The 7 Best Apps for Video Editing Today

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The 7 Best Apps for Video Editing Today

Technological innovations and advancements have enabled people to take photos and videos using their smartphones and cameras. This has expunged the need to look for professionals to get good-quality videos and photographs. Technology has also further provided additional tools and software for enhancing the quality of video footage and images captured by smartphones and cameras. In fact, video editing apps have become a great tool for amateur and professional videographers. They use it to improve the quality and appeal of their videos. As long as you are a videographer, it is almost impossible to work without these apps. However, the search for a good video editing app can be difficult and time-consuming. We have lessened this difficulty by compiling a list of the best video editing apps available today. Here are our top picks. 

Best Overall App for Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Rush

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Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services from Adobe Inc. that includes Premiere Rush amongst others.

Adobe Premiere Rush (Cross-Platform) is the overall best video editing app on this list. This video editor works on MacOS, iOS, and Windows platforms. Besides being a multi-track editor, it supports 4K videos, and it can export your edited videos to YouTube directly. You definitely need this app because it comprises useful export options. It’s a cross-platform editing tool, and it has a free starter plan. However, you must subscribe to get its full version. 

This application is user-friendly, making it appropriate for both professionals and beginners. Its video editing process is very simple because the app’s larger panels and icons make it easier for users to drag-and-drop footage, correct voiceovers, mix colors and music, and add transitions and titles to the video. Its straightforward editing allows users to complete the task and upload the video to their preferred site quickly. 

Besides its free starter plan, users can subscribe to get additional features provided by Adobe Premiere Rush (Cross-Platform). However, regardless of their preferred plan, they will still get updates on the new features and plans. 

Video Editor App, CyberLink PowerDirector
Beginners will find the PowerDirector free app’s features an intuitive pleasure to use.

There are multiple free video editing apps, but CyberLink PowerDirector stands out. It works for desktops, Android, and iPhones, so you won’t need to worry if you are using any of those. It is user-friendly, allowing you to polish your videos with a lot of ease. You only need to import your clips onto the platform and begin working on them. With broad access to tools, you can trim, crop, and rearrange clips, as well as add transitions, apply filters, and adjust audio levels. Although it does not match the performance of premium models like KineMaster, its experience is worthwhile.

Beginners will find this app a viable option because of its intuitiveness and pleasant features. You can even define how graphics appear on the screen and their duration. Better still, you can add depth and special effects to your title using the title designers to get unique titles with incredible dimensions. If you don’t want particular objects in your clip, you can remove them to enhance your footage. The customizable templates allow you to do more within a short time.

Best for Casual Users: FilmoraGo

Video Editor App, FilmoraGo
The FilmoraGo app is geared towards casual users.

Casual video editing users don’t need a high-end app to edit their videos, which is why FilmoraGo is the best video editor for them. This video editing tool works on the iOS and Android platforms and allows the direct exportation of video footage to YouTube. This app appeals to most users due to its themed effects and filters that don’t incur a cost to use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support 4K videos and lacks a multi-track editing function. 

FilmoraGo has basic video editing features like splitting and trimming videos, controlling volume, adjusting video speed, and re-sequencing clips. Surprisingly, its lack of 4K support, multi-track editing, and other advanced features makes it more user-friendly. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot produce quality footage. Its themed effects and filters can enable beginners and casual users to create videos with a professional look. 

Although FilmoraGo is freely available, your edited videos will have watermarks unless you upgrade by purchasing a subscription.

Best iOS App for Video Editing: LumaFusion

Video Editor App, LumaFusion
LumaTouch’s LumaFusion app is one of the best video editing apps for iOS.

LumaFusion is a multi-track editor with cutting-edge features. It can export your 4K footage to YouTube directly after editing. This video editing app is a great tool because it doesn’t require a subscription. Unfortunately, it only works on the iOS platform. 

This application comes with six audio/video tracks for graphics, titles, videos, and photos, with additional soundtracks for narration, sound effects, and music. Other premium features include an audio mixer, color correction, advanced tools for creating titles, lossless export, slow motion, insert/overwrite capability, and support for vertical video. 

