The 10 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Arkansas

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The 10 Best Paying Tech Jobs in Arkansas

Technological advancements drive today’s thriving economy, and Arkansas is no exception. As the world embraces digital transformation, technology has become integral to every aspect of life. The demand for skilled tech professionals in Arkansas has increased to meet this growing need, and job market trends indicate that the trend will continue. With progressive developments at all levels of the tech industry, it’s challenging to keep up with emerging opportunities within the field. This is precisely why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list featuring the 10 best paying tech jobs in Arkansas. Our ranking assesses the median salaries potential candidates expect, qualifications required, and the demands on job security and growth potential for each role.

#10. Software Developer – $63,429

Technological advancements are continuously enriching our lives through various innovations in the digital age. Software development is one such area that has been consistently evolving and affecting human existence on a monumental scale. In recent years, software developers have been in high demand. Being a software developer is therefore among the most lucrative jobs in the market.

Software developers craft, code, implement, test, maintain, and improve computer software systems that enable users to perform specific tasks accurately and with a user-friendly interface. They possess knowledge of computer hardware operating systems as well as various programming languages like Java, Python, or C++. The required qualifications for a software developer vary depending on their position, but usually require a completed bachelor’s degree program, preferably related to the computer science or software engineering field.

The role of a software developer comes with various responsibilities, ranging from managing databases to designing integrations between disparate systems. They must also write efficient codes that meet excellent coding standards. Additionally, being a self-motivated, research-oriented problem solver is essential to fit into a software developer’s workplace culture.

According to Payscale, the average salary range for this field falls between $50K and 82K annually based on factors such as educational attainment level, experience keyset, and geographical location, among others.

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Software Developers are coding some of your future favorite applications now.

#9. Data Integration Developer – $84,497

Data integration developers are vital members of technical teams tasked with synthesizing data from disparate systems for more efficient analysis and use across an enterprise’s functions. The role of such specialists is indispensable given the ever-increasing complexity of today’s business environments, where organizational data usually spans various databases and platforms, which frequently require collaboration. According to Payscale, the average annual income for this role is between $66K and $108K, making it one of the best paying tech jobs in Arkansas. 

The job qualifications for data integration developer positions typically include a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, fluency in programming languages, and sound knowledge of designing embeddable APIs. Additionally, candidates must have practical communication skills and the ability to break down complex concepts into less technical language.

A skilled data integration developer is competent in working with advanced ETL tools to transform raw information from various fields for unified querying and reporting applications. This demands experience coding through deep tech stacks incorporating back-end and front-end development aspects into seamless integrations. Ideal applicants possess a high capacity for attention-to-detail, making them adept at identifying hidden structures within vast data sets.

#8. IT Business Analyst – $88,653

The role of an IT business analyst is critical. They ensure that the IT infrastructure within an organization aligns with and supports its overarching business objectives. Therefore, experts in this position possess unique skills to analyze data, identify patterns, propose solutions, and collaborate effectively with key stakeholders.

The qualifications necessary to excel as an IT business analyst are impressive. The successful candidate should hold, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another field related to information technology. They should also have comprehensive technical knowledge of software development methodology, information systems architecture principles, and system design tools.

In addition, having at least 5-7 years of professional experience working within complex enterprise-level environments will benefit candidates seeking employment as IT business analysts. Remuneration for skilled individuals within this role averages between $71K and $112K annually; however, this figure can increase substantially depending on expertise level and industry type.

#7. Full Stack Developer – $104,632

Full Stack developer positions entail various roles and qualifications, which are paramount to understanding their relevance in the current job market. The broad scope of this profession encompasses both front-end and back-end development. Therefore, it requires comprehensive knowledge and skills in different areas of programming languages. On average, full-stack developers make between $70K and $156K annually.

A Full Stack Developer leads the creation and implementation of various web applications from start to finish. Therefore, they must be proficient in integrating front-end data with back-end application functionalities while ensuring optimum website design best practices for optimal user experience. Consequently, candidates aiming for a full-stack developer role must possess deep technical expertise and efficient communication abilities when collaborating with team members.

Companies are increasingly migrating towards hiring jack-of-all-trades developers instead of separate front or back-end specialists. Certification for cloud platform services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure can give an added advantage over peers vying to obtain career insights into complex frameworks such as DevOps or Containers. In that sense, eligibility criteria include core technical competencies and well-rounded soft skills.  

#6. IT Operations Analyst – $77,709

The position of IT operations analyst typically commands an annual salary range of $51K to $1166K. Therefore, the role attracts high-level professionals who navigate complex technical infrastructures and ensure that cybersecurity protocols remain robust against emerging threats.

Additionally, IT operations analysts usually have various responsibilities across several dimensions. For example, these professionals may administer system updates or implement hardware replacements when required. Moreover, IT operations analysts are essential in documenting their observations or recommending plans to enhance systems’ reliability within organizations. They often form vital liaisons between other company departments and external partners, like technical services vendors.

Becoming competitive candidates for these coveted positions with premium pay scales requires training at all academic levels. You also require practical skills honed through real-world work assignments to become experienced in combining both aspects mentioned. Despite its demanding nature, IT operations analyst is still one of the best paying tech jobs in Arkansas.

#5. IT Quality Assurance and Automation – $79,344

In recent years, the ever-increasing demand for cutting-edge technology has made it crucial for businesses to ensure that their products are of high quality. This is where IT quality assurance and automation come into play, as they can streamline the process of verifying software and systems at each step.

