The 5 Best Dual Monitor Stands on Earth Today

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The 5 Best Dual Monitor Stands on Earth Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 best overall dual monitor stand is the EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand.
  • Before purchasing a dual monitor stand, look into its mount type, size and weight range, and flexibility.
  • Dual monitor stands with simple designs can be more effective than flashy ones.
  • Dual monitor stands enhance your comfort by giving you the best viewing angle when using your devices.
  • Wall-mounted monitor stands are the best for maximizing your working space.

Operating two monitors at the same time can be challenging. You must continuously adjust the screens to find the right viewing angle. Another challenge entails moving the monitors when sharing the screen with someone. Besides the frequent adjustments being tiresome, you risk knocking over your mug or water bottle, causing a mess in your workspace. Fortunately, you can avoid such hassles by buying a dual monitor stand.

With various dual monitor stands in the market, you may wonder which brand to go for. Every model has pros and cons and is designed to meet diverse needs. Ultimately, the goal is to find a dual monitor stand that fits your device’s specifications and culminates in the most comfortable working space. Nonetheless, some dual monitor stands are noticeably superior when compared to others.

Here are the best dual monitor stands you can buy today to enhance your workspace:

Best Overall: EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand

Best Overall
EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand, Black
  • Max Weight: 19.8lb
  • Screen capacity (inches): 17 to 32
  • Vertical or Horizontal orientations supported
  • Features Gas spring arm mechanism
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Sitting undisputed at the top of our list of the best dual monitor stands is the EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand. It doesn’t matter whether you have standard, dual-view, or 4k monitors; this stand matches up to any test. From flexibility to design and capacity, the device has all the hallmarks of a dual monitor stand tailored to ensure maximum comfort without compromising efficiency.

The dual monitor stand has a decent design that complements your work area and maintains proper functionality. It has an aluminum body with a sleek, slender design that perfectly incorporates a joint rotation that makes each movement as smooth as possible. The robust material is complemented by a detachable VESA plate that enables the dual monitor stand to fit and carry large screens. Each side can support a 17 to 32-inch monitor that weighs up to 19.8lb. So, no matter how large your screen is, the EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand has you covered.

The EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand is one of the most adjustable monitor stands, with a 360° rotation and 270° swivel. Thus, you can easily switch from landscape to portrait views, and vice versa, from either side of your setup. The stand’s tilt, which ranges from -90° to +90°, ensures further comfort. 


While operating most of these stands is easy, setting them up can be difficult. Luckily, this is not the case with the EleTab Dual Arm Monitor. The attachments are easy to install on your workstation. The stand also comes with a step-by-step guide and the necessary tools to assemble the stand and mount the screens. It takes roughly five minutes, and you are good to go!

Flexible adjustment that allows you to set up the monitors to suit your working styleHas limited motion and cannot lift one monitor above the other
Made of strong materials that can hold large screens of up to 19.8lb. 
It has an excellent design that adds elegance to your workspace 
The stand is quite affordable 

Check out the EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand on Amazon.

Best on a Budget: Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Budget Pick
VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, Black, STAND-V002
  • Allowable screen size (inches): 13 to 30
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Features C-Clamp desk mounting system
  • Uses standard VESA screen mounts
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03/01/2024 09:30 pm GMT

The Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is our top pick for the most affordable yet high-quality dual mount stand. We all hope to save some money when shopping for accessories. In short, buying this stand does just that! It is pocket-friendly compared to most substitute stands without compromising on the features that guarantee a comfortable workspace.

Unfortunately, aesthetics aren’t this stand’s finest attribute. However, it has a simple design that gets the job done. For example, it has two arms and a pole in the middle sculpted from aluminum and steel that enhances its strength. Thus, with its 100 x 100mm backside mounting holes, each side of the dual desk mount can accommodate a 13 to 30-inch screen that weighs up to 22lb. This is an impressive weight to carry compared to other mounts.

Flexibility is a crucial feature of any dual monitor mount system, and Vivo Dual Desk does not slouch in this department. The product’s articulation is characterized by a +90° to a -90° tilt, with a 180° swivel and a 360° rotation. This gives you the freedom to switch between different screen orientations and move the monitors at will to suit your tasks. Additionally, the height adjustment knob in the center pole allows you to increase your monitors’ height. Certainly, the height adjustment should be handy when making a presentation. You can adjust it to a convenient height for both you and the audience.

A unique feature of the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is that you can adjust its arms 0.5 inches up and down at different times. Thus, you can have each screen at a different level. Similarly, you can tighten or loosen each joint to set the mount’s flexibility.


