The 11 Best Discord Bots Today

Best Discord bots

The 11 Best Discord Bots Today

Key Points

  • MEE6 is a popular and feature-rich Discord bot for server management, offering custom commands, role management, and message curation.
  • Dyno Bot helps manage all aspects of a server, including ranking members, assigning roles, and posting welcome messages.
  • Apollo Bot schedules events and integrates them into server members’ Google calendars, while also offering premium features like auto-assigning roles.
  • Carl Bot offers content moderation, logs, and a Suggestions feature to increase server engagement.
  • Dank Memer is a fun Discord bot with over 250 commands, virtual currency, and virtual pets.

Discord is the go-to communication software for gamers. We love it because it’s customizable, easy to use, and doesn’t take up too much RAM when you’re teaming up with buddies in a heated COD match (or whatever your game is). However, Discord’s developers can be a bit… lacking (we say that in the most loving way). Fortunately, where the developers fail to implement the features we want, the best bots come to save the day!

If you’re wondering which bots are the absolute, hands-down, best ones to add to your Discord server, don’t worry. We’ve got that covered. As someone who has used Discord regularly for years, this article will review the must-have Discord bots.

Where to Get Discord Bots

As mentioned previously, Discord Bots really help us to customize, moderate, and make our Discord servers more interesting. Naturally, our favorites may not be your favorites (they will be, but you might be looking for something else, too).

So, let’s list some places to find Discord bots before we give you our list of the best Discord bots. We’ll provide links to download the official bots in our list below, but here are some places for you to find more:

Of course, you could also Google something like, “Discord bots for music” or “Discord bots to change text color” if you’d prefer to have those features. Sometimes, a simple Google search will take you to the bots you need quickly. Now that you know where to look, let’s take a look at the best Discord bots.

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Bots are a great way to spend less time managing your server and more time talking gaming with your members.

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The Best Discord Bots for Content Moderation

One of the biggest responsibilities of managing a server is, well, managing the server. Perhaps you have hundreds or even thousands of participants. Content moderation bots help with all sorts of tasks. You can use them to manage members, assign roles, and so much more.

Here are our favorite content moderation bots:

1. MEE6

Google “What’s the best Discord bot?” and MEE6 will appear at the top of nearly every list. While we like to give our readers a new perspective in our articles, we must also be honest. MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord bots because it’s hands-down one of the best Discord bots!

MEE6 encompasses most of your basic Discord server management tasks and adds a few extra benefits. While you can customize MEE6, you can also use custom commands to moderate servers, manage roles, and curate messages (like welcome messages for new members), all in one bot. MEE6 is a feature-rich, trusted, and valuable bot every server needs!

2. Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is another immensely popular Discord bot that we’ve used for years. Similar to MEE6, the Dyno bot helps you to manage all parts of your server, making task management way easier. Dyno will rank your members up, let you automatically assign roles, and post welcome messages and reminders.

The bot has an anti-spam feature and can even mute or block server members. Similar to MEE6, it’s a well-trusted and reliable Discord bot and has a lot of features. Although it doesn’t have the same customization features as the bot that took our number-one spot, it’s a great little helper with a lot of features.

3. Apollo Bot

The Apollo bot does a bit more than just server management. One of the core features is that Apollo can schedule events! While this may not seem like a jaw-dropping feature, it’s actually really neat. Let’s say you’re planning some epic game time in ESO, you can schedule an event, and see which players are going to be taking on the roles of Tanks and Healers with the Apollo bot. Then, you can integrate your events into server members’ Google calendars so everyone shows up on time and is ready to play.

Apollo bot also offers premium subscriptions for more features like auto-assigning roles and custom event images and colors. If you don’t want to pay for premium features, you can add Apollo bot and Dyno or MEE6 for the perfect harmony of Discord server moderation.

4. Carl Bot

Ask any Discord expert about the best Discord bots and you’ll receive a ton of recommendations for Carl bot. There’s so much that Carl bot can do for your server, it’s definitely worth adding. You’ll get the content moderation options we’ve come to expect from good bots like welcome messages and role maintenance. But it does a little more too.

Carl bot will keep content logs of everything from deleted messages to invite links and members joining or leaving. You can even enable disappearing messages (that’s pretty cool). Enable Carl bot’s Suggestions feature to give your members a say in how the server runs or upcoming events to increase engagement and expand your server.

The Best Discord Bots for Moderation and Fun

Some DIscord bots are just fun. While this may seem a little frivolous to the bot minimalists, fun Discord servers promote engagement and grow faster. If you’re looking to add a little more fun or functionality to your server, try the bots in this section!

5. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is an all-time fan-favorite Discord bot. While the name may seem a little self-explanatory, there are actually many features and a lot of functionality. Of course, the bot started out with memes in mind, but it’s since grown to a Discord bot that earns a spot in every Best Discord Bot list.

The bot has more than 250 commands at the time of writing, but the new devs regularly add more, and you can earn virtual currency! To make things even more fun, you can enjoy virtual pets or trade coins and other items. We put Dank Memer in our Best Discord Bots for Fun section because it is fun. However, it’s also pretty standard for most servers, too.