This app requires advanced skills to navigate, hence, it is not a good choice for beginners. Professional editors will love its powerful features, like the MultiCam Sync feature, used for editing and syncing various audio and camera sources. After editing the videos using LumaFusion, exporting and sharing is quite easy. This app allows users to export videos at different frame rates, qualities, and resolutions. It can also export your videos and audio separately.

Best Video Editing App for GoPro Users: Quik

GoPro Max
For best results, use Quik to edit footage from the GoPro Max.

If you’re looking for the best GoPro editor, consider using Quik. It runs on MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. This multi-track editing tool allows users to export 4K videos directly to YouTube and other sites. It is one of the best video editing tools due to its easy interface, horizontal leveling feature, and its ability to add songs to video footage. Its only disadvantage is the inability to function on every smartphone. 

Using this app, you can control the pro device remotely while editing the footage. It makes editing tasks extremely easy for users. Tasks such as adding graphs on the stats, photos, titles, and music to the videos are easy and fast using Quik. Therefore, it is user-friendly even for beginners. 

After editing, Quik allows video sharing through emails and MMS or uploads to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Further, this app undergoes regular updates to improve its navigation and enhance its overall functionality. Besides being free, you get additional filters and themes through app purchases. 

Best for Professionals: KineMaster

Video Editor App, KineMaster
As a Pro level app, KineMaster has many advanced features.

The dream tool for videography experts, KineMaster is a multi-track editor that supports 4K videos and works on iOS and Android platforms. It has highly advanced features that are needed by professionals. This app allows multi-track editing and has precision control. In addition, it has a multi-layer interface for shooting, editing, and exporting your footage on your tablet or smartphone. 

The KineMaster can also trim layers and clips frame-by-frame. It permits the adjustment of audio clip timing with enhanced accuracy. In addition, this app allows users to upload several video layers, texts, images, and multi-track audio. Other premium features offered by this tool include speed controls, 3D transitions, instant edit previews, color LUT filters, volume control, and chroma key composition. 

However, this app’s interface will frustrate casual users and beginners due to its advanced features and complex editing process. Moreover, it requires an updated tablet or smartphone to function without lagging. Although it’s free to download, this editor will add watermarks to your edited videos. You can remove the watermarks by purchasing a subscription.

Best for Apple Devices: iMovie

Video Editor App, iMovie
Apple’s official video editing software, iMovie, is freely available on all Apple devices.

iMovie is a multi-track editing tool that works on the Mac and iOS platforms. It is the best editing app for Apple device users as it can export 4K videos directly to YouTube. It is also user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners. However, most professionals find it unapealing due to its limited features. 

This app is genuinely free as you can find it on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This video editor was designed for people who would like to practice their basic video editing skills. It is less complicated than KineMaster or LumaFusion. iPad and iPhone users can modify the depth effects and graphics of objects using Cinematic control in the inspector. On the other hand, iMovie gives them a broad range of simple-to-use features to help improve footage quality. The beauty of this app is its simple editing process. 

iMovie integrates seamlessly with Apple’s ecosystem. For instance, users can edit and save footage on the iCloud drive and stream their footage later via AirPlay on the Apple TV. It also works effectively with Apple Messages, Mail, and Photos. The last major update enabled this app to edit and import iPhone 13 videos captured in Cinematic Mode.

How to Pick the Best Video Editing App: Step-by-Step

Video editing is a process that is intensive and time-consuming. However, video editing apps have simplified the process. With a wide selection of tools, templates, and features, you can easily convert your video to a fantastic piece within a short time. It is important to understand that not all video editing apps are the same. Here are things you should consider before picking the best app for your video.


The app you choose should be compatible with your device. Some video editing apps are cross-platform, while others support only Android, iOS, or Windows. A cross-platform app allows you to edit videos on any device listed. If you have multiple devices, look for an app compatible with all of them so that you can import and edit your videos on any device without restrictions. Apple has many video editing apps, like iMovie, InShot, and LumaFusion. So if you are an Apple user, you can check those out.

Intuitive Workspace

Video editing is by itself taxing. You don’t want to add a complex app to an already involving job. Therefore, getting an app with an intuitive interface will save you a lot of learning time. In contrast, if the interface is complicated, it will slow down your work, and you may not achieve what you intended.