Like most quality dual monitor stands, the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount is easy to install. It comes with either a heavy-duty C-Clamp or a grommet mount to attach the stand to the back of your desk. The detachable VESA bracket plates make it easy to mount and unmount your monitor to the stand’s arms. Plus, you can’t go wrong if you follow the provided detailed instructions.

More affordable and efficient than most dual monitor standsIt has a bland design
Its arms can be adjusted 0.5 inches up and down independently 
It is strong and can carry monitors weighing up to 22lb. 
You can set the mount’s flexibility by tightening or loosening the joints 
It is easy to install 

Check out the Vivo Dual Monitor Desk Mount on Amazon.

Best Design: Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand

Attractive Design
Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand, Black
  • Max weight: 20lb
  • Uses standard VESA screen mounts
  • Each arm can rotate 360 degrees independently
  • Material: lightweight Aluminum (Black)
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If you want a comfortable workspace that looks easy on the eye, the Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand is what you need. A trademark Amazon product, the dual monitor stand oozes class and elegance without compromising functionality and efficiency.

It has a microscope arm design that gives it a striking look, frees up space on your workstation, and offers ergonomic positioning for extra comfort. The dual monitor stand’s material is equally impressive. The device is made from light aluminum, making it easy to carry around. However, the stand is quite strong despite being manufactured from a light material. Each arm can hold a 32-inch monitor that weighs up to 20 pounds. The black finish on the material ensures the stand blends in with your workspace setting.

Save for contributing to its beautiful aesthetics, the Amazon Basics Premium Dual Monitor Stand’s design has a great impact on its functionality. You can easily adjust your desktop computers’ positions as the arms extend and retract smoothly. Therefore, finding the right reading angle is no problem with this device. It has an adjustable tilt of 5 degrees to the front and 70 degrees to the back. So, if you want to slouch in your seat or tower above your monitors, the stand has you covered.


Finally, the Amazon Basics Premium Dual Monitor Stand has a relatively simple setup. There is little that could go wrong with VESA-compatible plates and a desk clamp that fits a thickness of 0.4 to 2.4 inches. However, these clamps may be restrictive to people with thicker tables. Similarly, ensure you read the instructions thoroughly before setting up your workstation.

It has an aesthetically pleasing designIt is expensive
It takes up little spaceIt takes a lot of work to set up
The stand is made of lightweight material 
It is strong and can carry monitors that weigh up to 20 pounds 
The adjustable forward and backward tilt make finding the perfect viewing angle easy 

Check out the Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand on Amazon. (Please note that as of July 17th, 2023, the Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand is currently unavailable on Amazon. Please check back later.)

Best Wide Motion Range: ErGear Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Wide Motion-Range
ErGear Dual Monitor Wall Mount
  • Allowable screen size (inches): 17 to 32
  • Max weight: 18lb
  • Uses standard VESA screen mounts
  • Features gas spring arms
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/01/2024 09:34 pm GMT

Finding the best viewing angle depends on your dual monitor stand’s flexibility. As such, the ErGear Dual Monitor Wall Mount provides a wide range of motion to ensure your comfort, regardless of sitting or standing position.

This dual monitor stand is designed to ensure the user has the discretion to move the arms in any direction they wish in order to find a proper viewing angle. Each arm has an adjustable gas spring tension, allowing you to move your monitors to a comfortable height. Ideally, this feature allows you to adjust the monitors’ height up to 12.6 inches above the work desk.

This mount’s motion range is further enhanced by its full motion adjustment. The feature gives the stand a +/-35° tilt, +/-90° swivel, and a 360° rotation. With each arm moving independently, you can easily find the most comfortable viewing position for your gaming setup or workspace.  

With this impressive motion range, it is unsurprising that the ErGear Dual Monitor Wall Mount is compatible with a wide range of monitors. The device can fit curved and flat monitors sized from 17 to 32 inches, with a maximum capacity of 18lb.


Unlike most monitor stands, the ErGear Dual Monitor Wall Mount is not fitted on a desk. Rather, it is attached to the wall right above your workspace. While this saves a lot of space and ensures a neat workstation, it may be inconvenient for people with their desks at the center of the room or in other unfavorable locations.

Wide motion range to ensure the perfect viewing angleIt is a wall-mounted stand, which restricts where users can set up their workstations
Takes up little space on the workstationThe installation process is not easy and straightfoward
Easy to set up 
Each arm moves independently 
Compatible with most monitor sizes 

Check out the ErGear Dual Monitor Wall Mount on Amazon.

