The 8 Best Hello Kitty Funko Pops Today

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The 8 Best Hello Kitty Funko Pops Today

Kiti Howaito, or Hello Kitty, has been around since the 70s. This cute character is still going strong today and is found in video games, comic books, and on clothing. Funko fans have more than 100 Sanrio Funko Pops to choose from, but it all starts with Hello Kitty.

The Best Hello Kitty Funko Pops can help fill out your collection or help get it started. They range from a variety of rare figures with grail statues to dozens of affordable options.

The Best Hello Kitty Funko Pops for Collectors

Our list of the best Hello Kitty Funko Pops is comprised of characters from the Hello Kitty and Sanrio POP! lines. Choosing the top options was tough due to the sheer number of characters in their lineup. With that in mind, we feel these 8 Funko figures provide the best mix for collectors across the board.

1. Funko Pop! Hello Kitty (Gamer) #26 Game Stop Exclusive

What happens when you combine everyone’s favorite second-hand game store with Hello Kitty? You get the Funko POP! #26, a gamified version of our favorite feline. This exclusive collective is often at the top of everyone’s hot list but still has an obtainable price point.

Our Pick
Funko Pop! Hello Kitty (Gamer)
  • Cute Funko Pop figurine
  • Adds oomph to your game space
  • Weighs 3.84 ounces
  • Multicolor, vinyl figure 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/29/2023 12:15 am GMT

The Hello Kitty Gamer Funko Pop was put out as GameStop exclusive in 2019. This vinyl figure depicts Hello Kitty with a headset and controller, ready for action. It’s not the most expensive Hello Kitty Funko POP, but it’s held value since its release. Given GameStop’s fanbase, it’s among the few collectibles that could see a surge when GME stock heats up.

2. Sanrio My Melody #04 Funko POP!

My Melody is another early character from Sanrio that was introduced to the world in 1975. This rabbit is known for her hood, and she was part of the first wave of Sanrio Funko POPS! That means she’s expensive and hard to obtain.

This Funko POP! wasn’t released as a limited edition or exclusive. My Melody Sanrio Pop #04 is one of the more challenging figures to get your hands on, however. That’s due in part to the character’s popularity and the age of this Funko. Loose figures commonly go for $30-50 while a mint, boxed version sells for over $150 “when” listed on eBay.

3. FUNKO POP! Tuxedosam #03

Unless you’re a true fan, it can be hard to keep track of all the Hello Kitty characters. This friendly penguin debuted not long after the original gang. While he’s never been quite as popular as others, Tuxedosam’s POP! is a coveted collectible.

Funko POP Sanrio Vinyl - Tuxedosam
  • Perfect collectible for a hello kitty fan
  • Adorable white, pink figurine
  • Cute, big doe eyes
  • Strong, vinyl form

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:15 pm GMT

This chubby blue penguin is one of Hello Kitty’s pals who’s fond of bowties and the water. Sam was a member of the Navy, but now spends his days in England and Antarctica. You can pick up the FUNKO POP! Tuxedosam #03 and give this quirky penguin a permanent home. You can also pair him with his stylish twin in the form of the My Hero Academia variant.

4. Hello Kitty Classic Funko Pop! #28 Diamond Collection

Funko works with partners to produce a lot of exclusives, but their Diamond line is one of their more popular options. It’s also where you’ll find one of the most expensive Hello Kitty Funko Pops based on the classic version of Kitty.

Hello Kitty Classic Funko Pop! #28
  • 100% vinyl figurine
  • Cute Hello Kitty funko pop
  • Easy to open and close
  • Perfect as a gift or collectible
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:15 pm GMT

This Hello Kitty figure isn’t an older POP! but is considered a classic in more ways than one. Hello Kitty Classic Funko Pop! #28 Diamond Collection is a shimmery version of Kitty that appeared during NYCC 2020. The figure was limited to only 1,000 pieces. Pricing is typically between $150-200, but considerably higher sold as a mini-backpack bundle from the con.

5. Funko POP! Aggretsuko #24 Super-Sized

Sanrio has slowly added new characters to the Hello Kitty universe over the years. Most have proved popular, but one fiery panda quickly gained a lot of attention. If you’re a fan of the aptly named Aggretsuko, you’ll love this Funko POP! figure.

