The Best Funko Pops for Gamers and Video Game Fans

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The Best Funko Pops for Gamers and Video Game Fans

Funko Pops have quickly become an indispensable collectible and fan favorite for fans of pop culture and video gaming, including gamers and video game enthusiasts. These miniature figures are adorable and collectible. They’re also the perfect way to show devotion to their favorite games. In fact, Funko Pop figures range from classic arcade games to contemporary blockbusters, making a perfect addition to any collection. Display them proudly on a shelf or add one as part of your gaming setup for added fun; these figures add character and fun. Funko Pops are perfect for gamers looking to showcase their hobby. Here are the best Funko Pops for gamers and video game fans:

1. Watcher

Horizon Zero Dawn
Funko Pop Games: Horizon Zero Dawn - Watcher Collectible Vinyl Figure
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • High-quality vinyl product
  • Perfectly replicates the Watcher from Zero Dawn
  • Stylized design by Funko toy company
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11/30/2023 05:40 pm GMT

The Horizon Zero Dawn Watcher Figure is an essential collectible for all gamers and video game fans. Based on one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s iconic creatures, The Watcher, this vinyl figure stands 3.75 inches and makes an eye-catching display on shelves or desks.

This figure features intricate design elements that precisely replicate the Watcher’s appearance in Horizon Zero Dawn. This is particularly from the intricate patterns on its head to its unique body shape. Every detail was designed with care to resemble the character as seen on screen. Further, his personality comes alive with the vibrant colors used.

This collectible is both visually striking and extremely durable, constructed of high-grade vinyl for long-term use. Perfect for collectors or gamers looking to play with collectibles, the Watcher Collectible Vinyl Figure is sure to stand the test of time.

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2. Rathalos

Monster Hunter
Funko Pop! Games: Monster Hunter - Rathalos Collectible Figure
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • Manufactured in Vietnam
  • High-quality vinyl product
  • Depicts Rathalos from the original Monster Hunter game
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11/30/2023 05:40 pm GMT

Rathalos from the Monster Hunter video games has made his way into collectibles as an impressive Funko Pop figure. Hence, it is perfect for fans and gamers alike. With impressive attention to detail that captures its fierce look, including his sharp claws, wings, and fiery breath. For that reason, it is an essential must-have.

This Rathalos Funko Pop stands at 3.75 inches and comes packaged in a window display box, making it a fantastic addition to any collection. Crafted of high-quality vinyl material and designed to stand the test of time, the figure looks great displayed for years. Its Funko Pop style adds a fun and playful aspect that shows your love of the Monster Hunter franchise.

The Rathalos Funko Pop is highly collectible and highly sought-after by collectors due to its limited availability and growing popularity. On that account, it is guaranteed to become valuable over time. Thus, fans of Monster Hunter or Funko Pop collectors should make this figure part of their collections immediately.

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3. Atlas

Funko Pop Games: Portal - Atlas Collectible Vinyl Figure
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • Custom design by Funko Toy company
  • High-quality vinyl product
  • Features Atlas from the original Portal game
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11/30/2023 05:40 pm GMT

Funko Pop Games’ Atlas Collectible Vinyl Figure from the Portal game is essential for video game enthusiasts and collectors. Measuring 3.75 inches tall, it is made of high-grade vinyl material to ensure durability and longevity. This is while featuring Atlas from the popular video game Portal in an adorable, stylized representation.

This figure’s attention to detail is impressive, accurately representing each aspect of Atlas’s appearance, from his signature orange and blue color scheme to his intricate character design. Every aspect stands out from vibrant hues used on its body to the intricate details on Atlas’s design. This piece stands out among others with its vibrant colors and eye-catching details of Atlas’s character design. Thus, making it truly remarkable.

This figure isn’t just designed for display and serves as an engaging conversation starter. Fans of the “Portal” series will appreciate its accurate depiction of its protagonist character, while non-fans will find its unique design intriguing. Perfectly at home on any desk, bookshelf, or collection display. This figure will draw eyes.

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4. Sarah and Mob 1316

Titanfall 2
Funko Pop Titanfall 2 Collection - Includes Sarah and Mob 1316
  • 2 for 1: includes figures of both Sarah and the Mob
  • Size (Sarah): 3.75 inches, Size (the Mob): 6 inches
  • Depicts Sarah and the Mob from the Titanfall 2 game
  • High quality vinyl products
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11/30/2023 05:40 pm GMT

Funko Pop has released an indispensable collection for video game fans and gamers, Sarah and Mob 1316 from Titanfall 2. This collectible figurine from 6 inches stands up, and brings action from the game into reality, with its multicolored and detailed design accurately reflecting characters from the Titanfall 2 game. The Funko Pop Sarah and Mob 1316 figurine makes a fantastic addition to any collection, featuring unparalleled attention to detail that accurately represents Sarah and Mob 1316’s figures from Titanfall 2.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Sarah figurine is its functional control compartment, adding to its overall authenticity and making this figurine attractive to gamers and fans alike. From its realistic armor design to intricate patterns on its control panel, gamers and fans alike will appreciate this figurine’s attention to detail and high-quality materials which provide long-term useability.

