Whether your’e getting your first iPhone or the 10th one, you will have to download apps to your iOS device. App Store has lots of productivity, entertainment and communication apps. So there’s no shortage of options. However, your iPhone has limited storage, meaning you can’t download everything.

After weeks of reviewing apps, we’re happy to present the results.

Here are the First 10 Apps to Download on Your New iPhone.

  • Best Writing App For iPhone: Bear (Free)
  • Best Password Manager App For iPhone: LastPass (Free)
  • Best Calculator For iPhone: Pcalc ($9.99)
  • Best Planning App For iPhone: Fantastical (Free)
  • Best Weather App For iPhone: Carrot Weather (Free)
  • Best App For Finding The Fastest Route For iPhone: Waze (Free)
  • Best Language Learning App For iPhone: Duolingo (Free)
  • Best Twitter Client For iPhone: Tweetbot (Free)
  • Best Streaming Video App For iPhone: Netflix (Free)
  • Best Weight Loss Assistant For iPhone: Lose It (Free)

Best Writing App For iPhone: Bear (Free)

For users who fancy writing and possibly take writing gigs, here’s good news, you switching to iPhone does not mean you’ve got to stop. There are apps you can download designed for writing and typically for iPhone devices; users (writers) have reported that Bear is a viable tool for this. Meanwhile, Bear is an application designed to assist you in jotting down what comes to your mind in an obvious manner. How? You may wonder. The application is designed in a way such that it helps to keep out distractions from the device so that you can focus on your writing with your muse at work ceaselessly.

What’s more? In our testing, we discovered that you could also write by dictating your notes through Siri. You can organize your work using hashtags and design your work with different themes and typography. The essential features of the Bear app for iPhone are free for all to use, but to unlock other application capabilities, you only need a $15 annual subscription. 

Best Password Manager App For iPhone: LastPass (Free) 

LastPass Password Manage launch screen with logo
LassPass encyrpts all passwords stored in your iPhone.

After getting a new iPhone, you will have to add your accounts and subscriptions, and while doing this, you follow good security practices by not reusing the same password for each account. If have problems remembering your password or worry security, LastPass will help you in either situations. Your passwords are all encrypted with AES 256-bit cipher.

Best Calculator For iPhone: Pcalc ($9.99)

Your new iPhone would naturally come with a built-in calculator for doing simple math. But, should you need a more scientific and sophisticated calculator, the Pcalc is the best option. Some of its highlights include an optional RPN mode, multi-line display, paper tape, and support for multiple undo and redos. The Calculator’s buttons are also customizable. The Calculator costs $9.99. For some, that may seem high considering the fact you still have a built-in calculator. A easy workaround is to download the Pcalc Lite app for free on your iPhone. It offers just enough to give you a taste of the power of the full version.

Best Planning App For iPhone: Fantastical (Free)

The Fantastical iPhone app works just like a calendar app would, just that Fantastical goes beyond the latter as it offers more ‘fantastic’ features. One is that it comes with a DayTicker that shows upcoming appointments in a glanceable way. The app also can use your iOS widget support to bring your events, tasks, and to-dos to the front and center to keep you updated.

Although the app comes for free, a $5/monthly subscription applies to explore premium Fantastical features.

Best Weather App For iPhone: Carrot Weather (Free)

The iOS 15 version has a built-in weather app known as Dark Sky, which is fully featured. However, Carrot Weather takes its data from Dark Sky, which then makes Carrot Weather better. With the Carrot Weather app on your iPhone, you can trust its current, hourly, and 7-day forecasts, while infographics give you the most helpful information in an easy-to-digest format. Carrot Weather comes at no price other than your mobile data, which you’ll need to download and using the application. However, a $5 monthly fee unlocks premium features that let you further customize the app’s look, draw from more weather sources and get weather alerts.

Best App For Finding The Fastest Route For iPhone: Waze (Free)

The Waze app is exactly like the iOS 15 Map but better than it. With the built-in iOS 15 Map, you will still have to use third-party apps for your navigations. But, Waze, on the other hand, has been developed with numerous features. You will get traffic and accident alerts, locate police speed traps, and finder a quicker, alternative route for your travels. Waze app is a step up from standard Map applications. And the best part, it’s free!

Best Language Learning App For iPhone: Duolingo (Free)

Duolingo app Spanish lesson on a smartphone
In 2021, Duolingo had 37 million active users worldwide.

Duolingo is a language learning app with bit-size lessons covering 40+ languages. With this app, you can learning pronunciation, grammar, and take quizzes. Pick the language you want to learn, and jump into lessons. Introductory lessons are free. The basic versions has ads. For uninterrupted learning, you can upgrade to Duolingo Plus, which offers downloadable courses. A mastery quiz after lessons helps you test your proficiency as you progress. Surely this is one of the best apps to download on your iPhone.

