You just got a brand new PC and are very excited about it. Now you must be thinking about which apps I should install on it. You need to download a few unique ones that fit your interests or needs.

There are so many apps; how do you find the ones worth downloading and sticking with? This post will guide you to finding these apps and why they’re worth your time.

Below is a list of 10 of the best apps you can download on your new computer to make it easier to accomplish your daily tasks faster and better than ever before.

  1. Best internet browser for PC: Google Chrome (Free)
  2. Best Messaging App Rambox (Free, Subscription Available)
  3. Best Utility App for PC: PowerToys (Free)
  4. Best Password Manager App for PC: Bitwarden (Free, Subscription Available)
  5. Best Budgeting App for PC: PocketGuard (Free Plan, Plus Plan.)
  6. Best Productivity App For PC: OneNote(Free)
  7. Personalization App for PC: TaskbarX (Free)
  8. Best Photo and Editing App For PC: Adobe Lightroom (Free) & VSDC Video Editor (Free)
  9. Best Educational App for PC: TED (Free)
  10. Best Entertainment App for PC: Audible (Free for the first book, $14.99 a month)

1. Best Internet Browser for PC: Google Chrome (Free)

Apps to download
With Google Chrome you get more than just a browser, with lots of free apps to use.

The best internet browser we recommend first installing is Google Chrome. It is speedy, has many chrome extensions, and you have accessibility to many other important daily apps. You can choose from docs, sheets, meet, drive, calendar, and many more.

It is fantastic to have everything organized in only one place, such as your documents, photos, meetings, data, etc. That’s why Google Chrome is a must-have internet browser that easier everyone’s life. 

Download Google Chrome for Free.

2. Best Messaging App: Rambox (Free, Subscription Available)

Rambox is one of the best messaging apps that help you communicate directly with your friends, colleagues, or family while using the PC. Did you know that this app allows you to add accounts from many other messaging app such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and others? Well, yes!

Rambox, adds a new tab for every messaging service you include. That’s why it helps you organize your communication with many people on different platforms. 

Download Rambox for a free or paid plan.

3. Best Utility App for PC: PowerToys (Free)

PowerToys is one of the best utility apps that helps you find any file, folder, document, and anything by only pressing Alt and Space. It also features tools such as rename, fancy zones, and many others.

It is a must-app that helps you save time and stay more organized. Many features and tools are included for free. So what are you waiting for?

You can download PowerToys here for free.

4. Best Password Manager App for PC: Bitwarden (Free, Subscription Available)

Apps to download
Bitwarden Password Manager will keep your passwords safe.

If you are constantly struggling to remember the passwords of every account, you don’t need to worry anymore. Bitwarden is your best password manager that secures and creates and secures your passwords. It locks the passwords behind only one primary password, which you should remember.

The app is easy to use, convenient, and secure. It supports unlimited passwords and devices and can work in over 50 languages.

You can Download Bitwarden here for a free or paid plan.

5. Best Budgeting App for PC: PocketGuard (Free Plan, Plus Plan)

Organizing your expenses couldn’t be easier without the help of PocketGuard. This app categorizes your expenses into graphs, and you can link your credit cards, investments & loans only on this platform. 

This app lets you personalize your spending with custom categories and hashtags; Pocketguard includes Autosave features that automatically register any data you enter into the savings. You will now organize expenses and savings and easily reach your money goals.

Download PocketGuard here for free or a plus plan.

6. Best Productivity App For PC: OneNote(Free)

Apps to download
Microsoft OneNote is a productivity app that is perfect for teamwork.

OneNote is one of the best productivity apps for note-taking. You can quickly type, write and draw whatever you want. It includes many tools such as pens, highlighters, images, audio commentaries, screen clipping, etc.

And guess what? This app is perfect for teamwork so that you can share your notes with your friends, colleagues, etc. It allows them to edit the documents, and the changes are saved automatically.

Download OneNote for free.

7. Best Personalization App to Download for PC: TaskbarX (Free)

TaskbarX is a fantastic app that allows you fully customize your taskbar. You can move the icon to the center or any other position. You can choose the animations tool and customize their speeds. 

