The Best Electric Vehicle Chargers of 2024: Ranked and Reviewed

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The Best Electric Vehicle Chargers of 2024: Ranked and Reviewed

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 best overall electric vehicle charger is ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger.
  • Electric chargers come in a diverse price range, starting as low as $350 to as high as $1,000!
  • With an electric vehicle charger installed in your home, you can load your car anytime you want without visiting a nearby charging station repeatedly. 
  • EV chargers may seem costly, but they save significant money in the long run.
  • When picking the best electric vehicle charger, consider whether it is easy to install, compatible with your vehicle, offers the power output for its charging requirements, and provides smart features and connectivity.

An electric vehicle (EV) typically requires charging to run. While you can charge your EV at public charging stations, it will start feeling like a burden at some point. Not to mention, public chargers can go out of service anytime. That’s why smart EV owners look for the best electric vehicle chargers for their homes. This prevents the hassle of frequent public station trips.

A quality home charger can help you save high charging costs. Yes, it will be a bit slower than public chargers, but it will efficiently top up your vehicle overnight. Depending on your needs, you can install your electric vehicle charger in your garage or outside. Many charging units allow users to track their vehicle’s charging status from their smartphones. 

Remember, no EV charger is perfect. Your choice will depend on your needs, the car’s compatibility, expected charging speed, suitable power output, and more. So, after weeks of reviewing several options, our ranking for the best electric vehicle chargers in 2024 are:

Best Overall EV Charger: ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger

Best Overall EV Charger
ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger - Black
  • 23-foot long cable 
  • 16 to 50 Amp, 240V
  • Level 2 WiFi Enabled EVSE
  • NEMA 14-50 Plug or Hardwired,
  • Perfect for Indoor / Outdoor use

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01/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

The ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger is our choice for the #1 best overall electric charger for many reasons. This powerful 50-amp charger works like public DC chargers, so you don’t have to learn the nuts and bolts. It comes with a 23-foot-long cable that makes installation a breeze. You can install the charger anywhere, even outside, as the cord is thick enough to withstand extreme temperatures.

Installing the Flex Level 2 Charger is pretty simple. You will have to find a 24-volt circuit to hardwire the charger. During our hands-on testing, we also found the connector holstering very convenient. The ChargePoint Home Flex will tick your boxes if aesthetics are your concern. It is pretty sleek and stylish with a LED-backlit connector holster. 

The ChargePoint Home Flex also has an app that lets you monitor your vehicle’s charging status from your phone. You can even use it to find nearby DC chargers! However, you can only use one account for every charger on the app. That can be a drawback if you have a two-EV home. Another bummer can be its price, but it’s still relatively reasonable than Tesla’s chargers. Think about the money you can save in the long run!

The charger comes with a 23-foot-long cable for convenient installation.The charger’s app requires strong wireless signals when installed outside or in the garage.
The cable can withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The app only supports one account for each charger.
The charger has an aesthetic appeal.It is expensive.
It offers various smart-charging features, including an app.

Check out the ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger on Amazon.

Best Charger for Outdoors: The Grizzl-E Classic

Fast charging and adjustable amp
Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger - Black
  • Simple, powerful, heavy-duty
  • Fast charging and adjustable amp
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs in USA
  • 24 feet premium cable
  • Use indoors or outdoors
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01/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

The Grizzl-E Classic is the best outdoor charger due to its impressive resistance against water and fire. This heavy-duty charger and its 24-foot cable can withstand harsh environmental elements, allowing easy installation anywhere around the house. You can hardwire or plug this 40-amp charger into a 240-volt outlet to make it work. 

The best part? You can connect this Grizzl-E Classic charger to any EV charging app using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6, particularly ChargeLab apps. Many consumers previously complained that connecting a Grizzle-E to an app takes considerable time. But in our recent experience, we observed an improved connection process, and the charger easily connected to the ChargeLab app.

Many testing results have proved the sturdiness of the Grizzl-E Classic charger. A video on the company’s website showed a man passing a truck over the charger and even dipping it in a bucket full of water. Besides a few scratches, the charger displayed no change in performance. Pretty rugged, no? 

The charger is water and fire-resistant.The charger doesn’t come with a smart app.
It comes with an adjustable power output.It doesn’t have a power switch. 
It has thick cables for the perfect wall mounting. 