The Mob 1316 figurine is equally striking, featuring intricate detailing that accurately represents its character from the game. Multi-colored in design, its meticulous attention to detail will surely impress fans of Mob 1316 alike. Fans will appreciate all the effort that has gone into ensuring this collectible remains as accurate as possible.

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5. Spyro the Dragon and Spark

Spyro Series
Funko POP Spyro & Sparx
  • 2 for 1: Includes both Spyro and Sparks figures.
  • Size (Spyro): 3.75 inches, Size (Sparks): 1.5 inches
  • Sparks and Spyro are original characters in the Spyro game series
  • High-quality vinyl products
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11/30/2023 03:44 pm GMT

Spyro the Dragon and Spark are iconic characters from video game history, making them perfect Funko Pops for gamers and video game fans. This bundle includes both the Spyro vinyl figure and trading card featuring video game content. Thus, making this set essential to any collector. Measuring 3.75 inches tall and made from high-grade vinyl material with amazing attention to detail, including Spyro’s iconic horns and wings as well as fierce expression, these figurines make great keepsakes or additions to any display shelf.

Sparx stands at 1.5 inches, making him an impressive companion to Spyro’s purple body. The vibrant yellow of Sparx provides an eye-catching display. As an added treat for collectors, there is also a trading card featuring artwork inspired by the Spyro the Dragon series. Therefore, adding one such card makes this package truly valuable.

This bundle is not only ideal for fans of Spyro the Dragon, but is an invaluable addition to any video game Funko Pop collection. Spyro and Sparx both make an appearance, making this bundle an indispensable must-have. Made of high-quality materials used in their production, these figures will stand the test of time proudly adorning any collection for years to come.

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6. Dr. Neo Cortex

Crash Bandicoot
Funko Pop! Games: Crash Bandicoot Neo Cortex Collectible Figure,Yellow
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • High-quality vinyl product
  • Dr. Neo Cortex is originally a character in the Crash Bandicoot game
  • Custom design by Funko Toy company
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11/30/2023 05:44 pm GMT

Funko Pop Games’ Crash Bandicoot Dr. Neo Cortex Collectible Figure is an essential addition for gamers and video game enthusiasts. At 3.75 inches tall, this collectible figure perfectly captures Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot by donning yellow suits with lab coats, goggles and sinister smiles.

This collectible is made of high-grade vinyl material for maximum durability and long-term enjoyment, designed to withstand rough handling from both children and adults alike. Each figure is hand-painted by skilled artists with meticulous care to portray Neo Cortex accurately.

This Crash Bandicoot Neo Cortex Collectible Figure is not only an eye-catching collectible figure but an outstanding addition to your gaming setup. Place it on your bookshelf, desk or gaming station as a constant reminder of Crash’s adventures. Alternatively, it makes an excellent present.

Check out the Dr. Neo Cortex on Amazon.

7. Fallout Power Armor

Funko POP Games: Fallout - #49: Power Armor,Multi-colored,Basic
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • Manufactured in China
  • High-quality Vinyl product
  • The figure shows off the iconic Power armor from the Fallout game
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11/30/2023 05:44 pm GMT

Fallout Power Armor is an iconic collectible for video game fans and gamers alike. Standing at 3 and 3/4 inches, this vinyl figure perfectly depicts Fallout’s iconic power armor, from its rugged post-apocalyptic aesthetic down to its multicolored paint job design. It stands as an unforgettable keepsake.

Funko Pop figures are essential additions for any fan of Fallout. From longtime players of the games to casual admirers of its world and lore, this standout piece will become an instant favorite in your collection. One of the most recognizable aspects of Fallout’s world is Power Armor, and this Funko Pop accurately depicts it. Plus, their size and design makes them great additions for display on shelves or desks!

Fallout Power Armor makes for a unique and eye-catching collectible, and those seeking something different and eye-catching should consider this Funko Pop as the ideal addition. Featuring its familiar design and vibrant paint job, this standout piece will spark conversations among fellow gamers and Fallout enthusiasts. Whether looking to add this Funko Pop to your own collection or give it as a present to someone who enjoys Fallout franchise games, this Funko Pop is a perfect choice.

