The 5 Best LEGO Sets for 7-Year-Olds

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The 5 Best LEGO Sets for 7-Year-Olds

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall LEGO set for 7-year-olds is the Express Passenger Train.
  • The best LEGO sets are massive and offer plenty of ways for kids to express themselves.
  • Kids will have endless fun building their LEGO set and then creating their own unique adventure.
  • Before you buy a new LEGO set, you should always look at the price and age range, as well as consider the child’s interests and what sets they already own. 

LEGO sets are one of the best toys you can buy for a child. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment, but it also teaches them to follow directions. Completing a complex set can be incredibly rewarding and help boost their confidence. Of course, you don’t always have to follow directions, and that’s perfect for 7-year-olds!

Most LEGO sets sold today come with directions, but you can still purchase large boxes of random bricks. These sets are based on a wide range of themes, from original ideas like City and Friends to pop culture icons like Mario.

The LEGO sets covered below are a great place for kids to start building, as they undoubtedly want to build their own creations and let their imagination run free.

Without further ado, here are the best LEGO sets for 7-year-olds!

History-Computer’s Top Picks for the Best LEGO Sets for 7-Year-Olds

#1 Best Overall: Express Passenger Train

Best Choo Choo
LEGO City Express Passenger Train Set
  • Features a remote control locomotive
  • 24 total track pieces
  • Dimmable lights that can be controlled via remote or downloadable smartphone app
  • Six included minifigs
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The Express Passenger Train is our pick for the best LEGO set for 7-year-olds.

Nearly everyone can remember playing with a train set as a kid. From wooden and plastic ones to higher-end electric trains, they can truly captivate a child’s imagination. That is why you really cannot go wrong with LEGO’s train sets.

This is the perfect gift for kids who love LEGO and trains, as it blends the best of both worlds. You get to build the train cars with traditional LEGO bricks, and then it runs on a special LEGO track. Best of all, the train is motorized and even features lights. It uses the LEGO Powered Up platform, which consists of an easy-to-use control system.

The battery pack and motor is integrated into the build, and it also comes with a wireless controller to operate the train. Alternatively, there is a phone app that you can use to control the train. The train looks like a passenger train that you’d find in Europe. But since this is a LEGO set, the details also continue inside the train. You get six minifigures that can go into the train’s passenger compartment.

There is also a small train platform for passengers to wait for the train. The set comes with a total of 764 pieces and has an MSRP of $189. While that is steep, it does get you started in the LEGO train system. The Express Train comes with 24 LEGO track pieces, including straightaways and curves. You can also purchase more track pieces later on.

The train is motorized with a full loop of track.One of the most expensive LEGO toy sets
Comes with minifigures that go in the trainThe platform area is small with little detail.

Best for Disney Lovers: The Enchanted Treehouse

Best for Disney Lovers
LEGO Disney The Enchanted Treehouse 43215
  • Buildable 2-level treehouse
  • 13 princess mini-dolls including Jasmine, Elsa, and Moana
  • For ages 7+
  • Great gift for Disney fans
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12/02/2023 09:55 pm GMT

If you want to buy a LEGO set for a major Disney fan, The Enchanted Treehouse was inspired by Disney movies and is a great choice. 

This LEGO set includes some of the most popular Disney heroines. But this original set doesn’t recreate a specific place in a Disney movie but instead combines the stories from multiple franchises into a whole new world (get it?).

Disney is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary with a number of limited-edition toys. LEGO has joined in the fun with a wide range of 100th-anniversary Disney sets. The Enchanted Treehouse is the perfect toy, for anyone who is a fan of popular Disney films.

At first glance, you will notice that this set has a lot of different areas. Instead of one treehouse, it has two separate structures with unique features. Connecting the two areas is a zipline that the minifigures can use to get from one side to the other. The smaller play area has a waterfall and slide, with a hidden cave in the back. The main part of the treehouse is three stories tall, with an icy area at the top for Elsa from Frozen.

Further down, you can find different rooms for the Disney characters to play in. One area has a library, and another features a dance floor. A neat homage to Merida is the archery targets outside. This ultimate tribute to female Disney characters comes with a whopping thirteen Friends-style minifigures. In all, there are 1,016 pieces at a price of $159 on the LEGO site.

Includes minifigures of popular Disney princessesMay only appeal to Disney fans
There are a lot of unique elements, like the ziplineNot related to any particular Disney film

Best for City Collectors: City Hospital

Best for City Collectors
LEGO City Hospital Building Set 60330
  • Comes with toy ambulance and rescue helicopter
  • 12 mini-figures
  • Can connect to other LEGO City sets
  • Ages 7+
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12/02/2023 09:55 pm GMT

The Hospital is an essential building for LEGO City Collectors.