Your taskbar will get a fantastic look for sure. This is one of the best personalization apps, which is free. 

You can download TaskbarX free Or buy it from Microsoft Store ($1.99).

8. Best Photo and Editing App For PC: Adobe Lightroom (starts at $9.99/month) & VSDC Video Editor (Free)

Apps to download
Adobe Lightroom is a family of image organization and image manipulation software developed by Adobe Systems.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best beginner photo editing apps. It allows you to edit your photos like a pro. 

You can easily edit brightness, contrast, crop, heal, and many more. Another great option is to make some presets and apply them directly to your new photo. 

This app also offers a space to learn by providing many tutorials. So you won’t only edit some photos but also gain knowledge and improve your photo editing skills. Isn’t it amazing?

Here you can Download Adobe Lightroom starting at $9.99/month.

VSDC video editor is a free app that includes many tools such as voice recording, audio improvement, video editing, animation, and many more. The app is multifunctional, high-speed, and very affordable. 

With so many features and tools, the VSDC video editor is a must-use for your videos. After you finish the editing part, you can download your video in the format you want, whether for Instagram, youtube, or other social media channels.

Download now VDSC Video Editor for free.

9. Best Educational App to Download for PC: TED (Free)

Apps to download
TED is a very useful educational app that includes videos and audio.

TED is one of the most potent educational apps you must install on your PC. It includes videos and audio as well. You can choose from the more interesting categories and get many video suggestions. 

The TED app has more than 1700 TED Talks specialized in the topic they talk about. So, prepare to get a lot of new and exciting pieces of information.

Here you can download TED for free.

10. Best Entertainment App for PC: Audible (Free for the First Book, $14.99 a Month)

Apps to download
Audible is an American online audiobook and podcast service owned by Inc.

If you don’t have time to read books, have you ever thought of listening to them? Well, it is possible, and it works. Audible is one of the best entertainment apps with many best-selling audiobooks, podcasts, and many more.

You can choose what suits you better, and listen to it. Ready to find your next fabulous listen?

Here you can download Audible for a free trial or paid plan.

How to Choose the Best Apps to Download on Your PC?

When downloading the apps you need on your PC, think about your needs, the price, and your PC’s memory. 

User Need:

You should identify your user needs. Suppose you are the type of person that can’t stay organized. In that case, you should pay attention to productivity apps that can help you get organized. For example, there are a lot of good alternatives to help with that, such as Todoist, Trello, ClickUp, and more. These will help you stay organized and streamline the process.

That’s why it’s important that you take into consideration what needs you have and then pick out the best apps that are going to help with that.


Most of the apps are free. However, many others offer the paid option as well. If you feel great with the free plan, you don’t need to upgrade to a paid option. If you need to work with more advanced features, consider investing in a plan that will be worth it.


  1. Figure out how much space these apps will take up on your hard drive.
  2. Make sure they won’t affect the proper running of other programs.
  3. If so, pick up the essential ones.

Our Final Thoughts

Ultimately, while many applications can be downloaded onto your new PC, the ten listed above are a solid starting point. From now on, they will keep you on track to making the most of all your computer has to offer, and hopefully, you will enjoy using them as much as we do. 

You’re all set!

Happy downloading!

The Best First 10 Apps to Download on Your New PC FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What should I install first when I get a new computer?

Consider installing the fastest internet browser, anti-virus and antimalware, the right operating system, and other necessary apps you think you might need.

What is the essential software to install on a new PC?

The operating system is essential software to install on your new PC. We recommend you install a Windows operating system and choose from the different versions of it.

Which app is best for PC download?

Some of the best apps are Internet Download Manager, and JDownloader, Ninja Download Manager.

Can you download Windows 10 for free?

You can download Windows 10 free and install it without needing a product key. However, there will be certain limitations. That’s why to get the full experience of Windows 10 you need to buy a Product Key.

Is there any software to install at an accessible cost?

Yes, Linux is available for many computers; you can install it for free.

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