools and methods to handle data as well as create and maintain AI systems. A few jobs currently hiring AI engineers in Montana include FullStack Labs, Elevance Health, and Meta.

Machine Learning Engineer – $121,512 per Year

While being a machine learning engineer is similar to being an AI engineer, they’re not exactly the same. One deals with decision-making, while the other looks at the data. Machine learning engineers tend to make a bit more too, upward of $150k.

As a machine learning engineer, you’ll specialize in machine learning design systems that enable computers to learn and make predictions on their own. You’ll use tools to aid in speech recognition, recommendation engines, and facial recognition software, among others.

You’ll need to be able to create scalable code for a variety of applications, build and streamline data pipelines, and create customized real-time machine-learning applications. Because of your tasks, you’ll need to be able to wear multiple hats. So get used to being a data analyst, IT specialist, or full-stack engineer sometimes. Razar Technologies, Syneos Health, and Axiom IT Solutions are all hiring machine learning engineers.

Tech Sales Engineer – $123,189 per Year

If you’re a people person and tend to be charming, a job as a tech sales engineer could be a great option for you. Plus, it can easily earn you over six figures a year.

As a tech sales engineer, you’ll work on delivering product demos, building client relationships, enlarging sales territory, doing research, and training personnel on how to use products. Just a few skills that tech sales engineers have are great active listening skills, patience, confidence, networking, and opportunity-spotting skills.

You’ll also work on retaining knowledge of technical product specs, staying current on market trends and products, getting customer feedback to enhance current products/services, creating reports, working with old and new clients, and updating sales and orders based on company needs. Stryker, Mesa Labs, and Spectrum are just a few jobs hiring tech sales engineers in Montana.

A tech sales engineer is often responsible for training personnel on how to use products.


Python Developer – $94,065 per Year

As a Python developer, you can earn a starting point of $94k a year. Senior positions can earn upward of $130k. Programming, developing, deploying, and debugging development projects, often on the server side (or back end), are just a few things you’ll do as a Python developer. You may also construct tools as needed to complete a project, design the framework for your code, make applications for your employer, and build websites and integrable systems.

Even while Python is used extensively in many tech jobs, such as software engineering, web development, and data science, as a dedicated Python developer, you’ll be required to have a deeper understanding of the language and the ability to use Python for a variety of tasks. To produce practical responses to queries and offer insightful information, you’ll closely collaborate with data collection and analytics. You can also work in a variety of sectors, including banking, healthcare, and education, to mention a few. Some places currently hiring are Northern Montana Hospital, SMX, and AlleyCorp.

Digital Project Manager – $93,515 per Year

Want to work in tech but not a big fan of coding? You can still make $93k a year and work in the field as a digital project manager. Digital initiatives are managed by project managers from conception to conclusion. These initiatives include anything from the launch of websites and web applications to marketing efforts.

As a digital project manager, you’ll aid in Scrum sprints to make sure they go off without a hitch and that all project phases are finished on time. To ensure that requirements and goals are satisfied, you’ll also work in coordination with development teams. So people skills are a must!

Just a few responsibilities as a digital project manager include overseeing all stages of a project’s lifecycle, sticking to a project’s scope and budget, monitoring progress, collaborating with the coding and design teams, and managing project risks and shortfalls. Want to work as a digital project manager? A few jobs that are hiring right now include Cengage Group, ICF, and W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Data Analyst – $58,901 per Year

While entry-level positions for data analysts are on the lower salary end of around $60k a year, senior positions can earn over six figures. Being a data analyst means you’ll turn frequently perplexing, disjointed, or divergent data into information that is readable and understandable. You’ll do this by employing analytical tools and methodologies. You’ll also create reports and visualizations in the later stages of a project and present their results to leadership.

As a data analyst, you’ll need to be proficient in Microsoft Excel and SQL at the very least. You’ll also need to have math and statistics skills, understand how to use software like Tableau or Google Data Studio, and be able to learn or use a programming language like Python or R to work with large datasets. Logan Health, Bozeman Health, and Amazon are just a few jobs that are actively hiring data analysts right now.

Candidate Key Vs. Primary Key
Data analysts need to have math and statistics skills as well as technical skills.


Business Intelligence Analyst – $83,390 per Year

If you want to work in the finance or business sector but still utilize your tech skills, you can always become a business intelligence analyst. Plus, this will also mean you’ll earn a minimum of around $83k a year.

In order to create market intelligence and financial reports, a business intelligence analyst analyzes data. If you’re skilled in BI tools, programming languages, systems, and technologies, you could easily be a business intelligence analyst. You’ll employ cutting-edge software and technologies to mine big data to discover business-critical objectives and requirements, establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), implement data warehouse strategies, and find business Intelligence.

Using data modeling, data analysis, and data visualization tools, you’ll discover trends and patterns in the data. In order to maximize the performance of the organization, you’ll also focus on mining and analyzing organizational data, assembling it to report issues and provide recommendations for fixes, and performing cost-benefit analyses on projects. Since you’ll collaborate with management and coworkers to implement improvements and with relevant stakeholders, as well as management, to sketch out strategic goals, this is a fairly collaborative position. Washington Companies, Aon, and Benefis Health System are hiring business intelligence analysts in Montana right now.

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Montana Wrap Up

Luckily for those in the tech field (or those with tech skills), working in Montana can be fairly lucrative. Plus the best-paying tech jobs in Montana don’t all require the same skillset, so you’re bound to find a job that works for you!

The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Montana FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the richest city in Montana?

The richest cities in Montana are Bozeman and Whitefish.

Is Montana cost of living high?

While Montana isn’t as expensive as a state like California or New York, it is fairly expensive when compared to other midwest areas.

What is the most livable city in Montana?

Bozeman is currently the most livable city in Montana, especially if you work in the tech field.

What is the best-paying tech job in Montana?

The best-paying job is a tech sales engineer. You could earn a six-figure income in Montana.

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