The 10 Best NFT Racing Games Today

Best NFT racing games

The 10 Best NFT Racing Games Today

Blockchain gaming is making quite a buzz among gamers these days, and it’s for all the right reasons. These games don’t only let players participate in competitive quests but also earn multiple NFT rewards and trade in-game assets. Simply put, they are play-to-earn games. You can find many NFT game genres, but racing ones are the most popular. So, what is the best NFT racing game in 2023? 

Over the years, NFT developers have leveraged Blockchain technology to offer games with modern features and astounding graphics. When playing racing games, you can buy NFT vehicles or horses for racing from virtual marketplaces. Not only that, but you can also get their compatible drivers and accessories to finish the race at the best time.

Whether you want to add some NFT games to your collection or start something new, below are 10 best NFT racing games you shouldn’t miss out on. They all have an easy interface to help you enjoy racing and NFT trading side-by-side!

#1. DeRace (DERC): The Best NFT Racing Game

DeRace is the product of a professional system architect, Adomas. He built this racing game on a blockchain architecture to offer you a close-to-reality horse racing experience. It is a vast virtual racing universe that allows players to do horse gambling, create NFT horses and their NFTs, participate in horse racing, and make money. So, you can be anything in this game: a bookmaker, horse owner, horse racer, or gambler. 

DeRace has one rule: the more you play and engage in activities, the higher profit you can earn. All you have to do is create horse NFTs and sell them on the marketplace. You can also breed the horses and even raise their skill levels. 

#2. REVV Racing Game

Produced by Animoca Brands, REVV Racing is a leading arcade car racing game built on play-to-earn architecture. It was released in 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can race against other players within a given timeframe, rank higher on the scoreboard, and make REVV tokens. 

However, what’s unique in REVV Racing? It is a 3D browser racing game that allows players to enjoy realistic car driving. However, you must buy a racecar NFT to play this game. It is available on the Polygon OpenSea market, with more than 162K REVV Racing NFT collections. You can also create yours by utilizing your Common automobiles and integrating them into assets.

Once you have the token, you can participate in many racing tournaments, complete daily challenges, and earn a better position on the board. It is, hands down, one of the easiest and the best NFT racing games at the moment.

You’ll need a racecar NFT to play, but there are REVV Racing NFT collections on the Polygon OpenSea market.

#3. KleeRun

You may have heard about KleeKai, the leading GameFi industry and the owner of the $KLEE token on the Ethereum blockchain. However, did you know that KleeKai has also developed KleeRun, an interactive play-to-earn racing game? It is an NFT racing and sports game for Android devices and browsers. 

To play it, you must hold up a minimum of 500 billion $KLEE and increase it as you move forward in the game. You can also trade NFTs of your personal avatar, real estate, and merch for specific fees. They are minor and go in the liquidity pool contributions of the Holders proportional. KleeRun focuses on the “Holding” function the most as it performs many things, including benefitting LP investors.

KleeKai Metaverse is a safe financial investment that helps players earn passively and boost their assets’ worth. All this while being a leading player in the KleeKai GameFi industry! 

#4. Trade Race Manager (TRM)

Trade Race Manager (TRM) is the trendsetter for NFT racing games. QORPO developed it as the first next-generation crypto and blockchain-powered game to let players race against time and collect, earn, and trade NFTs. This play-to-earn game offers unlimited rewards to help you make real money by racing cars. 

In Trade Race Manager, you can also trade cryptocurrencies in a unique way. Just bet on yourself and participate in many trading competitions or races through NFTs. These NFTs will represent your car in races. Remember, TRM has two types of NFTs — The Special Influencer Bundle (including the car and the avatar) and Cars and Avatars. So, TRM isn’t just about racing cars, after all!

#5. Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn horse racing game with a Polygon chain infrastructure. This PvP-styled game features a futuristic world in which players will encounter Pegas, some unique mythological creatures. You will have to participate in races to win tokens of two types: the utility token called Vigorus (VIS) and the governance token called Pegaxy Stones (PGX).

So, what makes Pegaxy unique from traditional horse race betting? It’s the ability to control and prepare your horse for racing. You don’t choose a winning horse but prepare one. Comparatively, in traditional racing, you usually bet depending on a horse’s history and delegate feeding and training tasks through the trainer. 

In Pegaxy, every NFT Pega is special with unique characteristics. You will breed, merge, sell, buy, rent, and race your Pega against 11 players to win $VIS tokens for being in the top three. However, you must have a crypto wallet to purchase one. The best part? There are almost 5,000 founding Pegas with special variables!

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Pegaxy features a futuristic world in which players train and race mythological horse-like creatures called Pegas.

#6. Nitro League 

Nitro League is an NFT racing game that’s modern, addictive, and based on blockchain technology. It is a complete universe with advanced racing cars, token economies, and the elements of a true metaverse. The unique part about Nitro League is its decentralization, where an entire community races their vehicles and participates in many in-game activities. That’s how they earn tokens. 