The LEGO City theme is always one of the most popular with kids because it offers so many different types of buildings and vehicles. Once limited to major city services, the LEGO City theme has added many new sets that go far as the moon, such as the Lunar Research set.

But a must-have for any LEGO city is a police and fire station alongside a hospital. The latest LEGO City Hospital set features a modern design with a plethora of minifigures. The two-story building fits in well with other LEGO City sets. There is even a small street section near the emergency room to connect to your city’s road plates.

The Hospital features lots of translucent windows so you can see inside. On the first floor is the lobby and waiting area. Here you will find chairs, a water cooler, and a computer station. There is even a playroom for kids. Upstairs is a small bathroom in the center. To the right is the MRI room, complete with a scanner and computer station.

On the left side of the second floor is a maternity ward, which includes some baby essentials. At the top of the Hospital set is a small helipad and garden area. The set also comes with a helicopter and ambulance to deliver patients, plus a bicycle and wheelchair. There are a total of 816 pieces with 12 minifigures for an MSRP of $119 on the LEGO site.

Connects to the rest of the LEGO City road systemThe price per piece is high for a non-licensed set.
The set comes with plenty of minifigures.The first floor could have been made larger.
Living on the Moon
LEGO City Lunar Research Base
  • Inspired by NASA to create a Moon base set packed with intricate details
  • Features a lunar research base, VIPER rover, and a moon buggy
  • Total of 6 LEGO astronaut minifigs
  • Also includes domed accommodation quarters
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Best for Aspiring Collectors: Rocket Launch Center

Best for Collectors
LEGO City Rocket Launch Center 60351 Building Toy Set
  • Construct your own rocket, launch tower, observatory, and control center
  • The set also includes a service vehicle, a planet rover, and a drone
  • Includes six astronauts and one additional minifigure
  • Can be combined with other LEGO City Space toys
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12/03/2023 07:35 am GMT

Seven-year-olds that are obsessed with outer space will love the Rocket Launch Center.

Much like trains, kids are naturally drawn to the wonder of outer space. Who are we kidding? So are adults! This shuttle launch site is packed full of fun and is sure to provide many hours of enjoyment.

The Rocket Launch Center is actually part of the LEGO City lineup, but it certainly isn’t your average City fire or police station. Instead, this launch set is inspired by NASA’s Artemis Rocket. However, it is still very imaginative and doesn’t try to perfectly replicate the rocket. With that said, it does bear a resemblance that fans of the new Artemis program will notice.

The set comprises multiple small builds, with the rocket being one small portion. There is also a launch platform and tower where the rocket blasts off from. The tower features an elevator that the crew can use to access the top of the rocket. To get there, the crew uses a service vehicle that seats up to four minifigures. A small drone is also included that watches over the site.

The seven included minifigures can watch the takeoff from the control center, which features translucent windows. Otherwise, they can operate the space telescope, which has a small garage underneath it that houses a rover. Lego did an excellent job on this unique design, but it is pretty expensive, with an MSRP of $159 for 1,010 pieces.

Unique design based on NASA conceptsDoesn’t fit into a traditional LEGO City
Includes multiple areas like a rocket and a space telescopeVery high price-per-piece ratio

Best for Mario Fans: Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set  

Best for Mario Fans
LEGO Super Mario Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set 71407 Building Toy Set
  • For kids 7+
  • 494 pieces
  • LEGO Super Mario Princess Peach buildable game features a 3-level castle toy with ice elements, flowers, POW block, and coin collecting challenges
  • Makes a great gift for Mario fans!
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12/02/2023 10:10 pm GMT

The best LEGO set for seven-year-old Mario fans is the Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set.

The Super Mario franchise is timeless, and that is more apparent than ever with the recent success of the Super Mario Bros Movie. But LEGO actually partnered with Nintendo several years ago to create a line of Mario toys.

The Frozen Tower Expansion Set is part of the main line of LEGO Mario toys that require a Starter Course to get the most out of it. There are three starter courses available with either Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach. The characters are electronic with a barcode scanner and can even connect to your phone for access to games.

The first Frozen Tower Expansion set comes with the Cat Peach Suit, but other characters can also wear the catsuit. The main part of the build is pretty compact, mainly consisting of a three-story tower. This is a better option for younger kids than the larger Peach’s Castle set. One of the cool elements of the set is the use of blue translucent pieces where Toad is hidden.

You need to rescue Toad, who is trapped at the top of the tower and guarded by Kamek flying on her broom. There is also a cat Goomba to stomp. Outside of the tower are a couple of scenes with a Frozen Coin Block and another barcode hidden in the yellow plants. It also includes the customary Warp Pipe and Bowser Flag. This fun little set is a little pricy at $79 on the LEGO site, but it’s worth it for major Mario fans.

