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With the rise of online gaming, Xbox One party games are becoming increasingly popular among gamers. The majority of gamers engage in party games and compete with others during social gatherings, allowing them to connect with family and friends or even make new friends.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to entertain your guests next time you throw an Xbox One party, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will look at the best party games that are available on the Xbox One.

What are Xbox One Party Games?

Xbox One party games are games that are designed to be played by a group of people, especially during a social event such as a get-together. These games allow a group of players to have fun while interacting with each other. Some party games, such as Golf with Your Friends, will enable you to interact, compete and indulge in your favorite pastime right from the comfort of your home.

Is Xbox One Known for its Party Games?

The Xbox One was made available to consumers on November 22, 2013. It is the third console in the Xbox series, and it includes all the innovative features of its predecessors as well as additional ones. Microsoft capitalized on the growing popularity of party gaming by developing the Xbox One as the ideal console for this genre.

It ported a number of classic party games to the platform and developed new ones to keep players intrigued. Now, let’s take a look at the absolute best Xbox One party games that are available for the console.

#10: Among Us

xbox one party
Among Us was allegedly inspired by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing.


Among Us is an online party video game that was developed and published by Innersloth. The game became available on Xbox One on December 14, 2021. Since the game takes place in a number of different space-themed locations, it’s perfect for fans of science fiction set in the far future.

As a multiplayer game, Among Us supports four to fifteen players every round. The game randomly selects up to three players per round to act as imposters. A player can win a game in two different ways. You can either achieve the stage objectives or purge the crew of all imposters.

Additionally, impostors might succeed in two distinct ways. They are able to kill crewmates and disrupt crucial mapping systems. For the second way to be successful, the impostors must ensure that the crewmembers do not resolve the problem in time. If a crewmember leaves the game unexpectedly, his initial chores will be completed.

Among Us comes with more advanced maps. There are a total of four different maps available in this game. These include The Skeld (which is a spacecraft), Mira HQ (which is a headquarters building), Polus (which is a planet), and The Airship ( which is an Airship).

Additionally, the game incorporates Tasks, which are objectives assigned to crewmates who must complete them. Other aspects include Ghosts, which can assist the crew or imposters by providing crucial information via live chat.

#9: Castle Crashers Remastered

Castle Crashers Remastered is a party video game that was developed by The Behemoth and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It became available for Xbox One on June 15, 2015. The game follows the plot of Castle Crashers and is best suited for players who love role-playing games.

Castle Crashers Remastered is a fun game that permits up to four players to play together. To begin playing, select a character from the available options and then a stage from the Overworld Map. After completing the current level, other levels will be unlocked, and you can replay the scene or continue to the next level.

When you defeat your adversaries and complete a level, you also walk away with some coins. Using coins, items and weapons can be purchased from a shop. After unlocking certain attainable tasks, you can additionally play Arena stages and receive more characters upon completion, such as The Villager.

Each of the game’s new characters has unique abilities. Among these characters are the Red Knight and the Green Knight. The game also has a Health Meter, which decreases when enemies attack your character.

In single-player mode, your character can perish if the Health Meter is depleted. However, in multiplayer mode, teammates can revive you. In addition, the option to use both Combo and Melee strikes has been included. Furthermore, there is a World Map that is divided into two, and each division is further subdivided into other locations.

#8: Golf with Your Friends

Golf with Your Friends is a party video game that was developed by Blacklight Interactive and published by Team17. The game centers around golf and was released for Xbox One on May 19, 2020. This game is great for golf enthusiasts and those who wish to learn the game.

The game is a customizable sports game. You can play this game in its multiplayer mode, which allows a maximum of 12 players. If you are looking for a challenge, there are thirteen levels to pick from, and each level contains eighteen holes.

It is possible to edit your levels and customize the game’s balls. Before taking a shot, you get fifteen seconds to look at your target and plan well. Additionally, you can play against a local opponent on the same screen. The game employs all of the actual golfing rules and aims to replicate the golfing experience. 

You can take advantage of power-ups and manipulate the behavior of the ball. You can also play through the numerous available modes and levels as your gaming skills grow.

Golf with Your Friends comes with a total of five game modes. They include Dunk, Hockey, Classic, Party, and Explore. The game also comes with several maps, with each containing more unique and exciting features.

These maps include Haunted, Oasis, Forest, Volcano, Museum, Pirate Cove, and Worms. Moreover, if you are a fan of personalization, you will be impressed with this game’s many customizable options.

#7: Dance Central Spotlight

xbox one party
Dance Central Spotlight is a music rhythm game.


Dance Central Spotlight is a party game that was developed by Harmonix and published by Microsoft Studios on September 2, 2014. It is a music rhythm game that follows the Dance Central storyline, and it’s ideal for groups of people who are interested in both dancing and music.

To play the game, players must recreate the dance routine presented by a dancer on the screen. Flashcards are available and help instruct the gamer on the appropriate moves to use. The accuracy you have in your performance will be used in the calculation of your score.

