The Absolute Best Wii U Platformers of All Time

wii u platformers

The Absolute Best Wii U Platformers of All Time

If you enjoy platform games, then Wii U is the perfect console for you. Over the years, Nintendo has released some of the best games in this genre for the Wii U. The majority of the games are special editions of popular classic games, making these platformers truly entertaining. In this article, we will discuss some of the greatest Wii U Platformers ever released.

What Are Platform Games?

Platform games are a type of video game in which the player must jump and navigate an environment. The majority of platform games are side-scrolling, although they can also be top-down or top-down with a side view.

Some platform games may feature advanced acrobatic skills for special characters. This includes the ability to glide through the air, jump off walls, and bounce through trampoline-like terrain.

Was Wii U known for Platform Games?

Wii U had an innovative GamePad controller, which made it ideal for challenging games such as platformers. As a result, since its initial release to the public, Wii U has had several platform games published.

Most of them have had a positive reception, most notably the Mighty Switch Force! which many critics praised for its amazing plot and excellent graphics. Now, let’s go through the ten absolute best Wii U platformers of all time.

#10: Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends
  • Wii U showcase - Rayman Legends takes Full advantage of the Wii U and its new Controller's capabilities
  • 5-Player co-op gameplay - with 4 Wii remotes and the new Wii U Controller, up to 5 players can play at once
  • 3D boss battles - dragons and other epic creatures can attack from all angles, so you'll have to be on top of your game to defeat them
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Rayman Legends is a platform video game that was developed and published by Ubisoft Montpellier in August 2013. The game is the fifth in the Rayman series, and it comes with better graphics, improved controls, and a large amount of content.

Depending on the game mode, Rayman Legends allows for a maximum of four players to compete against one another at the same time. Players advance through the many levels by performing activities like battling opponents, collecting Lums, which are obtained through touching them, and rescuing Tensies that have been taken captive.

You can access and play through the game’s other worlds in any order you like once you’ve collected enough Tensies. By using the available characters, you can progress through the game’s levels and achieve your objectives.

There is a lot of new material and improvements in this version of Rayman Legends. You can pick to play as one of the countless new playable characters, each of whom has its own set of distinguishing attributes.

Murphy the Greenbottle now possesses extra powers, including the ability to cut through ropes and the capacity to aid in the collection of Lums. Lums are in-game collectibles that may be acquired while playing the game. They’re required for going on to higher levels. The game now has more than a hundred different levels, giving you lots of options to play.

#9: Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo Wii U
  • Starter Pack includes: 1-Video Game, 1-Portal of Power, 3-Skylanders Figures, 1-Character Collector Poster, 3-Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes and 3-Trading Cards
  • Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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Skylanders Swap Force is a platform game developed by Vicarious Visions and Beenox and published by Activision in 2013. The game is the third in the Skylanders video game and toy series, and it comes after Skylanders Giants (2012), which is the sequel to Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure (2011).

When a player participates in the game, real-life characters can enter the virtual world through various portals. Skylanders have the ability to jump, and you can swap out some of them for others. There are 16 characters total, all of which can be split in two and used as building blocks for other characters.

This means there are 256 distinct combinations achievable with these characters. These personalities are crucial for completing the game’s many stages. Certain levels, however, allow you to advance only if you have a certain character’s bottom half.

This version of Skylanders has a number of new and unique features. There are 16 characters, and they all have their own unique traits. Each character has a top and bottom that can be detached and used to create new characters. The game also has a portal that allows you to bring your real self into the virtual one. You may get your hands on this Power Portal by purchasing it in the starter pack.