On a day-to-day basis, professionals who work in this field would be responsible for conducting automated tests to verify that software meets business requirements and technical specifications. They also need to design methods for manual testing and collaborate with developers to troubleshoot any issues.

From a hire-ability standpoint, dedication towards continuous learning is highly regarded by recruiters when searching for potential candidates. Basic qualifications include expertise in software testing methodology or using given programming languages widely adapted within the industry.

Regarding salary expectations, those seeking a career in IT QA automation should expect an average salary ranging from $55K to $114K per year, depending on education level, experience, and location. With such lucrative pay, the job ranks among Arkansas’s best paying tech jobs

#4. IT Specialist – $85,084

The field of information technology has become increasingly critical to the success of businesses worldwide as the reliance on digital technologies continues to grow. As a result, IT specialists have emerged as essential professionals highly sought after for their expertise and knowledge in managing complex systems and networks.

The salary range for an IT specialist position typically varies between $55K and 133K per year. Several benefits, such as insurance coverage plans, retirement benefits, flexible working hours, and frequent supervisor feedback, often accompany this job’s compensation package.

IT specialists play a crucial role in developing software solutions, designing network infrastructure, and providing technical support to users within an organization. These individuals possess advanced computer hardware and software systems knowledge while fully understanding network management and security complexities.

To qualify for an IT specialist role in these highly competitive times requires considerable expertise and appropriate qualifications. A bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or a related field is sometimes necessary. However, having prior professional experience may also place you above other candidates vying for the same position.

#3. Data Analyst – $72,618

Data analyst positions have become increasingly popular as organizations look to maximize the value of their data. It is one of the best paying tech jobs in Arkansas. The salary range for this profession can vary depending on experience, skill set, and level of responsibility. Salaries for this role range between $4K and $109K per year.

A data analyst role typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. In addition, some employers may require an advanced degree, such as a master’s in statistics or business administration. Candidates should also have experience with statistical analysis software and database querying tools.

Data analysts are essential in identifying trends and patterns within large datasets to help organizations make informed decisions. They must be able to collect data from different sources and then transform it into actionable insights. This requires strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to communicate of complex information effectively.

In terms of responsibilities, data analysts are expected to develop strategies for managing data related projects from start to finish. They also create reports detailing key findings and provide recommendations based on those findings. They work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including stakeholders, such as engineers and researchers.

#2. Software Engineer – $102,255

The job title of a software engineer is highly admired in the technology sector. It commands a salary range of $69K to $151K. The role demands an extensive skill-set encompassing technical expertise and leadership capabilities.

To begin with, a software engineer typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science. They also need related fields, such as electrical/electronic engineering, information technology, and mathematics. A master’s degree provides an added advantage, but is not necessarily critical for most companies.

Further, possessing exceptional programming skills is crucial as a software engineer. You must be well-versed in multiple programming languages, such as Java, Python, and C++. In addition to knowledge of this specialty, proficiency in operating systems and SQL-based database management are also essential job qualifications.

Software engineers have a very diverse skillset, not least of which is being able to lead their team to success.

#1. Senior Data Engineer – $110,394

A senior data engineer is an expert in designing, implementing, and maintaining data systems. They play a crucial role in ensuring efficient data flow throughout an organization. This involves creating and managing databases, developing data pipelines, and optimizing data storage and retrieval. The senior data engineer is responsible for ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, and secure. They work closely with data analysts and scientists to provide the necessary data infrastructure for business insights and decision-making. Overall, the senior data engineer is a critical player in the success of any data-driven organization. Therefore, salaries for this position range between $75K and $163K.

Qualified individuals for this role should possess a deep knowledge of traditional RDBMS technologies. This includes Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MySQL. Successful candidates should also be proficient in using query languages like SQL and PIG scripts. Further, they should have hands-on implementation stories involving ETL pipelines through different integration.

Prior industry experience for this position typically includes practical involvement in highly scalable distributed systems. When it comes to development, Python is the primary language for programming proficiency. However, it wouldn’t hurt to learn other mainstream languages like Java or Scala. Moreover, they should be able to convey complex technical concepts clearly and concisely to non-technical stakeholders. Mastering technical and communication skills is crucial for senior data engineers.


There are several best paying tech jobs in Arkansas. These job opportunities include software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and network engineering. Due to the rapid expansion of technology in various sectors, the demand for tech professionals continues to grow significantly.

During your job search process, thoroughly research various career paths in the tech industry. This will help you determine which suits your interests best. Consider acquiring certifications or higher education degrees to improve your chances of securing a lucrative job in the long run. Further, focusing on financial incentives and factors such as work-life balance is essential when deciding where to work. Prioritizing personal satisfaction and growth can ultimately enhance productivity and output.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best paying tech jobs in Arkansas?

A few top tech jobs that pay well in Arkansas include software developer, network and computer system administrator, information security analyst, and computer systems analyst.

Are network administrators high-demand job roles that promise decent remuneration?

Network administrators are among the technology segments in significant demand across various sectors. They offer mid-range to high-end salaries based on skills and experience level.

What educational qualification or certification do I need to apply for Data Engineer positions in Arkansas?

A degree or advanced training background/training with expertise in database management would make you eligible for entry-level data engineering positions.

Are there opportunities for remote working or telecommuting tech jobs?

Since many businesses delved into remote work due to current global circumstances around COVID-19, there’s undoubtedly increased opportunities for hiring remotely for selected positions. However, it varies per role and depends on company policies governing related fields.

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