The 10 Best Alternatives to a Sony A80 OLED TV

LG G3 vs Sony A80K

The 10 Best Alternatives to a Sony A80 OLED TV

If you’re in the market for a TV but prefer other models than Sony A80 OLED TVs, numerous choices are available. From other OLED models to LED/LCD televisions, there is something suitable to meet every need and budget. When searching for alternatives to Sony A80 OLED TVs, it is important to take several factors into consideration. This includes display technology, size, price, and performance in different viewing conditions. Also, do research comparing various models until you find your ideal match.

Summary of the History of Sony A80 OLED TV

Sony’s A80 OLED TV has an interesting history. In 2007, they introduced the world’s first OLED television, XEL-1, for $2,500, measuring only 11 inches diagonally. Subsequently, their OLED technology progressed, and by 2017 Sony had released the A1 OLED television as part of its A series line-up. Sony OLED TVs were widely acclaimed for their superior picture quality and innovative designs, such as its A1 TV’s innovative stand that integrated its own speakers. The company continued its innovations, unveiling two more OLED models – A8G and A9G in 2019.

Sony OLED television models were initially well-received by consumers and critics for their affordability and image processing capabilities. Sony then introduced the more traditionally designed A80 OLED TV that offered improved image processing technology and received positive reviews from critics. Overall, Sony has been at the forefront of OLED technology production and remains widely accepted by consumers and critics alike.

The following are The 10 Best Alternatives To A Sony A80 OLED TV:


Best Color Accuracy
LG CX 55″ Smart OLED TV (2020)
  • Screen: 55 inches, 4K resolution
  • LG's third generation alpha 9 AI processor auto-adjusts your settings to their optimum position
  • Voice control supported with Siri, Google assistant, and Alexa
  • Magic Remote combines with WebOS for full voice and gesture/motion control
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The LG CX OLED is an impressive alternative to Sony’s A80 OLED televisions, thanks to its 4K resolution and Dolby Vision support for HDR content. Its infinite contrast ratio delivers deeper blacks than most TVs currently on the market. In addition, its upscaling capabilities enable lower resolution content to look even better.

AI Sound Pro technology delivers outstanding audio performance on this model, producing clear dialogue, vibrant surround sound, and deep bass. Further, there are various helpful features, including voice control, which allow users to search for content using their remote or make changes without manually selecting buttons or menus. This eliminates complex menus or buttons which might otherwise be difficult for some viewers.

An impressive range of connectivity options round out this package. In fact, it comes with HDMI 2.1 ports supporting eARC audio return channels for effortless streaming from gaming consoles and other devices. This makes the LG CX OLED an excellent option for those searching for a top-of-the-line television at an attractive price point. This makes it a worthy competitor to the Sony A80 OLED TV.

Check out the LG CX OLED on Amazon.

Samsung Q90T QLED

Best Overall TV
SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q90T Series, 2022
  • Screen: 65 inches, 4K resolution
  • Voice control with Alexa
  • Samsung's 4K quantum Processor AI included.
  • The speakers auto-adjust depending on what is happening
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02/23/2024 02:02 pm GMT

The Samsung Q90T QLED television is an outstanding alternative to the Sony A80 OLED. It boasts peak brightness of up to 1,500 nits for vibrant visuals in even the darkest scenes or brightest highlights. Additionally, it features HDR10+ technology, which offers improved contrast ratios and color accuracy. On the audio front, its built-in 4.2 channel soundbar provides immersive surround sound quality thanks to a woofer and two tweeters. They deliver a deep bass response for enhanced surround sound experiences. In addition, Dolby Atmos decoding further enhances surround the TV’s sound quality.

Conveniently, Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless streaming from compatible devices, as well as connecting external speakers if desired. Design-wise, the Samsung Q90T TV stands out with its ultra-thin bezel and minimalistic stand. Its anti-glare screen helps reduce reflections while offering outstanding image clarity no matter where you view it from. Thus, it is ideal for watching movies in groups with wide seating areas in their living rooms.

CHeck out the Samsung Q90T QLED on Amazon.


Best for Durability
VIZIO 55-Inch OLED Smart TV
  • Screen: 55 inches,4K resolution
  • Over 8 million pixels and 1 billion colors
  • Frame has zero bezels and a 4mm profile, making the TV almost ephemeral
  • HDR10+ and HLG supported
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(Please note that as of July 19th, 2023, the VIZIO 55-Inch OLED Smart TV is currently unavailable on Amazon. Please check back later.)

For those seeking a unique viewing experience, Vizio’s range of OLED TV may provide the solution. TV has evolved beyond being just an entertainment medium. It now serves an invaluable function in our lives, providing us with an avenue to communicate with loved ones across the globe and share stories. Sony A80 OLED TV is an exceptional electronic companion. Its self-illuminating organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display gives users top-of-the-line image quality. However, some users may want to try the Vizio ELD TVs instead.

Vizio OLED TVs boast many of the same features found on Sony’s flagship model. From award-winning Pixel Level Dimming technology that ensures true blacks, to an advanced Active Full Array backlight system that offers better contrast and HDR clarity. Vizio’s displays make watching movies and playing video games even more enjoyable.

