The 10 Best LEGO Castles Ever

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The 10 Best LEGO Castles Ever

Key Points

  • LEGO has released over 281 castle sets since the launch of the first castle, the ‘Yellow Castle’, in 1978.
  • LEGO castles can vary in size, number of pieces, and difficulty level.
  • Popular LEGO castles include Hogwarts Castle and Disney Castle.

When it comes to LEGO sets, there are three different set types that helped set the standard for the type of toy company LEGO hoped to build. As one of those themes (along with city and space, the first castle in the LEGO lineup was launched in 1978 with the release of the “Yellow Castle,” better known as set number 375-2.

Since then, LEGO has launched more than 281 castle sets across a variety of themes, movies, eras, and moments in time. Every single castle launch helps evoke a different set of memories and allows the imagination to run wild with possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 best LEGO castles the company has ever created. 

What is a LEGO Castle? 

While the idea of a castle might seem pretty straightforward, in the land of LEGO, its creations are anything but straightforward. Since the first castle launch, LEGO has created castles out of the Lord of the Rings franchise, Disney, Harry Potter, and so many more. These sets range in size from a few dozen pieces to well over a few thousand with many castles falling somewhere in the middle. Best of all, these castle sets are available for all age groups including Duplo castles for babies.  

Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

The Journey Begins
LEGO The Lord of The Rings: Rivendell
  • LEGO Icons set 10316
  • 6,167 pieces
  • 15 minfigures
  • Multiple iconic locations
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12/02/2023 11:45 pm GMT

The Lord of the Rings franchise is one of the most successful of all time, so it’s no surprise LEGO jumped on the hype train with a Rivendell Castle set.  

Allowing you to relive some of the franchises’ best moments, the Rivendell castle really stands out with 6,167 pieces. Rest assured this is truly a project for both adults and kids with so many pieces. Filled with details and references only fans of the original LOTR trilogy will love, you can play through Frodo’s bedroom or Elrond’s study. Even the Council of Elrond has a specific section here where you can play as one of the famous council attendees. More than 15 minifigures are included including Frodo, Gandalf, Aragon, Gimli, Legolas, and one magic wizard with Gandalf the Grey. 

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The Disney Castle 

It's a Magical Place
The Disney Castle
  • Includes five minifigs including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell
  • Disney-inspired features and elements
  • Launchable fireworks display

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12/03/2023 11:12 pm GMT

Few castles are as notable or as remarkable as the Disney Castle, better known as LEGO set 71040.

Designed for ages 16 and above, there are more than 4,000 LEGO pieces that help create this 29-inch high and 18.8-inch wide set. In typical LEGO style, there are plenty of details here to remind us why Disney is such a magical place, including launchable fireworks to help get you into a magical mood. 

The first floor of the castle features the famous arched doorway you can walk under at Disney parks as well as various suits of armor, a grandfather clock, one magic carpet, and even a very famous golden lamp. Additional details within the four-story tall main building include the golden-spired main tower, which is home to classic minifigs like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell

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Hogwarts Castle

No Sorting Hat Required
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
  • 6,020 piece set
  • Features Hagrid's Hut, Whomping Willow and more
  • Moving staircases
  • Minifigures and microfigures
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12/02/2023 11:50 pm GMT

Yet another iconic LEGO castle based on a popular castle in movie history, the Hogwarts Castle is about as well-known as you can hope out of the Harry Potter franchise. 

LEGO set 71043 includes a massive 6,020 pieces and is best built by someone ages 16 and above. So much intricate detail has gone into the 22-inch tall and 27-inch wide set, including five buildable boats as well as a secret entrance into the Chamber of Secrets

Between the Great Hall, Dark Arts classroom, Hagrid’s Hut, Whomping Willow, and various classrooms, chambers, and creatures, there is almost too much here to see and do in one sitting. Four minifigs will help get your imagination started with Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw plus more than 27 different microfigs, which include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger

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LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

King’s Castle

Defend the Castle
LEGO Kings Castle
  • Includes 996 pieces in total
  • Accessories include 2 shields, a treasure chest, and working battering ram
  • Protect the King's throne
  • Good for ages 7-12
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12/03/2023 09:25 am GMT

Released in 2013, LEGO set 70404 is known as King’s Castle and is a highly regarded favorite as it marks the final release in LEGO’s medieval castle collection. 

