The 8 Best Lego Sets for Adult Collectors

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The 8 Best Lego Sets for Adult Collectors

As we get older we tend to look back on simpler times. The best LEGO sets for adult collectors allow you to do that in some interesting ways. Most sets designed for adults feature different themes from classic lines and are great to build with partners and pals. There is definitely something for everyone whether you have a love of the sea, music, or artwork.

LEGOs Designed for Adults

LEGOs have long been considered a kid-friendly activity. As those kids grow up, their love of LEGO stays strong, which is why the company begin to introduce sets designed for adults. Unfortunately, there’s no official designation or series of LEGO sets for adult collectors.

That means you’ll need to consider themes when searching for a set unless you’re just looking for a challenge. LEGO loves themed sets, so big kids have a variety of options to choose from. That includes sets based on flowers or succulents or classic sitcoms. Want to relive memories from a trip to Disneyland?

That’s an option with the right LEGO set, as you can build the Disney Castle or Hogwarts Castle. You can also build a pint-sized Grand Piano or the house from Home Alone. Fandom is well-served, but there are LEGO sets with vehicles, famous architecture, and artwork as well. 

The Best LEGO Sets for Adult Collectors

Choosing the best LEGO sets for adult collectors was challenging, but not because of product selection. The options are overwhelming considering LEGO has designed expert sets for years. When you factor in popular franchises with massive sets, you’ll have no trouble finding something to suit your needs.

With that in mind, we chose eight sets we feel best represent adult collectors. There are large themed builds that may take days to complete, along with simpler designs that look fantastic on display. Here are our picks for the top eight LEGO sets for adult collectors.

LEGO Ideas Vincent Van Gogh: The Starry Night

LEGO’s Ideas line is full of sets geared towards adults from flowers to 3D designs by famous artists. Our top choice for the best LEGO sets for adult collectors features an artist most adults should be familiar with Vincent Van Gogh with a Starry Night LEGO kit.

LEGO set 21333 allows builders to create one of Van Gogh’s most popular paintings The Starry Night. The set was produced in partnership with MOMA with bricks that mimic the artist’s swirling paintbrush. As a bonus, a minifigure of Vincent is included complete with a palette, paintbrush, and a pint-sized version of The Starry Night.

This 2,000+ piece set arrived in 2022 and was an instant hit upon its release. It’s priced at a premium, but expected to retire in the near future. When that happens, the price will climb given the early popularity of the set and overwhelmingly positive reviews. Check out The Starry Night LEGO kit on Amazon.

For Art Lovers
LEGO Ideas Vincent Van Gogh - The Starry Night
  • Recreate The Starry Night in LEGO form
  • Produced in collaboration with MOMA
  • Vincent Van Gogh Minifigure
  • 2,316-piece set
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09/13/2023 10:29 am GMT

LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

LEGO has a lot of popular franchises under its branding, but it took decades for Nintendo to come into the fold. While the company has released more than 100 sets since that time, none can top the Super Mario 64 Question Block.

This LEGO set is one of the more unique ones we’ve seen from the company to date. The block opens up to reveal four scenes from the franchise and comes with 10 microfigures. They aren’t the classic minifigures but pair perfectly with this set and its miniature levels. It’s a newer set that’s only been out since 2021, but already selling for more than retail on secondary markets.

This is another set that’s set to retire soon, but one we feel could double in price within the next few years. With 2,000 pieces and the microlevels, it looks like an absolute blast to build. This set makes a great gift for any Nintendo fan and would look fantastic on display. Check out the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block LEGO kit on Amazon.

A SUPER Good Time
LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block 71395
  • 25th anniversary release
  • 10 microfigures included
  • Four micro levels
  • 2,064-piece LEGO set
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09/14/2023 08:09 pm GMT

LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse Kit

LEGO has produced countless nautical sets from their early pirates and Vikings series to War on the Water from Black Panther. If you want to guide those ships through blocky waters, the Motorized Lighthouse kit should be high on your shopping list.

This set is one of the larger ones on our list but would fit right in with any nautical LEGO scene. The Motorized LEGO Lighthouse set is full of detail. From the lighthouse keeper and cave to the interior, it’s an impressive set. It’s also motorized, so the spotlight at the top can spin about to help LEGO ships find their way home.

At just over 2,000 pieces, the LEGO Motorized Lighthouse set is an advanced build from the Ideas collection. It’s another set with a premium price point, but one we feel is well worth it for LEGO fans with a love of the sea. Check out the Motorized Lighthouse kit on Amazon.

Guide Your Lost LEGOs Home
LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse
  • Rotating beacon with light
  • Illuminated fireplace
  • Detailed set with cottage, cave and accessories
  • #43 in the LEGO Ideas Collection
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09/13/2023 11:14 am GMT

LEGOS Ideas Ship in a Bottle Building Kit

If you’re looking for a LEGO set with a sea theme but aren’t interested in a lighthouse, LEGO has another idea with the Ship in a Bottle Building Kit. This set is a unique take on a classic craft as it puts collectors to work building a ship inside of a bottle.

Impossible bottles have been around since the late 1700s, but you won’t need to spend a fortune to buy this classic set. The 12-inch long model faithfully recreates the collectible complete with a LEGO cork and wax seal. LEGO put plenty of thought into the design of this set from the waves inside the bottle to the display stand.

The LEGO Ideas line has introduced some fantastic sets over the years, and this one certainly stands out. If you were unsuccessful in building a real ship in a bottle, you’ll be thrilled with this set. It’s also a great set for adult collectors to build with their kids given the age rating and the fact it’s 962 pieces. Check out the Ship in a Bottle Building Kit on Amazon.