Check out the Grizzl-E Classic on Amazon.

Best EV No-Frills Charger: Enphase Level 2 EV Charger

Best EV No-Frills Charger
Enphase Level 2 EV Charger - Formerly ClipperCreek
  • 32 Amp, 240v
  • 25ft J1772 charging cable
  • Weather-resistant, safety certified
  • Ideal for high-traffic use
  • Indoor or outdoor installation 
  • Compatible with US EVs

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01/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

The Enphase Level 2 EV Charger is the best no-frills charger for basic to advanced level charging. If you’ve previously used ClipperCreek (now Enphase) EV chargers, this smart charger looks the same. So, don’t expect that “wow” factor with this charger, but when it comes to performance, it’s a better-performing EV charger than its predecessors. 

Since it’s a “no-frills” charger, it has a base unit with four LEDs for power, power fault, charging, and charging error. This makes its installation and usage very straightforward. It comes with a 25-feet cable. Just plug it in, connect your vehicle to the charger for charging, and unplug it once done. 

So, don’t confuse “no-frills” with poor performance or low cost. It is one of the most rugged electric vehicle chargers out there, so you’d be paying for the high quality and, yes, super-quick charging. 

The charger can work in extreme weather conditions. The charger has no smart charging features.
It has a sturdy build.The power cable is short.
This “no-frills” charger has everything like a high-performing charger.It is expensive.
The installation and usage processes are super convenient.

Check out the Enphase Level 2 EV Charger on Amazon.

Best for Extensive Charging: Emporia EV Charger

Best for Extensive Charging
EMPORIA EV Charger Level 2
  • Indoor/outdoor EV charger
  • 24ft cable SAE J1772 connector
  • Plugged or hardwired installation
  • Safe, rugged, watertight enclosure
  • Charges any EV up to 40 amp
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01/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

The Emporia EV Charger is the best for extensive charging—all credits go to its 8.2-kWh battery backup system. This 48-amp charger also has a default energy-monitoring system that optimizes the electricity draw on your home’s circuits. Although Tesla pioneered in offering the best electric vehicle chargers with backup batteries, Emporia is following in its footsteps. 

Like other units on this list, the Emporia EV charger connects with an app for optimized charging. You can start or stop your vehicle’s charging, monitor the status, and even schedule charging sessions. Even better, you can also access your EV’s previous charging data. 

But what makes the Emporia EV charger unique? It enables solar charging for EVs if you wire the batteries to a solar array. You’d also have to buy the company’s VUE 2 energy monitoring device. The charger comes with a 24-feet flexible cable for easy installation. But, of course, not everything is good with the Emporia EV charger. It lacks many smart tech features, including Alexa support, which are expected at this price.

The charger comes with battery backup for extensive charging.You will have to buy an Emporia-only system for battery backup.
The battery system comes with energy monitors.The charger comes with very few tech features. 
It is a 48-amp cable with an 11.5 kW output for quick charging. The vehicle data connection may fail to report all EVs’ charging statuses.
It enables solar charging.

Check out the Emporia EV Charger on Amazon.

Best for Smart Charging: Autel MaxiCharger Home Smart EV Charger

Best for Smart Charging
Autel MaxiCharger Home Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger
  •  50 Amp Level 2 charger
  • 25-foot premium cable
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled EVSE
  • Indoor/outdoor charging station
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

The Autel MaxiCharger Home Smart EV Charger is the best smart charger for its versatile connectivity. You can hardwire or plug your 50-amp charger into a 240 V power outlet. Connect it to the smart app, monitor your vehicle’s charging status, and optimize the charging during peak electricity hours. This smart charging is easily accessible via Ethernet, Bluetooth, and WiFi. 

The installation process is also super easy, taking only a few minutes to attach the unit to the wall and connect it to the power outlet via the 25-foot cable. If you plan to mount the charger outdoors, the Autel MaxiCharger has an optional RFID card scanner to avoid unidentified access. 

Although Autel advertises this charger as weather-resistant, stress testing results say otherwise. During the on-hand experience, the cable performed quite severely in a stress test, making the Autel MaxiCharger not an ideal choice for people living in cold areas. But apart from this, the charger is on-point and excels in almost every department. 

Pros Cons
The charger is weather and climate resistant, making it suitable for outdoor mounting.The cable may be stiff.
The smart charging feature optimizes EV charging during peak utility hours.The charger may disconnect from Bluetooth and WiFi randomly.
It has a sleek appearance.
The installation process is easy.

