The 6 Best 75-Inch TVs You Can Buy Today

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The 6 Best 75-Inch TVs You Can Buy Today

Key Points:

  • Our top pick for the #1 Best Overall 75-Inch TV is the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (75R655)
  • The best 75-inch TVs come with 4K or 8K resolutions, high frame rates, and an improved high dynamic range to offer the best gaming and movie experience. 
  • To choose the best 75-inch TV, consider the HDR format, screen technology (OLED, QLED, or LCD), audio, future-proof TVs, and resolution.
  • Besides TCL’s 6-Series Roku TV (75R655), other TVs in this list offer impressive display features, and they give you value for your money. 

If you want to make your home an appealing cinema house, consider stepping up and purchasing a 75-inch television. This device will provide an immersive movie experience with the best viewing angles. The best 75-inch TV screens aren’t just big. They also have powerful processors, high 4K resolutions, and other advanced features that will provide you with a great TV experience.

Besides these features, most 75-inch televisions come with QLED or LCD technology. So, while buying these TVs, make sure to first check their features and get the one that best satisfies your entertainment and gaming needs. In this article, we will explore some of the best 75-inch TVs you can purchase today.

Here are our top picks for the best 75-inch TVs:

#1 Best Overall 75-Inch TV: TCL 6-Series Roku TV (75R655)

Best Overall for Gaming
TCL 75″ Class 6-Series 4K Mini-LED TV
  • 4K Ultra HD with 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Mini-LED backlight technology
  • Support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG
  • Comes in three screen sizes: 55, 65, and 75 inches
  • Four HDMI inputs and support for 144 Hz VRR
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The magnificent gaming and movie features of the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (75R655) earned it the best overall position in our list. This smart TV comes with a broad range of entertainment options with its wide selection of apps. In short, this TCL TV will give you great value at an affordable price.

TCL’s 6-Series Roku TV (75R655) is 2.7 x 65.7 x 37.8 inches in size. It has a 16:9 image aspect ratio, a 4K resolution, with a 120Hz refresh rate. Its Roku TV 8.0 smart TV software offers the best TV experience. It also supports HBO Max, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus internet services. This device comes with HDR10, HDR 10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision high dynamic range. The TLC 6-Series also has a 2X 8-WATT W/ Dolby Atmos audio and 4 HDMI and 1 USB port. Check out the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (75R655) on Amazon.

Its 4K resolution and 120Hz produces its Quality Picture DisplayThe TV lacks some latest Apps, which will probably limit your usage
It has Mini-LED Backlighting that provides a great contrast ratioThe downward-facing speakers produce poor-quality audio, creating a need for a soundbar 
Its QLED-Boosted color offers a better viewer experience by increasing color coverage and luminosity 
Has a user-friendly interface for easier navigation and usage 
Its 75-inch size, Dolby Vision HDR, and 144Hz VRR gives this TV an excellent gaming performance 
It has an improved Roku Remote which comes with a remote finder feature and customizable shortcuts for a better user experience 

Best QLED TV: Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV (75-Inch)

Awesome QLED TV
SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN95B Series TV (2022 Model)
  • Screen: 75 inches, resolution: 4K, refresh rate: 120Hz/144Hz
  • Panel Type: QLED
  • Voice control enabled with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and HDR 32X
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12/01/2023 12:26 am GMT

The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV (75-Inch) displays the best picture quality compared to other TVs in its category, making it the best QLED TV in our list. Samsung’s Neo QLED technology has consistently produced the best TVs with better brightness than most OLED TVs. As a result, this TV performs impeccably in displaying many content genres. It also is perfect for your smart home as it comes with an in-built Alexa.

This television is 12.5 x 65.8 x 40.3 inches in size. It has a 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung’s QN95B Neo QLED TV also uses the Tizen Smart TV software and supports Disney Plus internet services. It further has HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range that boosts color reproduction to produce clearer high-quality images and video footage. This TV comes with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, a 70-watt audio system, and ATSC 3.0 support. In addition, the QN95B works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Check out the 75-inch Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV on Amazon.

