The 7 Best iPad Cases On Earth Today

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The 7 Best iPad Cases On Earth Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall iPad Case is the OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case.
  • Durability, style, weight, and price are the top criteria to consider when choosing an iPad case.
  • It’s important to know what model of iPad you have so you can choose a case that fits appropriately.

If you’ve recently purchased an iPad, you’ll want to protect your investment. A durable case is an essential and effective first line of defense to extend the lifetime of your iPad. While selecting your iPad may have been an easy choice since they are widely considered best-in-class tablets, selecting the right case can feel more overwhelming due to the number of seemingly high-quality options. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have conducted a thorough analysis and compiled a list of the best iPad cases on the market today. Take a look at them below:

#1 Best Overall: OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case

Best Overall
OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case
  • Multi-layer defense using a solid inner shell and resilient outer slipcover
  • Built-in screen protector provides flawless touch response
  • Holster works as a belt clip and kickstand
  • Made of 50% recycled plastic
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11/26/2023 09:36 pm GMT

The OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case is our top choice as the best overall iPad case. This case provides an unmatched level of protection using a multi-layered design that incorporates a sturdy outer shell and a shock-absorbing inner core. This makes the Otterbox Defender Series virtually drop-proof.

Its sturdy kickstand has four different angle settings which accommodate steep angles for typing, shallow angles for watching movies, or something in between. And, for those who require an Apple Pencil, precision cutouts allow for easy and convenient charging.

We were hard-pressed to find something we don’t like about the Otterbox, but we can say it’s on the heavy side. However, we don’t think that detracts from its overall appeal.

Such a high level of protection effectively maximizes the lifespan of your iPad.It’s heavier than other options.
It comes with a built-in kickstand.
The design allows you to charge an Apple Pencil without removing the case.

Check out the OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case on Amazon.

#2 Best for Watching Videos: ZUGU iPad Case

Best for Watching Videos
ZUGU iPad Case
  • Slim yet protective case
  • Offers 8 different angles for elevated viewing
  • Certified to pass military-grade drop tests
  • Magnetic sleep/wake cover
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11/26/2023 12:30 am GMT

The ZUGU iPad Case is the ultimate case for anyone who types on an iPad. With nearly 9,000 people rating this case 4.8/5, we had to investigate and it did not disappoint. It offers a slim, yet protective design that passes military-grade drop tests.

Regardless of the height of your iPad, the adjustable kickstand can accommodate optimal viewing with 8 different angles between 0 and 90 degrees. While this case does allow dedicated storage space for an Apple Pencil, you must remove the case in order to charge your Apple Pencil.

Beyond its functionality, we also appreciate that ZUGU is committed to making a positive impact. A portion of all profits goes towards Children International, an organization that works to educate children around the world.

Due to its sleek design, it is highly portable.The case prevents you from charging your Apple Pencil.
This case provides superior damage protection.
8 different viewing angles ensure that your iPad can be adjusted based on your viewing preferences.
By purchasing this case, you indirectly support charitable initiatives for children.

Take a look at the ZUGU iPad Case on Amazon today.

#3 Most Shockproof: Miesherk Shockproof iPad Case

Most Shockproof
Miesherk Shockproof iPad Case
  • Military-grade shockproof
  • Can be dropped up to 10,000x from 15'
  • Can accommodate an Apple Pencil
  • Precision cutouts enable access to all ports
  • Includes easy to grip handle
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11/25/2023 10:50 pm GMT

The Miesherk Shockproof iPad Case is our top pick for protection against accidental drops. It passed rigorous military-grade testing, ensuring a high level of durability and damage resistance. One standout feature of this case is its shoulder strap which enhances portability. The inclusion of the shoulder strap also has the added benefit of being able to secure the iPad case around car headrests, which is particularly useful when traveling with small children (who may occasionally kick).

Although it includes a 360-degree rotatable stand, some customer reviews noted that it was somewhat weak and collapsed under pressure.

