The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Colorado: Coverage, Price, and More

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The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Colorado: Coverage, Price, and More

Key Points

  • Verizon offers coverage for 99.64% of Colorado, making it a great option for those in rural areas.
  • T-Mobile offers the Magenta and Magenta Max plans, with the Max plan providing more benefits for $15 more per month.
  • AT&T covers 99.88% of Colorado and offers three main plans, including the Unlimited Premium plan with 50GB of hotspot.
  • US Mobile is an MVNO that uses Verizon and T-Mobile towers, offering prepaid plans with prices ranging from $5 to $20 per month.
  • Tello is another MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s towers and allows for plan customization, with prices ranging from $14 to $29 per month.
  • Google Fi offers unlimited everything for $50 per month per line, with the option to add extra phone lines for $15 per month each.

While Colorado is known for its beautiful mountains and water, the state has plenty of open space that may make having a cell phone difficult. Because of that, you’ll need a decent cellular service plan to stay connected.

Let’s talk about the best cell phone plans in Colorado, no matter what area you live in!


Verizon offers some of the best cell phone service for those living in rural areas, so it’s great for those in the mountains in Colorado. They offer coverage for 99.64% of the entire state of Colorado!

While Verizon offers multiple cell phone plans, including prepaid and postpaid, we’re going to cover three separate options based on what your needs might be.

The first plan is the Text and Talk plan, which offers unlimited talking and texting for $30 a month for a single line. It does not include data at all, so you’ll need to be on Wi-Fi if you want to use anything outside of texting and talking. We don’t recommend this plan if you need data, but it can work if you don’t.

One of our favorite options is the Unlimited Welcome plan. This plan offers unlimited talk and text and unlimited data, although it’s not premium data. While this plan doesn’t include a hotspot, it’s only $65 a month for a single line.

The last plan is the Unlimited Plus plan. This is the best plan for you if you need lots of data and hotspot options. It offers unlimited talk and text, unlimited premium data, and 30GB of hotspot. However, it’s also more expensive at $80 a month for a single line.

No matter which line you choose, you can get discounts for family plans, or if you’re a first responder, military personnel, teacher, or nurse.

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Verizon covers 99.64% of the state of Colorado!

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T-Mobile is the 5G service leader right now, offering coverage for 99.08% of Colorado. T-Mobile has fewer plans than Verizon, but they still offer some decent options, like the Magenta and Magenta Max plans.

The Magenta plan is $70 for one line per month. This plan offers 100GB of premium data, and unlimited data at 4G speeds after that. You’ll also get 5GB of hotspot and unlimited talk and text. Last but not least, you’ll get a free Netflix Basic subscription, one year of Paramount+, and six months of Apple TV.

Magenta Max is $15 more a month at $85 for a single line, but you get much more for the money. First, you’ll have unlimited premium data and 40GB of hotspots. You’ll also have access to 4K streaming and a Netflix Standard subscription. The Magenta Max plan includes all of the other benefits of the regular Magenta plan, including Paramount+ and Apple TV.

Similar to Verizon, you’ll get discounts at T-Mobile if you sign up for a multi-line plan or family plan.

Unlimited Mobile Hotspot Plans
T-Mobile Magenta Max gives you unlimited hotspot data at 3G speeds after you use up your initial 40GB.



AT&T covers 99.88% of Colorado, making it a great option for people in the state who need reliable service. They have three main plans to choose from, so no matter what your needs are, you can get a plan that works for you.

The first option, Unlimited Starter, is $65 per month for a single line. It offers quite a few benefits, including unlimited talk and text, unlimited data, 3GB of hotspot, and unlimited talk and text and data in Canada and Mexico. You’ll also get unlimited text and talk in 200 other countries.

The Unlimited Extra plan includes everything in the Starter plan but with 15GB of hotspot instead of 3GB. This plan is $75 monthly per line.

Last but not least, the Unlimited Premium plan includes everything that the other plans have but with 50GB of hotspots. This is the perfect plan for people who work on the go quite a bit or who need a hotspot while they travel. It also includes 4K streaming, unlike the other two that only offer 1080p streaming. However, it is $85 a month for a single line.

Luckily, if you want the Extra or Premium plans, you can get them for significantly less by signing up for a family plan. For example, having four lines on the Premium plan costs just $200 a month or $50 per line.

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AT&T has a variety of solid plans for all types of people and families.

