The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Delaware: Coverage, Price, and More

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The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Delaware: Coverage, Price, and More

Key Points

  • T-Mobile offers the most coverage area for 5G in Delaware.
  • Verizon has the highest coverage in Delaware, covering over 99% of the state.
  • AT&T provides unlimited talk, text, and data plans with 5G coverage in most cities.
  • Ting offers cheap phone plans without data or hotspot capabilities.
  • Republic Wireless offers affordable plans with customizable data options.
  • Google Fi provides unlimited plans with 5G access and hotspot capabilities.

Also known as “The First State,” Delaware is a great state for those who love beautiful scenery, fun festivals, and healthcare. But what are the best cell phone plans in Delaware, and how can you find the right one for you? Here’s what you need to know.

The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Delaware

While we’re listing our top six best cell phone plans in Delaware, keep in mind that there are many different options. These are just our favorite choices.


T-Mobile has grown considerably over the last decade, especially after it bought out Sprint. Now the company offers the most coverage area for 5G.

For a single line including includes taxes and fees, the T-Mobile Magenta plan is a great option, and it’s $70 per month. However, it only comes with 5GB of mobile hotspot. If you want to upgrade to T-Mobile’s Magenta Max, which starts at $85 for one line, you’ll receive extra mobile hotspot data and 4K UHD streaming video.

Additionally, both Magenta plans offer free unlimited 2G roaming in the majority of international countries. A free basic Netflix membership is also given to accounts, but only if you sign up for two or more lines.

While the Magenta plan from T-Mobile costs $70 for one line, they offer discounts for additional lines. Each line costs $60 for two, $40 for three, and $35 for each line for four. If you set up automatic payments, you’ll get a $5 reduction per line.

While the state of Delaware isn’t completely set up for 5G, 4G LTE coverage through T-Mobile is almost 100% across the state.

Unlimited Mobile Hotspot Plans
The T-Mobile Magenta plan offers a $5 reduction per line when you set up automatic payments.



Verizon Wireless is one of the largest carriers in the states, and they offer 5G services where available. Unlike T-Mobile, Verizon has a ton of different plans, and many can be customized. However, the three most popular are the Do More Unlimited plan, Play More Unlimited plan, and Start Unlimited plan.

Do More Unlimited from Verizon costs $90 for one line. It includes unlimited mobile 4G and 5G broadband with the following two restrictions: a 25GB mobile hotspot usage maximum and 50GB high-speed data. It also includes unlimited texting and calling. Plus if you add more lines, you get discounts. Two lines cost $80 per month each, three lines are $65 per month each, and four lines are $45 per month each.

Another $90 option is the Play More Unlimited plan. Similar to Do More, it offers 50GB of high-speed internet. The difference between the two plans is that Play More includes a streaming bundle that includes ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu. You’ll also get a year of free Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass depending on your phone, discovery+, as well as six months of Apple Music.

Last but not least, we have the Start Unlimited plan. This is Verizon’s cheapest plan with unlimited data, but it doesn’t provide high-speed 5G, and you can’t use your phone as a mobile hotspot. Start Unlimited offers six free months of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade depending on your phone, Apple Music if you have an iPhone, discovery+, and Disney+. The plan also offers limitless texting and calling plus mobile data.

Luckily for all Verizon users, Verizon’s coverage in Delaware is one of the highest, covering over 99% of the state, including more rural areas.


All AT&T plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada, unlimited texts to over 100 countries, as well as call blocking to protect you from spam calls. The three main plans offered are Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite.

The Elite plan offers 100GB of premium data, high-definition streaming, and 30GB of hotspot data for every line. It also comes with a free subscription to HBO Max. The Extra plan provides 50GB of premium data and 15GB of hotspot data for each line every month.

Last but not least, the Starter plan offers no premium data and no hotspot data. This is truly the plan for minimalists or people who don’t really care about using their phones.

Keep in mind that data throttling may occur for Extra and Elite members if their monthly premium data caps of 50GB and 100GB are exceeded.

The monthly fees for the unlimited plans range from $65 to $85 per line for a single user to $30 to $45 per line for five users. About two-thirds of Americans now have access to 5G thanks to AT&T, but unfortunately, Delaware is a bit behind and not every city is covered.


Ting is an MVNO that utilizes the T-Mobile and Verizon networks. So if you’re looking for a cheap phone plan without all the bells and whistles, this is the one for you.

The company has quite a few plans, with the simplest (Flex plan) starting at just $10 a month. There’s also the 5GB plan at $25/month, the Unlimited plan at $45/month, and the Unlimited Pro plan, which is $55/month.

Keep in mind that the Flex plan does not offer any data whatsoever. Nor does it have hotspot capabilities. It’s only really for unlimited talk and text. However, the 5GB plan offers 5GB of data, and the other two plans offer unlimited data. Unfortunately, family plans don’t save you money, each phone line will cost the same amount no matter how many lines you add.

Ting consumers will experience inferior network performance than Verizon and T-Mobile customers. Because of this data deprioritization, your phone’s bandwidth may decrease during busy times.

