The 8 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Maryland

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The 8 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Maryland

Maryland isn’t normally thought of as a technology hub. However, this state is overflowing with opportunity and innovation. This up-and-coming tech hotspot is seeing huge growth in tech-related careers. Recently, it’s been ranked as the second-best city for tech jobs in the United States. Plus, over 12,000 tech companies call this state home, and that’s not including remote tech jobs.

The tech industry in Maryland is quite vast, and not centralized across a few big companies, like other states. For instance, there are tech jobs across the cybersecurity, biotechnology, medical, education, and aerospace fields. Not only that, but Maryland is much more affordable than other tech hubs. For example, it’s 65% more expensive to live in San Francisco than it is in Baltimore.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the ten best-paying tech jobs in Maryland. We’ll cover the qualifications you need, job responsibilities, and average salaries, so you can make the best decision about your future in the tech industry. The tech sector in Baltimore offers opportunities for new graduates, self-taught coders, and those looking to take the next step in their tech careers.

#1. Cloud Architect – $148,995

One of the highest-paying tech careers in Maryland is a cloud architect, with a yearly salary of $148,995. The cloud computing industry as a whole has seen massive growth, as more companies are realizing the potential of this technology. As a result, cloud architects are commanding high salaries.

Cloud architects are responsible for creating and deploying cloud-based systems that meet the needs and goals of a business. They will set up cloud infrastructure and services while making sure that the system is properly optimized and configured for the best performance. Cloud architects will also monitor cloud systems to ensure they’re running smoothly.

To be a successful cloud architect you’ll need familiarity with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Having a strong background in computer science or information technology (IT), along with expertise in cloud computing and networking is often required too.

#2. Senior Network Architect – $143,590

Senior network architects make an annual salary of $143,590 in Maryland. Network architects design and implement computer networks for businesses and organizations. They design and maintain complex network systems between computers, servers, and devices.

Beyond creating and implementing computer network systems, they’re also responsible for monitoring network performance, troubleshooting issues, and making improvements to make the network more reliable and secure.

As a senior member of the IT staff, they also act in a support and mentorship role to other members of the IT team. To become a senior network architect you’ll need a background in computer science or electrical engineering and skills in network architecture and security.

Types of network topology
A network architect designs and implements computer networks for businesses and organizations.

#3. Software Engineer – $128,143

A software engineer in Maryland makes an average salary of $128,143 per year. Software engineers design and develop software applications. They use programming knowledge and expertise, along with an understanding of software development methods to create high-quality products.

They’re responsible for everything from writing high-quality code, testing, debugging, and finally, shipping efficient, bug-free code. Most software developers work as a part of a team that includes other developers, testers, and other stakeholders. Most software engineers have a strong background in computer engineering or computer science, along with expertise in popular programming languages like Javascript, Python, and more.

#4. Systems Engineer – $127,147

In Maryland, systems engineers are the 4th highest-paying tech job with an average salary of $127,147 per year. Systems engineers help to design, implement, and maintain intricate tech systems that power businesses. You can think of them as the backbone of the IT industry.

They have expertise in network administration, systems architecture, and system security. This knowledge enables them to solve any technical issues related to software, hardware, and network architecture. Beyond the big picture, systems engineers provide support and guidance to their IT staff.

If you want to succeed in a role as a systems engineer you’ll need a background in electrical engineering or computer science. Additional experience in virtualization, cloud computing, and automation can also be useful in helping you secure a role.

#5. Data Scientist – $123,926

Data scientist is one of the highest-paying tech jobs in Maryland, with an average annual salary of $123,926. A data scientist collects, analyzes, and interprets complex data to help uncover insights and make informed decisions. They use skills like statistical analysis, programming, machine learning, data mining, and data visualization. Data scientists are also responsible for gathering and processing data. This data is obtained through databases, APIs, web scraping, and more.

Another key component of their job is effectively communicating this information to stakeholders, along with technical and non-technical members of the team. This requires strong data visualization skills since the results need to be communicated with the help of graphs and charts. Across almost every sector of tech, data scientists can find challenging and meaningful work.

Typically, a bachelor’s or master’s degree is required for higher-level positions. However, there are a handful of programming boot camps that offer in-depth data scientist tracks to get you ready for an entry-level position.