QN95B uses Samsung’s QLED technology, which produces exceptional brightnessThe TV can’t add more colors, contrast, or greater depth to games, movies, and TV shows due to a lack of Dolby Vision Support 
It has HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range to produce the best color reproduction 
Its Low Input Lag is great for gamers because this TV responds promptly to their actions 
The TV’s great cable management keeps your space organized, clean and appealing 

Best Value 75-Inch TV: TCL Class 5 Series QLED (75S555)

Excellent Value
TCL 75" Class 5-Series 4K UHD QLED Black
  • Screen: 75 inches, resolution: 4K
  • Includes HDR with Dolby Vision
  • Supports Dolby Digital audio
  • Includes free soundbar and subwoofer
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The impressive features and reasonable price of the TCL Class 5 Series QLED (75S555) made it our pick for the best value TV in this list. It competes favorably with other TVs in its class regarding reliability and performance, and it can adequately meet your entertainment needs. It is one of the best 75-inch smart TVs you can purchase today.

This 75-inch television is 3.8 x 65.8 x 37.8 inches in size. It has a 16:9 image aspect ratio, superior 4K Ultra HD resolution, with a 60Hz refresh rate. It uses the Roku TV smart TV software and supports HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus internet services. This television has HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG high dynamic range, which produces the best picture quality. It comes with 4 HDMI 2.0 and USB ports. Its AiPQ Engine uses AI’s machine learning to enhance contrast, clarity, and color intelligently to give the best 4K HDR experience. Check out the TCL Class 5 Series QLED (75S555) on Amazon.

This TV gives excellent value as it only retails at $999.99 despite its impressive featuresThis TV isn’t future-proof as it lacks HDMI 2.1 Ports, which is crucial for better gaming. 
It comes with a solid and user-friendly Roku TV Smart Interface with an upgraded remote Its 60Hz Refresh Rate is low and can create motion blur
It offers improved movie and gaming with a better audio system than its contemporaries
Its HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG  provide first-rate HDR Color 

Best for Gaming: Hisense U7H Google TV (75U7H)

Gamers' Favorite
Hisense ULED Premium U7H QLED Series Smart TV (75U7H, 2022 Model), Black
  • Screen: 75 inches, resolution: 4K, refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Panel type: QLED
  • Supports voice control with Google Assistant
  • Includes Dolby Vision and Atmos
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11/30/2023 06:00 pm GMT

The awesome gaming-oriented features of the Hisense U7H Google TV (75U7H) made it our choice for the best gaming TV on this list. Its brightness gives a perfect view of the gaming and movie scenes. Although it is not the best among gaming TVs, it remains a serious contender in this category. This quantum dot TV has a continuously upgrading Google TV OS and QLED panel that effectively covers up for the lack of LED backlighting feature.

This television is 3.3 x 66.1 x 38.1 inches in size. It has a 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. It uses Google’s software, and Android TV, and also supports YouTube. The unique features of this QLED TV include Alexa compatibility, Quantum Dot, and 4K ULED. Its Dolby Atmos Sound and Dolby Vision HDR picture also give realistic images and sounds that can enhance your gaming experience. This TV has 4 HDMI ports with 1 HDMI 2.1 and 1 ARC. Gaming suits the Hisense U7H due to its ALLM, Dolby Vision Gaming, and VRR features — all of which are necessary for gaming. Check out the Hisense U7H Google TV (75U7H) on Amazon.

This quantum dot TV with 4K ULED at 120Hz displays the best picture quality with an exceptionally bright room optionThe Dolby Vision HDR might encounter issues processing some images
Has great gaming features like ALLM, VRR, Dolby Vision Gaming, and HDMI 2.1 portThe Light Bloom will probably ruin your movie or gaming experience
The TV’s user-friendly Smart Platform supports easier navigation for users 
The Android TV software improves the speed of this TV, making it suitable for gaming 

Best 75-Inch TV from Sony: Sony Bravia X95K

For Sony Enthusiasts
Sony 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X95K Series: BRAVIA XR - 2022 Model
  • Screen: 75 inches, resolution: 4K
  • Includes Dolby's Vision HDR
  • PlayStation 5 Exclusive features included
  • Voice control capable with Google Assistant
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12/01/2023 12:26 am GMT

The Sony Bravia X95K Mini LED TV (XR-75X95K) is our choice for Sony’s best 75-inch big-screen TV on this list. It was the first Sony TV to have LED backlighting. This smart TV always delivers an impeccable movie night experience with its top-tier picture quality, targeted backlight control, and high luminance.

