The 10 Best LEGO Space Sets Ever Made

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The 10 Best LEGO Space Sets Ever Made

Key Points

  • LEGO has released over 360 space-themed sets, evolving from traditional designs to more modern and futuristic concepts.
  • The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set includes a detailed shuttle, Hubble Telescope, and minifig crew, making it a great collectible for adults.
  • The LEGO Ideas International Space Station is a display model with 864 pieces, including astronaut minifigs and mini cargo spacecraft.
  • The LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer is a premium adult-focused set, featuring retractable landing legs, an extendable ramp, and four astronaut minifigs.

Space, the final frontier, has long been one of the most notable LEGO themes. The connection between LEGO and space has been around for decades, and it’s why there are so many great LEGO space sets available.

Everything from lunar landers, shuttles, and the International Space Station have all been part of this wondrous LEGO lineup. Space has always been something to dream about, so it’s fitting that LEGO continues to focus on its prominent space sets as kids often at one time or another want to be an astronaut.  

LEGO Space Sets: What You Need to Know

According to Brickipedia, Space was first introduced as a LEGO theme in 1978 and featured astronauts, spaceships, robots, and even a few aliens here and there. Along with other core LEGO themes like Town and Castle, Space has been a LEGO staple for well over 35 years and still going strong. 

During this time, it’s believed that LEGO has offered more than 360 sets in total, featuring various space themes. What is even more exciting is that while the first LEGO Space sets began using traditional LEGO items like a steering wheel to drive a spacecraft, they have since leapt into the future with more modern takes on what space flight could look like. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 best LEGO space sets the beloved toy company has ever made. 

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

Shuttle Discovery
LEGO Icons NASA Space Shuttle Discovery
  • Features space shuttle Discovery and Hubble space telescope
  • Space enthusiasts will love building all 2,354 pieces
  • Space shuttle has payload bay opening and retractable landing gear
  • Measures over 21 inches long
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03/02/2024 11:00 am GMT

While it’s mostly focused on adult builders, the LEGO Icons NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model is absolutely one of the best LEGO space sets of all time. 

Set number 10283 features 2,354 authentically detailed pieces not only for the shuttle but also for the Hubble Telescope. This particular set is more than meets the eye as it offers a payload bay door that opens, retractable landing gear, a working cockpit, a space arm, and even five seats for your minifig crew. The Hubble Telescope even offers its own moving pieces with adjustable solar panels and a hatch door, which matches the real Hubble Telescope design. 

Measuring over 21 inches in length, this is a terrific collectible for adults to display in an office or doubles as a great gift. 

Get your LEGO Icons NASA Space Shuttle Discovery on Amazon.

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

One Small Step for Man
LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11
  • Detailed lunar replica including lunar surface, footprints, and flag
  • Ascent stage interior with room for 2 astronaut minifigs
  • Includes a movable ladder, gold-colored landing pads, and an opening camera
  • Total of 1,087 pieces
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03/02/2024 11:00 am GMT

Just as it was in real life, the LEGO Apollo 11 Lunar Lander was one small step for man, one giant leap for LEGO kind. 

This intricately detailed LEGO set helps commemorate this famous moment in human history when American astronauts both landed and descended onto the surface of the Moon. Developed in cooperation with NASA, this set was released as a 50th-anniversary celebration of the 1969 Moon landing. 

The outstanding detail extends to the lunar module itself as well as a small portion of the lunar surface including one famous footprint. Two astronaut minifigs are also detailed with their memorable golden helmets and a ladder so you can easily recreate their first step time and time again. Set number 10266 includes 1,087 pieces and measures over 7 inches high and 8 inches wide. 

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LEGO Ideas International Space Station 

Astronaut Outpost
LEGO Ideas International Space Station
  • Includes 8 adjustable solar panels and other authentic details
  • Two astronaut minifigs plus mini NASA space shuttle
  • Adds 148-page booklet about the ISS
  • Perfect gift for yourself or for family
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03/02/2024 11:00 am GMT

One of the biggest moments in international space history was the launch of the International Space Station in 1998. 

While you may never be able to venture to the real thing without a ton of training, you can have the next best thing with the LEGO Ideas International Space Station. Featuring 864 pieces in total, LEGO set 21321 is more of a display model than a toy, which is why it’s best built by anyone 16 and older. Along with a 148-page booklet that offers some fun facts about the ISS, you also receive two astronaut minifigs plus a small NASA space shuttle. Topping off the ISS build are three separate mini cargo spacecraft that dock with the station and bring necessary supplies.