Check out the Fallout Power Armor on Amazon.

8. The Devil

Funko Pop! Games: Cuphead - The Devil Collectible Figure
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • High quality vinyl product
  • Depicts the Devil character from the Cuphead game
  • Custom design by Funko Tow company
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11/30/2023 05:44 pm GMT

The Funko Pop figurine of The Devil from Cuphead is essential for any gamer or video game enthusiast. Based on an iconic villain from this popular game, the Devil stands 3 and 3/4 inches and features his iconic cartoonish design, complete with trademark horns and tail. A great collectible that stands the test of time. Certainly Funko Pop figures are known for their stunning level of detail, from intricate designs of Devil suits and horns to their exquisite vinyl construction that ensures they remain pristine for years after purchase.

Fans of “Cuphead” should make this figure part of their collection. As one of the most iconic villains from the game, The Devil stands out and owning him can help show your passion. Similarly, owning one can serve as an easy conversation starter with other gamers as many will recognize him immediately and want to talk about what they love most in video gaming, Cuphead.

Check out The Devil on Amazon.

9. Kratos

God of War
Funko Pop! Games: God of War - Kratos with Axe Collectible Figure
  • Size: 3.75 inches
  • High-quality Vinyl product
  • Depicts Kratos, the main character in the God of War game series
  • Custom design by Funko Toy company
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2023 05:44 pm GMT

Kratos Figure is an essential item for gamers and video game fans. This collectible measures 3.75 inches in height and showcases Kratos from the God of War series. This is because he holds his trusty axe with incredible detail, from muscular physique sculpting to intricate armor designs.

Kratos with Axe Collectible Figure is an exquisite piece of artwork sure to please even the most demanding collector. Skillfully hand-crafted from high-grade vinyl and meticulously painted by the experts, it offers eye-catching appeal while being of durable construction. Kratos’ armor provides evidence of its superior craftsmanship and exceptional detail. Therefore, this collectible figure makes the perfect addition for any fan of his epic series.

Video gamers looking for something fun and collectible should add this Kratos with Axe Collectible Figure to their collection. Not only will this figure demonstrate their devotion to the God of War series, it will surely spark conversations when displayed either on a shelf or display case. Therefore, making an unforgettable statement about your gaming tastes.

Check out the Kratos on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Funko Pops are essential collectible figures for gamers and video game fans. These fun, quirky figures capture iconic characters from beloved franchises engagingly and playfully. No matter what game you love, whether classic or modern releases, Funko Pop has something special for every gaming fan. Additionally, something will surely be suitable, from iconic characters to popular newer releases.

Funko Pop figures make wonderful additions to any collection or display. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face whenever they catch your eye. So grab your controller and get ready to add Funko Pops to your gaming collection today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my Funko Pops?

To preserve your Funko Pops, it is important to store them away from direct sunlight and sources of heat or moisture. Avoid touching any paint or decals on the figure, as this could cause irreparable damage over time. Dust your figures regularly using a soft-bristled brush or cloth without accidentally bending or breaking any parts.

Can Funko Pops be customized or modified?

Yes, Funko Pops can be customized or modified by collectors and fans. Some choose to repaint or resculpt their Funko Pops in order to add unique characteristics, or match a certain theme, while others add accessories or create dioramas in interesting and creative ways to display their collection of Funko Pops. Noted that altering an original Funko Pop may decrease its value for collectors who prefer keeping items unaltered.

Are Funko Pops safe for children to play with?

Funko Pops may not be toys, but they are typically safe for children to play with under adult supervision. Since Funko Pops are made from vinyl and are not poseable, they’re less likely to break or cause harm than poseable toys like Action Figures. However, you should always monitor young children when they’re using Funko Pops to prevent any possible accidents such as choking incidents. Also, some Funko Pops contain small parts that pose a choking hazard.

Can Funko Pops be used as decorations in a gamer's room?

Funko Pops are an excellent way for any gamer to add personality and charm to their room, adding a pop of fun. Available in many characters and franchises, gamers are sure to find Funko Pops that reflect their interests and preferences. Plus, being compact, they only take up a little room on desks, bookshelves or gaming console setups.

Are there any rare or hard-to-find Funko Pops suitable for gamers and video game fans?

Yes, various rare or hard-to-find Funko Pops are available to gamers and video game fans who collect these characters. Gold Armor Kratos from God of War is an extremely sought-after Funko Pop for fans of the franchise. Similarly, Limited Chase Edition Vault Boy from Fallout can also be difficult to locate. Additional hard-to-find figures include Glow-in-the-Dark Pac-Man from Borderlands, Metallic Blue Claptrap from Borderlands, and Flocked Dogmeat from Fallout.

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