#8: Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight - Wii U
  • 8-Bit, Evolved: With Shovel Knight, handcrafted pixel art meets the tech of today: detailed animation, multilayered parallax backgrounds, and evolved game design
  • Perfect Platforming: Flip enemies! Leap over gaps! Duel with foes! Dig up treasure! Find secrets! Upgrade! Shovel Knight is simple to learn and play, but challenge lies everywhere.
  • Sweeping Story: Heroes, villains, and tons of lovable characters are stuffed with personality, and showcase a light touch to narrative with humor and levity.
  • Legendary Soundtrack: A sweeping score composed by legends of the industry Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae, best known for scoring the original Mega Man.
  • More on the Way!: Every copy of Shovel Knight will be updated for FREE with new content. 3 New full Campaigns starring familiar foes, Challenge Mode, Battle Mode, Body Swap Mode.
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Shovel Knight is a platform video game that was developed and published by Yacht Club Games in June 2014. The game storyline is inspired by several Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classic games, and the most notable ones are Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

To play Shovel Knight, you have the option of beginning the game on the first level, which is called Shovel of Hope. In this level, you take control of a protagonist who fights against the Order of No Quarter and collects treasures.

The Shovel is the primary weapon that the knights wield in combat, and it also doubles as a tool for locating hidden wealth and defeating foes. When the Shovel Knight directs this shovel toward the ground, it has the additional ability to jump upon foes.

Your primary purpose is to complete all of the stages of the game, engage in combat with the various adversaries that you encounter, and make it to the boss level, where you can uncover rewards by defeating the boss.

There are a few game features that are exclusive to Shovel Knight. In certain game levels, Chester will appear as a salesman who, when spoken to, will offer a variety of supplemental items for purchase. The game’s most important collectible is called treasure, and it’s earned by defeating certain enemies. In addition to that, there is a world map on which the levels to play can be picked.

#7: Mutant Mudds Deluxe

Mutant Mudds Deluxe is a platformer game developed and published by Renegade Kid on June 13, 2013, and it’s available through the Wii U eShop. The game involves Max, the main character of the game, who is tasked with putting a stop to the invasion of Mutant Mudds.

He is required to use all available strategies and amass all of the weapons at his disposal in order to be successful in defeating Mutant Mudds. In order to progress through the levels of Mutant Mudds Deluxe, the player will need to periodically jump and hover over obstacles.

You will face enemies throughout the game, and in order to eliminate them, you will need to shoot them multiple times. If you are positioned on an orange launch pad at the beginning of the level, you have the option to either jump into the background or the foreground.

In order to advance to the next level, you must first accomplish the following three main tasks: reach the level’s end and retrieve the Water Sprite, collect all of the diamonds found within the level, and locate the secretly hidden land.

When it comes to gaming characters, you get to explore the different levels of the game with Max, and his granny, among others, and each character bears unique features. In the game, the main core levels are also referred to as worlds, and extra levels can be unlocked by defeating enemies. In addition, special diamonds can be collected and used to advance through the game’s various stages.

#6: New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U
  • All new ways to Play and share your Mario Fun! New Super Mario Bros. U is a new, side-scrolling adventure featuring Mario, Luigi, Toad…. And your Mii character! Now's your chance to step inside the...
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New Super Mario Bros. U is a 2D single- and multiplayer platform game that was developed and published by Nintendo in 2012. The game may be played in either a single-player or multiplayer mode. The game is the fourth installment in the New Super Mario Bros franchise and features updated graphics, as well as more content and features.

When playing New Super Mario Bros. U, the main objective is to make it to the goal flag at the end of each level while evading all of the enemies and dangers involved. You can select a character from the available ones, each with unique skills and characters.

Amongst the Villains you will encounter in your quest to reach the end of the level are Bowser, Boom Boom, Kamek, and Bowser Jr. You can enjoy this interactive game and get to explore its two main stages, which are known as Challenge Mode and Boost Mode.

The game has a number of distinctive features that are exclusive to it. You can choose from a larger cast of characters, each of which has its own unique set of skills and attributes.

You have the option of using Mario, Yellow Toad, Luigi, or Blue Toad as your playable character. Power Ups are supplemental features that are included in the game. A good example is Flying Squirrel, which gives the player the ability to glide for a longer distance.