Featuring 996 pieces in total, the set is designed for ages 7-12 and includes a total of seven minifigs in all. More importantly, these minifigs can help you utilize the included catapult weapon, a throne fit for a King, a knight’s table, a moveable staircase, and even a hidden escape door. 

The seven minifigs, which include a few heroic knights, can make use of swords, archery equipment, and other weapons to try and hold off the evil Dragon Knights. This set is truly an iconic LEGO build with a drawbridge that utilizes string and wall segments that incorporate technic pins to hold everything together. 

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King’s Castle Siege

Protect the King
LEGO Castle King's Castle Siege
  • Fire catapults and fling boulders to protect the kingdom
  • Moveable walls enable multiple playful scenarios
  • Total of 973 places
  • Designed for ages 7-12
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12/03/2023 11:12 pm GMT

This 2007 LEGO set, King’s Castle Siege, also known as number 7094, continues the company’s efforts to build out a full medieval universe complete with knights, skeletons, and dragons. 

With 973 total pieces, you must make a choice as to whether you will save the good and honest King and secure his kingdom against evil-doers. Alternatively, you can choose to help the skeleton warriors and their dragon conquer the kingdom once and for all. 

Assisting your efforts to secure the castle will be working catapults that fire boulders as well as moveable walls that can be adjusted as the skeleton warriors get close. Even if a working drawbridge helps you keep the skeleton warriors out, you still have to contend with the fire-breathing dragon and his evil knight rider.  

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Nexo Knights Jestro’s Volcano Lair

Beware the Volcano
LEGO Nexo Knights Jestro's Volcano Lair
  • Modeled after the popular Cartoon Network show
  • Includes 10 minifigs including Jestro, Lavaria, and Lance Richmond
  • Measures 12 x 16 x 11
  • Offers detachable throne, prison cell, and trapdoor
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12/03/2023 11:10 pm GMT

Why call it a castle if you can call it a volcano lair which was exactly LEGO’s thinking with set number 70323 and the Nexo Knights Jestro’s Volcano Lair.  

Featuring a host of new castle features, LEGO moved away from their typical medieval approach with the Nexo Knights lineup and instead created a universe of new knights hoping to steal a spell book from the volcano lair. The highlight of this set is the series of traps and features designed to make sure the knights do not succeed, which include a spinning lava mouth, a detachable throne, exploding walls, and a prison cell. 

Included with the set are 10 total minifigs, as well as a hover horse, and a host of available weapons. Fans of the Nexo Knights TV show from the Cartoon Network should feel very at home with every inch of this wonderful castle set, which has been designed for kids ages 9-14. 

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Lion Knight’s Castle

A Classic Reimagined
LEGO: Icons – Lion Knights’ Castle
  • Packed with medieval details like a working drawbridge and secret passages
  • Includes 22 minifigures including the King and Queen
  • Measures 14 x 17 x 12
  • Total of 4,514 pieces
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A reimagined LEGO set from years past, the Lion Knight’s Castle was released in August 2022 as a celebration of the company’s 90th anniversary as the LEGO group. 

This modern-day remake helps celebrate some of the company’s most iconic medieval work complete with 22 minifigs to let your imagination run wild. Over 4,154 total pieces help create LEGO set 10305, which was designed in response to more than 55,000 responses to a LEGO Ideas question about how to remake the best possible castle. 

As is typical LEGO style, there are plenty of details abound, including a functional drawbridge, hidden passages, a dungeon, and even a moving waterwheel. The most important aspect of this set is the secret hideout for the forest people who can escape when the evil knights come to try and take the castle stronghold. 

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The Ice Castle

Let It Go!
LEGO Disney Princess The Ice Castle
  • Disney's iconic Frozen castle from the animated film
  • Three story castle includes 1,700 pieces
  • Loaded with accessories including Elsa's bedroom and ice fountain
  • Includes two versions of Elsa plus Kristoff and Olaff
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12/03/2023 11:11 pm GMT

Once you or your family build LEGO set 43197, better known as Elsa’s Ice Castle, you are never going to want to let it go. 