A single song features eight routines, four levels being difficult, two routines being for fitness purposes, and the last two being alternate routines. You can unlock more routines and levels by picking up flashcards or earning a Flawless rating from your moves.

Dance Central Spotlight comes with eight routines per song. The routines include Beginner, Standard, Deluxe, Pro, Alternate, Cardio, Strength, and Alternate Pro. The songs incorporated into the game were some of the top 40 trending songs at the time.

There are several modes in Dance Central Spotlight, some including the newly added Fitness Mode and the Standard Mode. There also is a Practice mode that players can use to enhance their dancing skills, and unlike earlier editions, you may enter this mode while already in the game.

#6: The Jackbox Party Pack 2

The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is a party video game that was developed and published by Jackbox Games. The Xbox One version was released on October 13, 2015. It is the second entry in the popular Jackbox Party Pack series and is perfect for players who enjoy playing in large groups.

The Jackbox Party Pack - Xbox One
  • The comedy trivia sensation YOU DON'T KNOW JACK 2015 (1-4 players) with hundreds of all-new questions
  • The hilarious bluffing game Fibbage XL (2-8 players), with 50% more questions added to the original hit game Fibbage
  • The bizarre drawing game Drawful (3-8 players), where you draw right there on your phone or tablet
  • The racy-as-you-want-to-be fill-in-the-blank word game Word Spud (2-8 players)
  • The wacky-fact-filled Lie Swatter (1-100 players)
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To play this game, a single player must launch it in order to start. The other players can either be remote or locally accessible. The players will have to use a room code on their devices. The game supports multiplayer mode, allowing between 4 to 8 players at a time, and any additional players connecting to this room would be spectating rather than playing.

During gameplay, contestants are asked questions and given a brief amount of time to respond. The winner is the one with the highest score after multiple stages.

The game comes featuring five new party games. They include Fibbage, Earworks, Bidiots, Quiplash XL, and Bomb Corp. In an effort to make the game as family-friendly as possible, the game has an ESRB Teen classification, which censors questions and restricts some inputs. The game also supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

#5: Scribblenauts Showdown

Scribblenauts Showdown - Xbox One
  • It's Scribblenauts, party-style!
  • Use your imagination and go head-to-head in the ultimate multiplayer showdown!
  • Enjoy a party-style Scribblenauts experience, conjuring from over 60,000 objects from the vast Scribblenauts dictionary to outsmart your opponent in over 25 mini-games!
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Scribblenauts Showdown is a party-themed video game that was developed by Shiver Entertainment and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game is the sixth edition of the Scribblenauts series, and it was launched on the Xbox One in North America on March 6, 2018. The game is suitable for gamers that enjoy competing in multiple mini-challenges.

When playing Scribblenauts Showdown, you can choose from the numerous game types, with Showdown being the most popular option. In this mode, participants compete against one another in a variety of minigames.

Before the game begins, you must select a noun that will be used to determine the winner. A wheel is used to determine the initial letter of the noun. In the Versus mode, you can play against a single opponent. Scribblenauts Showdown supports a maximum of four concurrent players.

The game also features several modes, including Sandbox, Versus, and Showdown. There are additional characters in the game, such as Lily and Maxwell. You can customize your characters in the menu by selecting My Scribblenauts.

The game’s built-in currency is called Starite and can be used to customize your characters. Starites are earned on successful completion of stages in the different available modes. 

#4: Cake Bash 

Cake Bash is a party video game developed by High Tea Frog and published by Coatsink. The Xbox One version of the game was released on October 15, 2020. The game is ideal for cooking fans who take pleasure in competing against their peers in order to establish themselves as the best option for customers to purchase from them.

In this party game, participants pit their desserts against one another to determine which will be selected first by consumers. There are 13 minigames in Cake Bash, some of which feature cakes fighting with melee weapons. Players can vote for the game and venue of their choosing.

Winners of a round receive chocolate coins that can be used to purchase cake toppings that produce a bonus. At the conclusion of the match, the victorious cake has the most toppings.

The game supports a maximum of four players concurrently. You can also play against the game’s artificial intelligence, and if the number of players is not enough, certain empty slots may be filled by the game’s AI.

Cake Bash contains various Game Modes, the most prominent of which is Get Tasty, in which cakes compete in random mini-games and Bash games. Once a Minigame has been unlocked in Get Tasty Mode, it remains permanently available. Additionally, the game features Flavours, which are cake decorations and are unlocked on completion of certain levels.

#3: Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2014
  • World Dance Floor: Dance with anyone anywhere in the world in Just Dance's first-ever online multiplayer mode! Players join a virtual crew--made up of real-life friends or other Just Dance fans--and...
  • On Stage Mode: Own the spotlight in this new mode where one player will dance, lead 2 back-up dancers, and even sing if they want! As the star of the show, the player can take it seriously and show...
  • 6 Player Dances: Just Dance is now playable by up to 6 players at a time on Xbox One. Some specific maps have unique choreography for EACH of the 6 players, making the routine different for everyone...
  • Custom Sweat Mode: Players can personalize their Just Sweat workouts by creating custom playlists and tracking calories. There's also a new option to track calories in all gameplay modes, even outside...
  • Just Dance DJ: Become a virtual DJ with this new feature that enables the player to control the beats themselves between songs. In "Endless Party" mode, the player can use the DJ mode to transition...
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Just Dance 2014 is the fifth installment of the Just Dance series. Ubisoft developed and produced this party game. On November 22, 2013, it was published for Xbox One in North America. This dance rhythm game is perfect for social gatherings with people who enjoy dancing and having fun.