Best Twitter Client For iPhone: Tweetbot (Free)

Twitter is a popular social media application that almost everyone uses today. However, a promising alternative to continue tweeting is using the Tweetbot app, which is fast, full of filters, and well organized. Tweetbot allows your mentions, list, or timeline to display on the iPhone home screen using the iOS’s widgets feature.

Downloading the Tweetbot app is free. However, to use some of its features, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of about $1/month or $6/year. Well, that’s a small cost for never having to see one of Twitter’s promoted tweets again.

Best Video Streaming App For iPhone: Netflix (Free)

closeup of Netflix signup page
Netflix is a premium streaming service with over 200 million active users.

Netflix is the #1 video streaming streaming service in the world, with a diverse category of content. Stand up comedies, blockbusters, thrillers, documntaries, you’ll find them all on Netflix. Look around, we’re sure you’ll find the content you want. With Netflix for iPhone, you can watch movies on the go.

Netflix also makes its unique content, constantly and exclusively, while it offers movies and TV shows from other channels. Downloading the Netflix app is free, but you’ll need to subscribe to its streaming service on your iOS device.

Best Weight Loss Assistant For iPhone: Lose It (Free)

Lose It helps people who are intentional about cutting down on weight achieve their goals. The app has been around since Apple first started allowing third-party apps on the iPhone. Lose It is a calorie counter that can help you meet your weight loss goals with several clever tools just a tap away.

Meanwhile, Lose It is free to download for users, though you can still subscribe by paying to unlock premium access to the application. After installing the app, you merely need to enter your target weight into Lose It, and the app calculates the number of calories you can consume daily.

How To Pick The Best Apps For Your New iPhone

To know what applications are best for download on your new iPhone, taking note of the following would enable you to pick what’s best:

  • Category
  • Price
  • Users’ need


It is very worthy of considering the reason and the use for which one would need to download some applications before making a move to download them, lest you fill your iPhone with clutters. To do this, you can check for app categories based on your need.

There are different categories of applications such as social networking, messaging, productivity, music, streaming media, cloud storage, navigation, weather, reading, finance, fitness, and so forth. Hence, searching for applications based on categories would enable you to get what suits your need the most. 


How much does it cost to use the app? The majority of the iOS apps we have suggested are free. With a free or basic version, you can do quite a number of things. Upgrading unlocks premium features and allows you to make the most use of your phone.

Users’ needs

Your reason for getting the iPhone would significantly determine the kind of apps you get. Although the apps covered here are universal, everyone has their preferences. Hence, you can decide better on the type of apps you want after understanding what you aim to achieve with them.

What To Know Before Installing Some Applications On Your iPhone

After getting your new iPhone device, You need to take note of some of these factors: 

Do not be in a rush to start installing applications for risks of contracting viruses and malware or becoming susceptible to third-party risks. It would help if you were sure of the source of the application you intend to install before going ahead to do so. This is because there are some third-party applications out in the store. Installing them could be very detrimental.

Whatever you do, do not resist the urge to check for users’ reviews of an application before downloading your app. Experience, they say, teaches. You can best choose to download an application by reading other people’s app reviews.

Using Applications On Your New iOS Device: What It’s Like

Applications are simply means of living an easy tech life. It would help if you visited the Apple store to download any chosen app. All the apps discussed in this article are amongst the best in their field (category), and we believe that you would be able to find your way through using them easily.

The Best First 10 Apps to Download on Your New iPhone FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the most downloaded app on iPhone?

As of June 2022, reports showed that TikTok was the most downloaded app for iPhone in the Apple App Store worldwide. The Tiktok app generated around 11.3 million downloads from iPhone users alone.

How do I find cool apps for iPhone?

To find cool apps for iPhones, you should visit the apple app store.

Is there any must-have app on iPhone?

There are certain must-have apps on iPhone. They are in categories: social networking, browser, phone, messaging, productivity, music, streaming media, cloud storage, navigation, weather, reading, finance, fitness, and so forth.

Can I use Android apps on iPhone?

A direct answer to this is no. An iPhone can’t run Android apps out of the box. The only possibility is that you’ll often find that a version of an Android app you like is also available for iOS.

What happens to apps when you change phones?

Once you change your phone, your new android phone will request to install your previously available applications to ensure continuity. By developer choices, some apps will recognize you via your email address or anything linking to you and thus allow you to log right in, and some other apps might not be able to do this.

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