A Unique Challenge
LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle Expert Building Kit
  • 12 inches long with a display stand
  • Re-release of LEGO set 21313
  • LEGO Ideas set #20
  • Retired in 2020
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09/13/2023 11:19 am GMT

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin

One common thread with LEGO sets from every theme is structures. You can build the Daily Bugle with Marvel LEGO sets or take on architecture found in the real world. The A-Frame Cabin Kit is a creation from the Ideas collection and one of the best LEGO sets for nature lovers.

This set consists of a classic A-Frame Cabin with several trees and plenty of wildlife. There are 11 blocky animals you can place in the scene along with four minifigures and a lot of accessories. There’s a canoe, guitar, camera, and backpacks for the figures, but the inside is full of details as well. Removing the top of the cabin provides access to a kitchen, bedroom, and more.

The A-Frame Cabin Kit is one of the more versatile options on our list of the best LEGO sets for adult collectors. It’s a great choice for nature lovers, but the cabin and accessories will work to expand any LEGO creation you’ve set up. It’s also one of the newest sets in the LEGO Ideas lineup as it hit shelves on February 4, 2023. Check out the A-Frame Cabin kit on Amazon.

A Natural Retreat
LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin
  • Detachable roof with interior rooms
  • Buildable trees
  • Four minfigures and 11 animals
  • 2,082-piece set
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09/13/2023 10:29 am GMT

LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave

To call The Great Wave off Kanagawa an iconic piece of art would be an understatement. This print has been popular since 1831, influenced countless artists, and been reproduced millions of times. If you’re a Hokusai fan, you’ll want to pick up the LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave kit.

The Great Wave LEGO set is inspired by artwork like the Van Gogh set but without the artists. It’s a different type of build suited to the style of Hokusai. Multiple layers of bricks give the image a 3D effect and you can listen to custom tracks while you build. Scanning the QR code on the box unlocks a soothing soundtrack that pairs perfectly with this set.

This is one of the few LEGO kits you can actually display on a wall but would look great alongside the Icons Bonsai tree building set. As a recent release, it’s still affordable and available at retail price. Considering the popularity of Hokusai and the design of this set, the price could quickly rise upon retirement. Check out the LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave kit on Amazon.

An Instant Classic
LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave 3D Building Kit
  • 1,810-piece set commemorating The Great Wave
  • Custom soundtrack accessible with the QR code
  • Multiple bases and hangers
  • Hokusai signature tile
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09/13/2023 10:29 am GMT

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster Building Kit

Many of us remember going to fairs and theme parks as children with our parents. The LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster Building kit lets you relive those childhood memories but not without a challenge. It’s the biggest and most expensive set on our list and one of the most challenging to build.

The LEGO Creator Roller Coaster set is in the expert class. There are 4,124 pieces and the set is 20 inches tall and more than 30 inches wide when complete. That’s going to take some time when you consider the details and accessories. There are 11 minifigures, two train carts, and several booths for blocky customers to visit.

LEGO retired this set in 2022, and the price should double within a few years. While a tough build, it’s one you can tackle with your partner or children. It also looks fantastic when set up with other LEGO sets from the Fairgrounds collection. Check out the LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster kit on Amazon.

A Challenging Build
LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster
  • 20 inches tall with 11 minifigures
  • Toy of the Year Winner 2019
  • Expert building set
  • 4,124 pieces
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09/13/2023 10:29 am GMT

LEGO Creator Assembly Square Building Kit

Part of the fun with LEGOs is the way you can build entire worlds by combining multiple sets. If you’re interested in recreating a town, it’s hard to go wrong with the LEGO Creator Assembly Square Building Kit. This 4,000-piece set isn’t the biggest but will be the centerpiece of any block LEGO town.

LEGO set #10255 was released for the 10th anniversary of the company’s Modular Buildings collection. It’s from the Expert line with a higher brick count than usual and eight minifigures. There’s an amazing amount of detail in this set which features multiple floors. Each floor is unique, but there’s action on the sidewalks as well thanks to the LEGO café.

From the LEGO baby in the stroller to the balconies and windows, there’s a lot to take in with this set.  It’s an older kit from 2017 although it has not been retired yet. That means you can still pick it up for retail price, making it an attractive option for city builders and fans of architecture. Check out the LEGO Creator Assembly Square Building Kit on Amazon.

Start a LEGO Town
LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square
  • 4,000+ pieces with multiple shops
  • Highly detailed interiors and exterior
  • 10th anniversary set
  • Released in 2017
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/13/2023 10:29 am GMT

The Wrap-Up

Billing a LEGO set for “adults” is a bit ironic considering plenty of grown men and women play, collect, and enjoy a variety of sets from the company. It’s fitting, however, considering we don’t expect many children to be interested in the LEGO Friends set or a blocky version of an oil painting. If you’re a fan of the MCU, you’ll also want to check out these collectible LEGO sets.

The 8 Best Lego Sets for Adult Collectors FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is there a Rick and Morty building set from LEGO?

LEGO doesn’t have any Rick and Morty sets, but you can pick one up through McFarlane Toys.

What’s the most challenging LEGO build for adults?

That’s subject to debate although many experts feel the Millennium Falcon and Taj Mahal are among the toughest.

Can you add lighting to LEGO sets?

Yes, several companies make lighting kits for LEGO sets including BriksMax, Lightailling, and BrickBling.

Are there any other motorized LEGO sets?

Dozens of motorized sets exist from a variety of collections including classic sets, Ideas, Technic, and Mindstorm kits.

Did LEGO release any set based on sitcoms?

Yes, there are a few sitcom-themed sets including The Office and Friends.

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