This television is 15.39 x 65.3 x 38.27 inches in size. It has a 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. It uses smart Google TV software and supports Hulu Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Instant Video, Disney+, and Netflix. Its HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision high dynamic range enhance the picture quality. The TV’s notable specs include the PlayStation 5 exclusive features, XR Backlight Master Drive, XR Contrast Booster 15, Mini LED, and Google TV with Google Assistant. Sony’s Bravia X95K Mini LED TV (XR-75X95K) comes with 4 HDM1 (2 HDMI 2.1) ports, 1 USB port, a 60-watt audio system, and ATSC 3.0 support. Check out the Sony Bravia X95K Mini LED TV (XR-75X95K) on Amazon.

Has motion smoothing technology that eradicates blurry images and video footageIt has a little bit of bloom that can lower picture quality
Its HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision HDR offer better performance This TV has very narrow viewing angles 

Best Mid-Range 75-Inch TV: Samsung QN75QN60B (Q60B)

Best Mid-Range Option
SAMSUNG 75-Inch QLED Q60B (2022 Model)
  • Dual LED backlights
  • Voice control capable with Alexa
  • Quantum Processor Lite with 4K upscaling
  • Quantum HDR delivers an expanded range of color and contrast
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/01/2023 06:16 am GMT

The Samsung QN75QN60B (Q60B) is the best Mid-Range TV on our list. As a Samsung creation, it has excellent picture and sound quality for an amazing movie and TV experience. It displays a wide variety of vivid colors using quantum dot technology. If you want a good and affordable 75-inch smart TV, consider buying this Samsung Model.

This television is 12.6 x 66 x 39.3 inches in size. It has an impressive 4K UHD resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. Samsung QN75QN60B (Q60B) uses Tizen Smart TV software and a quantum HDR with an expansive range of contrast and color. It is also equipped with various special features such as Object Tracking Sound Lite, Quantum Processor Lite with 4K Upscaling, Filmmaker Mode, Motion Xcelerator, and Multiple Voice Assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. This TV is also future-proof as it comes with a HDMI 2.1 port. Check out the Samsung QN75QN60B (Q60B) on Amazon.

The quantum HDR produces very high contrast for Deep BlacksIt has detectable Motion Blur due to its 60Hz refresh rate
The user-friendly Tizen Smart Platform improves easier navigation and usabilityIts highlights don’t appear on the HDR.
The 4K UHD and 60Hz refresh rate also plays lower-resolution content

How to Pick the Best 75-inch TV: Step-By-Step

If you need the perfect TV size for your living room, consider buying a 75-Inch TV. These TVs provide quality displays for an incredible movie and gaming experience. However, with many TV brands and diverse features, picking the best TV for your entertainment is challenging.

Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing the best 75-inch TV:

  • HDR Formats
  • Pay More for OLED
  • Opt for 4K TVs
  • For Gaming, Look for TVs with HDMI 2.1
  • Audio

Now let’s explore each in more detail.

HDR Formats

Every 75-inch TV has an HDR support feature. Therefore, it’s essential to know the most suitable format for you. The most common ones include HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. The standard formats are HDR10, which is the base level, HLG for live broadcasts, and HDR for 4K Blu-ray streaming. HDR10+ provides more realistic displays than HDR10 because it transmits dynamic metadata to the smart TV. This allows the TV to determine the brightness levels and color of the images depicted on the screen without restraining the whole content with specific limits. 

Dolby Vision is a format used by high-end televisions that produces lifelike image quality. It is way better at streaming than the HDR10+. Apple TV Plus, Disney+, and Netflix use Dolby Vision, while Amazon Prime Video uses HDR10+. Therefore, you should pick a TV that supports your preferred HDR format.

Pay More for OLED

The screen technology affects the price of TV sets. You will find LCD/LED, QLED, and OLED TVs in retail stores. Of these three, OLED is more expensive. OLED TVs provide an incredible cinema experience similar to a projector. It also displays impeccable 8K resolution with high precision in contrast and color settings. Thus, it shows vivid pictures, which is perfect for gaming or watching a movie. If OLED TVs surpass your budget, opt for QLED, which has better picture quality than LCD. However, if you need a great TV experience, consider paying more for an OLED TV.

Opt for 4K TVs

We’ve all grown fond of going for the latest technology with the intent of enjoying its benefits. For that reason, you might want to purchase an 8K 75-inch TV. 8K will deliver clearer and sharper pictures. However, there is a lack of abundant 8K content in the market. This means your 8K TV will be more of a décor piece than an entertainment set. In this case, go for 4K 75-inch TVs to enjoy more content. Also, remember, any resolution less than 4K won’t show clear images on a 75-inch screen.