In Nitro League, you’d need to be a part of a clan in a nation to participate in races. As you win, your rank system will improve in the clan based on your Reputation Points (RP). You can change your clan or nation anytime but may lose some attribute locations or bonuses.

This NFT racing game includes two major types of NFTs: Car NFTs and Driver NFTs. You will find cars with varying rarity levels, such as Rare, Special, Common, Uncommon, and Legendary. The prices and performance vary at every level. Meanwhile, Driver NFTs are as crucial as NFTs. You can own many in your inventory and pick one according to the racing requirements.

#7. DragonKart

DragonKart is based on a Vietnamese series — Pikalong. It is a 3D racing game developed on Binance Smart Chain, in which players can participate in intense races, show off their skills, and make money side by side. Since it’s based on Pikalong, it has the same characters as the series. 

The gaming arena in DragonKart is characterized as “life and death.” Players must leverage their character and driving skills to win the race. You will also find many mystery boxes on the tracks with something new. It could be a weapon or any helpful accessory. 

In DragonKart, you will have a list of NFTs, including Mystery Box, Racing Cars or Karts, and Weapons. The cars have four levels of rarity: Easy, Rare, Common, and Epic. The Weapons are also available as NFTs with five rarity levels; Legendary is additional. There is so much more to this NFT racing game, which you can only discover during the gameplay.

#8. Fancy Birds

Fancy Birds is a play-to-earn mobile game developed by Mr. Fancy of Fancy Games DAO. If you’re active on Discord, you must have heard of Mr. Fancy. Yes, the one who organizes eSports tournaments. 

This arcade racing game allows players to buy an NFT bird from the store, compete in races, and win rewards. You can also breed your bird and fly it anywhere in this play-to-earn game. 

How can you earn on Fancy Birds? It has an open economy of almost 8,888 random Genesis Bird NFTs, which you must hold to start your first game. Keep flying your bird daily, complete challenges, and earn FNC.

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If you’re active on Discord, you will have heard of the creator of Fancy Birds, Mr. Fancy of Fancy Games DAO.

#9. DeathRoad

DeathRoad provides a next-level racing environment for gamers to flaunt their driving and shooting skills side-by-side. You can also earn and trade digital assets, including NFTs, since every element in the game will be NFT-based. Based on blockchain, DeathRoad has advanced shooting features, 2D graphics, and simple gameplay. 

You can build your garage with various NFT cars and choose any based on the nature of the race. Besides competing with other players, you can also race against AI-driven cars to earn points, unlock achievements, and reveal weapons and tracks. Want to hear a secret? Attaching weapons to your vehicles can make them even more deadly!

#10. DarleyGo

Lastly, DarleyGo is another NFT racing game that’s believed to be the first myth-based horse racing game. You can not only collect and race NFT horses on the Solana blockchain but also breed and train them to develop advanced skills. 

The developers aimed to educate people about blockchain technology and how it can transform the future of VR and gaming. As a result, DarleyGo has all the features one can expect. The storyline includes horses populating Altair planet, which is supposed to be a paradise for horses. The game has three renowned horse tribes: Areo, Darley, and Hayato. 

To earn NFTs, you must participate in two levels of Racing Mode. Of course, the higher level you choose, the bigger the prize will be for the winner. However, these levels are usually way more challenging with a less winning chance. 

So, the best way to enjoy this NFT racing game and keep earning from it is by participating in lower levels. However, before that, ensure your horse is up-to-date with the required skills!


NFT racing games are a fun way to collect, earn, and trade NFTs. You will buy the racing horses or cars as NFTs from a virtual marketplace and use them to compete with others in the game. If you win, you will earn extraordinary rewards in the form of real money. 

The best part is that these racing games are compatible with different devices, including Android, iOS, and browsers. So, whether you play DeRace or DragonKart, be prepared to experience futuristic NFT racing and trading. It’s time to flex your driving skills out in the virtual world!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT racing game?

An NFT racing game is similar to a video game but utilizes a virtual asset called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the game’s interface. The game’s progress is stored on blockchain technology. With NFTs, players can fully control the game’s elements, characters, and in-game features. They can buy and sell NFTs to make a profit from every win.

Are there NFT cars in blockchain racing games?

Many blockchain car-racing developers use NFTs for the game’s elements and prizes. This means your rewards, cars, and drivers all will be based on NFTs. However, the game will appear like a 3D racing game you play on your PC, mobile, or console.

What are the best NFT racing games today?

The best NFT racing games include DeRace, REVV Racing Game, KleeRun, Trade Race Manager (TRM), Pegaxy, Nitro League, DragonKart, and Fancy Birds. DeathRoad and DarleyGo are also excellent choices.

Is playing NFT games profitable?

NFT games allow people to earn real NFTs with considerable market value. You can quickly sell them to make a profit in the form of real money.

Can I earn crypto by playing games?

You can earn crypto and NFTs by playing play-to-earn blockchain games. These programs are built on Ethereum, which allows players to buy or make digital assets won through participating in competitions. The earned NFTs or crypto belong solely to the player, so they can sell them later for physical cash.

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