When looking for a video editor, consider one with an easy learning curve and easy-to-use tools and features. Most free apps have a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn, especially for beginners. Most professional apps are packed with complex features for quality video editing. However, they also come with a steep learning curve, and it might take time to familiarize yourself with the interface.


Most video editing apps have a free version that provides basic video editing tools and features. Others require a subscription or one-off purchases for more filters and themes. If you only need casual video editing, most free apps will suffice. However, you may consider subscribing to the premium model if you want high-quality work. Paid versions will give you access to thousands of tools and features for advanced video editing. It is important to note that most free options will leave watermarks on your video. You may need to compare the pricing of different apps and features to decide the best fit for your needs.

Additional Features

Different video editing apps have special effects and perks that set them apart. If you want to create mind-blowing videos for your channels, look for apps with all the graphics, sound effects, voice, music, and themes that match your needs. Some professional video editing apps like KineMaster support multiple layers of video and multi-track audio, allowing you to work on multiple videos simultaneously. Features like 4K support are essential to ensure your videos retain their resolution during exporting. You should also consider apps with integrated stock libraries, advanced editing tools, and frequent updates.

Video Format Support

Do not pick a video editing app without confirming if it can edit videos captured by your device. Not all video editing tools can handle the video quality produced by the latest devices. Some editing tools take time to catch up with the latest trends in videography. Avoid such limitations by choosing tools that support any video format.

What to Know Before Choosing a Video Editing App

Although most video editing apps have similar features, they differ in some aspects. Popular apps continually update their interfaces with new features to provide the best video editing experience. It is important to establish the features that matter most to you before choosing. If you are a beginner seeking to familiarize yourself with video editing, ensure you go for apps with intuitive user interfaces and a smooth learning curve. You must also opt for free options with comprehensive features to enhance your video editing.

If you are an Apple user, look for apps compatible with your Apple devices. Cross-platform applications are the best option for people with multiple devices, as you can edit from any device. Consider key features like the ability to import and export videos from and to your social media platforms. Some video editors have templates that make your work easier. The kind of video editing app you choose will depend on your needs, budget, existing workflows, and user experience.

Using the Best Video Editing App: What It’s Like

Video editing apps help transform your raw videos into beautiful clips for your audience. Whether you are making short videos for your social media platforms or educational and tutorial videos for your YouTube or Instagram channels, video editing apps will bring the effects you need. You can manipulate, modify and tweak audio and visual components to create stunning videos. The experience you get depends on the app you choose. Note, free versions have limited capabilities and may leave watermarks on your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video editing app?

A video editing app is a software application that allows users to edit and manipulate video footage on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. These apps provide a range of tools and features that enable users to trim, crop, add effects, transitions, and filters, adjust colors, brightness, and contrast, and add music or voiceovers to their videos.

How do I choose a good video editing app?

To choose a good video editing app, consider your skill level, the features you need, the platform you are working on, and your budget. Look for apps with an intuitive user interface, a wide range of editing tools, and the ability to import and export videos in various formats. It is also important to check the app’s compatibility with your device and operating system. Additionally, read reviews and comparisons of different apps to help you make an informed decision.

How do you make cool video edits?

To make cool video edits, use a variety of techniques and tools such as different camera angles and shots, transitions, effects, filters, music, and sound effects. It’s important to plan your video and have a clear idea of the story or message you want to convey. You can also use templates or presets to speed up the editing process and add a professional touch. Finally, practice and experiment with different editing techniques to develop your own style and creativity.

Can I edit quality videos using free video editing apps?

Video editing apps with a free plan have various limitations. Besides performing poorly, they lack advanced features to boost your video’s quality. In most free video editing apps, your videos will have a watermark. Therefore, the paid version offers better services, especially for professional videos.

What should beginners prioritize when picking a video editing app?

The learning curve. As a beginner, you definitely lack professional video editing skills. Therefore, go for a user-friendly app that will allow you to learn this skill quickly and with ease. Apps with advanced features will elongate your learning curve and may frustrate you.

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