To play the game, you are tasked with mimicking a dancer on your screen who is dancing to a particular preset song. You gain points based on your level of accuracy. You can also be the lead dancer in the game if you choose the On Stage Mode.

The maximum number of concurrent players the game supports is six. Alternately, with the Karaoke feature, you can sing into a connected microphone and earn Mojo points based on your performance.  The lyrics are usually provided.

You can even join your fellow players and dance to the same songs. Your performance will be compared to that of other players. Based on this comparison, you will advance through the various stages.

The game comes with several new modes, including Stage Mode, World Dancefloor Mode, Karaoke Mode, and Party Master mode. Other key features in the game include Autodance, which enables players to record their gameplay. Furthermore, the Just Sweat feature tracks your calories, while Just Dance TV enables browsing and sharing of Autodance-recorded video clips.

#2: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a party video game that was developed and published by Steel Crate Games. The Xbox One version of the game was released on August 16, 2018. It is suitable for players who are keen on following instructions and can cooperate in high-pressure situations.

As you play this puzzle game, your main objective is to disarm bombs gradually generated in the game. You can get assistance from another player reading a guide with bomb-disarming instructions. The Defuser is the player tasked with disarming the bomb, while the Expert plays the guiding role as he reads the instructions.

These two roles are not interchangeable. There is also an online voice service for communication. The bombs available are of different types and require a variety of skills to disarm. You can play through the various levels, with each differing in complexity, the time allowed, and the number of attempts.

The game features modules that characterize the different available bombs. Different bomb modules require extra disarming instructions, and a single bomb can also have multiple modules. In addition, there is a Custom Challenge where players can design the stage’s modules, time limit, and the number of attempts allowed.

#1: Overcooked

Overcooked: Gourmet Edition (Xbox One)
  • A new type of culinary co-op game
  • The Onion Kingdom is a rich world full of cruel and unusual kitchens for you to conquer
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Just as its name suggests, Overcooked is a party video game that simulates a fast food restaurant where chefs are busy preparing meals under a time limit. The game was developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17. It became available on Xbox One on August 2, 2016. The game is excellent for those who adore cooking and all things related to the kitchen.

Players assume the role of a chef as they make meals and complete all culinary tasks within a predetermined time limit. Often, you are given an order at a certain stage and must prepare it within a specified time range.

Together with your coworkers, you can prepare meals in the shortest period of time and manage various orders. When a successful order is completed, you win coins. If you are a fast chef, you will receive a bonus. There is a leaderboard that ranks participants according to the number of coins they collect. Typically, a 3-star system is used. The kitchen layout and order complexity will gradually change as you go through the levels.

The game has a multiplayer mode that supports up to four simultaneous players. In addition to the 28 available kitchens, the game also includes a boss level. Depending on your choices, the single-player mode allows players to control up to two chefs, one at a time or both simultaneously. There are many different stages in Overcooked, with a total of six worlds and six levels in each.

Final Thoughts

Party games are a great way to get people together and have fun. Whether you’re in a small group or the entire extended family is over for Thanksgiving, there are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained and laughing. Whether you’re playing with friends, family, or even complete strangers, these party games will liven up any gathering.

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The Absolute Best Xbox One Party Games of All Time FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are party games?

Party games are a type of game that is designed to be played by two or more players. They usually consist of simple, quick, and easy rules so anyone can jump in and play. Party games are great for getting together with friends or family to play fun games.

Can you play Xbox One party as a single player?

Yes. Even though Xbox One party games are primarily intended to be played in a group, you have the option to play them as a single-player. In this instance, the game will generate multiple AI-controlled opponents, and you will be able to play it as if you were competing against other real players.

Do Xbox One party games have a limit on the number of concurrent players?

Yes. Every party game available for the Xbox One has a maximum number of people who can take part in the action at the same time. On the other hand, if other players want to participate in the game, they will be able to do so as spectators, and their presence could affect the outcome of the game.

Can you play Xbox One free?

All Xbox players are able to access online multiplayer for free to play games on their console at no charge.

How much can I sell my Xbox One for?

A used Xbox One will sell for anywhere between $9.00 and $160.00 The price you charge for your system largely depends on the model type and generation, storage capacity, and device condition.

Is Xbox One going to end?

Many new games will still offer versions for Xbox One, and online infrastructure is expected to last for years. After all, the Xbox 360 still delivered online play until late 2021, 16 years after the system’s release. If Xbox One takes the same approach, we could expect live service to persist until 2029.

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