Few Disney castles are as memorable as this wonderfully fun set for anyone over 14 years of age who can immediately recall the powerful moment in Frozen when Elsa built this castle. As one of the most successful animated movies of all time, it’s no surprise LEGO commemorates this beloved moment with its own set. 

Over 1,700 pieces come together to create a three-story castle including the famous balcony where Elsa belted out one of the most popular songs of the movie. Included within the set are multiple minifigs including Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and two iconic versions of Elsa. Rest assured there is plenty of detail here that will keep fans of the movie coming back for more. 

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The Battle of Helm’s Deep

To The Keep!
LEGO The Battle of Helm's Deep
  • Relive the battle of the once impenetrable Helm's Deep castle
  • Climb the tower and blow The Horn of Helm Hammerhand
  • Includes a siege ladder, opening main gate and catapult
  • Total of 1,368 pieces
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12/03/2023 11:12 pm GMT

Yet another iconic movie moment memorialized in LEGO form, the Battle of Helm’s Deep is one of the best castle moments in cinema history. 

This truly memorable LEGO set features over 1,368 pieces including a 6-inch high outer wall, a 9-inch tower with a horn, and an inner throne room. All totaled, the set measures 20 inches wide and, when put together, helps recreate the famous battle of the once impenetrable Helm’s Deep castle. Fortunately, your heroes are there to save the day with minifigs for Aragon, Gimli, Legolas, King Theoden, and a number of Uruk-Hai warriors attacking the castle. 

The set also includes a number of swords, axes, spears, torches, and shields so fan-favorite characters can protect the castle and the inhabitants within. Designed for ages 10 and up, this castle is an easy recommendation as one of LEGO’s best. 

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Special Edition Knight’s Kingdom King’s Castle

A Nostalgic Catle
LEGO Special Edition Knight's Kingdom King's Castle
  • Contains a total of 871 pieces
  • Good for ages 8-14
  • Includes 12 total minifigs
  • Defend the castle against any evil knights
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12/03/2023 11:12 pm GMT

A unique take on LEGO’s medieval collection, the Special Edition Knight’s Kingdom King’s Castle offers one of the best ways to build a castle. 

Unlike almost every other LEGO castle set available, LEGO number 10176 includes an elevated base with which to build. Released in 2006, LEGO would eventually change the name to the Royal King’s Castle but the 811 pieces did not change nor did the 22.5 x 15-inch sizing. Containing 12 minifigs, the set includes a number of characters including two skeletons, two mounted knights, a king, a ghost, and other surprises. 

The castle really stands apart with its ramp allowing you to walk the LEGO minifigs up the ramp into the protected castle when the gate is up. Designed for ages 8-14, the set goes for a premium price these days given its rarity as two different packaging options have helped create a demanding market for original sets in really great condition. 

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Wrapping Up

LEGO’s history of castles goes back a long way, spanning more than 45 years as of 2023 and in that time, has seen the release of just under 300 sets. As these sets include many famous and prominent castles from movies and entertainment giants like Disney, there is truly a castle for everyone. Whether you want to display or build, you should have no issue finding a LEGO castle that is right for you.

Summary Table

CastleNumber of Pieces
Lord of the Rings: Rivendell6,167
The Disney Castle4,080
Hogwarts Castle6,020
King’s Castle996
King’s Castle Siege973
Nexo Knights Jestro’s Volcano Lair1,186
Lion Knight’s Castle4,514
The Ice Castle1,700
The Battle of Helm’s Deep1,368
Special Edition Knight’s Kingdom King’s Castle871

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first LEGO castle released?

The LEGO Yellow Castle was released in 1978 as LEGO set 375-2. 

How many total LEGO castles exist as of June 2023?

It is believed that approximately 281 total LEGO castle sets exist in various sizes and pieces. 

Are all of these castle sets still available for purchase?

In many cases, these LEGO sets are still available at retail price but others have since been discontinued and therefore demand slightly higher pricing. 

Can you add more minifigs to each of these castle sets?

Absolutely! You can add any minifig, medieval or otherwise, to these castle sets as your imagination is the only barrier to what belongs with each set. 

What is the number one LEGO castle of all time?

Definitely a subjective question but the best LEGO castle of all time is arguably the Disney Castle thanks to its worldwide prominence. 

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