Check out the Autel MaxiCharger Home Smart EV Charger on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Electric Vehicle Chargers: Step by Step

When picking the best electric vehicle chargers for your car, you must evaluate a few factors to make the right choice, such as:

  • Charging speed
  • Compatibility
  • Connectivity and smart features
  • Installation requirements

Charging Speed

EV chargers typically come in three different levels depending on the charging speed. Level 1 is for the standard residential outlet, Level 2 is for the 240-volt AC, and Level 3 is for DC fast charging at public stations. 

If you’re finding the best electric vehicle chargers for your home, you should go for the Level 2 ones. They have a power output between 3.6 and 19.2 kW, enabling them to charge faster than Level 1 chargers. Level 2 chargers are also less expensive than Level 3 chargers. 


Every EV’s charging needs and connector type differ from others. So, ensure you’re getting a compatible charger with your vehicle and support the correct connector for charging. Some common connector types are CCS, CHAdeMO, and Tesla Superchargers.

Connectivity and Smart Features

The best electric vehicle chargers offer versatile connectivity options and smart features. These include Alexa compatibility, smartphone app integration, Bluetooth or WiFi support, scheduled charging, monitoring energy usage, managing charging sessions, and more. Evaluate what features you prioritize the most and check if your desired charger has them.

Installation Requirements

You can install an electric charger through hardwiring or wall mounting. But did you know that there are portable EV chargers too? Yes, that’s true. If you want to keep your EV charger hidden, portable chargers will be your right choice. Just take out the charger, connect it to your vehicle, and unplug it once you’re done.

Wall-mounted chargers usually offer high power output, so you’d need to ask a professional for their installation. On the other hand, portable chargers provide lower power and are pretty flexible to install. 

Besides these, you must also consider the charger’s safety features, warranty, customer support, and price. Remember, the best electric vehicle charger is the one that checks all your requirements boxes. 

What to Know Before Buying an Electric Vehicle Charger

The first thing you should do before buying an electric vehicle charger is to assess your driving habits and vehicle’s charging needs. The longer you drive your EV daily, the more charging it will need. Doing so will help you evaluate the average power output and charging speed for your needs. 

Knowing charger types matter too. You should understand the charging capabilities of your EV, including the charging rate and connector type, to find the best charger. Level 2 chargers are generally ideal for EV charging at home. Lastly, determine whether you need a hardwired wall-mounted charger or a portable unit. 

Using the Best Electric Vehicle Chargers: What it’s Like

The best electric vehicle chargers offer optimized charging, smart features, resistance against outside elements, and more. They aim to minimize your EV’s charging cost and prevent the hassle of frequently taking it to a public charging station. You can plug your vehicle into a charger in your home’s garage or outside. With many electric charger manufacturers available, choosing one can become confusing. So, the key is to find the one that suits your needs the most. If you need a strong battery backup system for your EV, the Emporia EV Charger will fulfill your requirements. You can also find such a charger in a Tesla, but they’re expensive. Thus, it narrows down to your budget.

Summary Table

RankEV ChargerBest For
#1ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 ChargerBest Overall EV Charger
#2The Grizzl-E ClassicBest Charger for Outdoors
#3Enphase Level 2 EV ChargerBest EV No-Frills Charger
#4Emporia EV ChargerBest for Extensive Charging
#5Autel MaxiCharger Home Smart EV ChargerBest for Smart Charging

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best home EV chargers?

The best home EV chargers are ChargePoint Home Flex, The Grizzl-E Classic, Autel MaxiCharger Home, ClipperCreek Level 2, and Emporia EV chargers.

What is the most popular EV charger plug?

The most popular EV charger plug is SAE J1772. In the US and Canada, you can charge almost any EV with this plug, including the Tesla with an adapter. This EV plug only works with Level 1 and 2 charging.

What is the most popular EV charger type?

Level 2 chargers are the most popular for EV charging. They are ideal for home installation as well as public charging stations.

How many kW is a fast EV charger?

A fast DC EV charger is around 50 to 350 kW.

Which charger is the fastest for EVs?

The Level 3 DC chargers installed at public charging stations are the fastest. However, the charging time depends on your vehicle’s battery capacity, charging capabilities, etc.

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