#5: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - Nintendo Wii U
  • Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong join the adventure as playable characters alongside Diddy Kong.
  • Explore new dynamic levels that twist, turn, and transform in new ways. Enjoy spectacular views from the dynamic rotating camera.
  • On their journey to reclaim Donkey Kong Island, Donkey Kong and his friends travel across five islands with a variety of stages that include underwater areas and frozen environments.
  • Enhance Donkey Kong's exploration and unlock secrets with a variety of new moves, including a "plucking" system to pull items right out of the ground.
  • Team up with friends in a cooperative multiplayer mode that lets two players share in the fun together.
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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a platform video game made by Retro Studios and published in 2014 by Nintendo. This is the fifth installment in the Donkey Kong Country series, and it has an improved level design, increased amounts of gameplay, and a better soundtrack.

In the game, Donkey Kong and his family embark on a mission to free their country, the Donkey Kong Islands, from the grip of the Snowmads, who have frozen the place. In order to complete this task against these northern sea-based invaders, Donkey Kong is going to have to go across five distinct kingdoms.

You will have the opportunity to select a character from the cast available, including Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong, each of whom possesses a unique set of skills. You can fight your enemies by picking items from the ground and launching them toward the enemies.

Donkey Kong Country has unique features, such as the Tropical Freeze. Various characters are available and feature distinct capabilities. They include Dixie Kong, Donkey Kong, and Cranky Kong.

There is an Expanded shop, Run by Funky Kong, which gives players access to certain secondary items. The game can be played in a variety of modes, such as Funky Mode and Time Attack Mode, providing the player with more and improved gameplay options.

#4: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! is a cinema-based platformer game developed by Just Add Water and published by Oddworld Inhabitants in 2014 as a sequel to Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Just like its predecessors, this game involves puzzle-solving. It’s also available through the Wii U eShop.

When playing the game, you control a character named Abe, who is a Mudokon. Abe is now able to talk and direct other Mudokons throughout the game. Your objective is to rescue the 299 Mudokon enslaved people at Rapture Farms.

To do this, you are required to open bird portals through which the enslaved people will escape. Other enslaved people will be hard to find as they are complexly hidden. It is recommended that you save more than 150 Mudokons for your ending to be regarded as satisfactory. If you are unable to meet this objective, your story will have a disappointing conclusion.

The character Abe is equipped with telepathy abilities, which allow him to bring out a second character named Slig. The game also includes a difficulty setting, which enables players to select their favorite level of challenge and then toggle between those levels. You are also able to rank yourself in comparison to the other players, thanks to a Leaderboard.

#3: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Risky Beats Edition - Wii U
  • Shantae's Trademark Belly Dance Moves Return - Dance to transform into all-new (and fan favorite) creatures; 8 transformations and over a dozen dances to master
  • New Relic System - Unlock new powers and customize Shantae's move set for a platforming experience uniquely tailored to your own gameplay style
  • Conquer Arcade-Style Action Stages - Beat the boss, then find new items and secrets by way of the new abilities and transformations you've learned, linking Sequin Land into a fully explorable world
  • Huge Bosses, Humorous Dialogue - Become reacquainted with the cast of Shantae in full HD, with exquisitely detailed sprites, immersive 2.5D backdrops, wonderfully off-beat dialogue, and nonstop action
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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a platform game developed and published by WayForward Technologies in 2016. As the fourth installment in the Shantae video game series, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero follows on from the previous installment, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse.

When you play this game, you take control of Shantae, a half-genie who fights enemies by whipping her long hair and using it as a weapon. As Shantae progresses through the game, she unlocks new dances, which grant her the ability to change into a variety of different forms.

Each of them has a unique set of powers that will be necessary to reach certain parts of the game. It is possible to improve these transformations by learning new abilities. You will receive a bonus piece of artwork once you have completed a level.

This version of the game has improved dances that allow players to access additional transformation forms. The forms, such as the monkey, the elephant, the bat, and the crab, each have their own unique qualities. Additionally, a number of modes have been presented, the most well-known of which is the Hero Mode.

