The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Jacksonville Today

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The 7 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Jacksonville Today

Key Points

  • Jacksonville has a thriving tech scene with high-paying tech jobs in industries such as healthcare, financial technology, marketing, and cybersecurity.
  • The University of North Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the JAX Chamber contribute to the energy of the tech space in Jacksonville.
  • The best-paying tech jobs in Jacksonville include Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Analyst, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, IT Manager, and System Administrator.
  • Tech jobs in Jacksonville offer salaries ranging from $79,845 for a System Administrator to $123,167 for a Cloud Architect.
  • Tech jobs in Jacksonville often require knowledge of operating systems, computer networking, programming languages, and network security.

Jacksonville isn’t the first city you think of when it comes to tech jobs, especially since Miami, a popular tech hub, is within the same state. Despite this, there is a thriving tech scene and a lot of high-paying tech jobs in Jacksonville. Most of the companies are spread across healthcare, financial technology, marketing, and cybersecurity, but there are also a number of startups in the area too.

A lot of the energy of the tech space is fueled by the University of North Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as the numerous programs offered by the JAX Chamber.

Whether you’re currently a student looking to start your career in tech, looking for a higher-paying role, or even switching career paths into technology, this post is for you. Below, you’ll learn about the best-paying tech jobs in Jacksonville and a look at what each job entails.

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Cloud Architect — $123,167

Cloud Architects are responsible for the cloud computing systems that a business uses. The average salary for this role is $123,167.

In this role, you’ll help develop cloud adoption plans, determine the best cloud solutions, and work on deploying and managing those systems. Often, you’ll be tasked with helping to solve complex business problems through cloud solutions.

You’ll need to have good knowledge of operating systems, computer networking, programming languages, and network security. There are certifications that will help you get into this job including becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.

kinsta vs aws
Cloud Architects are crucial to the implementation of cloud solutions.


Data Scientist — $108, 831

Data Scientists use complex models, statistics, machine learning, and computer algorithms to uncover unique insights. The average salary for this role is $108,831.

As a data scientist, you’ll work with large volumes of data that you need to clean, analyze, and then interpret this data to make it actionable. Often, you’ll present your findings in graphs, charts, and other visuals so it’s easily interpreted. Since you’ll be dealing with non-technical stakeholders, it’s important to have great communication skills as well.

best paying tech jobs in Massachusetts
A Data Scientist draws insights and patterns from raw data.


Cybersecurity Analyst — $101,502

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, you protect your business from potential online threats. The average salary for this role is $101,502.

You’ll monitor networks and systems for incoming breaches, investigate any perceived threats, and take action to mitigate risks. You’ll also utilize tools like Kali Linux, Wireshark, and programming languages like Python. Another main part of your job will be staying up to date on the latest security research, along with developing and updating a disaster recovery plan to prevent data loss.

types of cybercrime
Cybersecurity Analysts are in more demand now than ever before.


Network Engineer — $94,452

Network Engineers design, build, and maintain computer networks, including LAN and WAN networks. The average salary for this role in Jacksonville is $94,452.

You’ll need to have in-depth knowledge of network protocols. You’ll be responsible for optimizing network performance, troubleshooting issues, and making sure the network is secure. You’ll also deal with third-party vendors and make hardware and software upgrades.

Computer Science vs. Software Engineering
Network Engineers design and maintain computer networks for an organization.


Software Engineer — $93,263

Software Engineers design and create computer systems to help solve problems. The average salary for this job is $93,263.

Usually, software engineers will be broken into two categories: frontend engineers and backend engineers. Backend engineers focus on the server side of websites and apps, while frontend engineers focus on the visual side that users will interact with.

To be a successful software engineer, you’ll need to know various programming languages and platforms, like PHP, Ruby, Javascript, and more. Beyond creating new software programs, you’ll also be testing, improving, and maintaining software built by other engineers.

Linear search
Software Engineers must be proficient in various coding languages.


IT Manager — $92,458

IT Managers are responsible for the entire IT department. You can expect an average salary of $92,458 in Jacksonville.

In this role, you’ll make sure the IT department is efficient and effective, including managing all the hardware, software, and networks. They also make sure the entire system is secure, manage the budget, create policies, and work with outside vendors. Since it’s a management role, they’ll interface with other department heads to make sure their technology is helping the company meet its goals.

To excel in this role, you’ll need strong people management and leadership skills, along with in-depth knowledge of IT operations and security.

Businessman working laptop for new architectural project. Generic design notebook on the table. Blurred background, horizontal mockup.
IT Managers must manage the hardware, software, and networks of the IT department.

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System Administrator — $79,845

System Administrators install, configure, and maintain large-scale computer networks. This is usually an in-office role since you’ll be dealing with internal networks. The average salary for this role is $79,845.

You need a strong background in different operating systems, security, and networking. Plus, you should have the ability to troubleshoot issues and provide support to users and team members. Usually, systems administrators will have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, or a related field.

file transfer on tablet laptop computer PC
System Administrators maintain large-scale computer networks.

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Closing Thoughts

Understanding the types of tech jobs that pay the most and what each job entails will help you make a better decision when it comes to choosing the right job for you. Luckily, most jobs in tech tend to pay higher than average. Plus, the technology sector is expanding into other markets. For example, data science used to only exist in the realm of big tech, however, it’s now present across nearly every industry.

Even though tech can be a challenging industry to break into, career paths aren’t as linear as other industries. Some jobs may require college degrees, however, with the prevalence of boot camps and the ability to create your own online projects, it’s easier to gain experience. When trying to land a job in tech it’s important to network, attend local events, build your portfolio, and obtain any necessary certifications to give you a leg up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jacksonville's tech jobs remote?

A lot of tech jobs in Jacksonville let you work remotely while others take a hybrid approach.

What qualifications do you need for a high paying tech job in Jacksonville?

For most jobs, you’ll need a related college degree or enough experience in a relevant field. However, a lot of tech companies are valuing experience and skillset over your college degree. For example, Google doesn’t require a college degree to apply for a job. Having practical experience with certain programming languages, technologies, and platforms can help you land your dream job.

What kind of entry-level tech jobs pay the most in Jacksonville?

One of the best entry-level tech jobs in Jacksonville is going to be a Junior Web Developer or Data Scientist. Both of these roles pay the highest, plus there are a variety of bootcamps available that can help you get the necessary skills quickly.

Do you need a technology background to get a tech job in Jacksonville?

You don’t need to have a background in tech to work in tech. A lot of skills you’ve had in past jobs can be transferrable to a new role. There are also a variety of online courses, workshops, and bootcamps to help you get the skills you need.

What are the highest paying tech jobs in Jacksonville?

Currently, some of the highest-paying tech jobs include Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Analyst, and Network Engineer. Remember, if you’re just starting your career, your salary will be lower than those with years of experience.

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