For Gaming, Look for TVs With HDMI 2.1

The connectivity of a TV screen is a significant aspect, especially if you intend to spend more money on it. You will only recover the money invested in such a device if it serves you for a longer time. Therefore, you must future-proof the screen to ensure it can adapt to the changing technologies, especially in gaming. 

If you love occasional or regular gaming, consider buying a TV with 4 HDMI ports. It should have 2 HDMI 2.0 and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. HDMI 2.1 is the latest version that supports 4K at 120Hz and 8K at 60Hz. It also supports Automatic Low Latency Mode for lag-free and smooth gaming and Variable Refresh Rates. Note, if your TV lacks HDMI 2.1, it might be phased out soon.


The audio for 75-inch televisions isn’t great, especially for the lower-priced ones. These TVs lack sufficient space to fit forward-firing speakers. Some high-end televisions have excellent audio. However, if you’re going for affordable TVs with poor sound quality, you must invest in a good soundbar to boost your TV’s audio quality.

What to Know Before Buying the Best 75-inch TV

If you have decided to upgrade to a 75-inch TV, it is vital to have adequate knowledge about these display devices to make the right purchase. Here are several things to know before buying a big-screen TV.


Your budget will limit your choices when buying 75-inch smart TVs. High-end TVs are costly, yet they come with high resolutions, additional features, and bigger sizes. They are also future-proofed because they come with new tech features like HDMI 2.1, which are likely to be used in the future. Additionally, the prices are further affected by the TV model, brand, and technology. For instance, OLED TVs are costlier compared to LED and QLED TVs. However, you can still find an affordable TV with impeccable features. So, go for a TV that fits your budget.

Refresh Rate

Many buyers mostly ignore the refresh rate of TVs when purchasing them. 75-inch smart TVs come with either 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rates. The refresh rate is the number of times TVs can reset an image every second. Higher refresh rates eradicate motion blur and increase the picture’s sharpness. You will have an amazing experience watching movies and sports at higher refresh rates. So, buy a 75-inch TV with a 120Hz refresh rate for a better experience.


One vital feature of a smart TV is its ability to exploit voice commands and pair up with other smart gadgets in your home. For instance, Sony Android TVs have an in-built Google Assistant and Chromecast. Suppose you’ve got a smart home with Google devices, you can control those devices through the TV. Therefore, to create your ideal smart home, buy a TV that integrates with your devices seamlessly.

Apps in Your Smart TV

The smart TV is supposed to meet your entertainment needs adequately. These televisions come with various internet services, such as Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. However, some TVs don’t support certain apps. Therefore, look for a 75-inch smart TV that supports your favorite apps.

Using a 75-inch TV: What It’s Like

Using the 75-inch TV will provide the best experience when watching TV shows, movies, and gaming. These TVs offer an expansive view with clear and sharp pictures produced by OLED or QLED technologies, 4K resolution, and high refresh rates. They also have internet services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, among others. These TVs can also blend into your smart home as they work with smart home assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. So, a 75-inch TV is an excellent addition to your home’s entertainment system. Additionally, you can enjoy the immense benefits of these impressive smart TVs at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of a 75-inch TV?

A 75-inch TV refers to the screen size, measured diagonally, of the television. It is considered a larger-sized TV that can provide an immersive viewing experience, especially for spacious living rooms or home theaters.

What factors should I consider when buying a 75-inch TV?

When purchasing a 75″ TV, you should consider factors such as picture quality, resolution (e.g., 4K or 8K), HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability, smart features, connectivity options, audio quality, and design.

Are all 75" TVs the same?

No, not all 75″ TVs are the same. They can vary in terms of picture quality, display technology (such as OLED or LED), operating system, smart features, audio capabilities, and price. It’s essential to research and compare different models to find the best fit for your preferences and budget.

Can I mount a 75" TV on the wall?

Yes, most 75″ TVs are designed to be wall-mountable. However, it is crucial to check the TV’s specifications and purchase a compatible wall mount that can support the weight and size of the TV.

Are 75" TVs suitable for gaming?

Yes, 75″ TVs can provide an immersive gaming experience, especially for gaming enthusiasts who prefer a larger screen. It’s important to ensure that the TV has low input lag, high refresh rates, and gaming-oriented features to enhance the gaming experience.

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