#2: Mighty Switch Force! 

Mighty Switch Force! is a single-player puzzle game developed and published by WayForward Technologies in 2012. This game is the third title in its series, coming after Mighty Flip Champs! and Mighty Milky Way. It’s available through the Wii U eShop.

To play Mighty Switch Force! you take control of the cyborg police officer Patricia Wagon. The goal is to apprehend a band of female inmates who had broken out of their facility and take them back to where they originally escaped from.

The amount of time available to complete the objective decreases with each level. Patricia is a formidable combatant who can engage her foes by leaping into the air and firing her gun.

You will need to collect floppy disks in order to repair your hearts as you make your way through the level. This particular version of the game includes the Siren Helmet, which is one of Patricia’s key defensive items and helps her to fight off enemies.

There is a Heart Drive that displays the number of lives that are still available, and if all of those lives are used up, the level will have to be replayed from the beginning. Also, there is a range of various types of blocks, like launcher blocks, that can send Patricia or an adversary in any given direction.

#1: Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World - Nintendo Wii U
  • Each character has unique abilities and play styles. For example, Princess Peach glides over gaps, while Luigi has his trademark extra-high jump.
  • The new cat transformation allows players to run on all fours, pounce on enemies, attack in midair, or use their claws to scamper up walls and goal poles.
  • Explore colorful 3D environments filled with obstacles and contraptions like transparent pipes and vertical conveyor belts, which add new puzzle elements.
  • Use the Wii U GamePad Controller's touch screen to search for hidden blocks and freeze enemies in place.
  • No. of Players: Up to 4 players
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02/24/2024 01:42 pm GMT

Super Mario 3D World is both a single-player and multiplayer platform game developed and published by Nintendo EAD Tokyo in 2013. This is the sixth game in the Super Mario series and the successor to the 2011 title Super Mario 3D Land.

When playing Super Mario 3D World, you take control of Mario and several of his other friends as they attempt to save Sprixies from an enemy named Bowser who has invaded their kingdom. You will have the opportunity to go through a number of stages before finally coming face to face with Bowser.

By making use of the various features at your disposal, you will be able to progress through the levels and rescue Sprixies. Super Mario 3D bears several special features. You have the option of using Mario, Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Rosalina depending on which character appeals to you the most.

There is also a power-up called Super Bell, a powerful weapon that, when used, transforms your characters into cats and bestows upon them cat-like reflexes, such as the ability to scale walls and attack with their paws.

In addition to this, there is a world map that allows you to choose which levels you want to play. Stamps are also available as collectibles, and they can be utilized to create beautiful works of art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are platformers so popular?

Platform games are all about exploration. The ability to move around and discover a new environment is what makes them entertaining, and this is why they are so popular among gamers.

The majority of platform games are a matter of life and death, giving players the pleasure of striving to overcome all obstacles and win the mission no matter what it takes.

What makes a good platformer character?

When choosing a character in a platform game, it is important to make sure that the character possesses all of the skills and abilities needed to complete a specific level.

The majority of platformers will typically display the unique abilities that specific characters have, and it is imperative that you look through them before selecting a particular character.

Do platform games improve your memory skills?

Platform games, in general, are excellent for brain training because they force players to engage both the left and right sides of their brains simultaneously.

They also strengthen the connections between the brain cells, leading to an increase in mental speed and an improvement in short-term memory.

Is Wii U the same as Wii and Wii party?

Wii U is an advanced version of its predecessors, the Wii and Wii Party. The latter was produced in 2010, whereas Wii U came in 2013.

However, the concept of all these Wii game series is the same. The main difference is that Wii U has more games, exciting features, and better visuals.

Why did the Nintendo Wii U fail?

While there was plenty of praise for the innovative GamePad, the Wii U failed to offer a user interface that appealed to gamers, as well as a disappointing library of launch games.

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