Best for Large Screens: Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Large Screen Compatible
HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand
  • Max weight: 14.3lb
  • Allowable screen size (inches): 13 to 27
  • Features a C-Clamp desk mounting system
  • Uses standard VESA screen mounts
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/01/2024 09:34 pm GMT

Go for the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand if you have a dual monitor setup comprising a large screen. It has a unique design and specifications that can handle most monitors’ weight and size. Therefore, we recommend it as the best dual monitor stand for large screens.

The dual monitor stand is primarily designed to carry substantial weight. It has two heavy-duty arms fitted with state-of-the-art gas springs. As such, the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand can support monitors weighing up to 26.4lb., making it suitable for large monitors. Additionally, the stand can hold monitors ranging from 13 to 35 inches.

While the stand is tailored for large screens, it does not compromise flexibility. The flexible arms enable users to raise their screens 21.65 inches above the table and move them forward by up to 25.59 inches for a better view. Similarly, it has an adjustable dual-screen viewing system tailored to ensure your comfort. This feature opens you to a +85° to -30° tilt, a +90° to -90° swivel, and a 360° rotation. The stand’s flexibility means you can adjust the screens to suitable viewing angles and switch orientation from landscape to portrait, and vice versa.


With a simple assembly process, you can enjoy all these features within minutes of unboxing the product. There is no need for screws in the setup, as you are presented with a C-Clamp and grommet kits to fit the attachment on your desk. Certainly, it doesn’t get simpler than this!

Can hold large screens of up to 26.4lb.Expensive compared to other dual mount stands.
Has flexible arms that make adjusting your screen easy 
It has a good build quality 
It takes up little space 

Check out the Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Dual Monitor Stands

Choosing the right dual monitor stand for your workspace can be challenging. Consider your needs and workspace setup before settling for a stand. However, there are some important factors you ought to consider before picking a suitable dual monitor stand, including:

  • Mount type
  • Size and weight range
  • Flexibility

Let’s review each of these specs to give you some perspective.

Mount Type

Before buying and installing a dual monitor stand, you must ensure it is compatible with your workstation. The mount type is important as it influences how and where the stand is fitted. In this regard, there are three conventional mount types: stand, clamp, and wall mounts. While stand and clamp mounts are fitted on the work desk, wall mounts, as the name suggests, are fitted on the walls. Consider using a mount that complements your workstation.

Size and Weight Range

Monitors come in different sizes and weights and the best stands are designed to accommodate these specs. While some stands are designed to hold large and heavy monitors, others can only hold small screens. Thus, account for your monitors’ size and weight when shopping for a dual monitor stand.


A dual monitor stand is only as good as its ability to meet your usage needs. As such, flexibility and adjustability are key features when picking a dual monitor stand. Ensure the stand you purchase has full motion capabilities that allow you to change the positions of the screen at will and easily move from portrait to landscape views.

What to Know Before Buying a Dual Monitor Stand

Before buying a dual monitor stand, consider your desk type. Glass and executive desks may not be appropriate for monitor stands with clamp mounts, as they may damage your desk. Stand mounts may be more appropriate for such settings.

The location of your workstation also matters. Consider getting a wall-mounted stand if your desk is positioned in a corner. A wall-mounted stand is sturdy and leaves ample room to organize your desk.

Using a Dual Monitor Stand: What It’s Like.

Dual monitor stands offer convenience and boost efficiency and productivity. These simple attachments save you from the strains of finding the perfect viewing angle when working or sharing your screen with third parties. With simple adjustments, you can find a comfortable viewing angle, whether seated or standing. In fact, they may bring permanent relief to your neck and back aches. Moreover, dual mount stands can enhance your workspace. They’ll give your space an elegant look and improve your cable management, making your workspace neat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a dual monitor stand hold?

A stand’s weight capacity depends on its make. While some stands can hold two large monitors weighing more than 20lb, others are better suited for smaller screens. However, the average dual monitor stand can carry 16 to 30lb. on either arm.

Are clamp mounts suitable for glass desks?

No. Clamp mounts are unsuitable for glass desks as they can damage them. If you have a glass desk, consider using desktop stands. Although they use up space, they are the safest option.

Should monitors be flat or curved when using a stand?

A dual monitor stand can accommodate flat or curved screens so long as they meet the size and weight specifications.

Are dual monitor stands a worthwhile investment?

Dual monitor stands offer great value for money if you spend a lot of time on the screen. The stands improve your sitting or standing posture, saving you from the strain of operating two monitors simultaneously.

Are there vertical dual monitor stands?

Dual monitor stands are not restricted to setups that position your screens horizontally or side by side. There are numerous vertical dual monitor stands that allow you to set one screen on top of the other.

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