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US Mobile

If you’d prefer a prepaid cell phone plan, US Mobile is an MVNO that charges significantly less than other service providers. The company uses Verizon and T-Mobile towers, so you’ll get almost 100% coverage across the state of Colorado.

The plans are simple, and all include unlimited talk and text but vary when it comes to data options. The first plan offers 5MB of data each month for just $5 per line. The other plans are 2GB, 5GB, and 15GB, which are $12, $15, and $20 a month, respectively.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get access to 5G service. However, during busy times, your service may be deprioritized in favor of Verizon and T-Mobile customers.

US Mobile offers contract-free monthly plans, but since they’re prepaid, you must pay each month before you can use your phone and data plan. US Mobile doesn’t offer any family plans or discounts, but you can sign up for up to four lines on a single plan.

Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans
US Mobile is a budget-friendly option with great coverage in Colorado.

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Tello is similar to US Mobile but only uses T-Mobile’s towers for their service. Unlike US Mobile, you can customize your plan to include what you want, including texts and data.

While there are more plans available, we will focus on the three most popular plans — 2GB, 10GB, and Unlimited. The 2GB plan can include unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of data for just $14 a month per line.

The next plan, 10GB, offers unlimited texts and calls and 10GB of data for $24 a month per line. And the Unlimited plan provides unlimited everything for just $29 per month per line.

The main con with Tello is that it doesn’t offer any family plans. While you can have up to five lines per plan, the price won’t go down based on how many lines you add.

Mint Mobile Family Plan
Tello is also a very budget-friendly pick with some solid plan options.


Google Fi

Google Fi is another MVNO, and they also run on T-Mobile’s network. While the company offers many different plans based on data, the main plan that they offer is unlimited everything for $50 per month per line.

Simply put, you pay $20 per month for unlimited talk and text. Then, you pay $10 per GB of data that you need. However, if you need more than 3GB per month, you might as well pay for the unlimited everything plan.

Keep in mind that because Google Fi is an MVNO, your data speeds may be throttled during busy times in favor of T-Mobile customers. However, this only happens during busy times in big cities.

Luckily, you can add extra phone lines on Google Fi, and you’ll only pay $15 per month for each line. If you don’t get the unlimited plan, you’ll have bill protection, which will cap your bill once you reach $70 (if using data passed what you signed up for).

google fi
Google Fi offers a $50 plan that includes unlimited everything.

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Cell Phone Plan Recommendations: Quick Facts

Coverage Area99.64%99.08%
Price$30+/per line per month$70+/per line per month
Family Plan Options?YesYes
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data?YesYes
Hotspot Data Available?YesYes
AT&TUS Mobile
Coverage Area99.88%99.64%
Price$65+/per line per month$5+/per line per month
Family Plan Options?YesNo
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data?YesYes
Hotspot Data Available?YesYes
TelloGoogle Fi
Coverage Area99.08%99.08%
Price$10+/per line per month$20+/per line per month
Family Plan Options?NoNo
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data?YesYes
Hotspot Data Available?YesYes

How to Pick the Best Cell Phone Provider in Colorado: Step-by-Step

When choosing a cell phone provider, remember these recommendations.

Coverage Area

Each of the carriers we’ve talked about provides over 98% of coverage in the state of Colorado. But if you find yourself in a rural area, you’ll want to make sure the service you use offers coverage in that area.


Next up, data will determine which type of plan you get, especially if you choose a prepaid plan. Most plans already offer unlimited text and talk, but data varies. If you use a lot in one month, look for unlimited data plans.


As you can see from the list, prices for phone plans vary. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get decent service. Try to pay less than $75 a month, since most services offer unlimited everything for around the $50 mark. Some carriers require multiple lines for discounts, but this can save you a significant amount if you have a family.

Wrap Up

As a resident of Colorado, you have your pick of quite a few phone plans. The key is to choose one within your budget and that offers coverage in your area. No matter what, the phone plans we’ve talked about all offer excellent service!

Frequently Asked Questions

What cell company is cheapest?

As of right now, Tello and US Mobile offer the cheapest plans in the U.S. at only $5.

Is Verizon cheaper than AT&T?

Technically no if you’re only paying for a single line. However, Verizon can be cheaper when it comes to certain family plans.

Who offers the best 5G service?

T-Mobile currently has the best 5G coverage and speeds, beating out Verizon and T-Mobile.

What is the best Mobile network in Colorado?

AT&T offers the highest coverage, but T-Mobile offers the best 5G coverage, so it depends on your needs.

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