The case is virtually indestructible.The stand may fall over under pressure.
It comes with a detachable strap.

Check out the Miesherk Shockproof iPad Case on Amazon.

#4 Most Waterproof: Temdan Waterproof iPad Case

Most Waterproof
Temdan Dropproof Waterproof Case
  • Waterproof up to 20' for 30 minutes
  • Made of high grade PC and anti-skidding silicone
  • Certified to exceed military-grade drop test standards
  • Comes with a collapsible kickstand which provides different viewing angles
  • Cutouts provide full access to all controls
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11/25/2023 10:40 pm GMT

The Temdan Waterproof iPad Case is truly a waterproof case. Its IP68 rating means that you submerge it for up to 30 minutes in 20′ of water, making it your ideal companion for water activities. In addition to waterproofing, it also provides a high level of protection against accidental drops and is certified to exceed military drop test standards.

Using a durable kickstand, you can also adjust viewing angles between portrait and landscape. This model also includes an adjustable and detachable strap as well as a concealable hand grip.

While we were hard-pressed to find something we don’t like about this case, it’s worth noting that the tempered glass makes using the fingerprint ID difficult to impossible.

It provides more than adequate waterproofing for casual water activities.The tempered glass prevents the use of the fingerprint ID.
The rugged design of the case provides superior protection against drops.
A durable kickstand allows you to adjust between two different viewing angles

Take a look at the Temdan Waterproof iPad Case on Amazon today.

#5 Best for Apple Pencil: ESR Magnetic iPad Case

Best for Apple Pencil
ESR Rebound Magnetic iPad Case
  • Powerful magnets ensure a strong lock between case and tablet
  • Protect your tablet from drops and bumps while maintaining its sleek profile
  • Magnetic trifold cover easily folds into a stable stand for viewing or writing
  • Supports Pencil 2 magnetic pairing and wireless charging with a magnetic clasp that folds over to keep it securely in place when on the go
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11/26/2023 03:00 am GMT

The ESR Magnetic iPad Case is a great choice for those who frequently use an Apple Pencil. Unlike many other cases on the market, this case offers convenient charging and easy access for attaching or removing the Apple Pencil. It’s remarkably similar to the Apple Smart Folio but at a much more affordable price.

While this case provides lightweight protection against bumps and scratches, it’s less than ideal for protecting against drops. Additionally, due to the convenience and easy access of the Apple Pencil, it may become accidentally dislodged.

This case provides good value for the money.It may not be the best choice for safeguarding your iPad against drops.
The case provides protection against scratches and dings.Your Apple Pencil may get knocked off, especially if you carry your iPad inside a bag.
Charging and accessing the Apple Pencil is convenient.

Check out the ESR Magnetic iPad Case on Amazon.

#6 Most Affordable: TiMOVO Slim Hard Back Shell iPad Case

Most Affordable
TiMOVO Slim Hard Back Shell
  • Designed for 10th gen iPad
  • Made of durable PU leather with soft microfiber lining
  • Magnetic closure automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid is opened or closed
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • Folding design provides a sturdy stand position
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11/25/2023 10:16 pm GMT

The TiMOVO Slim Hard Back Shell iPad Case is our top pick for the Most Affordable iPad Case. If you spent all your money on an iPad and have a limited budget left for a case, this option is ideal for you. Despite its affordable price, this case offers a good level of protection against damage. With its slim design, it’s also highly portable and can fold into a stand when needed.

While this case will do a good job protecting your iPad, some customer reviews commented that the case itself is prone to scratches. But, given the cost-reward analysis, we don’t believe that’s a dealbreaker.

Additionally, we noted that this case does not allow space for an Apple Pencil, but, depending on your usage, this may not be a concern.

It provides good value at an affordable price.The case may scratch easily.
Your iPad will receive reasonable protection against damage.It does not allow room for an Apple Pencil
A built-in stand is incorporated into the design.