6. Tip.CC

You put a lot of work into your server. You’ve put in the hours to the members count and make sure Discord users have a happy place to talk with other like-minded people. So why not add an option to make it profitable? The Tip.cc bot is precisely what you’d think it to be: a Discord bot for making moolah (well, crypto moolah).

Of course, Tip.cc isn’t just about sending and receiving cryptocurrency from other users, you can integrate fun games and access tools just for crypto traders and miners.

7. Arcane Bot

Arcane Bot is a great mixture of fun and functionality all in one bot. It’s one of the more popular Discord bots available today because it combines server moderation with neat features like voice leveling (your members get to level up for participation in voice chats), and reaction roles.

This bot uses commands like most others, but there are actually commands that allow you to color-code the progress bar, ban users, and check a member’s rank. Arcane bot makes things more fun and therefore, more manageable.

8. Pollmaster

The Pollmaster bot is yet another must-have Discord bot that falls in the fun and functional category because it increases server engagement and lets mods and admins have more insight into what those members want from the server. If you like polls for fun or function, add the Pollmaster bot.

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Discord servers are a fun way to meet other gamers, discuss your favorite games, or watch livestreams.


Best Discord Bots for Customization

Sometimes, we just want a few more features that the Discord devs haven’t added. That’s where customization bots come into play. You can add bots for music, customize your welcome messages, and secure your server with the best Discord bots for customization.

9. FredBoat

If you’ve managed Discord servers for any amount of time, you know two things: Members love music, and great music bots are difficult to come by. Unfortunately, Groovy and Rythm are both down at the time of writing. However, FredBoat is still going strong and we absolutely love it.

FredBoat partners with a wide array of music services and software, it lets you make playlists, and even type commands to find songs. To make things even better, FredBoat has both a shuffle and repeat feature so you can enjoy your favorite tunes over and over again.

10. Hydra Bot

Hydra Bot could easily land in the Best Discord Bots for Moderation section, but it adds a few features that put the helpful bot in this section instead. First, you can create interactive messages for your server members. Members can even assign themselves reaction roles, which is pretty standard with the best Discord bots these days.

A few neat things about Hydra Bot are that you can customize the bot on the website, any admin can update server messages without deleting the old ones, and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

11. ProBot

Ok, so ProBot is an excellent content moderation bot similar to the ones above. However, it also has one much-needed feature that we love. ProBot has anti-raid protection! Sometimes raids are fun. You send all your members to someone else’s Discord chat and everyone laughs.

Other times, you’re the victim of an unwanted raid and the trolls must be stopped. Fortunately, ProBot will stop raids, auto-moderate your server, and even translate languages for those looking to take their servers international.

The Best Discord Bots Wrap Up

Discord is way more fun with friends. It’s especially more fun with friends who take care of important tasks and offer important features. You can make friends with bots by adding them to your server and customizing them to work for you. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Best Discord Bots list!

Summary Table

RankDiscord BotCategory
#1MEE6Content Moderation
#2Dyno BotContent Moderation
#3Apollo BotContent Moderation
#4Carl BotContent Moderation
#5Dank MemerModeration and Fun
#6Tip.CCModeration and Fun
#7Arcane BotModeration and Fun
#8PollmasterModeration and Fun
#10Hydra BotCustomization

The 11 Best Discord Bots Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I give Bots permission to work on my server?

Each bot has its own dashboard that you can manage using a web browser. But if you want to give your bots special permissions go to Server Settings (at the top left corner of Discord, click the dropdown arrow next to your server’s name)>Roles>Permissions.

Can I have more than one Discord bot on a server?

Absolutely! While we wouldn’t say “the more the merrier,” a few good Discord bots that are well-managed and functional definitely help make things more interesting. But they also help day-to-day server moderation tasks much more manageable.

Test out a few Discord bots and discover which ones are best for your server.

Will I get in trouble for using Bots on Discord?

Most bots are legitimate and perfectly fine to use with Discord. However, Discord does have some limitations regarding which bots you can use. So beware, some Discord bots will get you into trouble with Discord’s programmers if they interfere with main functions or break certain rules. Of course, all of the ones in our list above are perfectly fine.

The best way to avoid troublesome Discord bots is to check reviews and ratings before inviting a bot to your server.

What happened to the Rythm bot?

One of our favorite Discord bots of all time, Rhythm bot, was shut down a few years ago. However, the site is still running and the developers are still working very hard to bring it back. Save this link to your web browser and keep an eye out for updates so you can use it again when it returns.

Who can add bots to a server?

Only server Admins, owners, and in some cases, moderators can add and maintain Discord bots.

Is it worth paying for a Discord bot?

Absolutely! While it isn’t always necessary because plenty of free bots are available online, paying subscription plans unlocks neat features and helps the devs create new features while maintaining existing ones. If you want to get more from your bots and support the developers, there are few drawbacks to paying for Discord bots.

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