The 6 Best Comics LEGO Sets for Fans of the Classics

DC LEGO Comics comic batman character minifigure

The 6 Best Comics LEGO Sets for Fans of the Classics

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall Comics LEGO set is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.
  • Most of the Comics LEGO sets are available for ages 16+, but there are a few that are made for small kids.
  • For some buyers, the costs of these LEGO sets may be fairly high, with quite a few of the sets costing well over $100. So, remember to plan purchases wisely.
  • Many of these sets also come with minifigures, so you’ll want a way to store them in a safe place to keep them from getting lost.

Whether you love DC or Marvel comics, it’s easy to get caught in the “Which one does it best?” question. No matter which side of the aisle you stand on, though, there is a LEGO set you’re sure to love.

LEGO is one of the world’s largest toy companies. In fact, their sales are usually over $2 billion a year. Luckily, LEGO has skyrocketed the number of sets inspired by comic books in the last few years too, most likely due to the soar of their popularity.

Well, without further ado, let us present to you the absolute best comics LEGO sets out right now!

#1 Best Overall: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

Best Overall LEGO Set
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The Shield Helicarrier
  • 3 microscale Quinjets, 3 fighter jets, gasoline truck, 2 forklift trucks, 2 runways, 4 road blockades, armored exterior with translucent elements, detailed interior, 12 decorated microfigures, and collector info plaque!
  • Includes minifigures of Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Maria Hill, plus iconic SHIELD Eagle display stand
  • Helicarrier is over 11” high, 31” long, and 17” wide. Quinjets are over 1” high, 2” long, and 2” wide. Minifigure stand is over 4” high, 2” deep, and 6” wide
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12/07/2023 11:14 pm GMT

Unless you’re a true Marvel fan, you may not know what S.H.I.E.L.D. truly stands for. But, most are familiar with the “eyes in the sky” Helicarrier.

With 2,996 pieces, this kit will take you a lot longer to assemble than most. Along with the three model Quinjets, it also has three fighter planes, multiple trucks, and five minifigures included. It even comes with a magnificent sky base too. Ages 16 and older are recommended due to its large size, but younger kids may be able to work on it with an adult!

You’ll want to decide where this kit will go before you create this superstructure because it is 31 inches long and 17 inches wide when fully assembled.

Comes with many mini figurinesLarge kit that takes a while to build
Perfect for Marvel fans

Best for Marvel Fans: Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum

Best for Marvel Fans
LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum
  • Over 12 inches tall with three floors
  • Iconic set pieces from Doctor Strange
  • 9 minifigures including Ebony Maw and Dead Strange
  • Interactive features and accessories
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12/07/2023 07:03 pm GMT

The absolute best recent LEGO Marvel set is the Sanctum Sanctorum. The 2708-piece modular building is made for ages 18+. 

The build is broken down into three different instruction books and each book has a set of 18 packaged pieces. Each booklet focuses on one of the three floors. Starting at the baseplate, you’ll work your way up.

The staggering 40+ stickers will, however, turn off some fans. Additionally, several of the stickers lack printed details, so they may look childish to some.

The LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum is an excellent superhero kit for both Marvel and non-Marvel fans. But we love it for the fact that it can give you hours of playtime.


Easy to customizeThe stickers aren’t the best
Simple to follow along with the instructions

Best for DC Fans: LEGO The Batcave

Best for DC Fans
LEGO Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 76052
  • As featured in the classic Batman TV show
  • Includes Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, and The Penguin minifigures
  • The Batcave is over 18” high, 7” deep and 22” wide
  • 2526 pieces – For LEGO fans over 14 years old
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12/07/2023 11:23 pm GMT

This LEGO The Batcave set from the 1960s Adam West and Burt Ward Batman TV series.

There are 2,526 pieces in total, including all the parts needed to construct both the vintage Batmobile and the Bat Helicopter. The Bat Computer, the iconic Bat poles, and a helipad for the Bat Helicopter are all included in this kit. The kit also includes four Bat villains from the show, and they are just a few of the minifigures that come with the set.

This set can easily take you back in time if you enjoyed seeing these specific characters as a child.

Great for nostalgia fansLots of little pieces
Comes with tons of minifigures

Best for Young Kids: Marvel I Am Groot Set

Best for Young Kids
LEGO Marvel I am Groot 76217 Building Toy Set
  • The set comes with printed instructions and a digital LEGO Building Instructions app to zoom and rotate while building the posable model
  • Easy to position and comes with a pretend cassette to recreate the famous Baby Groot dancing scene
  • Great birthday or holiday gift idea for kids 10+ years old
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12/07/2023 11:33 pm GMT

A LEGO Marvel set for younger fans, this adorable Baby Groot kit is bound to get some oohs and ahhs out of the kiddos.

Since the kit is smaller — only 476 pieces — it can be a fun challenge for kids without getting boring. Plus, it’s also a fun toy once completed.