Part of the LEGO Ideas 10th anniversary, you can build this set solo or with family and then display it anywhere in your home. Measuring 7 x 12 x 19 inches, it’s just small enough to be displayed on a shelf yet large enough to catch the attention of anyone looking in its direction. 

Get your LEGO Ideas International Space Station on Amazon.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

To the Moon!
LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V
  • Approximately 1:110 scale to the original Apollo Saturn V rocket
  • Includes three removable rocket stages plus the command and service modules
  • Available to display as one piece or horizontally with three different stands
  • Also includes booklet highlighting manned Apollo Moon missions
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03/01/2024 07:19 pm GMT

As part of nine separate manned crew flights to the moon, it’s no surprise that LEGO has commemorated the NASA Apollo Saturn V with its own set. 

While it may be 1:110 scale of the original, being able to build such a historic piece of space equipment should not be lost on anyone ages 14 and up. Featuring 1,969 pieces, the set includes three removable rocket stages, just like the real Saturn V did for all of its launches between 1967 to 1973. The Saturn V set also includes the launch escape system, command and service modules, as well as two minifigs that will accompany the miniature lunar lander to the surface of the moon. 

As soon as the Saturn V is built, you have a choice of displaying the 39-inch high LEGO set in one piece or breaking it out into three separate pieces with the three separate stands LEGO includes in the box. 

Get your LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V on Amazon.

LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer 

Space, the Final Frontier
LEGO Galaxy Explorer Space System
  • 1,254 pieces includes four astronauts and robot helper
  • Retractable ramp
  • Astronaut living quarters features two beds
  • Sliding door separates space between cargo area and living quarters
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03/01/2024 11:31 pm GMT

While the LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer set may be a relaunch of a 1970s favorite, it is no less terrific today than it was back then. 

One of the LEGO sets designed specifically with adults in mind that isn’t focused on a NASA design, the LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer is just fantastic. Released as part of the 90th anniversary of LEGO, the 1979 variant has long been retired until last year, when LEGO released the 1,254-piece set number 10497 again. Much larger than the original, this time around LEGO has gone big to the tune of 21.26 inches in length. Along with its size, LEGO acknowledges this is an adult-focused set, which gives it more of a premium feel. 

The set itself has three retractable landing legs, an extendable ramp, and opening rear doors. Inside the cockpit, you’ll also find room for the four astronaut minifigs that are included with your purchase. 

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LEGO Creator Shuttle Transporter

Three in One
LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter
  • Build three different models including a shuttle transporter, helicopter transport, or car with a caravan
  • Features detailed flatbed truck and trailer with 10 wheels
  • Shuttle includes payload bay doors and a working satellite
  • 341 total pieces
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03/01/2024 07:19 pm GMT

While many LEGO space sets feel like they are more geared toward adults, the opposite is true for the LEGO Creator Shuttle Transporter

As a 3-in-1 set, the Shuttle Transporter, also known as set 31091, offers 341 pieces that is good for ages 7 and up but adds a small twist. The best part of LEGO Creator sets is that they offer three different ways to build, and that is exactly the case here. While the primary mode is the Shuttle Transporter, you can also switch gears and build a helicopter transporter or a car with a caravan that can be used for your minifigs to travel to and from shuttle launches. 

Measuring 3 x 11 x 4 inches, the set is perfectly sized for kids to play with just about anywhere. Best of all, you can easily integrate the Shuttle Transporter into other LEGO sets for building just about anything a child’s imagination can think of. 

Get your LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter on Amazon.

LEGO City Deep Space

To Infinity and Beyond
LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket
  • Includes 6 minifigs with two astronauts
  • Rocket stands 16 inches high
  • 837 total pieces
  • Inspired by NASA
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03/02/2024 11:00 am GMT

Part of the beloved LEGO City collection, the LEGO City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control set is a great way to imagine the future of space travel. 

Designed for children ages 7 and above, LEGO set 60228 is 837 pieces of fun allowing you to build a multistage rocket that you can launch any hour of the day. Building the rocket might be fun, but building the monorail system to get to the rocket is even more exciting as any of the six included minifigs can ride the monorail. The minifigs include two astronauts, two scientists, one launch director, a ground control technician, and even one robot figure because this is the future, after all. 

Standing over 16 inches high, the rocket is ready for action just as soon as you have it fueled up and ready to go. There is so much about this set for kids to imagine and maybe even use as inspiration for their own chance to build this in real life someday. 