SmartCast 3.0 makes Vizio TVs even more user-friendly. They enable users to control compatible devices via voice or on-screen menus without using multiple remote controls. Vizio OLED TVs feature sleek designs up to 65 inches in size and support Dolby Vision(TM) and Apple AirPlay 2(r) to deliver an unforgettable visual experience at home like never before. Certainly, it enables viewers to fully appreciate every detail of whatever show or movie they choose to watch.

Check out the Vizio OLED TV on Amazon.

Hisense H9G Quantum

Best Performance
Hisense 65-Inch Class H9 Smart TV (2020 Model)
  • Screen: 65 inches, 4K resolution
  • Voice control enabled by remote or Alexa Assistant
  • Localized dimming supported, 1000nits max brightness
  • Low input lag in Game Mode
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02/23/2024 02:02 pm GMT

The Hisense H9G Quantum OLED TV offers one of the top alternatives to Sony A80 OLEDs. This model boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, Dolby Vision HDR compatibility, and quantum dot technology. It produces stunning picture quality from 4K and 1080p sources. It has built-in voice support for Alexa or Google Assistant for convenient control with voice-command control. Additionally, it has four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and optical audio out for optimal connectivity options.

Hisense H9G Quantum stands out in design thanks to its ultra-thin bezels that create an eye-catching modern aesthetic in any home decor setting. Its stylish stand offers exceptional stability on most surfaces while looking good. The provided remote has an intuitive design with all the buttons necessary for quickly navigating menus.

Overall, the Hisense H9G Quantum OLED TV should be considered when searching for an affordable mid-range alternative to Sony’s A80 OLED models in terms of performance and features. Thanks to its advanced picture processing technologies, robust connectivity options, and stylish design elements. It represents excellent value in its price range.

Check out the Hisense H9G Quantum on Amazon.


Ultra-Realistic Images
Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Smart TV (2020)
  • X-Reality PRO upscales all of your content to 4K
  • Supports Dolby Vision
  • Processor X1 Ultimate delivers higher contrast, better brightness, and natural colors
  • Supports DTS Digital Surround
  • Dedicated Game Mode for PlayStation
  • Android Smart TV with Google Assistant, plus works with Alexa
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The Sony A8H OLED television is an attractive choice with impressive picture quality and sleek design. Featuring an extremely thin panel that blends effortlessly into any living space, it provides vivid colors and deep black levels to provide images with natural contrast.

This model features TruMotion technology to reduce motion blur when watching fast-paced sports or action movies. Searching for alternatives to a Sony A80 OLED TV? Sony’s A8H may provide similar performance in brightness, color accuracy, and HDR support, all at a considerably reduced cost compared to Sony’s offering.

Check out the Sony A8H OLED on Amazon.

Panasonic TH-75EQ1W

Panasonic TH-75EQ1W 75-inch 4K LED TV - Black (Renewed)
  • Screen size: 75 inches
  • Screen resolution: 4K
  • Screen refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Includes USB and HDMI ports
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02/23/2024 12:53 pm GMT

The Panasonic TH-75EQ1W OLED TV could offer even greater customization for your needs than the Sony A80 OLED televisions that have long been market leaders due to their advanced technology and reliability. This Panasonic OLED model has outstanding color accuracy, contrast, and exceptional Dolby Vision picture performance. Panasonic’s TH-75EQ1W uses its HCX Pro Intelligent Processor, providing accurate colors with lifelike image quality across all content types. Further, HDR10+ dynamic metadata enables viewers to experience subtle nuances of light within each frame of video footage, while deep black levels make dark scenes appear even more vivid than before.

As for audio performance, the TH-75EQ1W features Dolby Atmos for immersive soundscapes when paired with compatible speakers or headphones. In addition, Pixel Contrast Booster and Dynamic Dimming combine to reduce blooming, while providing vibrant colors and sharp edges in all lighting conditions. By employing these technologies, you can enjoy better clarity during action-packed movie scenes or sports broadcasts without worrying about blurriness or loss of detail.

Check out the Panasonic TH-75EQ1W on Amazon.

TCL 8-Series

The TCL 8-Series TV is a highly affordable alternative to the Sony A80 OLED. Boasting 4K Dolby Vision HDR and Quantum Dot technology. Its picture quality is stunningly realistic thanks to a wide color gamut and Contrast Control Zones, which ensure deeper blacks and brighter whites.

TCL 8-Series TVs feature support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Home for an intuitive user experience. It makes it simple to find content quickly while managing your television without needing multiple remote controls.

Design-wise, the TCL 8-Series TVs boast slim bezel designs to fit into any home theater setup seamlessly. Further, its integrated Roku streaming platform gives you access to over 500,000 movies and shows available across hundreds of apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, etc. Additionally, it has free live news channels like CBS News Live 24/7 or ABC News Live so that you can easily watch all your favorite films or stay informed with current affairs in one convenient place.