Even with the cons that Ting has, you won’t have to pay for contract setup or fees. So if you like simple, Ting can easily offer that.

Republic Wireless

When Republic Wireless first launched, it relied solely on Sprint’s network, but that changed when T-Mobile bought out Sprint, and now they rely on T-Mobile’s network.

First, the base plan, aka the “Only What You Need Plan,” starts at $20 per month. This includes unlimited calls and texts. If you don’t need cellular data each month, this is all you’ll pay. If you do want cellular data, you’ll pay an extra $5 for every 1GB of data. As an example, you’d pay $40 a month for your plan and 4GB ($5 x 4GB = $20 + the original plan cost).

For only $40 per month, you can also purchase the unlimited data plan (aka, the “Everything You Want” plan). This plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 10GB of mobile hotspot data and unlimited international texting.

The $60 “Everywhere You Go” plan includes 20GB of mobile hotspot data and unlimited voice, text, and data, plus unlimited international texts and calls from the US to Canada.

Family plans are not available from Republic Wireless. However, they do provide a discounted rate for two lines instead of one. Adding a second line results in a 50% discount on the cost of the second line’s plan. In other words, for the most basic plan, you’ll pay $30 for two phones instead of $40.

Google Fi

Best known for its search engine, Google has diversified and now includes Google Fi. Although it is an MVNO that uses the T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular networks, that doesn’t mean you can’t get amazing service at a lower price.

Google Fi offers two main plans — the Unlimited plan and the Unlimited Plus plan. The Unlimited plan is $60 per month for one line, and the Unlimited Plus plan is $70 per month for one line. However, adding additional lines does bring down costs a bit. For example, four people on one plan are $30 per phone per month vs. $60.

Even while Google Fi’s Unlimited plan has unlimited talk, text, and data, it will cap at 22GB of data when towers are congested. However, for smartphones that are “designed for Fi,” 5G is still available.

However, hotspot usage is excluded from the basic Unlimited plan. So if you need it, it’s included with the $10/monthly more expensive Unlimited Plus plan, which also includes 100 GB of Google One storage.

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Google Fi uses the T-Mobile network to provide coverage for Delaware customers.


Cell Phone Plan Comparisons

Coverage Area97.67%99.76% 
5G ServiceYesYes
Price$35+/per line$45+/per line
Family Plan OptionsYesYes
Unlimited Talk, Text, and DataYesYes
Coverage Area99.95%99.76% 
5G ServiceYesYes
Price$30+/per line$10+/per line
Family Plan OptionsYesYes
Unlimited Talk, Text, and DataYesYes
Republic WirelessGoogle Fi
Coverage Area97.67%97.67% 
5G ServiceYesYes
Price$20+/per line$60+/per line
Family Plan OptionsNoNo
Unlimited Talk, Text, and DataYesYes

Based on our research, these cell phone providers are the best in the state of Delaware. However, always be sure to check a coverage map and do your own research before choosing a cell phone provider.

How to Pick the Best Cell Phone Provider

What should you look for before choosing a cell phone provider in Delaware?


Price is incredibly important when choosing a phone plan, especially if you don’t want to spend hundreds in fees and more every year. We suggest choosing a phone plan that offers discounts for bundles, or at the very least, includes unlimited everything for one set price.

Tethering and Hotspot Data

Having a phone plan with hotspot can help you stay productive when you need to, so even a few GB a month can make a huge difference!

5G Options

Unfortunately, Delaware is not completely ready for 5G connection. So if you need the fastest speeds, you’ll want to look into a phone plan that offers 5G connection in the state.

The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Delaware Wrap Up

Luckily for Delaware residents, there are many different cell phone plans, including MVNOs, to choose from in the state. Hopefully, 5G capability will make these plans even better in the upcoming years.

Top Recommendations
Best CoverageVerizon Wireless
Best PriceTing
Best 5GAT&T

Summary Table

Cell Phone PlanKey Features
T-MobileMost coverage area for 5G, Magenta plan at $70/month for a single line, discounts for additional lines, almost 100% 4G LTE coverage across Delaware
VerizonOne of the largest carriers, offers 5G services, multiple customizable plans, high coverage in Delaware including rural areas
AT&TAll plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, three main plans offered, monthly fees range from $65 to $85 per line
TingUtilizes T-Mobile and Verizon networks, simple plans starting at $10/month, no contract setup or fees
Republic WirelessRelies on T-Mobile’s network, base plan starts at $20/month, offers unlimited data plan at $40/month
Google FiUses T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular networks, offers two main plans — the Unlimited plan and the Unlimited Plus plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How is T-Mobile service in Delaware?

T-Mobile works well in Delaware with 4G LTE service. The carrier also has a 5G presence, offering 16.8% coverage.

Does Delaware have 5G?

Some cities in Delaware have 5G services, including Milford and Seaford. However, the whole state doesn’t have 5G. 

Is there tax on cell phones in Delaware?

No, the state of Delaware does not charge tax on cell phones.

Which carrier has the best coverage in Delaware?

Verizon Wireless has the best coverage at 99.76% of the state.

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