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LEGO Blacktron Spaceship

The Evil Spaceship
LEGO Blacktron Spaceship
  • Rebuild a childhood favorite from the 1980s
  • Rediscover the original villains including evil Blacktron
  • Includes 356 total pieces
  • Perfect for ages 18 and up
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03/02/2024 10:59 am GMT

Recreating some of the most popular LEGO space sets from the 1980s can be a risk, but LEGO nailed it with the Blacktron Spaceship

The Blacktron collection played a solid role in LEGO space sales during the 1980s so it’s no surprise LEGO has made efforts to resurrect these fan favorites. Coming in at 356 pieces, the Blacktron Spaceship isn’t large in size but it more than makes up for it with memories. Best known as LEGO set 40580, you not only have the Blacktron Spaceship available, but you can also repurpose the pieces to build a host of other creations, making this a pseudo-LEGO Creator set as well. 

You even have a chance with this set to rediscover some old LEGO villains with the inclusion of an evil Blacktron minifig and his equally evil Blacktron robot. 

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LEGO City Lunar Research Base

Living on the Moon
LEGO City Lunar Research Base
  • Inspired by NASA to create a Moon base set packed with intricate details
  • Features a lunar research base, VIPER rover, and a moon buggy
  • Total of 6 LEGO astronaut minifigs
  • Also includes domed accommodation quarters
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03/01/2024 11:36 pm GMT

Another fantastic space addition as part of the LEGO City collection, the Lunar Research base is 786 pieces of wholesome fun. 

There is just so much here to enjoy, you won’t know what to play with first when you are finished building. Included with LEGO set 60350 is a lunar research base, lunar lander, sky crane drone toy, VIPER rover, and one moon buggy. To help operate all of this equipment, the Lunar Research Base includes six LEGO astronaut minifigs and even a few drinking mugs for when the astronauts are off duty. 

The domed accommodations are a great place for the minifigs to relax when they are not working in the science lab, walking through the airlock, or double-checking the stability of any of the docking tunnel modules. Don’t forget to press the button and activate the lunar lander’s booster before attempting takeoff, otherwise, it’s going to be a really short trip. 

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LEGO Creator Space Rover Explorer

Use Your Imagination
LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Space Rover Explorer
  • Features three models in one with a space explorer rover, space base, and space flyer
  • Perfect for stretching kids imaginations
  • Is the alien friend or foe?
  • Total of 510 pieces

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03/02/2024 10:54 am GMT

One final LEGO space set worth considering is another fan favorite with the 3-in1 Space Rover Explorer, which includes aliens!

One of the best LEGO space sets at encouraging kids to use the depths of their imagination, there is a lot to like here. LEGO set 31107 only includes 510 pieces but it makes the absolute most of them. This includes the primary use as the Space Rover Explorer but rest assured the other two ways LEGO includes to build are just as fun. 

You can quickly tweak the pieces to create a space base or space flier, and this set also easily incorporates other LEGO space sets for tons of added fun. Designed for ages 8 and up, it’s all about using your imagination as you not only have one LEGO minifig but also one alien minifig, which means it’s time to get creative. Is the alien your friend, foe, or pet? It’s up to you and your children to figure out what comes next. 

Get your LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Space Rover Explorer on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to the LEGO Space collection, there have been a lot of beloved sets over the last few decades. Even as some of the best are on the more recent side of that timeline, there are still plenty of things to love about some of the most original LEGO Space sets. LEGO has long been a staple of imaginative toys that are both safe and enjoyable while allowing kids to stretch the limits of what is possible, and this could not be more true with LEGO Space-themed sets.

Summary Table

LEGO Space Set
NASA Space Shuttle Discovery
NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander
LEGO Ideas International Space Station
LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V
LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer
LEGO Creator Shuttle Transporter
LEGO City Deep Space
LEGO Blacktron Spaceship
LEGO City Lunar Research Base
LEGO Creator Space Rover Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first LEGO Space set released?

The first LEGO Space set was released in 1978. 

What is the best LEGO Space set ever made?

This is very much a subjective response but the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model is often regarded as one of the favorites. 

How many different LEGO Space sets exist as of June 2023?

According to reports, there are more than 360 LEGO Space sets and counting. 

Do the different LEGO Space sets interact with one another?

Absolutely! LEGO Space sets can interact with just about any other LEGO set on Earth, not just within the Space collection. 

Are there any LEGO Space sets that are no longer available for purchase?

Yes, there are many sets, especially from the earlier time periods of the Space collection, that are no longer available. 

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