The 8 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Idaho

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The 8 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Idaho

Do you want to learn more about the best-paying tech jobs in Idaho? Boise, Idaho was called a “Techy Boomtown” by Time in 2014 and it has since lived up to its name. Over the past decade, Idaho has seen tremendous growth in the number of companies that call this state home. With its proximity to nature, hip music scene, and more affordable home and rental prices, Idaho has been attracting top tech talent for years.

Whether you’re looking to relocate to a more affordable tech market, or are looking to start your career in tech, Idaho could be the place you’ve been looking for. Idaho offers a very low corporate tax income rate and low energy costs, which makes it attractive to new startups. There’s a wide range of different tech industries active across Idaho, including a growing startup scene, manufacturing, aerospace, and energy.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best-paying tech jobs in Idaho. We’ll highlight what these roles entail, any education requirements, the expected salary, and the skills you’ll need to land the job.

1. Data Scientist – $175,647

Data scientists make an average salary of $175,647 in Idaho. They use their skills to transform raw data into valuable insights for businesses. Data scientists use machine learning algorithms and programming knowledge to help organizations make data-driven business decisions. Some of the most common programming languages used by data scientists include Python and R.

Data scientists also possess a strong understanding of statistical concepts to interpret and analyze data. Plus, expertise in handling large datasets using tools like SQL. Finally, data scientists also need strong communication skills to be able to present data insights to stakeholders and team members. Most data scientists have a bachelor’s degree from a relevant field like statistics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering.

2. Cloud Solution Architect – $145,432

A cloud solution architect can expect an average salary of $145,432 in Idaho. Cloud solution architects are a very in-demand role since most businesses are adapting their businesses to the cloud. To succeed in this role, you need to have an advanced understanding of popular cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Having skills in computer networks, security best practices, DevOps, and system design is also necessary for this role.

Beyond the proper tech skills, cloud solution architects also need strong client communication skills and the ability to work with clients and cross-functional teams. Cloud solutions architects usually hold a bachelor’s degree in IT, engineering, computer science, or a related field. Obtaining advanced certifications can also help you land a job and succeed in this role.

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Cloud solutions architects need a thorough understanding of platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

3. IT Manager – $131,184

Working as an IT Manager is another high-paying job in Idaho and has an average salary of $131,184 per year. IT managers are the driving force behind IT departments, ensuring their smooth operation. They oversee everything from planning and implementation to maintaining computer systems and networks.

Some of the core skills required in this role include technical expertise to effectively manage IT hardware, IT security knowledge, project management skills, and vendor management experience. They also act in a mentorship and leadership role by guiding other members of the IT team. Their job helps to ensure the smooth operation of the company’s tech infrastructure while troubleshooting any issues that might arise. Most IT managers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a relevant field, like computer science or information systems.

4. DevOps Engineer – $113,100

DevOps engineers work at the intersection between software development and IT operations. They can expect to earn an average salary of $113,100 in Idaho. Some of the main responsibilities include streamlining processes, improving communication and teamwork, and automating tasks for software deployment.

DevOps engineers commonly use programming languages like Python, Ruby, or Java. They also know how to use tools like Terraform, CoudFormation, or Ansible. Other core skills to succeed in this role include familiarity with containerization and orchestration, cloud platforms, and monitoring and logging tools. Beyond a bachelor’s degree from a related field, most DevOps engineers also hold certifications like AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or Certified Kubernetes Administrator.

5. Network Architect – $104,468

A network architect is another high-paying tech career in Idaho, with an average salary of $104,468 per year. Network architects are responsible for designing and implementing computer networks to help people and businesses stay connected. They design, implement, and maintain the computer networks of an organization to ensure security, performance, and stability.

Network architects have a deep knowledge of network protocols, network design, network hardware, network security, and cloud networking. Beyond technical network skills, they also need strong project management, problem-solving, and communication skills to ensure projects succeed across multiple departments. Usually, a relevant college degree is required for this role, along with relevant certifications.

6. Software Engineer – $102,612

Software engineers make an average salary of $102,612 in Idaho. They create the applications and software we use every day. To excel as a software engineer, you’ll need skills in popular programming languages like Javascript, Java, Python, and more. Plus, you need a strong understanding of development methods, testing, and debugging.

Software engineers also don’t work alone. They’re often part of a team that includes other developers, testers, and support staff. Most software engineers have a background in computer science, however, there are a lot of self-taught developers at the top of the field.

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Software engineers must be skilled in common programming languages such as Javascript and Python.

#7. Cybersecurity Analyst – $102,025

Working as a cybersecurity analyst is another high-paying role in Idaho that has an average salary of $102,025 per year. Cybersecurity analysts act as guardians of the digital world. They help to protect organizations against cyber threats by implementing and maintaining securities policies and procedures.

Cybersecurity analysts will monitor systems for suspicious activity, identify vulnerabilities, implement security measures, and swiftly respond to incidents. To succeed in this role you’ll need in-depth knowledge of security tools and technologies, network protocols, risk assessment, and incident response. Most cybersecurity analysts will have a relevant bachelor’s degree, however, there are coding boot camps that have dedicated cybersecurity tracks.

#8. Mobile Application Developer – $95,836

In Idaho, Mobile application developers command a high salary of $95,836. Mobile app developers help to design, develop, and maintain apps for Android and iOS platforms. They’re proficient in languages like Java or Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C, or frameworks like React Native or Flutter.

Other skills you’ll need to succeed in this role include knowledge of mobile app frameworks like Android Studio or Xcode, user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) design, APIs, and performance optimization and security. There are a variety of mobile app development boot camps that’ll help you develop the skills for this job. However, a lot of mobile app developers also have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, software engineering, or a related field.

Idaho’s tech industry offers a wealth of opportunities for tech professionals, new and old. With the right skills, passion, and dedication you’ll be on your way towards a rewarding, high-paying role, in the tech world.

Clothing Thoughts: The 8 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Idaho

Idaho’s tech industry offers a wealth of opportunities for tech professionals, new and old. With the right skills, passion, and dedication, you’ll be on your way towards a rewarding, high-paying role, in the tech world. The salaries in Idaho are about on par with places like California and Delaware, plus it has a lower cost of living. The high-paying tech jobs highlighted above are available to those with years of experience in the field, along with new hires who are just getting into this exciting field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highest-paying tech jobs in Idaho?

Currently, the highest paying tech jobs in Idaho include working as a data scientist, cloud solutions architect, and IT manager.

Do I need a tech background to get a tech job in Idaho?

You don’t always need to come from a tech background to work in tech. A lot of skills you may have in past jobs can be transferrable. There are also boot camps that can help you guide the tech skills you need much faster than a 4-year degree.

What’s the best entry-level tech job to get in Idaho?

The highest paying entry-level tech job in Idaho is working as a software developer or mobile app developer.

What are some fast-growing tech companies in Idaho?

Some of the fastest-growing tech companies in Idaho are in the software space, and include Clearwater Analytics, MetaGeek, ClickBank, Cradlepoint, and more.

Is the Idaho tech industry growing?

Idaho is actually one of the states that are seeing the fastest growth of tech workers in recent years, along with states like Tennessee and Washington.

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