Based on the iconic Mario gamesThe tower doesn’t have much detail
Inlcudes Toad, a cat Goomba, and Kamek.Must have Starter Course for full features
kid child with LEGO blocks set
These LEGO sets are perfect for 7-year-old kids that love to build and be creative!


How to Pick the Best LEGO Set for a 7-Year-Old: Step-by-Step

When searching for the best LEGO set for 7-year-olds, you should consider these factors. 

  • Interests
  • Currently owned sets
  • Price
  • Age

Let’s review each of these criteria in more detail.


You should start by thinking about what interests the child you are purchasing the LEGO set for. Do they like a specific movie, TV show, or video game? If so, you can use this as a starting point for picking out the perfect set. Otherwise, you can always go with something simple like LEGO City or LEGO Friends. But having an idea of what the child likes will definitely make the process easier.

Currently Owned Sets

Next, you need to see what sets they already own, if any. This will ensure you don’t purchase something they already have, but it can also help guide your purchase decision. Seeing they enjoy playing with Ninjago, for instance, will tell you that purchasing more is a good idea. Keep in mind that some sets go together, like Mario Starter Courses and Expansion Packs.


Of course, price is always going to be one of the most important factors in your purchase decision. LEGO sets are extremely expensive, so you should not take purchase lightly. It is a good idea to set a budget before you start shopping. Additionally, you can gauge whether or not a set is a good value based on the price per piece.


Lastly, you must think about the child’s age and whether a specific set is appropriate for them. All LEGO sets have an age range on them that gives a rough guide on what ages the set is for. In some cases, kids can handle sets for higher age ranges, but they may also like sets for younger ages. This is definitely true if you plan to help them build the set.

What to Know Before Buying LEGO Sets for 7-Year-Olds

Buying the right LEGO set for a 7-year-old can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know what they are interested in. But the great thing about LEGO is that kids can use their imagination to build whatever they want. If you are still at a loss of what to buy, consider a plain set of bricks that are not a part of any given theme.

It is also worth noting that LEGO sets do retire, with most leaving store shelves at the end of the year or the end of June. The length of time they stay around depends on how well they perform. So, if there is a set that your child really wants, it is a good idea to prioritize that one first. Fortunately, popular buildings, like the ones in the City theme, aren’t gone for long before LEGO replaces them.

Using the Best LEGO Sets for 7-Year-Olds: What It’s Like

The great thing about LEGO is that it crosses age groups and genders. Anyone can see a LEGO brick and quickly understand how it works with other pieces. Sets for seven-year-olds may have simpler directions than that of sets for adults, but it can be difficult for the child to understand, especially if the set is a larger one.

This means that it can take a little longer to put sets together, they will be more challenging, and adults may need to help build. But once they are finished building a set, they will have endless hours of fun playing, displaying, and being creative. The great thing about LEGO is that you can always use the pieces to craft something completely new and original.

Summary Table

LEGO SetKey FeaturesConsiderations
Express Passenger TrainMotorized train with a full loop of track, includes minifigures that go in the trainOne of the most expensive LEGO toy sets, the platform area is small with little detail
The Enchanted TreehouseIncludes minifigures of popular Disney princesses, unique elements like the ziplineMay only appeal to Disney fans, not related to any particular Disney film
City HospitalConnects to the rest of the LEGO City road system, comes with plenty of minifiguresThe price per piece is high for a non-licensed set, the first floor could have been made larger
Rocket Launch CenterUnique design based on NASA concepts, includes multiple areas like a rocket and a space telescopeDoesn’t fit into a traditional LEGO City, very high price-per-piece ratio
Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion SetBased on the iconic Mario games, includes Toad, a cat Goomba, and KamekThe tower doesn’t have much detail, must have Starter Course for full features

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LEGO set its age ranges?

LEGO sets age ranges based on the number of pieces included and how difficult the sets are to assemble.

Do you need a Starter Course for the Frozen Tower Expansion?

You need a Starter Course in order to use the app features and play games, but you can still build and play with the Frozen Tower Expansion even if you don’t own a Starter Course.

Should you get a LEGO set for kids outside the age range?

Some kids can handle larger sets, especially if someone is around to help them. Similarly, some children will enjoy sets that are for an age range they’ve passed.

Do LEGO City sets connect together?

Some LEGO City sets do connect together. The Hospital is one example of a set that connects to other roads in LEGO City.

Do all LEGO train sets use the same track?

For the most part, all LEGO trains run on the same tracks. There are some old train sets that used different types of tracks. In addition, some sets for younger children come with special tracks.

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