Check out the TiMOVO Slim Hard Back Shell iPad Case on Amazon.

#7 Best for Typing: CHESONA Keyboard iPad Case

Best for Typing
CHESONA Keyboard iPad Case
  • Includes detachable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Provides multiple viewing angles
  • Can easily store Apple Pencil
  • Precise cutouts allow for easy access to all buttons
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/26/2023 02:55 am GMT

The CHESONA Keyboard iPad Case is the best case for those who use their iPads to type. With its detachable Bluetooth keyboard, you can easily switch between tablet mode and typing mode, free from wires. The keyboard’s extendable kickstand provides a better viewing angle and also a more ergonomic typing experience. Capable of up to 120 days of standby time, the keyboard uses a Type-C charging port for ultra-fast charging.

While the keyboard is designed with convenience in mind, some customer reviews noted that, without a screen protector, the keys of the keyboard may scratch the iPad. Also, if you need to charge an Apple Pencil, you’ll need to take the case off.

The kickstand on the detachable Bluetooth-capable keyboard makes typing convenient.Without a screen protector, the sharp edges of the keyboard can press against the iPad screen and lead to scratches.
The keyboard has a long battery life and charges quickly.Charging an Apple Pencil is inconvenient since you have to take off the case.

Take a look at the CHESONA Keyboard iPad Case on Amazon.

How to Pick an iPad Case: Step-by-Step

When choosing an iPad case, these are the main criteria to consider:

  • Durability
  • Style
  • Weight
  • Price

Let’s review this in more detail.


Ultimately, the primary purpose of an iPad case is to protect your iPad from drops and scratches. With an added layer of protection, you can confidently use your iPad in various settings.


With so many different iPad cases to choose from, the right one has the potential to add functionality to your device. For example, some cases include extra features like straps, kickstands, keyboards, and additional storage options. These convenient features can significantly enhance your productivity and elevate your overall experience.


If you’re always on the go, weight may be an important factor to consider. For optimal convenience, you may want to choose a case that is slim and lightweight.


Prices can vary significantly based on material, brand, and features. By carefully considering your budget and the value you are getting for the money, you can strike a good balance between price and meeting needs.

What to Know Before Buying

Your iPad Model

Imagine the disappointment when you believe you’ve purchased the perfect iPad case, only to discover it doesn’t fit. By knowing your iPad model, you can avoid this frustration and save yourself the time and hassle of returning or exchanging it.


There are many different types of iPad cases. In order to choose the best one for you, you need to consider how you use your iPad. If you mainly use your iPad to watch Netflix on the bus to work, a lightweight case with a handle may be ideal. On the other hand, if you plan to use it to manage a construction site, you may want to choose a durable case that offers protection against accidental drops.

Using an iPad Case: What It’s Like

With even the most affordable iPads costing several hundred dollars, an iPad case can provide you with peace of mind in case you accidentally drop it. Cases are designed to absorb these impacts and reduce the chance of damaging your valuable equipment.

Beyond durability, iPad cases also offer added functionality. For example, some iPad cases come with built-in stands that allow you to prop up your iPad at different angles. This can be especially handy when watching a video or typing with a keyboard.

In general, high-quality iPad cases can significantly improve the functionality of your tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which iPad model I have?

On your iPad, click Settings, then General, and then About. You will find your model information here.

Are iPad cases compatible with all iPad models?

No, iPad cases are designed specifically for each iPad model to ensure a precise fit. It’s important to choose a case that’s intended for your iPad model.

Can I charge my iPad without removing the case?

Most iPad cases have thoughtfully included the ability to charge without removing the case. However, it’s a good idea to make sure your chosen case is charging-compatible.

What kind of case is best for children?

When choosing a case for a child, we recommend choosing a case that is designed for rugged protection, with features like shock absorption and easy-grip materials like a handle.

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