Funko Pop Aggretsuko 10 inch
  • Best for your office, living room, bedroom
  • Fierce-looking Funko figurine
  • Stylized pop vinyl
  • Ready to use out of the box
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

At 10” tall, the Aggretsuko #24 Funko Pop figure towers above others in this collection. It’s fitting, given the character’s temperament. He’s not as “cute” as other figures from Sanrio, but has a respectable price tag and would be a welcome addition to any collection

6. Keroppi #02 Sanrio Funko POPS!

If you grew up in the 80s as a Sanrio fan, there was more than one frog you were familiar with. Kermit may have gotten more attention, but Keroppi Hasunoue has become one of the more popular modern characters.

Keroppi #02 Sanrio Funko POPS!
  • Stylized Pop vinyl
  • Super cute, multicolor figure 
  • Comes in a window display box
  • Makes for a good gift 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:15 pm GMT

If you love Keroppi, Funko doesn’t provide as many POP! options as you’ll get with Hello Kitty and others. The top pop is the original Funko POP! Keroppi #02 Sanrio Funko POPS!, which was released with the original line. Current listings for this character on collectible sites range from $150 to $200. If that’s out of reach, consider Keroppi #796 from the POP! Animation Sanrio x My Hero Academia.

7. Hello Kitty 8-Bit 45th Anniversary POP!

If Hello Kitty POPS! give you a sense of nostalgia, you’ll be thrilled with this retro Funko figure. Released in 2019, this collectible is the perfect companion for Gamer Kitty, but with a far more palatable price point.

Funko Pop! Sanrio Hello Kitty (45th Anniversary)
  • Adorable pink Funko pop
  • 8-bit pink bow and a heart buddy
  • A nice addition to your collectible
  • Good value for money
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:16 pm GMT

This limited edition Funko POP shows Hello Kitty in her classic form with a few alterations. Pixelated buttons and a bow add an 8-bit style, but she also comes with a pixel heart. We expect its price to grow over time. There’s a standard version, but the heart variant is more coveted by collectors.

8. Hello Kitty Lady Liberty #27 Funko POP! Exclusive

Rounding out our list of the best Hello Kitty Funko Pops is another exclusive that tends to go under the radar. This vinyl figure was part of Funko’s fall convention and puts the popular character in an iconic pose.

Hello Kitty Lady Liberty #27 Funko POP! Exclusive
  • Giftable Hello Kity figurine
  • Multicolor, plastic material
  • Value for money
  • Adorable item as collectible 
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:16 pm GMT

Funko POP! Hello Kitty Lady Liberty number #27 is a 3.75” figure despite the crown. This pop puts Hello Kitty in the costume of Lady Liberty, complete with a crown, torch, and the Book of Enlightenment. She’s much easier to store than the statue she was modeled after, and overlooked by collectors considering it’s a newer exclusive.

Other Hello Kitty Collectibles from Funko

The figures we chose provide a nice representation of Hello Kitty and friends, but there are more Sanrio stars to collect. Here are some Hello Kitty and Sanrio Funko Pops that didn’t make the cut along with some of the best Sanrio Funko collectibles.

First up is a popular character that’s hard to find. This spiky-haired penguin is a 90s character and Sanrio Badtz-Maru #06 is also an early figure. That means it’s expensive with pricing around $150, and there are generally only a handful for sale at any given time.

Another rare POP is Sanrio Chi Chi Monchan #07 and Chococat although the Naturo version is newer and cheaper. No Hello Kitty list would be complete without Pochacco, the sports-loving dog. While clumsy, this pooch is available in several formats including Unicorn Party Pochacco POP! #60.

Need something a bit smaller for your Hello Kitty Collection? Consider the Funko Hello Kitty Mystery Minis. These figures were sold as blind box miniatures in 2013. While no longer available through traditional retailers, you can pick up individuals like Hello Kitty Vampire on sites like eBay.

The Wrap-Up

From Mystery Minis to a jumbo version of Aggretsuko, Hello Kitty fans have exciting options within Funko’s lineup. Sanrio has more than 300 characters. So, you can expect to see plenty of new figures going forward.  If you’re interested in more grails for your Funko collection, check out our list of the rarest Funko POPS!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Hello Kitty Funko Pop?

The original characters have become hard to find including Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and My Melody.

Do they make a Funko Hello Kitty Mega Pop?

No, the 10-inch version of Aggretsuko is the largest character in the lineup so far.

Do they make glow-in-the-dark Hello Kitty Funko figures?

Yes, there are several including Hello Kitty Space Pop #42 and Hello Kitty Naruto.

How many versions of Hello Kitty Funko POPS! are there?

There are more than 40 figures of Hello Kitty including exclusives and con variants.

Is there a Funko figure of Pompompurin?

No, although there is a mashup of the figure from the Unicorno x Hello Kitty collection via Tokidoki.

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