#6. Machine Learning Operations Engineer Lead – $120,692

Machine learning operations engineer lead is currently the 6th highest-paying tech job in Maryland with an annual salary of $120,692 per year. As a machine learning operations engineer lead, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the work done by machine learning engineers gets implemented into real-world projects. You’ll be scaling, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models and pipelines, within a production environment.

In this role, you’ll be working alongside data scientists, software engineers, and other company stakeholders to ensure the reliability, performance, and security of machine learning systems. This requires advanced project management and people skills, along with an in-depth technology background.

To succeed in this role you’ll need to have a strong background in computer science, cloud computing, and machine learning. If acting as the bridge between data scientists and real-world applications sounds exciting to you, then this could be a great career choice.

AI models
Machine learning operations engineer leads facilitate development of real-world projects that use machine learning.

#7. Product Manager – $104,645

A product manager is the 7th best-paying tech job in Maryland with an average salary of $104,645. Product managers help to oversee the development and success of a new product. The primary goal they’re helping to achieve is launching products that meet customers’ needs while driving the growth of the business.

Product managers work closely with various teams throughout the organization including engineering, marketing, design, and sales. Each group must be on the same page, working towards a common goal, for the project to be successful. They also listen to feedback from customers, stakeholders, team members, and market research to make informed decisions.

Other responsibilities include analyzing product metrics, market research, and managing product roadmaps to keep the project on track. Project managers usually have a background in business administration, along with product management and stakeholder engagement skills.

#8. Senior Information Technology Manager – $97,455

Senior information technology managers can earn a salary of $97,455 in Maryland. A senior IT manager oversees and coordinates all the activities of the IT team. They play a crucial role in managing IT projects to ensure they’re completed on time and within budget. Beyond project management, they also develop and implement IT strategies and policies that align with the goals of the company.

A senior IT manager works closely with other company executives to identify technology needs, assess risks, and prioritize initiatives that will support the business. A big part of this is staying up to date with the latest technology trends to ensure the IT infrastructure remains secure and compliant with the latest industry standards.

Senior IT managers usually have a highly technical background, along with extensive interpersonal and people management skills. This role often requires years of experience in the field. Overall, a senior IT manager helps the IT department run like a well-oiled machine.

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Maryland: Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the tech industry in Maryland offers a ton of opportunities for lucrative technology careers. There’s a growing demand for tech professionals, with less saturation than in other well-known tech hubs like California. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just graduated, Maryland’s tech job market can be the perfect next step. With its unique blend of government agencies, leading research institutions, and thriving tech ecosystem, Maryland continues to be an attractive destination for professionals seeking top-paying jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of tech jobs in Maryland get paid the most?

Cloud architects, systems architects, and software engineers are some of the highest-paying tech jobs in Maryland.

What emerging industries in Maryland are offering high-paying tech jobs?

Maryland’s tech industry is growing year after year. Some of the emerging sectors of the tech industry that are starting to grow in Maryland include clean tech, video gaming, and biological sciences.

What is the easiest tech job that pays the most?

The highest-paying tech job with the lowest barrier to entry is a software developer. A lot of other jobs require a college education, but in the software engineering space, a lot of top talent is self-taught. Plus, there are a variety of coding boot camps that can teach you job-ready skills in much less time than a 4-year degree.

Which tech companies in Baltimore have high-paying tech jobs?

Some of the main technology companies with high-paying jobs in Maryland include Ball Aerospace, 2K, connectRN, ZeroFOX, Cerebro Capital, and Allovue.

What type of engineer is in the most demand?

In general, the types of engineering skills in the most demand include Javascript, Python, Java, and SQL. Learning these languages can give you a leg up during hiring and help you stand out from other applicants. Plus, since the demand for these languages is high you’ll find more job openings with higher salaries.

Do you need a tech background to secure a high-paying tech job in Maryland?

You don’t always need to have a background in technology to get a high-paying tech job in Maryland. Several Baltimore-based coding bootcamps are quite popular and can teach you the skills you need quickly. Some companies also offer training programs, if you’re looking to switch to a tech role within your existing company. However, obtaining a relevant degree in your field can go a long way towards getting you the job you want, or getting a higher salary offer.

What's the highest paying entry-level tech job in Maryland?

A lot of the tech careers we mentioned are only available once you have a few years of experience in your field. However, there are entry level data science and software engineering jobs that have high salaries. As you gain more experience and progress into management level, you can expect higher salaries.

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