Fans can also get a Groot name plaque with this kit, as well as a LEGO-made “Awesome Mix” album. And just like the pint-sized Guardian himself, this set was built for anybody aged 10 and up. However, parents can also monitor younger kids and help them complete it with ease.

Perfect for little kidsNot a good choice for collectors
Fewer pieces for faster crafting

Best for Small Spaces: Dark Knight The Tumbler

Best for Small Spaces
LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler 76240 Iconic Car Model Building Set for Adults
  • The impressive Batman model car captures the iconic style of the battle-ready, crime-fighting machine from The Dark Knight Trilogy films
  • This collectible display model provides stress-relieving escapism as 2,049 LEGO bricks slowly transform into the spectacular Tumbler
  • Includes classic movie characters, iconic LEGO minifigures Batman and The Joker, that will become a collectible piece of Batman memorabilia
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12/07/2023 11:38 pm GMT

This tumbler served as the Batmobile and was based on military-grade technology in the DC movies. It was later spray-painted jet black by Bruce Wayne himself, and now this LEGO set brings the car/tank to life.

Batman and the Joker minifigures from Heath Ledger and Christian Bale are included in this 2,049-piece set. The kit also includes a Dark Knight Tumbler plaque.

The design also includes the armored casing for the cockpit controls. For lovers of the beloved and missed Heath Ledger, this kit is a definite must-have.

High-quality mini figurinesLarge kit
Comes with plaque

Best for Collectors: Marvel Infinity Gauntlet

Best for Collectors
LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Set 76191 Collectible Thanos Glove with Infinity Stones Building Set
  • Features a LEGO brick recreation of the iconic Infinity Gauntlet with Infinity Stones, and a sturdy stand with a descriptive tablet
  • This LEGO building set for adults offers an iconic office or home décor piece sure to be the center of attention and admiring comments
  • LEGO Marvel collectibles for adults make great Avengers gifts!
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12/07/2023 11:48 pm GMT

Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet, one of the most well-known movie props ever, is now in LEGO form.

You don’t even need to locate all six Infinity Stones to put the golden gauntlet together – they’re already included among the 590 pieces. And, you can also move the fingers of the gauntlet.

Once put together, this Avengers prop will stand more than 12 inches tall and includes a display stand. Unfortunately, you can’t actually wear the gauntlet with this LEGO Avengers set. However, it’s a great collector’s piece.

Comes with stand for displayNot wearable
Great for collectors
Joker Harley Quinn DC comics Marvel LEGO sets comic book minifigures
Whether you’re more of a DC or Marvel fan, there is a LEGO set for you!


How to Pick the Best Comics LEGO Set: Step-by-Step

Before purchasing a LEGO comic set, there are a few things you should keep in mind, so let’s break them down in depth below.


Let’s face it, LEGO sets can be pricey, especially when they have a ton of pieces. Luckily, some of the city sets can be found for under $200. No matter what, though, before buying a LEGO kit, you should always have a budget in mind.

Build Quality

While most sets that appear on store shelves are designed by the Master Builders at LEGO, not all constructions are created equally. Specifically, you should watch for LEGO sets that are made with older and high-quality LEGO pieces, and those with technical components or moving parts. These are usually worth more.

Age Range

Like many toys, LEGO sets are made for a specific age range. While younger children can still work on some of the comic sets, especially when supervised by an adult, it’s important to remember the age range of each set, and only give your child toys they can handle.


Both children and collectors alike may view a set in a different way depending on the minifigures included. If you enjoy the minifigures, look for sets that have your favorite comic characters, or you can always buy them separately.

What to Know Before Buying a Comics LEGO Set

First, you’ll want to consider the age of the builder for whom you are purchasing before you grab a comic LEGO set.

Don’t forget about personal preferences, too (especially if you’re buying for someone else)! Consider what is most important to you, whether it be the minifigures, unique bits, or extra accessories. Maybe you want a set with a variety of play options. All of this should be taken into account when deciding which set is worth it for you.

Using Comics LEGO Sets: What It’s Like

Small conflicts between the Marvel and DC writers led to the rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics, and funnily enough, they accused one another of stealing ideas and characters from the other. But no matter which side you choose, LEGO is a winner overall.

You’ll feel like you’re immersed in comic books (or movies/shows, whichever you prefer) while you build, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

Summary Table

RankLEGO Set
Best OverallS.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Best for Marvel FansMarvel Sanctum Sanctorum
Best for DC FansLEGO The Batcave
Best for Young KidsMarvel I Am Groot Set
Best for Small SpacesDark Knight The Tumbler
Best for CollectorsMarvel Infinity Gauntlet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest DC LEGO set ever made?

Currently, the biggest DC LEGO set out is the Batman Classic TV Series Batcave which has 2,526 pieces. 

What is the best LEGO Batmobile?

We personally think that the Batmobile Tumbler is the best LEGO Batmobile, and many customers agree online!

What's the hardest LEGO set to build?

When it comes to comic sets, the hardest LEGO set to build is Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. ship. 

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