PHILIPS Momentum 559M1RYV 55

Powerful Sound
PHILIPS Momentum 559M1RYV 55’’ TV, Black
  • Screen: 55 inches, 4K resolution
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz or 144Hz on PC
  • Bowers & Wilkins built in speaker combine with Philips' True sound for an out of this world sound experience
  • SoftBlue from Philips for your eye safety
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02/23/2024 12:53 pm GMT

The PHILIPS Momentum 559M1RYV 55 television offers superior picture quality and powerful sound performance. This makes the model one of the finest options available today. It features advanced technologies like Pixel Plus Ultra HD, Ambilight 3 for the immersive viewing experience, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, and more. The smart features combine to provide an amazing cinematic experience without ever leaving your home.

This model also boasts versatile connectivity options with four HDMI and two USB ports to accommodate a range of devices, from gaming consoles to streaming media players. PHILIPS’ Momentum 559M1RYV 55 doesn’t disappoint in terms of sound quality either. With DTS Virtual:X technology, it provides an immersive virtual surround sound effect without needing speakers on each side or behind you.

Additionally, its built-in woofer delivers crystal clear dialogue as well as deep bass tones when needed in certain scenes. All these features make the PHILIPS Momentum 559M1RYV 55 an attractive alternative to Sony’s A80 OLED TVs. It offers excellent picture and audio performance at an affordable price point. Consumers looking for an enjoyable entertainment experience on a budget will likely appreciate its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and rich feature set.

Check out the PHILIPS Momentum 559M1RYV 55 on Amazon.


Feature Rich
Sony XBR-55A9G 55-inch TV - 2019 Model
  • Screen: 55 inches, 4K resolution
  • Sony's ultimate X1 picture processor AI auto-adjusts the image to the optimized setting
  • Includes voice control with Google Assistant, Alexa, HomeKit, and AirPlay
  • Additional PlayStation features with Sony's Game mode.
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Sony has made choosing an OLED television set easier with their Sony A9G OLED television set, featuring industry-leading display quality and cutting-edge features like Dolby Vision HDR support and Netflix Calibrated Mode. Home entertainment technology can be difficult for even experienced consumers to navigate. With so many available choices, how does one choose which option best meets their needs? Thus, Sony stands head and shoulders above competitors when it comes to superior image quality and user experience.

The A9G also delivers stunning visuals and exceptional audio performance through its Acoustic Surface Audio+ feature, enabling users to experience music or dialogue in crystal-clear clarity without additional speakers being needed. Further, with Google Assistant voice control capabilities integrated, viewers can easily access streaming content from popular services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video with just a few simple commands.

Sony’s A9G OLED TV remains one of the best choices available on the market. It boasts unmatched levels of excellence at an accessible price point. Therefore, if you want an exceptional viewing experience combined with modern convenience features, look no further than their flagship offering, the A9G OLED TV.

Check out the Sony A9G OLED on Amazon.


The LG GX OLED TV offers an ideal alternative to the Sony A80. In fact, this model delivers an amazingly clear and crisp picture with perfect blacks thanks to its self-lighting OLED pixels that can be individually dimmed or brightened for better contrast accuracy.

This model offers wide viewing angles so everyone in your household can enjoy a fantastic visual experience from any seat in the room. LG’s GX offers exceptional sound quality. Its soundscape is rich and immersive, creating a cinematic audio experience without needing additional speakers or sound bars.

Further, its sleek design won’t take up much space in your living area and will easily fit in with your decor. By taking advantage of built-in apps and voice command capabilities, you’ll gain access to your favorite content quickly and conveniently.

Check out the LG GX OLED on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Sony A80 OLED TV worth the money?

Whether or not a Sony A80 OLED TV is worth the money depends on your individual needs and preferences. The advanced picture technology of an OLED display provides deep blacks and vibrant colors, creating lifelike images with incredible contrast ratios.

Does a Sony A80 OLED TV have good picture quality?

The Sony A80 OLED TV is lauded for its picture quality, as it utilizes Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology to deliver deep blacks and vivid colors. This type of display also offers a wide viewing angle with no distortion or loss of contrast, allowing you to enjoy the best possible image from any seat in the house.

What is the best alternative to a Sony A80 OLED TV for gaming

When it comes to gaming on a Sony A80 OLED TV, the best alternative available is an LED-backlit LCD television. These televisions offer much better response times and contrast ratios than OLED TVs, meaning they are more suitable for fast-paced games. Additionally, LED-backlit LCD televisions can often be found at lower prices while still offering great picture quality and features like HDR support.

What are some things to consider when choosing an alternative to a Sony A80 OLED TV?

Some things to consider when choosing an alternative to a Sony A80 OLED TV include the TV’s picture quality, color accuracy, HDR performance, connectivity options, and price.

Are there any alternatives to the Sony A80 OLED TV that are more affordable?

Yes, there are several alternatives to the Sony A80 OLED TV that are more affordable, such as the Vizio OLED TV, the Hisense H9G Quantum Series TV, and the TCL 6-Series TV.

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